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Master Bedroom Essentials

Tense times call for a soothing retreat into your master bedroom. As we prepare to come out of hibernation, it’s time to give our bedroom decor a good overhaul.

Color Selection of a Master Bedroom

Colors in a bedroom must feel calming and stimulating at the same time.

For colors that radiate freshness, bring in Benjamin Moore shades of 2023 like Rosy PeachAegean Teal, and Potters Clay but with a quirk. Color washing! The unfinished plastered finish adds an artistic panache.

That floral focal wall you just put in? Nourish them with some trimmings in fresh neutrals like Muslin.

Fancy some charcoal sleek? Exposed bricks are the partners to a laid-back Trout Grey.

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Master Bedroom Design

A bedroom is all about the feels. A bedroom design that resonates with you is everything you need!

For the lovers of the basic, Scandinavian provides minimal flair with the warmth of raw, natural textures while mid-century modern offers a pretty trip down history without overpowering.

Similarly, tips for tricky maximalist and eclectic styles are balance and blending. Pair black velvet accent walls with robin-egg-blue décor and bronzed fixtures for a look that jumps right off the glossy pages of a magazine.

Personal Style

The Master bedroom should be your personal sanctuary at home!

The ultimate step in any ardent interior designer’s rulebook is layering.

You can bring whatever style through layering-area rugs on carpets, quilts on a chaise, framed photographs on textured walls, and organized trinkets on finished surfaces, as long as harmony is upheld!

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20 Essential must-haves for an Exquisite Master Bedroom:

1. Panelling

Panelling has seen a fashionable comeback, ushering in loads of class and fluidity with it.

Fluted glass is the newest wrinkle in the interior design industry, has moved on to other surfaces, like wall-panel, kitchen-island bases, shelf-shutters, etc.

Ribbed, scalloped, and crimped panels dole out supple depth without overwhelming the room.

Finally, unless your aim is pop-art vibes, we suggest you stick to neutral colors and let the textures talk!

paneling for master bedroom

Image Credit: pinterest.com

2. Headboards

Do you prefer headboards that stretch wall-to-wall or graze the ceiling?

Maybe, you are a green panther and would elect a gorgeous rattan piece.

From tradition to minimalist interior design, wooden headboards are ageless beauties.

Whereas upholstered headboards have our hearts. The traditional tufted beauties or contemporary scalloped headboards can singularly jack up the luxury quotient of your bedroom.

The fabrics used can range from highly chic linens and velvet to equally tasteful leather and suede.

While solid colors are trusty options, bold prints pack a punch.

headboards for master bedroom

Image Credit: pinterest.com

3. Bed Frame

A swanky headboard is incomplete without a dapper bed frame, full of character.

While padded bedframes have tons of personality, a wooden or open-frame can create some contrast. For a rustic vibe, fit reclaimed wood into a wrought iron frame!

Interior designers also vouch for bed-legs. Turned, tapered, or squared. Mid-century Spartans, canopy beds, or fancy half posters, beds with legs just stand tall!

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bedframe for master bedroom

Image Credit: pinterest.com

4. Mattress

The pandemic, with its relentless health scares and ruin of social life, has left us exhausted. It’s good sense to invest in a quality mattress to get the much-desired rest.

From memory foam and natural latex foam to pocket spring and hybrid, the options can get intimidating. However, going with trusted brands can be a good start.

For example, Avocado uses non-toxic organic materials and lets you test a mattress for 100 days with free returns. They offer a 25-year warranty, according to New York Magazine’s list of best mattresses for 2021.

However, it all boils down to personal comfort in a suitable size, support, temperature regulation, etc.

Don’t skip on a mattress protector to shield it from spills, stains, and allergens. Make sure you drift off in comfort!

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mattress for master bedroom

Image Credit: pinterest.com

5. Plush Bedding

Soft sheets, fluffy duvets, and plump pillows make us want to dive right in for a deep slumber.

Belgian linens, Egyptian cotton, down comforters are all epitomes of lavishness.

Elementary, but not necessarily expensive, all you need are durable sheets that don’t pill, breathable cotton blankets with a higher thread count, and comforters as light as a cloud!

Forbes has ticked off 12 best down-alternative comforters to curl under.

