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There’s nothing better than coming home to a place that makes you feel safe and lets you completely relax. Put your feet on a soft, warm tufted rug and rest your head on some stylish faux-fur throw pillows while holding your new favorite ceramic mug. What happiness!

It is a privilege that not everyone has, and those who do should not take it for granted. It’s pretty cool to create the space of your dreams, one that shows off your aesthetics, personality, and how you want your abode to feel.

You may be seeking ideas to revamp your interiors as you enter a new year or a new phase in your life, or you may simply want a little interior makeover to give your house a much-needed pick-me-up. We’ve got some ideas for you.

Here are some of the best 2024 interior design trend forecasts to look out for in the next year.

What is an Interior Design Trend?

An interior design trend is a central idea around which all the elements of a project are designed; it is the thread that binds together all the design elements and gives central character to the whole project. Hence, interior design trends are much discussed and demoed with interior designing tools and apps. Interior design trends have greatly changed in the last decade and it seems like instead of trends coming from grassroots design movements, the latest trends are now being dictated by magazines and popular fashion channels.

15 Latest Interior Design Trends to Look for in 2024

1. Multi-Purpose Interiors

As new ways of living have come about, so have rooms that can be used for more than one purpose, and this is now the main idea behind the modern home. The contemporary home has changed from what it used to be and is now a place to live, work, and hang out with friends.

multi-purpose interiors - interior design trendsImage Credit:

In 2024, rooms that can be a dining room, a game room, or a library are expected to become more and more popular.

For instance, these rooms are frequently furnished with a mix of fixtures and furniture that makes them versatile, such as a bartop in the kitchen, a bookshelf in the living room, or a bedroom outfitted with high-tech projection equipment that transforms it into a home theater.

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2. Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper With Bold Patterns and Color Trends

Tired of looking at the same wall every time you walk through a room? Don’t you wish you could do something to shake things up like paint it a new color palette every week or take out your frustrations by hitting it with a sledgehammer?

How to Install Mural Wallpaper A Step-by-Step GuideImage Credit:

Those responses are way too extreme. The paint will cost too much money, and the drywall takes forever to clean up! Welcome to peel-and-stick wallpaper, the latest home trend, and the perfect DIY tool! Peel-and-stick wallpaper does precisely what it claims — you use it like a sticker that clings to your wall. You can have a new color or bold pattern as often as you want without putting much work into it.

The price of peel-and-stick wallpaper differs depending on what you want and where you buy it. Expect to spend at least $1 per square foot, which doesn’t come to much. You can probably redo your bathroom walls for less than you paid on takeout-for-two last night. In return, you get to explore wild designs and brash colors that you can remove whenever you get tired of them.

3. The Less is More Approach

Reviving beloved old fashions is considered a favorite in interior design. And as people move away from minimalism in their homes, you will see more styles like Art Deco that include beautiful, ornate details. Art Deco, short for Arts Décoratifs, is a style with bright color trends, strong shapes, and lots of fancy details.

Home-interiors-with-bright-colorsImage credits: AI-generated image

If you like Art Deco and want to have a few pieces from the time around you, you can mix Art Deco with other patterns to give it a modern touch.

For instance, adding a few curved pieces of furniture or mirrored pieces with an Art Deco influence to a space with classic furniture and other traditional furnishings gives visual interest and a distinctive feel to your decor. Also, upholstery furniture or DIY textiles with contrasting color palettes is considered an Art Deco design.

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4. Warm Colors Make a Comeback

Colors play a crucial role in interior design and are always important to the current interior design trends. They can make or break your designs, as colors evoke emotions from the people who will exist in your space.

Image credits: AI-generated image

In order to design in accordance with the latest trends, colors should match the look, design, and feel of the house. In earlier seasons, warm colors had been traded in for cooler colors like purple.

However, in 2024, warm colors are making a huge comeback. While red is being considered the color of the season, all shades of reds, orange, and tangerine will be taking over the trends of 2024. Browns and beiges are more common for the earthy tones in homes this year. Although last year, grey was mostly used as a neutral color, beige and the warm color palette are replacing the cool hues this season.

