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Foyr is a versatile 3D visualization tool that has everything you need to turn an idea into a 3D design. Right from floor plan creation and interior designing to 3D visualization and rendering, Foyr does it all seamlessly.

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What is 3D visualization

You already know that 3D visualization is, in its simplest form, computer-generated images that can be viewed from all three dimensions. It's commonly used in industries such as entertainment and gaming. But what is 3D visualization in the interior design context? It's creating digital interior designs that can be viewed in an immersive manner, almost putting the viewer into the space.

3D visualization can enable you to let your clients virtually walk into their dream space and anticipate how it will look even before it exists. It leaves no room for discrepancies between digital designs and reality, helping you confidently display your creative visions to your clients. Owing to in-depth 3D visualizations, your clients can make informed decisions about design changes, leading to timely revisions and faster approvals. If you are an interior designer or homeowner, a 3D visualization tool is a must-have for optimal design outcomes.

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See how successful interior designers use 3D visualization

3 practical uses of 3D visualization

3D visualization has become indispensable for successful interior designers. It helps them visualize client spaces before construction/designing begins, allowing them to gain insight into how everything will look in reality. Layout planning, material choices and the flow of the space can be optimized timely thanks to life-like 3D visualization, saving designers from costly, time-consuming reworks.

Homeowners want their space to look exactly like they envision in their mind. To achieve these high levels of customization and delight clients, interior designers leverage 3D visualization software and tools. Designers prefer tools that allow them to work in 3D in real-time to tailor the space for the diverse needs of their client, even accounting for potential barriers for people with disabilities, children, or pets. The result? A dream space for the client and their loved ones.

Presentation is the thin line between dull designs and dream designs. Experienced interior designers know that a good design presentation that ideally conveys their vision can be the defining factor for client approval. To make their pitches presentable and immersive, interior designers use 3D visualization techniques like 4K rendering and 360-degree design walkthroughs, wowing clients and getting confident nods of approval along with a promise of more business.


Benefits of 3D visualization tools

From intuitive workflows to photorealistic designs, see how a good 3D visualization tool can help you maximize the 3D potential and make a difference.

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Custom products visualization

Advanced 3D visualization tools and configurators will allow you to create your own product designs, like custom cabinets and furniture pieces, and visualize them in stunning detail. You can even upload your own materials and textures to decorate your design elements and visualize them like you are touching them in real life!

Effortless design process

You can edit your design in 3D in real time on a high-performance 3D visualization tool. This means you can easily move around elements in 3D and arrange everything with pinpoint accuracy. No more being stuck on a top-down 2D view with limited room for adjustment.

Smart lighting and visual effects

Certain AI-powered 3D rendering and visualization tools are capable of infusing your designs with smart lighting simulations and realistic visual effects. Your creative designs will be shown in smartly lit environments thanks to high-quality 3D graphics.

Easy 3D collaboration

Regardless of the high quality of its 3D design output, a good 3D visualization tool will enable you to easily export your work in a shareable format like PDF. Let your clients easily visualize your designs in photo-realistic detail without being limited by data sharing or technology constraints.

Introducing Foyr Neo, the most complete 3D visualization tool


Foyr Neo is a multi-dimensional 3D visualization tool that offers all the 3D visualization features and benefits useful for interior designers and homeowners. It lets you create a well-defined floor plan in minutes and decorate it with the elements of your choice from its vast library of products, materials and finishes.

Once your floor plan is ready, toggle the 3D mode and visualize your design in 3D to make edits and further fine-tune your design. Now it's time to take your design to the next level of 3D visualization. Take photorealistic 4K renders of your design and create 360-degree walkthroughs easily viewable and exportable for seamless sharing. Indeed, the most complete 3D visualization tool.

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Why choose Foyr Neo as your 3D visualization tool?


2D/3D floor planner

Foyr’s floor planner lets you design floor plans in both 2D and 3D mode. Create a basic layout in 2D and see it pop up in 3D with a click of a button!



3D product catalogs

Foyr has multiple 3D product catalogs as well as dedicated materials and finishes libraries that you can use to enhance the visual appeal of your space. It even lets you create your own 3D products, materials and textures!



4K photorealistic renders

Just set the camera angles and select the preset and you’re ready to take 4K renders of your design! Preview and hit render for cutting-edge renders in minutes!



360-degree walkthroughs

Generate 360-degree walkthroughs of your design as effortlessly and enjoyably as a swirl! Blow away your clients with immersive 3D visuals of their dream space.


Here’s what designers like you say about Foyr

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.

Kathy Noumi

As a Pittsburgh Interior Designer, I've long searched for a user-friendly rendering program. With Foyr Neo, I crafted my first design in just 30 minutes. It's intuitive and perfect for quick turnarounds, especially with a packed schedule.

Eric Dillman

Foyr has transformed my interior design business, allowing me to swiftly produce realistic 3D images and virtual walkthroughs. This clarity accelerates decision-making for clients, streamlining design changes and boosting both business growth and client satisfaction.

Kristy Begin Patterson

Foyr has helped my E-design business become a success. My clients appreciate the highly realistic renderings that I create from this software, and I love how easy it is to learn and get started. I especially like the 360° walkthrough feature as well as the custom modeling feature.

