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Blog » Design Ideas & Inspirations » 30 Stunning Master Bedroom Design Ideas for Your Home

Master Bedroom Design

On the hunt for master bedroom ideas? The Master bedroom sounds quite formal doesn’t it, but essentially what we mean is your main bedroom, the one you sleep in, the most essential bedroom!

And whatever your personal style, whatever size space you are dealing with, it deserves to be one of the best-dressed rooms in your home – hence why we have dedicated a whole gallery to master bedrooms’ interior design ideas.

We have you covered with plenty of lovely color scheme ideas, area rugs, accent walls, layout advice, trends to try out, what is the focal point, and more. So just keep scrolling to get inspired.

These bedroom design ideas will provide you with all the inspiration you need for a room makeover.

We will discuss luxe Master Bedroom Trends 2023 in our Master bedroom ideas: ideas, photos, trends. Today, the classic design of bedrooms 2023 is a combination of several areas like luxe, minimalist, or even a modern bedroom in the interior home decor, for example, Greek-style, Renaissance, Baroque, and so on.

The main elements of this design are wood carvings, antiques, velvet, natural color palette woods, silk, lace motifs, crystal items, and drapery.

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What classifies a room into a master bedroom in the first place?

Some of the mutual features that will classify a room into a beautiful bedroom in our master bedroom decorating ideas are:

  • A large room with ample closet space.
  • A large closet or sometimes double closets or maybe even two different closets.
  • A queen-size bed.
  • Two bedside tables on either side.
  • A dressing table with a dresser at the side.
  • Separate luxurious chair
  • Should have at least a geometrical structure of 14’0” * 12’6”

Apart from the common features, there are more modifications that enable the master bedroom decor ideas to be a much more lucrative and comfortable bedroom makeover so that it attracts both the eyes and the minds of the customers or guests that you entertain at home.

Thus, we will be talking about 50 master bedroom ideas in 2021 throughout the article.

With so many themes to choose from, it gets hard to select. A manual with 10 tips of selection

would ease the task a bit, which points:

  1. Choose Subtle paint Color like white walls or pastel shades.
  2. Don’t Overlook the Ceiling.
  3. Keep the Bedroom Simple if it’s a small space.
  4. Choose the Right Size bedroom Furniture matching the ceiling and the floors.
  5. Have Plenty of Space in the room after the placement of the furniture.
  6. Include a Private Nook you can DIY it.
  7. Indulge in Luxurious Linens.
  8. Cover the Windows with theme matching curtains.
  9. Include good lighting options with a light fixtures that go with the main theme.
  10. Keep the bedroom comfy as a bedroom and keep the remaining stuff outside.

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30 Best Master Bedroom Design Ideas:

1. The dark wood design

Featuring a mixture of white and brown, if you are someone who loves a little touch of romance in the master bedroom design then this design will suit you undoubtedly. The main feature of this theme is that the dark wood-hardwood flooring brings the whole room together in a mixture of white furniture that is absolutely beautiful.

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master bedroom design ideas - dark wood design

Image Credit:

2. The extra white theme

If you are the kind of person who finds peace in white then this design is just for you. The master bedroom with complete white colour screams elegance we call it a white bedroom.

master bedroom design ideas - white theme

Image Credit:

3. The off-white theme

When white becomes too boring for a regular user the off-white theme brings about a new change within the prescribed theme of the master bedroom. It displays the room as cleaner than other colors as the dirt can’t be scanned amid the color.

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master bedroom design ideas - off white

Image Credit:

4. The neutral theme

The skin neutral color is such a theme that matches the body color. Regardless of nationality, this theme feels like something very related. The theme is a very happy color for a master suite.

If something redder than the off-white color is desired then the skin theme is perfect. Famous interior designers say the skin tone should match the color of your interiors as you match your clothes.

master bedroom design ideas - neutral theme

Image Credit:

5. The Blue heaven

With all the possible comforts and looks, space feel like blue heaven is just the theme you would desire for a week out on holiday or maybe a romantic tour with your partner.

The theme is presented in such a way that the window treatments produce blue sleepy lights like a table lamp which provide extreme comfort to the stayers.

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master bedroom design ideas - blue heaven

Image Credit:

6. Dull and bright

The dull and bright theme uses a mixture of white, burgundy, and pale skin color it’s a classic rustic bedroom. It assures a silver look is maintained in the room so that it feels calm and relaxing. Because the color and gradient of the room play a huge role in the mood of the homeowners.

master bedroom design ideas - dull and bright color

Image Credit:

7. The grand guest bedroom

With so many artistic looks, the grand makes it feel like living in a palace bedroom lighting. Such aristocratic designs with tile floorings and ceilings are self-explanatory which is why the rooms are so desirable.

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grand guest bedroom design

Image Credit:

8. Glaze with the natural light

A room with big windows almost covering most of the wall is said to represent the glaze with the sunlight. It is a very happy room. No artificial lighting to create a temporary feel. It is just the regular room that a regular guy would prefer.

master bedroom design with natural light

Image Credit:

9. Blue Plaid

This kind of room serves the people with colorful choices. Mostly if asked for my opinion, I would like this theme to be set in my grandparents’ master bedroom because it creates a happy vibe.

master bedroom design ideas - blue plaid

Image Credit:

10. Contemporary bedroom design ideas

The contemporary theme uses black and white colors to represent itself. It’s a vintage theme with white bedding. It focuses more on the modern fashions and comforts than the traditional heritage of the master bedrooms.

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master bedroom with contemporary design

Image Credit:

11. Perfect lighting

This bedroom has the perfect amount of lighting for the color of the furniture. That chandelier mixed with the can light head hanging lights make for one beautiful atmosphere for doing just about anything.

