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Studio Apartment Floorplans

If you are already into the rental market and out looking for a budget-friendly apartment without compromising on lifestyle, you might have by now come across this new, trending buzzword ‘studio apartments’. In case you are not yet introduced to this new, optimized space idea and wondering how this can help you with shaping your ideas for a lovely home, don’t worry, you are at the right place.

Finding and finalizing the right layout for your apartment can be a challenge by itself. We hope that this article will make this tedious act a little easier for you. The primary thing that you need to understand about studio apartments is that the apartment itself is one large spacious room, which can be partitioned (with open floor plans, having no walls, but having versatile room dividers) into living room, bedroom, and kitchen. It can act as one multipurpose room serving all the requirements for a kitchen, hall, and a bedroom.

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At least in India, where this Western apartment setting is taking its roots, a studio apartment is considered as a variant of a 1BHK apartment. Young people, both single and married, especially from metropolitan cities where there can be many housing aspects to be compromised, are showing more tendency towards these residential plans. Even from the marketing point of view, proven statistics show steady and inflexible demand for these studio apartments over time and are believed to continue to be so. Some of the distinct features about studio apartments that have made them successful are:

  • The primary advantage is that these are cost-effective and are thus called budget-friendly when you see the scenario of existing prices of other kinds of apartments. In India, 250-400 square feet flats start at a price of 25 lakhs.
  • These are maintenance-friendly owing to their compact space. Apart from being a cost-effective residential option, these provide you with more manageable spaces that are minimalist and contemporary from the latest designing point of view.
  • Even for developers, these are still fast moving products in the market.
  • This is a classific option with great space for a living room.
  • Unlike the whole concept of a single unit flat, studio apartments also feature half dividing walls that separate the living area from the sleeping area, satisfying the need for privacy as well. Instead of a wall, you can also go for readily available folding partitions which add to the decor of the apartment.
  • The utility bills will be lower because of smaller spaces.
  • Maintaining is a little less time-consuming. This is a great option for those willing to spend less time and money maintaining their living space.

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These also come with a handful of drawbacks such as:

  • Obviously, these come with lesser storage space. This demands extra cost on storage facilities.
  • For some, the idea of doing everything in the same room with no barrier walls may be bothersome. This is even more difficult if you are used to larger rooms.
  • If you are with the idea of starting a family or having kids or with more privacy requirements for both you and your partner, this can be a trouble.
  • If you are intrigued by the benefits of a studio apartment but can’t come to terms with the storage concept, you can always go for one bedroom apartments with more or less at the same price level.

Although there are considerable drawbacks, this still is an efficient option considering the financial criterion and personal needs.

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There are plenty of ways you can make this little home of yours more livable and lovable. Here are some tips:

Choose your furniture wisely


  • To make your living comfortable, a studio apartment is to be well organized. Furniture such as a futon sofa can serve multiple purposes. This way you can use your space efficiently.
  • A dining table that folds into a small space best goes with your studio apartment. This helps in easy cleaning as well.
  • Floating furniture is a good way to start with. Placing them in the middle of the room will make your room look more spacious.

Beds and tables:

There are a variety of foldable beds and tables available in the market. Murphy beds and drop-leaf tables are a couple of such examples, but the options are not limited. There are products available with which you can keep everything hidden such as cabinetry hiding a dining area and the futon unfolds into a bed.

While doing all this, make sure the furniture does not appear like they are hugging the walls. This makes your place look congested.

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Don’t place your bed in the middle

Create a partition between your sleeping area and the rest of the area, choosing a corner space for your bed. Besides, this leaves plenty of room for the dining and living areas.

Use storage blocks as partitions

May it be a classic storage trunk or a foldable bookcase, use them as partitions between living and other areas.

Split the main pieces

Try splitting the room with two main pieces like placing a sofa and bed against two opposite walls. This can be good even for something as small as a 300 square feet flat. This studio apartment layout will leave you some central space.

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