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Blog » Design Ideas & Inspirations » 15 Modern Farmhouse Interior Design Ideas for 2024

If you love an escape to the country, you’d love modern farmhouses. But, if you have been eyeing them for a while and are looking for authentic farmhouse designs without going over the top, you’ve reached the right place. If overdone, it can be an eyesore; however, with the right blend of taste and functionality, modern farmhouses can be delightful to live in.

People have loved the comfort a modern farmhouse has to offer for decades now. As you learn more about farmhouse decor styles and start designing, ensure you retain the crux and the values of the farmhouse while bringing your uniqueness to the space. We can help you homeowners do that. Stick with us till the end.

What About Modern Farmhouses Do People Love?

Some of the best things about a modern farmhouse that still holds its charm are its comfort, and how it accommodates a homey feeling without being overwhelming or coming off as pretentious. Even a traditional home can be viewed as being formal, but not a modern farmhouse. It has an innate cozy and inviting vibe to it. It doesn’t feel stuffy, and it has an agrarian touch to it and puts you at ease almost immediately.

Modern farmhouse is an adaptation of the rustic farmhouse and retains a bit of its traditional essence. The former has borrowed some of the key elements of the latter and added them generously as decor items or accessories, to retain its essence.

Where do modern farmhouse designs go wrong?

  • It can seem inauthentic, given that people tend to pick up random rustic or other style interiors or home decor items and place them anywhere in the modern farmhouse.
  • The other group of people try to capture the agrarian life without being even remotely near the countryside, which doesn’t work out well.
  • It can look overdone and can get really mundane really quickly.

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15 Modern farmhouse decor ideas that you must try

When you try out these ideas, ensure you’re updated with the current interior design trends and still adhere to the true modern farmhouse style, while bringing out your character or personality to the space. 

1. Stay away from anything with words on it – it takes you away from the essence of the house

subtle version of the modern farmhouse

Create a more authentic, subtle version of the modern farmhouse by moving away from any make-believe decor items that seem to impersonate the rustic farmhouse inorganically. 

You need to bring in decor elements that are comfortable, subtle, and suit the landscape you’re in (countryside or not) and do justice to the style you want to adopt. For example, you could go in for Windsor-backed chairs, reclaimed tiles in the modern farmhouse living room, apron sinks, large wood dining tables in the dining room, and exposed fixtures. 

2. Bring the outdoors in

Bring the outdoors in

Blurring the line between indoors and outdoors is key if you want to construct a modern farmhouse in the country. Bring in greenery, with varying colors and textures that are true to the locality they’re from. Go for ferns, Olive trees, etc. You want something that’s tall and adds differentiation with height. They add a great pop of color as well. 

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3. Look for imperfect, handmade, personal things to decorate with

Classic farmhouse DIY items

Skip fake “rustic,” embrace real stories! Ditch manufactured “aged” decor for thrifted treasures, heirlooms, or DIY projects. Classic farmhouse charm comes from generations of life, not store cabinetry. Fill your farmhouse home with personal touches that whisper history, not shout trends. Let character, not catalogues, define your cozy haven.

4. Borrow from different design styles to mix up the design

design styles to mix in farmhouse

Instead of going with a traditional farmhouse sink, switch it up and go for a stainless steel farmhouse sink. Add a Sputnik chandelier to bring a bit of mid-century modern into the design. Go for contemporary lighting fixtures in the farmhouse bedroom for a laid-back look. Instead of buying those X-backed dining chairs, experiment with Scandinavian or experiment with a wishbone chair, which has a natural elegance in it. 

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5. Have fun with color

all-white modern farmhouse

Instead of doubling down on white walls, which is sort of like the default neutral color palette of modern farmhouses, why don’t you pop in flashes of color to spruce things up? Give a few touches of brass, gold, or sage green which works well with the rest of the farmhouse decor, or nice pinks or reds. Don’t follow the over-used trend of having an all-white modern farmhouse kitchen. Try bold colors and have fun.

6. Get Venetian plaster walls for a comfortable rustic-inspired look

Venetian plaster walls on farmhouse

Textured, organic-looking walls that your family would love and feel at home with. Instead of shiplap walls, you can choose Venetian plaster walls for a tactile and intimate finish on the walls.

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7. Get an oversized piece of artwork that blows you away

oversized artwork in farmhouse

A great example of this artwork would be a clean, abstract painting in the hallway that resonates with the colors already in vogue in the hallway and acts as a focal point to the space. This painting makes the whole house look cohesive and blends in well with the style of the house, while effortlessly elevating its look. 

