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Floor plans are an important part of the design process for interior design setting the literal foundation for what should come next.

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While it’s tough to find softwares that offer industrial level features with useful design tools, there are still a handful of floor plan tools that can be used by both novices and experts.

Whether you’re an estate agent pitching to an investor, a novice interested in design or just a homeowner looking to improve floors, do have a look at some of the best floor plan creators here in the list:-


Homebyme is a totally free(for the first three projects created) online 3D-planning tool with  its own community with an extensive library of floor planning projects and packages.

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  • Like its counterpart Floorplanner, you can create designs directly on the website to get a feel of how it works.
  • Homebyme finds its use as a great way to initially create a virtual floor plan before purchasing or remodeling. The software enables the user to create a meticulous floor plan and then apply different furniture styles and decorative elements.
  • The first free three projects are available for free while using the software for the next projects comes with a small fee.
  • 2-D plans can easily be converted to 3-D projects for realistic images as well as for a panormaic 360-degree image.

Planner 5D

Planner 5D is targeted for novice designers who want to get a taste of interior designing and floor planning. One of the best softwares for non-professionals who want to create detailed home plans and interior designs.

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  • Immerse and interact with more than 18 million community users who create a vast collection of designs online.
  • The tool is available online and can be worked on using apps through iOS, Android, or OS X.
  • Simple to use layout where users first make simple drawings and then render it to photorealistic 3D renditions.
  • It comes with three tiers of difficulty:-
    • A basic version for users who have little experience in creating floor plans.
    • A mid-level version where more features are taught.
    • An advanced tier that has high-definition rendering and complete catalog access.
  • Designs can be shared with users on the site and with users on other social networking platforms.
  • The basic version of the software is available for free with only the higher versions charging a decently small price.


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Roomle is another free floor planner software which is a great fit for homeowners and office managers thinking about giving a new shade or color to the floors. An excellent addition to your portfolio if you’re dealing with any major projects for a client who wants a good floor plan design .

  • You can also create designs by simply using an iPad or tablet and can doodle for hours upon hours. Roomle is available for tablets and smartphones and has simple object placement through drag and drop features.
  • A sizeable 3-D catalog gives users a wide variety of furnishings for detailed spaces. Objects can be modified as well to give objects to a more customized touch.
  • One major disadvantage is that it is available only for Apple products, so Android users and Windows users might be out of reach. The company however is working on a fully accessible version to be used by all platform users.
  • The basic version of Roomle is free and users can also request quotes directly from the company for floor planning packages.


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RoomSketcher is another freeware that has a number of uses to its name not just for interior designing but also for floor planning and designs.

  • Real estate professionals would love RoomSketcher due to its great functions for creating 2-D or 3D floor plans. Plans can be printed or even stored on the web where they can be accessed by clients. The software creates detailed 3D designs and provides walkthroughs ideal for displaying any property.
  • Unlike other floor plan creators, RoomSketcher gives you the option of drawing the floor plan using the palette of letting the system do it for you. In the latter case, you’ll have to upload a blueprint, sketch, or existing floor plan and then watch as the expert illustrator brings it to life.
  • The free version of RoomSketcher is great for those who just want a basic floor plan platform while also retaining 2D or 3D floor plans.
  • Paid versions of the software too exist that provide additional features for creating more detailed plans. This includes personalized floor plans, discounted floor plan services and the ability to edit blueprints.


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Sketchup is Google’s foray into the designing world and much like its user softwares like Google Analytics, Google TensorFlow, Sketchup has much to show designers.

  • For starters, SketchUp uses templates to help make the learning process a bit simpler so that users have some raw content to work with.
  • Later on, users can create personal floor plan designs using a number of importing file types.
  • The software is more appropriate for drafting ideas and bringing any tweaks to them in any step of the design. A user interactive palette and “Ribbon” layout like the one used in Office suite, makes it good for testing preliminary design ideas, RFIs or documentations.
  • While you won’t get a highly detailed CAD (computer-aided design) model, but if you’re thinking of developing floor plans on the go, it’s an excellent software to use.
  • The software extends beyond floor plans and drawings. Sketchup has a tool called LayOut where floor plans and interior designs can be added to presentations with labeled details on all elements.
  • Great for impressing clients and creating customized walkthroughs to give them a feel of what the floor plan designs would look like in real life.


Though Neo is not software dedicated to creating floorplans, its a great tool to be used to create floorplans and design at the same time.

This easy to use software, allows you to draw the perfect floorplan, with the dimensions and customize it, at the same, time allowing you to design the room with colors, textures, and shapes. its instant 2D to 3D view, allows you to instantly look at your floorplan in a 3D view and gives you a complete idea of how the room looks like and where the floorplan can be made better.

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