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Learn » Design Ideas & Inspirations » 35 Best Bedroom Color Schemes and Ideas for Your Bedroom in 2024

Color schemes have a significant role in our day-to-day lives, especially in the room of rest. It is the bedroom where actual experimentation with room colors can occur. You get to choose how to utilize contrasting hues to make something that feels your own, or you can opt for understated tones, such as whites and beiges, and go the traditional way.

While it may sound a bit overwhelming to ponder the best color scheme for your bedroom, it is not that difficult to implement and ace. 

This article discusses the top 35 color schemes for bedrooms to help you up your game.

How to Choose the Best Bedroom Paint Combination?

If you want to choose an appropriate bedroom paint color idea, you must know the color wheel and how one color pans out against the rest. While you can get inspired by others’ opinions, the ultimate color choice should reflect your personality. 

Here are the steps to follow in choosing an appropriate color scheme for your bedroom:

  • Start by considering your personal preferences. Choose colors you find calming and make you feel at home. 
  • Look at the colors of your furniture and other accessories. If you have a bedspread or curtains in a certain color, find colors that complement it.
  • Consider the size of your room. If it’s small, opt for lighter colors to make it appear more spacious. Darker colors can make a small room feel more cramped.
  • Consider the style of the room. Opt for bright and clean colors such as white, grey, and beige for a modern look. If you are aiming for a traditional look, look for colors like navy, burgundy, and hunter green.
  • Try and choose colors that are in the same family to create a cohesive look.

Bedroom 3D renders done with Foyr Neo

Why is it Important to Choose the Right Color Scheme for Bedroom?

Choosing the right color scheme for a bedroom has a lot of significance. It is important because color has a powerful effect on our emotions and well-being. Colors can affect our mood, energy level, and even our ability to focus. 

A bedroom should be a place of relaxation, comfort, and serenity, and the right colors can help create an atmosphere conducive to achieving those vibes. The hues, too, can influence the overall look and feel of the space, making it more inviting and cozy.

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35 Best Bedroom Paint Color Ideas to Elevate Your Bedroom Walls

Listed below are 35 interesting color scheme ideas for bedrooms for 2024.

1. Black and White

Black and white bedroom

While room ideas in decor are abundant, very few are as timeless as black and white. Off-white walls, matched with black accessories and subtle undertones, help achieve a sense of tranquillity.

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2. Soft Earth Tones

Soft Earth tones in the bedroom

A combination of mild earth tones creates a cozy and peaceful atmosphere in your room. The colors combine to create a neutral yet striking space, especially when you throw in some color-matched accessories, such as artificial flowers and paintings.

3. Red Lacquer

Red lacquer bedroom color

Red is a symbol of vibrancy and is considered a color that can up a bedroom’s energy when used well. You can combine it with a pop of color to create a modern bedroom that is warm without losing out on chic and helps achieve a perfect contrast.

Artem Kropovinsky, principal designer and founder at Arsight explains, “Red lacquer seems to be a very high-intensity red with some warmth that balances its intensity so we do not get overpowered by it. It adds an instant pop of color to a room when painted on accent walls, furniture pieces, or just as decorative accents.”

4. Bubble Gum Pink

Bubble gum bedroom color

A bubble gum pink bedroom paints a quintessentially eclectic picture reflecting youthfulness. You can pair the color with matching pillows and similar colored accessories, such as lavender and light red, to complete the look.

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5. Off-white

Off-white bedroom color

In a bedroom filled with a calming color palette of gentle gray and white, you can drift off to a pleasant slumber. The off-white combination as your bedroom paint color idea will blend perfectly with patterned wallpaper and neutral furnishings to make the space feel airy and cheerful.

6. Blush Pink

Blush pink bedroom color

If you are looking for something subtle and exuberant, blush pink is the way to go. You can pair the muted blush pink color with white curtains or accessories to ensure a soft and appealing look for your bedroom or living room. 

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7. Rosy Pink and Gray

Rose pink and grey bedroom color

Rose pink is a versatile bedroom color that can create both feminine and manly looks with utmost ease. Depending on your outlook, you can add elements like a dark painting and white lamps to replicate the vibe you want.

8. Green and Gold

Green and gold bedroom color

This green and gold wallpaper setting combined with off-white accessories can add a distinct aura to your room. While cost-effective, it allows you to tinker around enough with the decor to ensure you get the right amount of natural light and neutral shades for your bedroom.

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9. Light Yellow with Blue

Yellow and blue bedroom color

Every time you go inside the bedroom, the happy yellow and the serene blue will make you feel like you have taken a trip to the ocean. You can add white hues by incorporating white bedding or pillow covers to amplify the blue.

10. Master Marble

Marble bedroom color

Try a mix of gray, pale peach, bright white, and wood accents to build a modern bedroom that lets the natural light shine. You can combine it with dark-shaded accessories to match the wall colors and create an effective combo.

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11. Gray and White

Gray and white bedroom color

The gray and white combo with neutral colors aplenty fits the bill perfectly for those who are looking to create a bedroom decor with a casual tone. For those who want to go the extra mile, consider adding accent walls and pastel colors to the mix.