5. Curves Replace Straight Lines

Home-interior-with-curves-and-smooth-edgesImage credits: AI-generated image

Curves and smooth edges give a comfortable and casual vibe to a home. These organic, attractive shapes are replacing boxy edges and clear lines that were previously staples in the latest interior design trends. Puffy sofas and comfy chairs are defining the trends in 2024, as well as circular furniture, mirrors, artwork, and more.

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6. Bold Wallpaper

Home-interior-with-bold-wallpaperImage credits: AI-generated image

Whether it be in the living room, a bedroom, or even a conference room, bold wallpaper is hitting the walls all around us. Earlier, this element was used only as an interesting twist, but now it’s bolder and more decorative. The latest interior design trends are seeing wallpaper as a type of art for your surroundings. Geometric patterns, landscape scenery, abstract shapes, human and animal figures – many types of wallpaper prints will help you embrace the interior design trends of 2024.

7. Nature Comes Indoors

Interior design trends seem to be taking a more eco-friendly approach as people are moving towards warm tones and natural elements. Decor elements made either from real or faux natural materials are in high demand, as they add a natural and authentic look to your space.

Natural-materials-in-home-interiorImage credits: AI-generated image

The latest trends incorporate natural wood everywhere, from flooring, to countertops, to accent decor, to cabinets. Stones like marble, granite, and pebble – as well as materials resembling these stones – also address this current interior design trend. Both consumers and designers are embracing recycled and handcrafted goods not just for their aesthetic appeal, but also as a sign of their eco-friendly design approach. Whether you use a sustainable bamboo floor or a garden of indoor plants, bringing nature indoors is one of the hottest interior design trends for 2024.

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8. Concrete Accents

While concrete has always been commonly used for floors and countertops, this versatile, accessible material is now being used in more interesting and unexpected ways, including home decorations such as pendant lighting and furniture.

Home-interior-with-concrete-accentsImage credits: AI-generated image

Interior design trends in 2024 encourage the use of concrete in more innovative ways than just material for surfaces. When decorating with concrete, however, make sure that your space doesn’t become too grey – match concrete accents with bright, warm colors like reds or yellows to make sure your space is on par with the latest interior design trends.

9. Maximalism

Maximalist-interiorsImage credits: AI-generated image

Maximalist interiors are splashing into 2024 interior design trends with clashing prints, bright colors, and alluring articles adorning the rooms of homes all over. What began as a style statement to counter minimalism is now becoming one of the latest interior design trends. To work with maximalism, first, start with something like an array of cushions in various tones before moving on to furniture fixtures, wallpapers, and paints.

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10. Smart Technology

Smart-Technology-in-Interior-DesignImage credits: AI-generated image

Technology and interior design have historically influenced one another, so of course, the latest interior design trends for 2024 will reflect progressions in technology. Now, we can turn on the TV without even reaching for the remote. As a result, current trends encourage sleek electronics that easily accommodate the new wave of home assistant technologies.

11. Maximize Natural Lighting

Natural Lighting in Interior DesignImage credits: AI-generated image

The more you learn about what makes people work better, the more you will see those things in home decor trends, and natural light is one thing you will see in both new and existing home designs. The focus is on letting in as much natural light as possible by adding big, empty windows with shiny surfaces to your homes.

If your home’s structure allows, you might want to take down walls between the kitchen, living room, and dining room to make an open-concept living space.

This arrangement will not only let in more natural light but also make it look like there’s more space, which can add a lot of value to your home. Furthermore, natural light will not only help you sleep better, but it will also help your body make Vitamin D.

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12. Create a Self-Care Space in Your Home

Image credits: AI-generated image

Feng shui, home gyms, Vastu, meditation spots. You might think we’ve seen everything in wellbeing-related home trends.

Not so! A wellness movement is a new approach to interior design that uses soothing colors and materials to calm a busy mind and encourage creative thinking. More and more homeowners are looking for designs and products to help them stay healthy and feel good.

