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Fitness enthusiasts like you need a quiet, clean, inspiring gym that can elevate your spirits, get you in the groove for smouldering workouts and help you feel your best. While public gyms are okay, nothing compares to stepping out of your living room to land in your home workout space – your fitness haven where you sculpt your future self.

The best part of having a home gym setup is the convenience it gives you. No more waiting in line for workout equipment, working out amidst sweaty strangers, or to music you don’t like, packing a bag, driving to the gym and back. You save almost 2-3 hours every week if you work out in a home gym. It’s also easier to stick to a workout routine and get infections out of the way during the flu season.

Justin Koscak, the founder of the Home Gym podcast says there’s nothing worse than working out in a 30-40% complete gym, without essential equipment, accessories, or the space you need. You need to plan everything you need well in advance and design your gym accordingly. 


So, let’s narrow down the basics of designing and decorating your home gym, and help you visualise the ideal workout area for you.

What should you think about before building your home gym?

What are your fitness goals?

Write down your fitness goals, your personal preferences (some people like equipment for pilates or yoga mats for yoga, others go for weight-based training), your budget, and the home gym equipment truly essential to carry out your preferred training regime. 

Type of training you plan to take up

Two basic types of training you want to choose from – strength training, or cardio training. Your entire range of equipment depends on this choice. Consult a trainer, or an experienced gym goer, or try out both training regimens for a while before making the decision. This helps you stick to your routine to reach your goals. 

Space and layout factors

Before lifting weights, lift your plan! Measure, map, and maximise. Use tools like Foyr Neo for a floor plan with space to flex, views to inspire, and equipment that fits without causing a trip-up. Openness is key: less clutter, more room to move, equal zero gym-time mishaps.

When speaking about her strategy for designing home gyms, Marta Balazs, Founder / Interior Designer at Embee Interiors says, “When I visit gyms, a major challenge I encounter, which I strongly dislike, is their dungeon-like atmosphere—often filled with black leather, red walls, and an unwelcoming vibe. I find such spaces uncomfortable and uninviting. I’m passionate about creating environments that incorporate natural elements, mirroring the tranquillity and openness of running in a forest – and gyms are no exception to that.”


Having huge workout rooms or yoga studios with tons of expensive equipment is not mandatory to get your workout done. You don’t have to have massive exercise rooms. You can make the most of everything you’ve got with simple, yet super effective home gym decor ideas.

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14 Best home gym ideas

1. Have a view when you workout

home gym with a view

You can convert a large room overlooking your yard, garden, pool, or any other beautiful scenery into your gym space. Make sure your gym has at least one window or any form of connection to the outdoors. It motivates you, keeps you fresh, and replenishes your hope and willpower. Most people with a small home gym, prefer to turn a part of their living room into a home gym, which may be a bad idea.

2. Storage wall

home gym storage wall

Your equipment can’t just lay around the floor, someone walking could trip and hurt themselves. You could get hurt too. That’s why you need optimal storage solutions like open shelves and in-built storage to keep barbells, kettlebells, dumbbells, and all other gym equipment neatly stacked. 

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3. Choose your exercise equipment wisely

choosing home gym exercise equipment wisely

If you’re short on space, like a garage gym, or a basement gym, multi-functional machines make the most sense to bring in. 

Space Savvy – 

  • Multi-Machines: Conquer tight spaces with versatile machines that tackle multiple muscle groups.
  • Bodyweight Warriors: Suspension straps, multi-grip pull-up bars, adjustable dumbbells, and fold-up weight benches are your budget-friendly allies.

High-Budget Havens – 

  • Barbell & Power Rack: Elevate your squats, deadlifts, and presses with a reliable barbell set and squat rack.
  • Solo Strength: Bench presses and adjustable weight vests take solo workouts to the next level.

Bodyweight Blitz –

  • Resistance Bands & Jump Ropes: Get creative with bands and ropes for low-impact, high-reward training.
  • Track Bar & Punching Bags: Level up your deadlifts and unleash your inner fighter with these dynamic additions.

Budget Bargains –

  • Foldable Squat Racks: Wall-mounted and space-saving, these racks let you squat safely without breaking the bank.
  • Pro-Tech Exercise Bands: Protective layers prevent snaps, keeping you confident and in control.

4. Whiteboards to write your goals and track progress

Whiteboards in home gym

Hang a whiteboard on one of your home gym walls, write down your goals for the day/week/month/year, write, and measure how far you have come. Seeing the numbers on the whiteboard every once in a while steers you towards your goals.

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5. Seating area

Seating area in home gym

Of course, you come to the gym to workout, but nothing like a 2-minute, or 5-minute water break between exercises or two different workout routines. If you’d like a bench or a chair to sit down while you gasp for breath, keep it in your home gym. It’s your gym, customize it all you want.

Marta Balazs, Founder / Interior Designer at Embee Interiors says, “Infusing warm wood textures (such as wall panels, wooden furniture, or flooring) brings an earthy warmth, adding character and grounding the space, creating a serene atmosphere conducive to focused workouts.”

6. Water station

Make sure you have a water dispenser or a water cooler in the home gym at a spot convenient to you. You don’t want to get in the groove of your workout and then find out you forgot to bring your water bottle down with you. 

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7. Flooring

Flooring in home gym

Look at a few popular gym flooring materials, their pros and cons, and their features, to get a clear idea of what works for your home gym.

Hardwood/tile Carpet Foam Rubber
No grip when you workout  Trips you over Not as dense as rubber, off-gases for a while after installation Excellent grip and traction for safe lifting
Not easy to clean when you sweat or spill water Hard to find grip Sinks into the floor Protects equipment even if you drop it multiple times, stable and dense surface to lift on
When equipment falls over a while, it breaks easily Makes you unstable Dampens the sound of your workout, and acts as an insulator.


