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The interior design scene has long been dominated by the minimalistic approach with earthy colors and subdued elements in the décor. In what can be called an upheaval, the modern rustic style bedroom is gaining ground with warm tones, pallet beds, brick walls, and casual area rugs.

However, these same features are common with many design styles. So, how do you get it just right when you are thinking of rustic bedroom ideas? And more importantly, what kind of rustic décor are you looking for? Modern rustic bedroom ideas? Or do you want to go with the farmhouse rustic bedroom ideas? Confused? Let’s look at some basic ways in which you can incorporate the rustic look in your bedroom with a little imagination.

Top Modern Rustic Bedroom Ideas

1. The Log Cabin Approach

rustic bedroom with woven rugsImage Credit:

The words log cabin immediately conjure up images of fireplaces, wooden paneling, and woven rugs. While a fireplace is not always desirable or possible, you can make your bedroom resemble a log cabin by using these simple touches.

Approach Features
Rafters on the ceiling Pair these with a dramatic wooden headboard to amp the look, or you can go all the way by paneling the accent wall with wooden slats.
Stone on the accent wall Throw in a wrought iron chandelier to elevate the design

2. Repurposing Old Into New

Repurposing Old Into New

There are plenty of modern rustic bedroom ideas to choose from. The best part is, you don’t need to spend a bomb to get that rustic feel. By repurposing the headboard, putting up faux antlers, or carelessly placing woven area rugs on the floor can change the way your room looks. If you happen to have leftover wood from a previous project in your storage, you can use that as a skirting to give it that bohemian look, or you can even use the wood as wall paneling.

A stroll through a flea market may throw a few surprises your way. If you are lucky, you may find a wooden chest or the perfect water pitcher for your bureau.

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3. The Farmhouse Feel

Farmhouse Feel

With these farmhouse rustic bedroom ideas, you will not be disappointed. You need not go the whole hog when you use wood. A limewash on the walls is a good start. For the wood element, beams on the ceiling will do the trick. Be sure to leave enough gaps between the beams so as not to make the ceiling get overwhelming.

For a subdued look, you can opt for a simple metal bed. Painted wood paneling on the walls will complement the bed beautifully. Use subtle tones such as jade green or slate on the paneling. Mismatched wooden side tables, a floral quilt, and a throw rug add the right finishing touches.

4. Rustic Farmhouse Bedroom Design

the chik rustic design

You may think that the word chic is a concept that does not go with the rustic look. However, you can have your cake and eat it too; with these rustic chic bedroom ideas. Garage sales and flea markets are good hunting grounds for this rustic bedroom décor.

  • Wrought iron bed stands are a starting point, or you can opt for distressed wood headboards. 
  • Wooden flooring will do wonders and add to the rustic appeal. 
  • Old dressers are the perfect addition, paired with an antique mirror, handmade quilts, and throw rugs. Perfection personified!

However, you need not let these tips restrict you. You may find a unique chandelier or a quirky fan to add to the ambiance. Who knows where your design journey will take you?

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5. Wood Does it All the Time

wooden rustic bedroom

Whether you talk of wooden beams, burning log fires, or wood-paneled walls, woodworks well in rustic bedroom decor. Be sure to use wood wisely. A large place is perfect for rafters. But in a small room with a low ceiling, rafters will dwarf the space, making you feel claustrophobic. Paneling the accent wall with knotted wood is a good choice.

If your budget does not allow it, you can opt for a wooden headboard, a statement in itself. Rustic wood cabinets, chests, and a few area rugs in tribal or geometric rustic bedroom designs will do the rest.

If you are lucky, you may be able to get your hands on a faux antler chandelier or a burnished copper stove to elevate the rustic look.

6. Fabrics Can do Wonders

fabtics for rustic bedroom design

Once you have the basics ready, layering with textiles will cinch the deal. You can infuse character in your modern rustic bedroom by coordinating the tones of the top blanket or quilt with the rug on the floor. The upholstery on the easy chair and the throw cushions on the bed will do the rest. You can pick the rustic bedroom colors from the quilt or rug and use them as accent colors for the throw pillows. Handmade quilts always work, as do floral and geometric patterns that are not too feminine.

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7. The Artwork has the Final Say

rustic bedroom design with artwork

Faux antlers, copper plates, or tapestries are the thing for a modern rustic atmosphere. Monochromatic picture frames work well too. Antique mirrors will add pizzazz to your bedroom decor. If you find an antique standalone mirror, all the better.

Pitchers, log baskets, balls of knitting wool placed in a basket, or wall art behind the bed will give the room the desired rustic appeal.

8. Wall Finish

rustic bedroom wall finish

Exposed stone, brick, or lime-washed walls are the mainstays of rustic bedroom ideas. Lime-washed walls used in neutral tones give the right touch. Avoid going overboard with the stone finish. Use it on the accent wall behind the bed. These wall treatments work beautifully with wood paneling or wooden flooring. Once you have these elements in place, all you need to do is find the right accents and furnishings.

