Lightning Fast Interior
Design Software

Convert your ideas from 2D plans, to 3D designs,
to photorealistic renders within minutes.

Create Floor Plans Effortlessly

Start off in 2D to draw the walls of your room, or simply upload a floor plan and trace the outline. Then, instantaneously shift to 3D to add more details and get a realistic feel for your space.

Say Goodbye to 3D Modeling

A Neo subscription comes with a catalogue of 50,000+ pre-3D modeled products. Drag and drop these customizable items directly into your work, or add them to your shortlist for interior design inspiration. You can also upload your own 3D models for limitless designing.

Make Beautiful Interior Designs Quickly and Easily

Designing in Neo is up to 50% faster than in any other professional interior design software. For the first time ever, you can work through a complete, end-to-end interior design process, in just one platform.

Get Inspired by World-Class Design Presets

Neo also comes with a globally curated collection of pre-made designs for home interiors, kitchens, offices, and more. Don’t reinvent the wheel with each project – kick start the process with our design presets!

Get High Quality Renders in No Time

Neo’s unbelievably fast, cloud-based engine is capable of photorealistic rendering within minutes. And, the renders are created in the background, so you can keep designing while Neo works its magic.

Design Like Never Before Through AI

There’s no learning curve in Neo’s interior design software because all the hard work is done by artificial intelligence! Unleash your design creativity while Neo takes care of smart docking, auto lighting, and more.

Design From Anywhere

See how you can stay productive, wherever you are, with Foyr Neo.