Now that you know rubber flooring is a clear winner, here are a few things you should know to choose what type of rubber you want to finalise for your home gym’s flooring.

Interlocking rubber tiles Rubber rolls
Takes effort to install and is easy to remove Rather permanent 
Hard to find edge and corner pieces to the tiles You’ll need to glue them down in place
Suits small spaces and big spaces alike Suitable for big spaces
You can take it with you if you move You’ll have to destroy the entire flooring if you decide to move

8. Ventilation and lighting

Ventilation and lighting in home gym

An air conditioner or fan is essential for keeping your gym cool and your motivation high. Don’t leave it to chance – a well-ventilated space with proper air circulation is key to staying fresh and energised during your workouts. Bonus points for insulating your home gym to beat the chill of winter and the heat of summer!

Let there be light! Proper lighting sets the mood and ignites your inner champion. Ditch the dimness and opt for LED lights or pop lights, strategically placed to banish doubt and laziness. Accessory light strips around the ceiling or exercise platforms are a cool touch for that extra motivational boost.

Marta Balazs, Founder / Interior Designer at Embee Interiors loves having ample lighting in the home gyms she designs. She recommends combining natural and artificial lighting strategically to create an inviting ambiance. Soft, diffused lighting complements the gym’s atmosphere, encouraging focus and relaxation.


9. Good sound system and TV

sound system and TV in home gym

Your home gym is a place you enjoy being in – one that excites you to get out of bed every morning and crawl in after a long day of work. Make it fun, so it recharges you. Have a TV in front of your treadmill or stationary exercise bike, and install an electrifying sound system that uncovers that latent energy in you. You can link the sound system to your lighting, and make sure it changes with beats, that can be a great motivator too. 

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10. Wall Decor

Wall Decor in home gym

When you’re working out painstakingly, you need everything around you to motivate you and push you further. Get inspiring wall art, and posters of your favourite athletes, or bodybuilders and hang them in the home gym. Hang flags, banners, and even medals you have won. You need everything that instils confidence in you and makes you want to reach for the stars. It also sparks conversation when you have people over and work together with them.

Marta Balazs, Founder / Interior Designer at Embee Interiors says, “Utilising various textures on walls, in artwork, or even interesting light fixtures helps create an engaging visual scheme. Incorporating organic shapes fosters a welcoming atmosphere, transforming the gym into an inviting space rather than feeling confined.”


11. A fresh coat of paint

wall painting in home gym

Ditch drab, embrace fab! Your home gym deserves a colour makeover. Hide imperfections and set the mood with a fresh coat. Use design tools like Neo to visualise different palettes and lighting. Popular picks? Calming neutrals for a soothing sanctuary, or energising neons for a pumped-up atmosphere. Choose your hue, fuel your workout!

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12. Mirrors

Mirror on the home gym wall

Mirror, mirror on the gym wall, who’s the fittest of them all? Boost motivation by reflecting a killer view: hang that inspirational quote, showcase your hard-earned trophies, or position the mirror opposite a challenging piece of equipment. In your forever home, consider a floor-to-ceiling, glue-up job for maximum impact (elevated 2 feet for safety). Renting or planning to flip? Opt for sleek, leaning mirror-clad sliding doors – zero damage, all the glam.

13. Plants

Plants on home gym

No amount of energy drinks, posters, or light can breathe life into you as much as greenery does. Plants have an amazing power to instil freshness, and calmness and restore your mental focus so you can get on with your workouts rejuvenated instead of feeling grumpy. The mental shift is subconscious but profound. Try it. 

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14. Healthy snack bar

snack bar in home gym

Before, during, and after the workout, you will need to feed your system with super-healthy food and get the best out of the calories you burn, the energy you spend, and restock your nutrients. Instead of panting your way to the kitchen and grabbing an energy drink or a fruit from your fridge, how about you have a mini healthy snack bar right inside your home gym?

Image credits: All images featured in this blog are AI-generated or created using Foyr Neo, an advanced interior designing software.

home design by Kristine Grace Interiors

How can Foyr Neo help you build inspiring home gyms?

Do you know the fastest way to see if those stunning gyms you see on social media would work out for you? Do you need technical skills, or be a proficient interior designer? Not at all. Here’s all you need to do.

  1. Head over to Foyr Neo’s homepage, and sign up for our 14-day free trial with your Google account.
  2. Draw up a floor plan, or import a JPG format floor plan and design every inch effortlessly with extraordinary precision.
  3. Up next you move on to decorating and equipping the home gym with your favourite elements dragged and dropped from our 50,000+ material collection. The transition between 2D and 3D as you design.
  4. Adjust lighting, dimensions, and colours with our super-intelligent AI that corrects errors and gets you spotless designs. Our glitch-free tool makes the entire process easier.
  5. Get a preview, take high-resolution renders, and witness your future gym all ready for you.

With a few clicks, and easy drag and drops, you can render your own DIY home gym using Foyr Neo in a few minutes, bring out iterations, and finalise the design that suits you best, so your designer, or builder is well prepared to set your home gym up nicely. You can get your home decor, and more done with Neo.

All you need to do is take the first step and sign up for the 14-day free trial.


A designated area for stretching or yoga provides a serene space for flexibility exercises, enhancing the holistic approach to fitness in a home gym.

Choose light-colored flooring and walls, use mirrors to reflect light and space, and strategically position equipment to create an open and airy ambiance.

Incorporate group workout areas, such as open spaces for fitness classes, alongside individual workout stations to accommodate both family and solo workouts.

Ensure an accessible layout with ample clearances, non-slip flooring, and equipment that accommodates users with varying levels of mobility.

Designate a corner for meditation or relaxation, with comfortable seating, soothing colors, and natural elements to promote overall well-being in the home gym.

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