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Learn » Design Ideas & Inspirations » 50 Amazing Front Porch Decorating Ideas To Make Pretty Entryway

Front Porch Decorating Ideas

Are you probably wondering how you can spoil yourself after a long tedious week on your porch and get the most out of it? Well, boring porches will definitely not grant you the benefit. How about we change that story and let you unwind to your desire. Let’s begin with the basics, your porch condition checking. Clear all the structural issues by first calling a professional to inspect and advise on home décor and on the way forward before adding any porch ideas and décor on your porch.

1. Clean and Seal All the Pavers

Clean and seal all the pavers

Pavers tend to get dirty and they offer the best conditions for moss growth. Regular cleaning and sealing will prevent further growth. The site will be airy and refreshed hence, adding more appeal. You can seal using marbles, tiles, or ceramics as your porch ideas to draw attention to your taste.

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2. Roof Addition

Roof Addition - front porch design ideas

Backyard Roof Crafters by Nikita Villa

Roofing will make your porch all-weather friendly. A scorchy sun is unsuitable for your skin and the rains will make you drenched and shivery. However, if you prefer, you can spruce up the front porch by adding cozy furniture and television or radio and listen to your favorite classics as you unwind. You can also incorporate front porch decorating ideas like a fireplace and a barbeque as you share with guests and family. In case it is too hot, you can include fans or heaters if it is chilly.

3. Add Mirrors

mirrors porch decorating ideas

Francois Cart Roux Private retreat by Elle Decor

Mirrors tend to transmit light to spaces. With that front porch decorating effect, you can enlarge your porch size with full-length mirrors. You can use resin-made mirrors and waterproofed materials to provide further durability in all conditions.

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4. Accentuate Colors

accentuate colors front porch decorating ideas

Picture by Yvonne Rickertsen

Add bold statement colors to your front porch decorating. These can range from your flower vases, draperies, mats and rugs. Bright colors will enlarge the features and will add liveliness to the front porch decorating. You can also play with the flower pots by having a variety of shapes and sizes. Incorporating large and small vases with different colors will bring out your creativity and warmness. Vases are like type keywords to your DIY projects. A dab of colors will brighten the whole porch regardless of the country or site.

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5. Let Your Flowers Hang

flowers hang porch decorating ideas

Forsyth Road House Ideas by Corrie Halls

Hanging flowers are a sight to behold. You can engage your sight on the accomplished porch ideas and appreciate mother nature’s beauty by incorporating different types and colors of flowers. Tending to them regularly will also keep off bugs and ensure they grow well. Flower baskets are advantageous as you can easily maintain them and highlight your home décor.

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6. Timing is Crucial

timing crucial porch decorating ideas

Dream Home by RL

Depending on your schedule, you can plant your flowers to suit your timings. If you are an early riser, you would probably appreciate your buddings and their bright foliage. An evening individual will appreciate plants that illuminate the moonlight. Thus, incorporating white or colored plants that will shine is advisable.

7. Add A Hammock

hammock porch decorating ideas

Photo by

Spoil yourself by incorporating your cozy hammock on your front porch decorating. Then add more pillows as you take a nap or listening to your favorite relaxing song. A hammock can also be used to snuggle up with that special person as you admire the night sky and your inspirational porch ideas.

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8. Incorporate a Birdbath

The Birdhouse chick by Jennifer Branks

If you enjoy bird watching and the earth’s beauty, let the birds locate your porch by the different styles and varieties of your birdbath.

9. Incorporate More Lighting

incorporate more lighting porch decorating ideas

Pretty Homes by Brenda Wege

Lighting not only adds to your security but also accentuates the front porch decorating features in your spaces. Light also makes your spaces more usable and lively. You can enjoy a family dinner on your porch or view the stars in the comfort of your porch. You can also add different types of lightings from functional, surface lighting and overhead lighting. You can never go wrong with the right landscaping and light placements.

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10. Incorporate More Entertainment

incorporate more enterminement porch decorating ideas

Outdoor living by Suny Mc Kaugan

This can be achieved by adding more audio and visual sounds. You can watch a game with your male friends or watch a movie with your family. A romantic evening can also be brightened by a movie by the porch. You can play the music as you unwind with guests and family in the evening.