That upholstered furniture like a tufted headboard and sconces makes it breathtaking. the reading nook with bookcases also makes a great sitting area for reading or relaxing without using the bed.

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master bedroom design with lighting

Image Credit:

12. Sophistication with headboard design

What we see in this bedroom first is obviously that there is a lot of white bedding, and throw pillows, but behind all of that white is a beautiful grey upholstered headboard. At the end of the bed and foot of the bed, we see an upholstered bench.

This is an ideal spot to sit down to take your shoes off after a long day. On each side of the bed are those brass desk lamps on the side table that give the room that sophisticated professional look. This would be a very easy design to accomplish.

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master bedroom design with headboard

Image Credit:

13. Space for the whole family

With abundant spaces for kids to play around and sitting chairs and tables for gossiping with family this theme for the master bedroom is perfect. This will typically come with sofa sets just like a small living room area, a table and chair for work, a huge bed, and a lot of free space in the middle of the room.

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master bedroom design - whole family

Image Credit:

14. Unique flooring and ceiling

It’s pretty clear that the statement piece in this bedroom is the hardwood ceiling design. It has kind of a tiger stripe color design and it matches wonderfully with the color of the walls behind the bed.

master bedroom design with unique flooring and ceiling

Image Credit:

15. Creative theme

With creativity involved, any simple bedroom design can look better. This is very simple to do and it gives you a ton of lighting to make the first impression wonderful.

master bedroom design with creative theme

Image Credit:

16. The luxury

If you want your bedroom to look similar to one of those that would be of a famous actress or singer’s house, this would work. This bedroom is completely white with tan accents on the furniture.

It is an extremely Victorian Esque. This would be one of those rooms that you would have to put a lot of money into unless you can find all of the furniture at an antique shop.

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luxury master bedroom design

Image Credit:

17. The black gold

One of my favorite color schemes is black and gold, which is why I like this bedroom set up so much. This room features a beautiful gold pattern wall.

Against it is an elegant black buttoned upholstered headboard and footboard. Or vice-versa. To top it off, there is that awesome fluffy carpet underneath everything.

master bedroom with black gold design

Image Credit:

18. Classy child’s room

They need to have more space than any of the room themes aforementioned. However, with the teens and the grownups, a little compromise can be done with the modification like having a canopy bed. The room can be generally spaced like the other master rooms with fewer colors and customizations in them.

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classy master bedroom for child

Image Credit:

19.Gold and wood

This bedroom has a lot of style to it while remaining very minimalistic. Check out that beautiful poster bed with built-in spiral posts. Against the gold accents and sitting furniture, that dark wood stain pops out wonderfully.

The other thing that I want to point out is the chandelier. It’s very simple but still makes a great modern luxury statement piece. It’s also something you could possibly find at your local Home Depot or Lowes.

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master bedroom design - gold wood

Image Credit:

20. Basic and Bold

The stone color is a popular color for those who want to remain very neutral when it comes to their decor like a duvet and bedding. The one thing that stands out is that parrot-blue chair and ottoman. It’s a great idea for bringing some color to the room without overpowering it.

master bedroom design ideas - basic and bold color

Image Credit:

21. Simple yet elegant beautiful bedroom

This bedroom is extremely elegant, but also very basic at the same time. There’s just something about the simplicity of this room that makes it too appealing.

Image Credit:

22. Small and rustic bedroom

To me, this room almost reminds me of a very stylish loft in an upscale apartment building. It has a very old look to it, especially with that sliding barn door panel, which is a very easy look to recreate. There are a lot of neutral colors going on in here, making it very easy to work with in terms of decor and furniture.

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master bedroom with rustic design

Image Credit:

23. Colourful bedrooms

The master bedroom for children can be classified into two types according to the age of the child. For adolescents and mid-aged children, more colorful rooms have to be used.

colorful master bedroom design

Image Credit:

24. High ceiling and Luxurious theme

This would be one of those rooms that you would have to put a lot of money into unless you can find all of the furniture at an antique shop. Just like you can time travel with this historic theme.

master bedroom with high ceiling

Image Credit:

25. Innovative and contemporary bedroom design

There’s a lot going on in this room. The innovative matchings of the colors make it look like there’s a ton of design applied to the room whereas the only point eye-catching is one complete wall with the design.

Apart from the aforementioned trending master bedrooms, there are some more master bedroom designs that kinda fit into the same categories however some particular features stand them out from the common categorization.

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master bedroom with innovative design

Image Credit:

26. A perfect bedroom style idea

This belongs to the sophistication theme. At the end of the bed, we see that upholstered bench. This is an ideal spot to sit down to take your shoes off after a long day. On each side of the bed are those desk lamps that give the room that sophisticated professional look. This would be a very easy design to accomplish.

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master bedroom design with sophisticated theme

Image Credit:

27. Serenity and calm bedroom vibes

We would like this theme to be set in my grandparents’ master bedroom because it creates a happy vibe.

master bedroom design - serenity vibes

Image Credit:

28. Apartment bedroom design inspiration

This room also reminds me of a very stylish loft in an upscale apartment building. It has a very old look to it, especially with that sliding barn door panel, which is a very easy look to recreate. This belongs to the small and rustic theme.

apartment style master bedroom design

Image Credit:

29. Ocean colored bedroom

This belongs to the blue plaid theme with a change in the theme color from blue to green.

master bedroom design ideas - ocean color

Image Credit:

30. Creams and white theme bedroom design

Another example of the Off-white theme. This colour displays the room as cleaner than other colours as the dirt can’t be scanned amid the colour.

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