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In today’s post, we’ll be reviewing the 10 best floor plan creators on the market today used by interior designers and architects.

A floor plan of a house is an important part of the design process, as it sets the literal foundation for what work should come next. In addition, clients want to know what their homes will look like and feel like before they actually commit to anything. Thus, reviewing a floor plan with a client often helps you convey your plans, and provides the client with a visual understanding of what you are proposing.

A typical floor plan outlines the dimensions of a given space, as well as shows the floor plan design for each room, often in 3D – so a designer must be very accurate and specific when drawing the floor plan. Designers often use specialized 3D floor plan software to help them with their designs, as it helps speed up the process and ensure that the 3D floor plan’s details are all correct.

However, because it is now the norm to us 3D floor plan software, there are numerous options on the market with different features and capabilities. Therefore, it can be challenging for designers and architects to choose the tool that works best for them.

That’s where we come in – we’re going to tell you all about the 10 best floor plan creators, so you can make the right choice from scores of software available today.

But first, we’ll review some key information that’s important to understand when it comes to online floor plan creators.

How do 3D floor plan makers help you draw floor plans?

There are many great online floor plan creators that can help interior designers draw floor plans and help their clients visualize their design idea. These tools have a number of functionalities that can make 3D floor plan designing extremely easy and quick.

Here are some ways in which floor plan creators are useful:

  • Online floor plan creators often have pre-made templates and predefined parameters for common floor plans, which can be an easy way for designers to start drawing floor plans, saving a great deal of time and energy.
  • The best floor plan creators are often intuitive, meaning even those without any special experience in using 3D floor plan software can figure out the tool soon enough and draw great floor plans.
  • The floor plan of the house can then be converted into a 3D render, which is a photo-realistic image of what the design will look like when it’s complete – this is especially useful for clients, as it helps them understand exactly what they are getting.
  • Finally, with today’s advanced floor plan software technology, some tools have the capability to create 3D walkthroughs and 360-degree views of your floor plans, turning abstract concepts that clients may not understand into a virtual reality space they can digitally explore.
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    Which is the best floor plan creator?

    Here is a list of the Best Floor Plan Creator software

    1. Foyr Neo
    2. Homebyme
    3. Planner 5D
    4. Roomle
    5. RoomSketcher
    6. SketchUp
    7. Floor Planner
    8. Lucid Chart
    9. Home Styler
    10. AutoCAD Architecture

    1. Foyr Neo®

    Foyr Neo is a new 3D floor plan creator that fits every need for architects and interior designers looking to create incredible spaces. With Neo, drawing a floor plan is easier than ever. You can either draw the walls of your room from scratch, or simply upload a floor plan and trace the outline. Add details like doors and windows, and Neo’s AI takes care of the rest! Then, you can simply click the 3D button and show your client an accurate look at their future space.

    As one of our clients shared: “Foyr is one of the key assets to bring our designs to life. Their solutions enhance the customer experience in visualising their new home as well as help me to be more creative and experiential. Our collaboration frees up time for me and my team to deliver better customer service, while helping to keep the costs down.”

    2. Homebyme®

    Homebyme is an online 3D-planning tool with its own community with an extensive library of floor planning projects and packages. Homebyme finds its use as a great way to initially create a virtual floor plan before purchasing or remodeling. The software enables the user to create a meticulous floor plan and then apply different furniture styles and decorative elements. The first free three projects are available for free while using the software for the next projects comes with a small fee. 2-D plans can easily be converted to 3-D projects for realistic images as well as for a panoramic 360-degree image.

    Planner 5D is targeted for novice designers who want to create detailed interior designs and floor plans of houses. In this tool, you can immerse and interact with more than 18 million community users who create a vast collection of designs online. Planner 5D has a simple-to-use layout where users first make simple drawings and then render it to photorealistic 3D images. This floor plan creator is available online and can be worked on using apps through iOS, Android, or OS X. The basic version of the software is available for free, with the higher versions charging a small price for additional features.

    4. Roomle®

    Roomle is another free floor planner software which is a great fit for homeowners and office managers thinking about giving a new shade or color to the floors. An excellent addition to your portfolio if you’re dealing with any major projects for a client who wants a good floor plan design. A sizeable 3-D catalog gives users a wide variety of furnishings for detailed spaces. Objects can be modified as well to give objects a more customized touch. One major disadvantage is that it is available only for Apple products, so Android users and Windows users might be out of reach. The company however is working on a fully accessible version to be used by all platform users.

    5. RoomSketcher®

    RoomSketcher has an easy to use floor plan creator as a part of their software offerings. You can either draw your own floor plan, or pay for a service where the company creates the floor plan for you. You can also use RoomSketcher to fire off 2D and 3D renders of your design in rich detail, and customize lighting, textures, and colors. The tool also allows for 360-degree views, 3D walkthroughs with interaction, and panorama views.

    SketchUp is a well-known floor plan drawing and 3D rendering software platform with an intuitive and easy to use interface. This makes it convenient for beginners and casual users, as well as for more experienced CAD and drawing tool users. It can be easily used to create floor plans and to render them in 3D, as well as adding in fine quality texture, lighting, and furniture. It also allows you to import documents and images for reference, as well as create 3D models and drawings, create lighting effects, and much more.

    FloorPlanner is a floor plan designing tool that has been built around architectural requirements – yet is still easy to use by beginners or non-architectural designers. FloorPlanner is a lightweight platform for creating floor plans, and it can run on any browser and uses online cloud rendering services, which means you can get your output very quickly. This online floor plan creator can be used by anyone looking to draw detailed floor plans with accurate dimensions, and it is ideal for those who do not have the interest or the skills to use more advanced software.

    Lucidchart is a collaborative diagram creating software that also has a special floor plan creator. This online tool lets you quickly and easily draw floor plans of houses, as per your custom requirements. It is a collaborative online software, meaning your onlines floor plans can be shared with teammates and clients, and worked on simultaneously on multiple devices. It can also be edited and commented on by other users, as well as integrated with other applications like Google Drive. Thus, LucidChart is an ideal floor plan designer for those who seek out this collaborative element.

    HomeStyler is a browser-based floor plan creator that allows you to create floor plans entirely online. In addition to being an online floor plan creator, HomeStyler lets you fire off 2D and 3D renders of your floor plans and interior spaces, furnishing, and decor. Moreover, t is completely free and does not require any installation. This makes HomeStyler a useful tool for interior designers who have a casual interest in creating a floor plan, or who lack the budget to invest in a professional platform.

    AutoCAD Architecture is the AutoCAD software tailored to architects, though it can also be used by interior designers to draw floor plans. It leans towards building Information Management abilities, and is compatible with other CAD tools – making it a useful tool for those who are experienced with more complicated, robust floor plan software. Additionally, AutoCAD Architecture has an objects database and supports Revit grid imports, so you can quickly and seamlessly create floor plans and work with other tools to get your desired output.

    If you are interested in fast and easy floor plan designing, you can try out Foyr Neo for free for 14 days!

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