Tierney Larkin

Foyr's renderings are top-notch and user-friendly! It effortlessly turns floorplans into lifelike 3D and 4K visuals that often get mistaken for real photos. Our clients are consistently impressed, making it an invaluable tool for our business.

Rachel Collins

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.

Lesley Myrick

3x faster 3D visualization tool at 3x less price!



Professional interior designers and creators with multiple projects


  • 180 Render Credits/Month (2160/Yr)
  • 2 User
All Basic plan features, plus
  • 6x Render Credits Than Basic
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Full Set Of Design, 3D Editing, Modeling And Rendering Features
  • Export Floor Plans
  • FoyrAR - See Design In Your Room
  • 1 Hour Onboarding And Training

2. Blender

Blender is a powerful 3D visualization tool that is mainly used for architectural visualization. It offers a plethora of tools for architects and designers to intricately create realistic architectural visualization and renderings of buildings and other structures. As an interior designer, you can use Blender to sculpt 3D furniture pieces, pixel by pixel and create detailed textures for your designs. However, it has a steeper learning curve than other 3D visualization tools and requires significant dedication and time to master. Sometimes, your most creative work is facilitated by how fast and easily you can achieve it, which is why a user-friendly tool should be your go-to.

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3. SketchUp

SketchUp is a user-friendly 3D visualization tool that lets you create floor plans, furnish them with 3D models and materialize your designs. Its vast community of users and an extension ecosystem mean there is a wealth of ready-made products available that you can use to decorate your designs. While SketchUp is big on its ease of use, it may lack the technological bandwidth for more robust interior design tasks. And so, it's important you opt for a 3D visualization tool that lends you the technological freedom to execute complex tasks like 3D rendering with relative ease.

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4. Wings 3D

Wings 3D is another high-end 3D visualization tool that is ideal for architectural rendering. You can go into the nitty-gritty of each model, tinkering with its polygons and vertices to achieve pinpoint accuracy. It offers advanced tools for controlling every minute detail, enabling you to carve out designs exactly to your vision. If you are an interior designer skilled in complex technology, you can use Wings 3D to craft intricate product models for your designs. However, for design beginners or in-demand, experienced designers, this tool can prove to be unviable owing to its complex nature and time-consuming processes.

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5. Autodesk Software

Autodesk is a popular 3D visualization software solution that is trusted by many architects and interior designers around the world. It offers tools like 3ds Max and Maya, helping you design interiors with meticulous details down to the fine textures of say a sofa cushion. You can create immersive virtual tours using this software that will really stamp your authority as a highly skilled professional and impress clients. However, as with most advanced tools, Autodesk has a steep learning curve and is significantly difficult to operate for small-scale designing and remodeling work. Additionally, its cost can be a barrier for individual interior designers or even mid-scale design firms.

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Frequently asked questions

The best 3D visualization tool is one that is user-friendly and intuitive yet delivers high-quality output that matches or even exceeds industry standards. Foyr is one such 3D visualization software solution that offers the best of both worlds of ease and performance.

3D visualization tools are digital solutions that help turn 2D designs into 3D visuals, allowing in-depth viewing of interior designs in a virtual environment. 3D visualization tools like Foyr Neo make even the complex task of transforming static images into immersive and interactive 3D walkthroughs effortless and fast.

As stated above, a 3D visualizer converts 2D models and designs into lifelike 3D visuals for enhanced viewing experiences. It's like viewing an image like you do in real life with all its three dimensions on a 2D screen. Foyr is a 3D visualizer that has made 3D visualization extremely easy to achieve for interior designers of all skill levels as well as homeowners and DIYers.

If you are using a high-end tool like Autodesk, you will have to create everything from scratch by tweaking the polygons and vertices of a model and painstakingly adjusting its polycount to create a well-optimized, high-fidelity 3D model for effective visualization. With Foyr, the complexity of achieving photorealistic 3D visualization is nullified. Just drag and drop to create and decorate your design and hit ‘render’ to generate 4k renders on our cloud servers in no time!

The problem of inconsistency between the real and the virtual is what 3D visualization solves. 3D image visualization aims to depict virtual environments in the most life-like manner helping viewers anticipate how the contents of an image will look like in the real world.

3D modeling is creating the basic 3D structure of an object or environment. It involves geometrical shapes and lines to define the form and dimensions of an object. 3D rendering on the other hand is the process of detailing a 3D model and giving it the lifelike look of the real-life object or scene it represents. It involves applying materials, textures, lighting and camera angles to the 3D model. Foyr allows you to easily create custom 3D product models. Once your design is ready, you can take its 4K renders with a click of a button.

If you are an interior designer, you should look for a complete 3D visualization tool that lets you easily create a floor plan in 2D and visualize and make edits in 3D. It should offer a curated library of 3D models and textures you can easily incorporate into your design. Additionally, it should have an advanced yet lightweight rendering engine for delivering realistic 3D renders and immersive walkthroughs in nominal time.

Some free 3D visualization tools ideal for beginners are Appleseed, LuxCoreRender and Kerkythea. However, as is the case with most free offerings, the output from these tools can't be compared to professional solutions like Foyr. Foyr offers a free trial that you can avail to try out its 3D rendering and visualization capabilities before committing to a paid plan.

Your creative visions deserve to be seen in all dimensions

Don't let your well-thought-out visions fall short of their true potential. Give your ideas the visual impact they deserve using the best 3D visualization tool, Foyr.

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