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When looking for home design software, there can be many things to consider and take into account. Are you just doodling around looking for something to create out of fun? Are you thinking about remodeling your home then find some modern and trending home remodelling & renovations ideas.

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Or do you want to create the blueprints for your next home. Before traversing the wide web pages on the internet looking for the next best thing, graze the list below and be amazed at some of the best free home design softwares.

Software for Home Design

If you are creating full construction drawings, using something more professional might be the best course of action.

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Professional softwares contain a number of full-featured platforms with packages that will make it easier to create multi-story designs, add elements like stairs, roofs, view cross-sections, elevations and facades with modern and contemporary interior design.

Making construction drawings using online tools such as Google Sketchup may not be the best choice which is why it’s better to use the cream and crop of the industry. Some of the best free home design software include:

  • Floorplanner
  • Gliffy
  • Homestyler
  • Revit
  • Floor Planner by Small Blueprinter
  • Neo


Floorplanner is a simple to use home design software tool. It has a simple tool set with which you can create entire rooms, balconies, posts, walls, drag and drop windows, skylights, fixtures and furniture. An extensive library allows you to add stuff like vehicles, garages and a lot more.

On designing the homes, you can easily toggle between 3D rendering and modeling with views of your design where several edits can be made through its multipurpose toolbox.

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  • In 3D mode, zoom and pan features allow you to visualize the design from various angles.
  • The program has simple dimensioning functionality for showing the distances between objects and elements. For example, walls can be dimensioned either from the inside or outside surface or even through the center of the wall. The software also allows you to easily choose your design dimensions in metric, American, SI any many other units.
  • You can easily add texts and textures to drawings for labeling rooms or for adding crucial design notes.
  • For beginners, the program allows you to add an image you have sketched and then structure the establishment around the image by scaling it to size. All major file formats are accepted.
  • Floorplanner also have great connectivity with online platforms allowing you to save, print and email drawings on Facebook and Twitter. All you have to do is set up an account with Floorplanner.
  • There are also (paid) options of upgrading to Plus or Pro accounts that do provide better exporting and importing capabilities.
  • Some Things To Consider
    • You can only see one floor at a time so visualizing an entire home can be a bit cumbersome.
    • Scaled drawings that can be provided to tradespeople cannot be created but can be dimensioned instead.
    • Existing levels can’t be copied which is usually possible in most home design software.
    • The program does not include frames for any of the structures created.
    • It features an easy to use interface and is great for beginners of all kinds.


Neo is online software that does far more than just designing. It can draw floorplans, do auto lightening, convert 2D floor plans into 3D, provide models and even do rendering in a matter of minutes.

Some things to consider

  • Floor plans can be easily drawn with dimensions and creating a room is easy on this software.
  • Even though this software has more than 1000 inspirations, only a few of them are accessible on the basic plan.
  • Similar to homestyler, users can drag and drop products with an easy to use format, or the company even gets custom models done of the products they want at a one-time extra cost.
  • Instant real time rendering in a matter of minutes is a huge additional advantage on this software.
  • Immediately converts the floorplans from 2D to 3D helping us to take a look at our final output during the modeling.


Gliffy is an online free home design software that extends way beyond its capabilities as a design tool. It can be used to create interface diagrams, Venn diagrams, flowcharts, network diagrams, and even floor plans.

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Some Things To Consider

  • Rooms are drawn by drawing individual walls. There is no feature to join them to create rooms. This means that users will have to extend adjacent walls to make a room.
  • There exists no automatic dimensioning. The software has a dimension tool and a text tool for creating the dimensions but in most cases the scale may not be the best that you’re looking for.
  • Floor plan library items are somewhat limited but can still produce nifty designs quickly.
  • Easy user accessibility and simple user interface packed with many layouts and tools.
  • No sign ins required for making and saving designs.


Imagine a software where you can simply drag and drop rooms to create floor plans by a wall to wall basis. Sounds simple? Well, that’s what Homestyler allows you to do, along with designating the colors of whole rooms as well as the walls and baseboards, floorings and more.

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Some Things To Consider

  • Using a free account you can put designs in galleries and share designs. Unlike Floorplanner, levels can be cloned to create upper (or lower) levels.
  • A single button can perfectly dimension drawings but there’s a great hassle since you can’t choose what you want to be dimensioned and what not to be.
  • Users can drag and drop design elements such as stairs, roofs, fireplaces, appliances and calculate spacing.
  • A well detailed and designed software but lacks a good renderer which is why some might find it fairly slow to load objects completely.
  • Resizing floors is simple but smaller elements such as windows and doors can be a bit difficult.

Floor Planner by Small Blueprinter

Not to be confused with Floor Planner, this free home design software also has drag and drop features, allowing you to resize all elements to the length that you desire.

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Some Things To Consider

  • The program allows you to create basic floor plans quite quickly with pre-installed basic elements and designs.
  • Floor Planner doesn’t require users to sign up to save designs. It also has a feature to export homes as a JPEG image.
  • A more accurate tool for adding fixtures such as basic plumbing designs, windows, doors, furniture, stairs, and foliage.
  • The software has a handy menu where designs can be specified in metric or Imperial measurements.
  • Another menu helps to specify the centimeters or feet for each grid square to represent.
  • All design elements can be labeled with texts as per the user’s convenience.

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