“Linen bedding creates a refined yet lived-in-look that never goes out of style,” says designer Candace Plotz as she explains why lines are an excellent year-round choice.

plush bedding for master bedroom

Image Credit: dwell.com

Designers swear by white sheets for a promise of freshness every night.

But, add pops of color with the Fox embroidered cotton pillowcases or silk pillows and bright, Colossal Handknit Throws, hand-knotted throws.

6. Curtains

Curtains in the bedroom need to be most hardworking to uphold privacy and look handsome at the same.

Blackout curtains with thermal lining are the best pick for those who crave absolutely zero light.

If all you want is to filter the harsh sun, summery sheers will do just that. Generously layering these will not only safeguard your privacy but also add frothy pleats when pulled back.

curtains for master bedroom

Image Credit: potterybarn.com

Rough-hewn burlap or rich velvets that cascade down in lustrous flutes are excellent options if you want something in between.

Cotton and linen curtains are easy-going materials that dim sunlight letting through faint rays.

While neutrals are options that fit any room style, Double height drapes, animated prints, and jewel tones like emerald, turquoise, teal, etc., add drama to the bedroom.

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7. Area Rug

Is there anything as comforting as padding across cushy floors after slipping off your shoes?

Rugs give a snug and finished look to the bedroom. Gruff, Knotted, lumpy shaggy, silky, wiry—rugs have wonderful textures to choose from.

Hand-looped wool, Persian flat-weaves, thick velvety-mattings your toes disappear into, cotton threadbare, etc., are few timeless rugs.

Transform your floors into pieces of art with a graphic mix of bold colors and abstract shapes.

rug for master bedroom

Image Credit: perigold.com

Hemp and manila rugs are ecological options worth considering for beauty with a soul. The intriguingly hand-knotted silk rug is the height of opulence. We opine you guard it with your life!

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8. Extra Seat

Longing for a quiet space to savor a restful cup of morning tea?

A loveseat or a couple of accent chairs tucked into a corner with a coffee table thrown in the middle makes for a fashionable lounge.

Parking an ornate bench at the foot of your bed offers a makeshift stand for your bedroom.

A chic trunk or ottoman with a bonus storage space can hold all your blankets and bath linens.

Want a touch of posh? Look no further than cushioned chaises as a stylish extra seat when you need to hop into your heels!

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seating for master bedroom

Image Credit: koziel.fr

9. Desk

The advent of work-from-home has turned master bedrooms into makeshift zoom rooms, and beds into less-than-motivational desks.

Having a dedicated work-station fitted in “can make all the difference in creating a separation between work and play,” says designer Shea McGee of Studio McGee.

desk for master bedroom

Image Credit: studio-mcgee.com

It can keep your room tidy and your work gear organized. Prop up a mirror above to trap some light naturally and multiuse it as a dresser!

Foldaway tables can be stowed away out of sight after work hours for a complete hiatus.

If you don’t mind something a bit more permanent, consider a built-in closet desk.

10. Storage Closet

Adding in a Carrie Bradshaw walk-in closet is easier than homeowners may think.

The best closet is tailor-made precisely for the size of your room and your needs.

Going bespoke, you can decide on the finish and feel of your wardrobe and its configuration and layout.

Want upscale gorgeous? Fuse in an island dresser, complete with a stately chandelier above!

A fluted glass partition between your bedroom and the closet is a beautiful idea.

Impeccable lighting, an accent chair, and lots of storage baskets are unspoken bedroom essentials.

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storage for master bedroom

Image Credit: decoxdesign.com

11. Extra Storage

Free-standing chests and drawers to hide your daily jumble, and bath linens are crucial pieces of bedroom furniture.

Dousing these handy dressers in vivid colors adds gusto. Or maybe you’d like to capitalize on sustainable rattan splendor?

Spring for customized built-in headboard shelves, under-bed drawers, niches in the wall, etc. for hidden storage

Free-standing cloth racks and hanging rods in brass or copper finish have refined designs, great for used clothes.

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extra storage for master bedroom

Image Credit: unsplash.com

12. Nightstand

Often neglected, but equally important, nightstands tie together the scale of the bed and the storage. Bedside tables are critical chaos-collectors- alarm clock, magazines, pills, water bottles, night creams, etc.