For example, you can build a spa or jacuzzi in your home to improve your mental and physical health. Or, you could dedicate a corner in your house for reading, journaling, or just relaxing. The options are many when it comes to the future of interior design trends.

13. Say Yes to Imperfections

The Japanese aesthetic of wabi-sabi celebrates the beauty of everyday imperfections while incorporating natural inspirations and a pastel color scheme. Wabi-sabi, in contrast to minimalism, aims to simplify and get rid of clutter and appreciates a hole in the wood of a side table or a crease in a woven fabric.

Say-yes-to-imperfections-in-interior-designImage credits: AI-generated image

To design a home with a wabi-sabi style, choose personal decor rather than adding brand-new, glossy pieces and items.

For instance, you can integrate a child’s artwork or a bold statement piece into the design. There are numerous other home design elements that stand the test of time and look wonderful regardless of their settings, such as an elegantly carved wood mantle.

14. Go for a Luxurious Vibe

Luxurious interior design is all about the little things in life and draws inspiration from the elegance and finesse of the Hollywood Regency era.

Luxurious-interior-designImage credits: AI-generated image

It incorporates design cues from all over the world and has reintroduced ornamentation into homes in a contemporary fashion. Luxe, with its elegance and lavish finishings, can make your abode feel and look like a million dollars. The Luxe lounge style looks expensive and classy because it shows all of the finer things in life. The right opulent space is created with big sofas, soft cushions of velvet, and well-built chairs covered in leather.

Luxurious materials like crystal chandeliers, marble countertops, and dark wood furniture add a wow factor to the space. Furthermore, warm, rich lighting and metallic accents give the space a unique look, making it a great place to hang out with family and friends.

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15. Home Offices Designed for Productivity and Minimalism

During the first few months of the pandemic, many people had to adjust to work-from-home situations. After spending eight hours slumped over a laptop on your bed, you wished you could go back to that cubicle you always hated. Hey, at least it had an ergonomic chair!

Home-OfficesImage credits: AI-generated image

Everyone has had more time to adapt over the last year. Home offices have come a long way. So many people now work from home that you can expect to see them showing off their new home office designs online.

Instead of feeling jealous, recognize that you can improve your productivity and comfort by following effective interior design trends for workspaces. Start by:

  • Decluttering your work area and making it more minimalist.
  • Organizing documents and items that you may need during the day.
  • Buying a desk—or at least a lap desk—that encourages good posture.
  • Adding houseplants to purify the air and improve your mood.
  • Investing in a lamp that looks fabulous and reduces eye strain.
  • Who knows? You could become one of those people who shows off an expensive, ergonomic chair to your friends on Instagram. Priorities change. You might as well embrace it.

home design render by Sa Design Studio


The latest interior design trends are being welcomed by both designers and users around the world. If you’re looking to get the most realistic understanding of what your home will look like after incorporating these latest home trends and designs, try the 3D visualization software Neo by Foyr to get the best virtual look, feel, and walkthrough of the space before any changes to your home have begun. So, go ahead and experiment with current trends to your heart’s delight. Sign up for Foyr Neo’s 14-day free trial today!


Open floor plans, such as open-concept kitchen living rooms and open-concept bathrooms are evolving, with a shift towards flexible, multi-functional spaces that can be easily adapted for different uses.

Smart home technology is becoming integral to modern design. Interior designers can incorporate features like voice-controlled lighting, climate control, and integrated entertainment systems, making homes more efficient and convenient.

Use light colors, minimalistic furniture, and mirrors to create the illusion of space, and consider open shelving to reduce visual clutter. Smart storage solutions are also key to optimizing space in smaller areas.

Neutral and earthy tones are expected to continue dominating interior design trends, with an emphasis on soothing colors like warm grays, soft greens, and terracotta. Additionally, rich jewel tones and moody, deep colors are gaining popularity as accent shades.

Matte black fixtures, textured tiles, and open shelving are trending in kitchens. Bathrooms are incorporating spa-like elements with freestanding tubs, walk-in showers, and natural materials like stone and wood.

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