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Interior design software with its capacity for design-creation could be the distinguishing plus for architects, interior designers, or graphic designers who also use interior design software. 3D designing empowers you in photorealistic 3D interior design mockups and illustrations which are visually pleasing and understandable by clients. You can also become adept at using interior design software to hone your skills in creating product blueprints, environmental designs, and interactive home floor plans.

Let’s discuss the most popular 3D design software used by architects, and interior designers who render 3D interior design plans, real-estate agencies, and graphic designers who use interior design software to create virtual tours and product development, and even homemakers who design their homes with a simple extension on the smartphone.

A: Choose the Best Interior Design Software

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1. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo provides 3D modeling and visualizations from 2D floor plans. Its walkthroughs are relatively low-priced and cost just as much as a 3D renders cost. Its best features include 360-degree interactive viewing, where the experience of being in full control of moving through the area of the walkthrough, in any direction, provides users with an interactive understanding of the spaces involved. Design changes in real-time can be rapidly incorporated. Designers can now produce a full-360 degree visually interactive and aesthetic walkthrough even when the project is underway.

2. Blender

This free 3D interior design modeling application has features that are useful in video editing, sculpting, photorealistic animation, and rendering. The Blender 3D design software permits you to know the difference between traditional and modern architecture and craftily edit videos and create realistic simulations like smoke, hair, fluids, and more. This software is also used in 3D games animation and applications. It really goes to great lengths to provide a blended 3D experience.

3. AutoCAD

Autodesk’s 3D designing software AutoCAD is by far the most widely-used versatile interior design software in the market today. It is used extensively in the modeling of 3D interior design applications adapted by graphic designers, real-estate tour creators, industrial and environmental engineers, game animators, interior designers, and architects. Use the start-up virtual videos to guide you, as you breeze through the basics of the software and the floor plan creator.

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4. Rhinoceros

Rhino is a 3D designing software that finds great use in product design and architecture. This curve-based modeling interior design software renders 3D mathematically-precise surface models used in interior design, architecture, product, industrial, graphic design, and multimedia. Rhino has included interactive live-classes, an online tutorial library, training and start-up guides on the floor plan design section to enable you to use it efficiently.

5. Revit

Autodesk’s designing software Revit is wildly popular in 3D interior design, structural engineering, and architectural design. The BIM (building information modeling) interior design trends and software can lead you with a host of collaborative capabilities and BIM tools for work-sharing features through free sketches which are conceptual to sustainable floor plans and analysis of energy.

6. 3Ds Max

The 3Ds Max® is interior design software by Autodesk. This 3D design software is well-known for its excellent features in 3D interior design modeling, simulation, rendering, and animation used for films, motion graphics, industrial product-design, games, and as a floor plan creator. Make your creations come alive with tools that can add a range of textures & fixtures, fur, hair, simulated motion of humans, and particle simulations.

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7. Maya

Maya designing software by Autodesk is a widely-used interior design animation, modeling, simulation, and rendering software and also used for real estate visualizations. Maya’s floor plan creator and interior design software are popular as a starter in the use of high-end tools for adding effects and characters to the development of video-games, visual tour effects, and animated films and keeping in mind of some real estate regulations in United States of America. Though one can use this software for fluency in the basics, many beginners find Maya and 3Ds Max similar and unfriendly.

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8. Cinema 4D

MAXON’s 3D rendering 3D modeling for commercial spaces, and animation application are marketed in four segments with tools suited for use by architects, interior designers, 3D animators, and motion-graphics artists. Many animated films like ‘Iron Man’ were created on the C4D software using specialized software for the animated film industry.

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9. Sketchup

This 3D design softwares are user-friendly 3D interior design application which offers free access to interior design software for beginners in 3D modeling. Great animations and renderings are concurrently possible with this software. The benefit of not having to use AutoCAD for a precise model that has to be imported to 3DS makes this software beneficial for the beginners. The Sketchup Pro advanced versions will cost money. However its simplicity in use and efficiency in designing more than makes up for the cost involved.

10. Kataak

Use this innovative online platform to design and furnish your home. The interactive interface allows you to design rooms with just a click of the mouse, as you choose furniture and fixtures, wall décor, furnishings, ceilings, floorings from a vast library of size-based combinations for design and fittings. The unique price-meter allows you to calculate the final costs of the selected items. Upload your designs to get instant feedback from the client or social-media and procure the furnishings at best prices on the integrated e-shop.

11. Decorate

The play store/app store downloadable easy-to-use Dekorate-mobile app is similar to Kataak. You need just six pictures of your space or 3 each from opposite corners of the room, and you need to take a survey before you are provided with super-realistic 3D images of your space within the budget indicated in the survey. Neo is the choosen one for Interior Designing in the United States, where you also get links for all items you select to help with their procurement.

B: Parting lines

Every interior designer should learn the basics and essentials of: 

AutoCAD: Useful in modeling, adding furniture details, creating technical drawings like layouts and floor plans with complete precision.

3DS Max: Useful in design rendering of images to create realistically rendered designs using tools that allow the optimization of settings and render-engine.

Sketchup: Easy-to-use that can execute modeling and render at a single go simultaneously. It has an extremely helpful 3D warehouse of models and is adaptable to use of plugins like the V-Ray for lighting effects, different textures, animations, adding of features and more.


  • Learn about paper-layouts, graphic designing and Adobe Photoshop.
  • Knowledge and fluency in Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Acrobat readers X/Pro go a long way in making effective presentations.

The other interesting and useful 3D software available today include other than those discussed above are AutoCAD, Autodesk’s Homestyler, Microstation, Archicad, Chief Architect, and VIZ.

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C: Important points to note

The intended use is what should determine your choice of software. Many of the above software have overlapping capacities and capabilities that can be used in nearly every sector. It is important to frankly discuss the use to provide an optimized file for end-use.

The file format is another feature that should be discussed. High-resolution jpg, png design files are uploaded, and the client may need source files and other file formats too.

For a beginner, the long-drawn learning-curve involved in most 3D modeling and BIM software can be a put-off. However, the benefits and business-value added on when making presentations and virtual tours for clients, can mean the difference between on-going site-visits and clinching deals with the use of any of the many free 3D rendering software available in the market.

Start with the easy-to-use free-software like Sketchup and move your way to the more advanced software.

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