11. Incorporate A Fire Pit

incorporate firepit porch decorating idea

Outdoors by Erica Elliott

Everyone loves a warm evening by the fireplace as they talk about their day. You can have a relaxing evening by the fireplace as you view the skies and appreciate your front porch decorating. The light cast from the fireplace creates ambiance and warmth. It promotes your socialization with friends or even enjoying a quiet evening as you talk about inspirational porch ideas.

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12. Add Water Features

water features front porch decorating ideas

Backyard living services by Rose Bleth

You can make your front porch decorating lively by incorporating a fountain or a combination of a fireplace and a water feature. A combination will add more appeal and heighten your porch’s appeal. A simple fountain can bring out the visual appeal and the sound of the water gushing is also amazing. A fish pond or a pondless waterfall adds more appeal.

13. Master The Print and Pattern Mix

master the print pattern mix front porch decorating ideas

Blue and white in porch by Town and Country Living

You can incorporate the outside to the inside space by connecting your interiors and the front porch. You can have your bench cushions upholstered in a sea-inspired print combined with a neutral base of patterns of throw pillows. The tables and chairs can be designed to bring out the ambiance of a modern porch. The porch can be connected to the kitchen with dazzling clear glass walls.

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14. Incorporate A Tiki Torch

incorporate tiki torch front porch decorating ideas

Frugal Coupon Living by Ashley Langston

Use a tiki torch made with a gunmetal finish to bring out an island-like feel. You can have them located in different spots around your porch swing. The torches will enable you attain your crafted modern style and help you appreciate an island effect.

As the breeze blows, the fire will be enhanced and the light will be more spectacular. It might be a little expensive in terms of the fuel and fast burning, but it is worth the finances. It will light the backyard and the amazing lighting is a sight to behold and inspiration.

15. Incorporate Play Cards

incorporate play cards porch decorating ideas

Game room by Janet Green

Bring to life your childhood spirit by using waterproof cards on your front porches. You will play freely without fearing spillages from your children as they spectate. They will not get soggy and tear or become hard when shuffling.

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16. Incorporate Globe Swing Lights

incorporate globe swing lights front porch decorating idea

Garden by Rini Ramli

The lights will incorporate your hipster haven and transform your space. You can protect the bulbs with bubble-wrap sleeves. You can then run the cords on the door as you add the bulbs. You can use it to create a Fairland effect as it is not too bright and makes dark front porches magical.

You can also add rocking chairs and a dining table as you enjoy the holiday season sharing ideas with guests. Your guests will delight in a morning coffee as you share your inspiration on affiliate marketing programs and home design.

17. Add A Playhouse

playhouse front porch decorating ideas

Nickel designs by Candace Robertson

Your kids will be thrilled to play on the porch as you listen to your favorite podcasts. At the end of the day, you will both have relaxed and enjoyed utilizing the space.

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18. Add A Portable Grill

portable grill front porch decorating ideas

Western Star Wood Burning by Rustic Fire porch

You can socialize with friends and family by adding a portable grill, especially in summer. You can share ideas and make memories too. It is also a pleasant way to teach your children how to roast meat and spice up. It will also strengthen the child-parenting bonding and in turn help create responsible individuals.

19. Add A Reversible Rug

reversible rug porch decorating ideas

Black and white Bohemian Runner by Goldilocks effect

Your rug should have checkers on one side and tic-tac-toe on the other side. As you play checkers with your children, you will exercise your brain muscles and become better intellectually.

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20. Include Pieces of Rattan Furniture

pieces of rattan furniture front porch decorating ideas

Black and white rooms by Jade Mc Kay

Rattan furniture not only adds esthetics to your choice of furniture but adds more comfort to your audience. The furniture is easy to assemble and the neutral colors are trendy and chic.

21. Incorporate a Pair of Lounge Chairs

incorporate a pair of lounge front porch decorating ideas

Outdoor spaces by Crystal Blocker

Having a pool is an advantage to brightening your porch. The chairs will be functional as well as decorative.

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22. Include Curtains

curtains front porch decorating ideas

Porch by Christy Frampton

Choose beautiful sheers as they add color and brightness to your spaces. The curtains will also shield you from adverse sunlight. During winter, heavy textured curtains can be used to add warmth in conjunction with lighting from the fireplace.