8. Eliminate some wood tones

farmhouse design ideas - Eliminate some wood tones

There’s nothing wrong with having natural wood tones in your modern farmhouse. But if there’s too much wood everywhere, it feels saturated. Choose one hue of wood and add it to your interior style. 

Kiva Brent, owner and designer at Affordable Home Styling says, “Highlight only one or two wood tones. We want the wood to add earthiness. Too much wood screams ‘cabin’ and ‘rustic’.”


If you have different natural elements like rattan and you’ve splurged on all of them leaving you no budget to replace them, you can paint them to match one single tone of wood and be done with it.

We’re not bringing in the woods inside the home, so be mindful of the wooden tones you use.

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9. Add lighting with modern shapes and clean lines

lighting in farmhouse

Think of these light fixtures as sculptures. That’s exactly what you want to add to a modern home. Do away with tripod lamps and opt for task lighting and pendant lights with defined lines that draw your attention to it almost instantly.

10. Include metal accents

metal accents in farmhouse

Create an industrial feel for your home. You can see metal almost everywhere in modern farmhouses, right from ceilings, to lighting. Add mirrors plated with metal to your home – a huge mirror with a coat of metal on the sides and behind. The metal coating also reflects light and makes the space look more inviting and classy. 

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11. Use simple window treatments

window treatments in farmhouse

Clean and super-simple window treatment for the win. Consider Roman shades, roller shades, with a simple valence over the top. They look pleasing to the eye while still being chic.

12. Upgrade fixtures

Think plumbing, electrical, appliances, etc in a clean and contemporary style. You can also mix metals for an eclectic feeling. You can pair classic and vintage pieces if they have been upgraded to modern style. 

13. Do away with the conventional barn door

When you think about a farmhouse and the barn door doesn’t strike your mind, do you even love farmhouses? Do away with the regular barn door for good. If you already have it installed, you can replace the wood-exposed barn door with one where the hardware is concealed and looks modern.

14. Bring back shutter shelves

shutter shelves in farmhouse

You can set the tone of the house right when your guests walk in by installing shutter shelves instead of simple open shelving in the entryway. If you can get a second-hand shutter shelf with some rusty corners that exude a lived-in vibe, you’re sorted, as it mirrors the farmhouse look we’re going for.

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15. Buy corbels to set a real farmhouse vibe

corbels in farmhouse

A key feature of country homes is the corbel. You can use them anywhere in your home, right from below the kitchen countertop, doorways, frames, bar area, etc, and you’ll fall in love with the character they bring to the space. They’re simple to install and are a quick project but it makes a significant difference. 

How can we create a modern farmhouse look without overdoing it?

modern farmhouse style design created on foyr neo

Now that you know what to add, and what to discard, it’s time to put your favorite natural materials in your home, social media inspiration, and designer’s inputs together and identify which ones are crucial for you, so you can create your dream modern farmhouse in a short while.

After you get the floor plan of the area and get a sneak peek of how the farmhouse might be situated, here’s what you can do:

Step 1: Sign up for Foyr Neo’s 14-day trial.

Step 2: Go on to the Neo mood board and curate everything you’d love to have in your modern farmhouse style while keeping the above-mentioned points as your guide.

Step 3: Create the floor plan of your farmhouse on Neo.

Step 4: Choose from 60,000+ 3D decor materials and simply drag and drop them into the design. Alternatively, you can choose a modern farmhouse template from the 10,000+ design templates we have, and start customizing straightaway.

Step 5: Get any material in any color, texture, shape, or pattern and truly customize your farmhouse.

Step 6: View the design in 2D and 3D, from all possible angles and lighting conditions.

Step 7: Render your design in a few minutes and witness your own space in all its glory.

That’s all it takes! With 24/7 support and live chat, we’re here to help you if you ever get stuck anywhere. You can find tutorials on how to design on Neo all over the internet, so you’re never truly alone when you design using Neo.

What are you waiting for? Start curating your mood board for your dorm room, sign up for Foyr Neo’s 14-day free trial today.


Shop for thrift or DIY decor items, like repurposed furniture or handmade textiles, to capture the essence of farmhouse style without breaking the bank.

Focus on clean lines and minimalist design, pairing them with rustic touches like barn doors or exposed wood beams for a harmonious blend.

Integrate cozy textures like chunky knit throws and plush rugs to create a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere.

Yes, maximize functionality with multipurpose furniture, light colors, and strategic storage solutions to create a cozy and stylish small modern farmhouse interior.

Use a consistent color palette, repeating key elements like wood and metal finishes, to maintain a unified farmhouse aesthetic throughout the open layout.

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