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9. When Accents Work Their Magic

Sometimes, the basics of your rustic bedroom ideas are not enough to give it the perfect rustic look. You may be left dissatisfied and wonder where you have gone wrong. Avoid reaching for more wood for the paneling. The right accents, placed in strategic places, can change the way your room looks.

A leather or an upholstered sofa chair placed near the window is one way to go. Raw wood accents, such as distressed window frames used as artwork, are just the thing for this décor. Tarnished paintwork on the side tables and chests is an option.

If you can lay your hands on an old barn door, nothing like it. It will make an ideal headboard. Metal chandeliers and light scones on the walls will ensure that the room gets a rustic look. And yes, don’t forget the handwoven throw rug for that extra oomph!

10. The Bed Makes a Statement

rustic bedroom with wooden headboard

When thinking of rustic bedroom ideas, the bed is the first thing that you should focus on, as it is the focal point. If you have not used any wood on the walls, have no fear. If height permits, you can go the whole hog with a decadent four-poster bed with wispy rustic bedroom curtains.

Your other options are tall posts or a wooden headboard. There is a lot you can do with the headboard; simple slates running across the bed or distressed wood planks for that rough finish. Your room will see an immediate transformation with that dramatic headboard.

The quilt, the rug, and the accents will complete the wonderful decor.

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11. The Color Palette

color palette for rustic bedroom

Generally, the color palette for modern rustic bedroom ideas is a neutral one, playing with the warm colors of wood balanced with the light color tones for the bedding, the walls, and the windows. However, introducing a darker tone on the walls is not only intriguing but exciting.

You can also make a dramatic statement by introducing a patch of color on the upholstery or the cushions. The textured area rug can pick up where the bedcover is left off.

Be sparing with the bright tones, or you will kill the rustic look. Geometric or floral prints can work on the rustic bedroom curtains. However, getting the balance right can get tricky. On the other hand, plain gauzy white curtains are just right – a contrast of texture and color from the harsh brown of wood.

12. Saying it With Distressed Wood

white rustic bedroom design

If you have a yen for distressed wood, white rustic bedroom ideas are just the thing for you. This idea works well for smaller spaces as paneling and rafters can be overpowering.

A white distressed wood headboard is a great starting point. You can pair that with mismatched side tables and a dresser. For added effect, you can play with pastel shades such as jade green on a few pieces of rustic bedroom furniture to add intrigue. Floating wooden shelves for pitchers, books, lavender sprigs, and candle holders will be the perfect accents. Wicker side tables and baskets go wonderfully with this décor.

A tapestry on the accent wall can also add the finishing touch to this gorgeous room. Who says you can’t go rustic with white?

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13. Natural Elegance With Plywood

rustic bedroom design with nature elegance

When you visualize rustic bedroom ideas, the first thing that comes to mind is wood. However, reclaimed wood can be financially prohibitive, stretching your budget strings to snapping points.

But, if you have set your mind on wood, don’t be disheartened. Plywood boards are a charming alternative to the real thing. You can use them as panels and give them the varnish of your choice. Once your bedstead is in place with all the other paraphernalia, it will look just as good as the real thing.

Best Rustic Bedroom Ideas That You Can Use Without Putting a Dent in Your Pocket:

  • Reclaimed wood slates act as lovely holders for artwork. You can hang your artwork from the hooks in the slates. Use antiquated knobs as hooks for your artwork. To add to the appeal, give the frames a distressed finish.
  • Antiquated pitchers, mirrors, and candlesticks are just the thing for a dresser or a bureau.
  • Stacks of wooden crates as shelves can add just the right touch to your décor. The best part is; you don’t have to spend a penny!
  • Faux antler chandeliers or candle chandeliers light up space!
  • A combination of concrete, brick, old trunk and woodworks well on the accent wall. You can use the wood to frame the concrete or go half and half.
  • Old doors in a distressed finish make the perfect headboards. With the right accessories, you will have a rustic bedroom without spending too much.

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home design 3D render by Lesley Myrick

Where rustic bedroom ideas are concerned, there are no hard and fast rules. There is a wide range of styles to suit not only your taste; but your budget too. Whether you work with what you have or go for a total overhaul; one thing is for sure; you are in for the ride of your life!

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Consider positioning the bed or seating area around a stone fireplace to create a cozy and authentic rustic atmosphere.

Integrate subtle nature-inspired accents through artwork, linens, or decor items to evoke a rustic connection to the outdoors.

Choose natural materials like linen or burlap for curtains, allowing soft, diffused light while maintaining a rustic charm.

Use a sliding barn door as a space-saving and rustic-inspired entry to the bedroom or closet area.

Incorporate furniture with natural, uneven edges or asymmetrical shapes to enhance the handmade and rustic aesthetic.

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