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Interior design trends have a dynamic shape to them that influences and inspires home owners to add beautiful touches to establishments determined by the times. And as the times keep changing, new ideas take form while old ones make a return.

So if you’re looking to romp up your home with what’s trending in the world of design then look no further. Here are some of the most happening fads and trends that are capturing major public presence.

Going Green

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Natural Landscapes Return

    • Natural elements and warm colors inspired by nature are becoming common in households as designers look for patterns and shapes that could make homes more lively.
    • Earthen luxury elements too are being used such as potteries and vases. Natural wood has changed the look of the common living room along with stone materials such as granite, marble and pebbles.

Earthy Colors Become Common

    • Gray tones and beige colors were all the rage a while back but are being replaced by earthy colors with softer tones and acrylic designs. Gray still is a common color choice among interior designers and is being used with solid primary colors.
    • But if you’re wondering about the color that stole critic awards this year then try adding a touch of taupe to your home. Designated as the Color Of The Year, purple and mauve have joined the list as popular alternatives.

All About The Aesthetics

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Finding Purpose With Materials

    • Recycling has taken an all too different move by stepping into interior design. Materials produced from recycled materials such as plastics, cans, discarded leather are leading the new trend for interior designing that is environmentally viable.
    • Certain designers and firms are focusing on the ‘puzzle’ principle where only items that fit the overall aesthetic are added to homes while the rest are disposed. This includes eco friendly items and articles for apartments for birds and animals, abstract interior art made from waste and utensils inspired by leaf designs.

Crazy About Curves

    • ‘Out with old. In with the new’, many designers would say. And one such old design trend that was soon replaced were the boxy designs and clear lines prevalent in furniture.
    • The emergence of curves and smooth edges began as an experiment in making items more comfortable and attractive. Such organic shapes have become a hit for adding a touch of modernity. Tile shapes, sofas, chairs, stands and even architectural designs are getting the treatment.

Mixed Metals

    • Copper and rose gold aren’t just the favored colors of smart-phone users. The metallic finishes of lamps and tables adds a look of distinction to any room.
    • Many designers are incorporating copper with gold or rose gold with chrome in many homes to bring and aesthetic of luster and luxury.

A Blast From The Past

Turning To Terrazzo

    • Terrazzo was once the primary choice for art lovers and avant-garde designers that found it a place in the homes of many owners. Its structure of colorful floor tiles and maze contours found a resurgence this year.
    • The design became hugely popular with small homes and is being used as a design standard for homes that wish to look rustic. It’s use of composite stone walls and ceramic floors have become a part of the trend as well.

Wallpapers Make Waves

    • Dust off the blank walls and add some wallpapers as a new design trend hits the living quarters. You’ll find fashionable colors, geometric designs and Havana styled natural landscapes in almost all new homes.
    • 2018 particularly saw decorative wallpapers being used as alternatives for dull artworks and wall décor items that just don’t make the cut. With new technology for superimposing prints at the go, wallpapers are making a return.

Terracotta And The Room

    • The ancient styles of civilizations that spanned centuries aren’t just restricted to museums. You too can spruce up your home by bringing the tranquility of Terracotta inspired stairs, seats, tableware and even room objects like toys and vases.
    • Terracotta designs primarily caught the attention of home owners and critics this year as the ancient yet elegant styles were the main inspiration for fired clay materials and earthen colors.

Fringing Is Back

    • If you’re planning on a retro look this year then fringing is the trend for you. Tasseled cushions and fringed lighting are becoming highly popular among European homes.
    • As a touch up, add a fringed mirror and fringed design table set to get your home looking like a catwalk in no time.

A Step Into The Future

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Smart Technology

    • Technology and interior design have a history where one influences the other. If there’s no space for a bookshelf in your home, there might just be room for a home-screen TV or a surround sound system.
    • The advent of the internet has prompted a new wave of décor and wall designs that properly accommodate spacious yet sleek machines. With homes becoming empowered by artificial intelligence, designs specifically for bathrooms, refrigerators and kitchen are getting an artistic touch.


    • Less is more. Or perhaps we’ve been wrong all along. What if making homes feel extra meant overloading them with excessive elements and colors? Such is the design trend of maximalism that’s beginning to stand out against minimalist designs.
    • Far from looking modest, maximalist interiors are trending due to the over-the-top statement they produce. Strange yet stylistic prints, bold and bright colors as well as faux articles inspired from animals are finding a place in many homes.

Utility And Convenience

    • Things should be easier no doubt and adjusting a room to any design shouldn’t feel like a burdensome task. Fuelling this principle is the idea of compact utensils and holders as well as cabinets in kitchens. Such frameworks look larger when fully opened but take up reasonable space.
    • Another example of utility trends include the creation of multipurpose personal desks and beds that can be folded and stored when not in use.

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