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Create custom cabinets, furniture, and more to elevate your designs with Foyr, a quick, easy, and effective 3D modeling tool. Just draw simple shapes, define measurements and add textures to create realistic products.

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What is 3D modeling?

3D modeling is creating a digital object that can be viewed from all three dimensions just the way the human eye would perceive it in real life, on a 2D screen. It's prominently used in gaming and entertainment but has now become an indispensable part of the interior design industry.

Interior designers employ 3D modeling to design real-looking products for their designs, allowing clients a better insight into their space when it's still in the design stage. A 3D design of a sofa set, for example, will provide much more visual information than a static image. A good 3D modeling tool tailored for interior design is an essential weapon in every successful interior designer’s arsenal.

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How does 3D modeling work?

While conventional 3D modeling involves grappling with jargonistic processes like adding vertexes, subdividing polygons and manipulating the mesh of an object, 3D modeling for interior design doesn't look that daunting with a good 3D modeling tool. Just draw the shape and define the size of the object, add your favorite textures and finishes and visualize in 3D.

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Benefits of a 3D modeling tool

A 3D modeling tool lets you bring your creative ideas to life with ease along with many other benefits. Let's have a look -

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3D product visualization

A 3D modeling tool enables you to create and visualize an object in the 3D view. This means in-depth visuals for better planning and iterating on ideas and accurate design communication.

Design precision

As a picky interior designer, you only want the exact product you have in mind for your design. A 3D modeling tool helps you achieve just this. Build your own products with relative ease and shape your designs just like you have envisioned.

Effortless 3D design

A good 3D modeling tool makes creating a 3D model from scratch as easy as drawing shapes. Features like face and line offset and push/pull are enough to turn a simple framework of a product into a realistic 3D model.

3D design collaboration

Sharing a 3D model has certain format limitations. Not all 3D models can be viewed on all devices. This is not an issue with a 3D modeling tool for interior design. You can easily export your final design in a universally viewable and shareable format like PDF.

The most complete 3D modeling tool for interior design;
Foyr Neo


Breathe life into your interior design projects by building highly customized 3D product models that can be tailored to look exactly like you or your clients have envisioned. No need for specialized 3D modeling or sculpturing knowledge. Create built-in furniture like TV units or standalone elements like sofa sets, and vanities as easily as drawing lines and shapes! Draw a basic structure of the product by defining accurate measurements. Create offsets for cabinets and drawers. And once everything is ready, add your favorite textures and accessories to have a professional-grade 3D model of your own!

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Why Foyr stands
out as a 3D modeling tool

Foyr’s floor planner is designed to benefit businesses, professionals, students, and individuals belonging to a range of different industries. Its friendly interface is loved by DIYers and beginners while its advanced features help experienced professionals and businesses supercharge their growth.

Effortless model creation

Easily draw rectangles, circles and 2-point arcs to define the basic structure of your 3D model.

Precise measurement

The ruler tool lets you create precise measurements for your product. Other elements (like walls, and shelves) quickly snap to the ruler lines for seamless designing.

Smooth material application

Apply your favorite textures and materials from our library or import your own with ease.

Design experimentation

Experiment with drawers, handles and other elements of your product model without having to rebuild anything from scratch.

Quick 3D visualization

With a click of a button, get a 4K render of your design and visualize your 3D model in stunning detail.

Easy sharing and collaboration

No need to worry about file formats. Export your design in PDF and easily share your newly created 3D model.

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3D visualization has become indispensable for successful interior designers. It helps them visualize client spaces before  construction/designing begins, allowing them to gain insight into how everything will look in reality. Layout planning, material choices and the flow of the space can be optimized timely thanks to life-like 3D visualization, saving designers from costly, time-consuming reworks.

Homeowners want their space to look exactly like they envision in their mind. To achieve these high levels of customization and delight clients, interior designers leverage 3D visualization software and tools. Designers prefer tools that allow them to work in 3D in real-time to tailor the space for the diverse needs of their client, even accounting for potential barriers for people with disabilities, children, or pets. The result? A dream space for the client and their loved ones.

Presentation is the thin line between dull designs and dream designs. Experienced interior designers know that a good design presentation that ideally conveys their vision can be the defining factor for client approval. To make their pitches presentable and immersive, interior designers use 3D visualization techniques like 4K rendering and 360-degree design walkthroughs, wowing clients and getting confident nods of approval along with a promise of more business.


Why designers choose Foyr as their 3D modeling tool

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.

Kathy Noumi

As a Pittsburgh Interior Designer, I've long searched for a user-friendly rendering program. With Foyr Neo, I crafted my first design in just 30 minutes. It's intuitive and perfect for quick turnarounds, especially with a packed schedule.