Nightstands today can be anything from a floating shelf to tray tables. Wouldn’t a stone sculpture nightstand be a stately furniture piece to own?

Even on a tight budget, find a DIY one that you adore. We are going dotty over the shabby-chic stepladder side table!

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nightstand for master bedroom

Image Credit: pinterest.com

13. Lighting

Layering creates the graceful ambiance you want in the bedroom- a balance of broody and luminous with a dash of sensuality. Functional yet artistic!

Revel in a powerful task lighting pendant instead of typical ceiling lights.

lighting for master bedroom

Image Credit: dgafdecor.com

Other accent lights like polished chrome floor lamps can boost your bedroom’s appeal.

The modest bedside table lamp has undergone a makeover as wall sconces or pendant lighting, fixed on both sides of the bed for a boutique-hotel-like diffused glow.

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14. Bedroom Automation

From Philips Wake-up Light that wakes you up gradually with its sunrise simulator and gentle beeps to Lutron Caseta Smart Dimmers on a timer so you go to bed on time, endless possibilities of automation in the bedroom can make life blissful.

master bedroom automation

Image Credit: philips.ca

Lutron’s ecosystem can also orchestra the Serena shades, bedside lamps and music in your bedroom at the touch of a button!

15. Statement Mirror

The Evil Queen was obsessed with her mirror for a reason!

A glamorous, free-standing, full-length mirror is as practical as it is becoming. Perfect for last-minute checks of your outfits, they haul a ton of natural light in, making your bedroom appear roomy.

Distressed surfaces have also been buzzing recently, and a touch of an antiqued mirror can embellish even the dimmest corner of your bedroom.

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mirror for master bedroom

Image Credit: coxandcox.co.uk

16. Bedroom Bins

Completely undetectable or absolutely outstanding! These humble minions can make or break your bedroom.

Bins stashed under makeup tables for used earbuds, wet wipes, and empty tissue boxes, have to obviously be trendy.

Modify a rattan weave into a dustbin for a cheeky, exotic touch.

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master bedroom bins

Image Credit: muji.com.hk

17. Art On The Walls

Artistic wall panels and scenic decals in master bedrooms are popular. Whereas the rich colors and textures of quilts or knits as wall-art have an upbeat, boho allure.

Clustering small artworks together can be fun. But, a mural or a massive painting blew up on the wall can become the focal point of bedrooms. A maximalist approach at competitive prices!

Finally, rugs are being celebrated as artwork. And given the range of diverse colors, textures, shapes, and handcrafted options, they can look impressive.

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art on the master bedroom walls

Image Credit: pinterest.com

18. Plants And Flowers

Sprightly potted plants can inject great vigor into master bedrooms.

Theatrical, sword-like leaves of the snake plant and aloe emit oxygen at night, making them superb nocturnal companions.

Let some lavender casually laze around your bedroom window for a good night’s sleep. With scents that calm you at night, lavender’s delightful color is always welcome.

Peace Lily arrests foul air pollutants like formaldehyde that drift around your sleep chambers.

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plants and flowers

Image Credit: unsplash.com

19. Self-Care Space

Thanks to the solidarity it offers, bedrooms can easily be turned into self-care nooks.

Green thumbs can peacefully tend to their blooms and shoots first before greeting the rest of the world every morning.

If meditation is your balm, equipping your room with these Baked goods candles, diffusers and plants, will line up a serene room frequency.

Make sure you have an easel for some impromptu art session, or a bookshelf stocked in a corner to unwind at the end of a long day.

self care space

Image Credit: pinterest.com

20. Personal Decor

Baubles like family heirlooms, antiques, or travel memorabilia are full of character and sentimental value. But, display only those that “spark joy in you,” says de-clutter guru Marie Kondo.

To avoid clutter, sort them according to shape, color, or purpose, ad put them out in turns on a gorgeous clay tray or glass jar, rather than all at once.

Make your trinkets tell your story!

master bedroom decor

Image Credit: pinterest.com

From sumptuous beds and pillows to a gorgeous en-suite bath, master bedroom designing needs utmost care and attention. We hope you have some fun with the above decorating ideas as you create a boudoir that transports you to dreamlands. Was that a snore we heard?

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