23. Add a Mini Pool

mini pool front porch decorating ideas

Domino magazine by Christine C

You can remind yourself of that trip in Hawaii by calling out your friends and pretending to be on a vacation instead of your porch.

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24. Include a Super-Sized Version of Connect Four

super sized version of connect front porch decorating ideas

Giant connect board by Brandi Courrege

It is a remarkable idea of offering your audience a long-lasting time of fun and games. They might enjoy the game to the point of not wanting to play the regular version.

25. Include Melamine Plates

include melamine plates front porch decorating ideas

Home Décor by Lisa Rapper

As you unwind with your family, you can indulge in a barbeque session to add fonder memories and bonds. Melamine plates are easy to clean and do not break easily. The plates can also blend with your curtains and interiors to add décor. It will motivate your family to have more porch moments.

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26. Add A Tunnel-play Set

tunnel play net front porch decorating ideas

Backyard Discovery by Phillip Cunningham

Including your little ones in your activities will make them feel appreciated and loved. You can keep the little ones busy by playing around the tunnels. Joining the playset is easy and it can be configured in different ways. A pop of color will also brighten the porch and will bring out the child spirit as you also play along with your kids.

27. Change the Roofing

change roofing front porch decorating ideas

Screened Porch Deck by futurist architecture

Most homes have small porches either on the front, at the side, or at the back. However, the choice of your rooftop will change the setting of the house. The rooftop does not necessarily need to be the same as the houses. A front porch will elevate your curb appeal while a back porch will heighten the depth of your home. An open-peach porch is timeless and you can enjoy viewing the skies.

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28. Balcony Overhang

balcony overhang front porch decorating ideas

Deck by Ted Jennings

In homes with smaller porches, a second balcony will work the magic. You can enjoy the additional roof and extra space for entertainment. The overhang from the balcony will also shelter the porch from rains and scorching sun.

29. Columns with Fencing

columns with fencing front porch decorating ideas

My Dream Farm by Debbie Homminga

You can use columns with fencing to surround the front porch. It will add more light and yet connect with the outside. The fencing can be painted in white to bring out a classy look. With additional chairs and relaxing music, you can enjoy your weekends.

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30. Contrasting Roof Colors

Yard ideas and dreams by Julie Hunt Johnson

A contrasting color from the house walls and the roof porch will serve as an attraction especially if they are of the neutral blend. It will also add to your chic style and details. A color block will create a room for including creative patterns and styles from your pillows and cushions. More information is available on the link below.

31. Pergola Roof Extension

pergola roof extension front porch decorating ideas

Eden Verandas by Ghas Sanusi

Most roof porches are expensive to install. However, with a pergola roof, it is budget-friendly and decorative. Rather than using a lot of construction tasks on your roof porch that might alter the house structure, pergola roofing can fit your space without much financing. The laid beams will allow natural lighting and add a flair to your home. The roof can be painted white to reflect the light and make a distinction to your exterior décor.

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32. Angle and Blend

angle and blend front porch decorating ideas

Photo by Meredith Ramirez

A subtle angle blended porch will add appeal to your house. Rather than having a flat roof porch, a little bend will shift the attention. It will also add your porch space and accentuate the unutilized side of the house’s space. You can further add décor by incorporating hanging flowers or contrasting throw-pillows and cushions.

33. Add Details

Front porch by Mollianne Buster Massey

You can play along with the details in your porch from the colored rugs, flower vases and cushions. You can project your tastes and creativity through your interior decors. A pop of bright colors from the flowers and the vases can be blended with neutral-colored seats. You can also vary the look with different patterns and textures. The general outlook does not have to be complicated. Simplicity in your derails is key to enhancing a chic porch.

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34. Slatted for a Breeze

slatted a breeze porch decorating ideas

Photo by site cassacor

You can incorporate your long draping curtains and fold them on the sides to allow more light. The curtains need to be brightly colored to add more flair to your décor. The sides can also be more open to allowing more light and breeze. You can also blend with your rattan furniture blended with brightly colored cushions and throw pillows. You can add your favorite art piece to enhance your style and maintain your taste. The porch can be made more relaxing by additional neutral-colored footstools.