Eric Dillman

Foyr has transformed my interior design business, allowing me to swiftly produce realistic 3D images and virtual walkthroughs. This clarity accelerates decision-making for clients, streamlining design changes and boosting both business growth and client satisfaction.

Kristy Begin Patterson

Foyr has helped my E-design business become a success. My clients appreciate the highly realistic renderings that I create from this software, and I love how easy it is to learn and get started. I especially like the 360° walkthrough feature as well as the custom modeling feature.

Tierney Larkin

Foyr's renderings are top-notch and user-friendly! It effortlessly turns floorplans into lifelike 3D and 4K visuals that often get mistaken for real photos. Our clients are consistently impressed, making it an invaluable tool for our business.

Rachel Collins

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.

Lesley Myrick

The most simple, affordable and
effective 3D modeling tool



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  • 1 Hour Onboarding And Training

2. Autodesk Maya

Autodesk Maya is a popular 3D modeling tool widely used in professional animation, film studios and game design. It has an extensive range of in-depth 3D modeling features that allow users to create intricate objects and environments. Its robust rendering, animation and sculpting capabilities are preferred among highly skilled 3D modelers. However, Autodesk isn't the first choice for interior designers who, more often than not, lack professional 3D modeling skills and don't require such vast and complex tools.

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3. Blender

Blender is an open-source 3D modeling tool with vast capabilities and an active community. It offers an array of tools for designing intricate 3D assets, animations, and even videos. Although it has a steeper learning curve than some of its user-friendly alternatives, a host of online tutorials are readily available and the community of users is always there to help. However, like Maya, Blender is also an overkill for interior design-focused 3D modeling. It lacks a product library and intuitive tools for easily creating drawers, shelves, and other such features

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4. 3DS Max

3Ds Max is another powerful offering by Autodesk. It has a comprehensive toolset that professional 3D modelers and animation artists use to create intricate models and environments. It delivers stunning outputs with high-fidelity 3D imagery that is difficult to achieve on any other 3D modeling software. But, as is the case with the tools mentioned before, 3Ds Max is another complex 3D modeling software that doesn't necessarily have the features interior designers need.

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5. SketchUp

SketchUp is a 3D modeling tool that is more suited for interior design. It's user-friendly and has all the functionalities of a 3D modeling software solution tailored for interior designers. You can create basic shapes with accurate measurements and turn them into 3D objects on Sketchup. It also has an in-built material and product library you can tap into to enhance your product models. While SketchUp stands out among the previously discussed tools for its functionality in interior design, you may find yourself wanting if you are looking for realistic 3D models for your design project.

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Frequently asked questions

When it comes to 3D modeling for interior design, a software solution that is both user-friendly and offers useful functionalities is considered best. While high-end 3D modeling tools like Maya and 3ds Max deliver more detailed results, the comprehensive nature of their toolset renders them a bit too complex for interior designers looking for an effortless solution to bring their product ideas to life.

For professional product 3D modeling, tools like Blender, Autodesk Maya, and 3ds Max are the go-to choice. For interior designers in need of a solution that lets them create their own products to furnish and decorate a design project, interior design software with basic yet effective 3D modeling functionalities is the first choice.

As a beginner, professional-grade 3D modeling can prove to be daunting. It involves learning complex software and processes and can take years to master. To 3D model a product, like a TV unit you have in mind, without prior 3D modeling knowledge, a tool like Foyr Neo can be your best bet. Foyr allows you to furnish your design with product models you can easily create on the software by drawing simple lines and dragging and dropping elements.

3ds Max is a powerful 3D modeling tool popular amongst professional 3D modelers. It's mainly used for creating life-like virtual product representations for online selling as an alternative to physical product photography. It can deliver stunning, high-fidelity results and can elevate product viewing experiences to a new level. However, its usage in the interior design sphere is limited owing to its vast array of complex tools that are difficult to master and are too advanced for interior design projects.

If you have an interior design project you want to design a product model for, you should optfor an interior design-focused 3D modeling tool with a fairly simple 3D modeling process. Foyr is one such tool that lets you create a new product from scratch by drawing accurate rectangles and circles, implementing offsets for features like shelves, and dropping materials of your choice from a material library. It's fast, effortless and effective.

You can turn a 2D image into a 3D model with zero knowledge of 3D modeling using Foyr Neo. Just drag and drop your favorite furniture and accessories or create a new product, place everything to perfection, and adjust the camera angle and lighting before hitting the ‘take a render’ button. Choose 4K quality and within no time, the 2D products in your design will come to life in hyperrealistic 3D.

Give your ideas the 3D depth without worrying about the details

Bring your unique product ideas to life in high-quality 3D without being limited by 3D modeling complexities. Try Foyr and show the true depth of your ideas.

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