35. Dramatic Arch Style

dramatic arch style front porch decorating ideas

Home by Nikki England

Add more flair to your porch by incorporating the traditional arch-styled roof. Adding a rounded archway to an existing home is quite a huge task. However, adding an arch to your porch can distinguish it from the rest. There are a few arch-styled porches and yours will be amongst the counted few. An arch creates a royalty effect and it reminds you of medieval times. They can be supported by balustrades colored in white to add chicness and flair.

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36. Paint the Door

paint the door front porch decorating ideas

Honeycomb home by Sandy Del Valle Bombace

Go for bold color and give it a fresh coat of paint. It will also add character to your door.

37. Update your house numbers

update your house number front porch decorating ideas

Room for Tuesday by Sara Gibson

Freshen up the exterior with numbers. You can explore the options by picking, mixing and matching a set of exciting numbers. You should not be conformed to your wall or mailbox. You can hang them on a planter box and add plants for a fresh look. You can use durable wood and colors rather than flipping a page. A good editor can help you design and charge you on a commission basis.

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38. Flourish with flora

flourish with flora front porch decorating ideas

Flora Grubb by Jill Beckett

Use pitchers, wheelbarrows and old cans to sprinkle throughout the exteriors. You can also check out fresh and fun DIY planters to add chicness to your décor.

39. Add Pine wreaths

pine wreaths front porch decorating ideas

Outside decorations by Cindy Mann

You can make your wreath from embroidered hoops, yarns, and branches from your yard. To attach pine branches and berries, you can also use a simple florist wire. To hang all the hoops, you can take a flush pin at the top edge of the door and tie yarn to it. The wreath can be hung for seasonal decoration. The wreaths can also be decorated in all colors and placed at the front door. The chairs can be synchronized by the same colors at the entry.

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40. Use pumpkin and corn knobs

pumkin and corn knobs front porch decorating ideas

Making front steps by Kelly Nan

Pumpkins and corn knobs are quite a popular décor in fall. Pumpkins add color to the porch, especially in the fall season. The pumpkins can be hanged or placed on the stairs to add more color.

41. Rolling Cart Collage

rolling cart collage front porch decorating ideas

Rack outdoor ideas by Footer

Use a rolling cart and add a mix of seasonal decorating pieces, potted plants and flowers. The cart can be used all year round. Your designer can help with the colors and adding any item omitted. In New York, a good designer can charge you commissions based on their experience level. Good designers like Helen Norman and Brian Woodcock can be found in retailer sites to design your front porch and color it.

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42. Secure the front porch with a gate

secure front porch with gate front porch decorating ideas

Personality with a gate by the front porch company

Create an illusion of extra privacy and an extra safety barrier for toddlers and pets. Your front porch is the entrance to your house’s living room and security is key. The front porch can be secured without limiting the steps to the house and other areas.

43. Spotlight a motif

spotlight motif front porch decorating ideas

Better homes and gardens by Patsy

Flank the stairs to your front porch with stone sculptures shaped-like motifs that speak of your family.

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44. Install Cameras

cameras front porch decorating ideas

Photo by Richella Parham

Install extra security cameras but camouflage it with the surrounding environment.

45. Lay graphic floor tiles

lay graphic floor tiles front porch decorating ideas

Diamond pattern flooring by Rimia Frauz

It will personalize your front porch and will add a dash of color and elegance.

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46. Make it cozy

make it cozy front porch decorating ideas

Antique and vintage rugs by Doris Leslie Blau

You can add extra cushions for floor sitting.

47. Frame the door with plants

frame the door with plants front porch decorating ideas

Vintage inspired Christmas by Southern living

Frame to give your porch a grand feeling even if there is no room for an outdoor dining nook or lounge zone.

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48. Upgrade your porch swings

upgrade your porch swings front porch decorating ideas

Hanging Macramé porch swings by Luci and Rix

You can hang them from the ceilings and add round poufs for extra seatings and contrasting shapes.

49. Spruce up the walls

spruce up the walls front porch decorating ideas

Home by Shareen Higazy

You can achieve the effect by string lights, a small dining nook and wall décor.

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50. Stick to a theme

stick to a theme front porch decorating ideas

Seaside avenue residence by Elizabeth Rumley

A theme will give your porch a sense of place. In a beach house, for example, you can incorporate nautical accents like a surfboard against the wall.

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