12. Burnt Orange Muse

Burnt orange and terracotta bedroom color

Use a mix of terracotta, sand, white, amber, and burnt orange accent colors to make for a bold bedroom decor. You can incorporate interesting elements, such as white sofas and dark lamps, to complete the vibrant look.

Jarret Yoshida, Principal Designer at Jarret Yoshida Interior Design says, “Oranges can go so wrong when used in the bedroom, and remind us of a traffic cone or just be way off base as a match. We have used this to demarcate thresholds between neutral spaces in the bedroom for a real pop of drama and define a focal point for our clients as they walk into the  bedroom.”

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13. Traditional Blue and Crisp White

Blue and white bedroom color

Navy blue planks on the walls combined with a painted white ceiling make for one of the safest and chicest bedroom or living room color choices. You can pair it with black furniture and white bedding for a perfect contrast.

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14. Multicolored Sanctuary

Mint green and white bedroom

A mix of mint green, navy, white, and brown, with undertones of different matching hues, can enable you to create a relaxed look for your bedroom. You can add artificial plants and a matching sofa to enhance the color setting.

15. Effortless Sophistication

Black and golden bedroom color

Who said sophisticated means a lot of work? You can design a sophisticated bedroom with different pops of color to give it a gorgeous look. You can use a mix of dark colors like maroon and olive combined with light ones, such as sky blue and white, to provide a fresh look to your bedroom with ease.

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16. Bright Blue, Sage Green, and Pure White

Blue, green and white bedroom color

Sage green (teal) and blue work their charm to create a spa-like atmosphere, while the room’s all-white walls will give it a calming appearance. Add a distinct element, such as wall art, and you can enhance the overall look subtly.

17. Light Gray with Burnt Orange

Light grey with burnt orange and amber color bedroom

A mix of light gray and radiant orange not only acts as the perfect contrast in your bedroom but can also elevate the presence of other elements. Add hints of white or off-white to achieve balance in your gray bedroom.

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18. Light Pink with Taupe

Light pink and taupe bedroom color

The combination of taupe with pink, both understated and subtle colors, helps create a room that can act as a peaceful retreat for your family. Add hints of gray or orange for added contrast.

19. Blue-gray and Multi-color

Blue, grey and multi color bedroom

Give the bedroom walls a blue-gray shade and match it up with deeper shades for some of the accessories, such as the sofa and pillows. You can further incorporate some decorations and multi-color paintings and create an ambiance that shines.

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20. Black, White, and Olive Green

Black, white and olive green bedroom color

This bedroom’s black-and-white graphic accessories above the bed look stunning against the deep gray wall, which serves as a beautiful neutral bedroom background. White pillows and the addition of black throughout the room lend the much-needed contrast.

21. Plush Lavender and Purple

Lavender and purple bedroom

Here, soft lavender is used throughout the decor, with hints of purple here and there. In contrast to the dark drapes, add a purple cushion-like floor. The soothing lavender walls would provide a neutral backdrop for the purple drapes to stand out.

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22. Sangria and Lavender

Sangria and lavender combo bedroom color

With sangria and lavender hues, a bedroom strikes an effortless balance between light and dark. For this, you can opt for lavender for the bedding and other accessories and sangria on the walls.

23. Apple Green with Preppy Blue

Apple green, and teal bedroom color

A variety of brilliant, joyful hues and preppy blue and creamy white bedding will impart nonchalant serenity to your bedroom. You can include apple green hues throughout to achieve a more contemporary look.

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24. Pink with Gray plus Black

Pink, grey and green colored bedroom

Soft gray and dusty pink accents complement the green and white walls to create a dreamy atmosphere. Pair it with paintings in similar colors and interesting pillows of varying colors, and the room would cater to most people’s choices.

25. Eggshell White

Eggshell white colored bedroom

An eggshell-colored tufted headboard adds the ideal amount of soft color for a bedroom. Pair it up with muted primary colors, and you will have an ideal bedroom without going overboard on expenses.

Artem Kropovinsky, principal designer and founder at Arsight, says, “White may sound cold for a bedroom, but it is tidy and fresh while still having some coziness. In addition to being an ideal canvas for your furniture or painting in the bedroom, this color will also give the feeling of a fresh and airy room.”

26. Beachy Blue, White, and Sand

Blue and white bedroom color

A mix of different shades of blue with white bedding and sandy texture gives a no-fuss, contemporary look to your modern bedroom. Pair it with an accented ceiling, side sofas, and paintings in matching colors to fill up the blank spaces.

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27. White and Hazelnut with Shades of Black

White and hazelnut bedroom with black accents

The focus on hazelnut and white with glimpses of black gives a subtle rusty flavor to your bedroom. It not only looks well with natural light but stands out under artificial light, too. You can also add matching paintings and sofas to complete the look.

28. Yellow and Gray

Grey and yellow bedroom

White bedding, gray walls, and black and blue accessories pair up well to create a perfect paint color idea for your bedroom. Visually pleasing and effortlessly collaborative, the combination of yellow and gray lets you add accessories of varying colors to your bedroom with ease.

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29. Mocha and Ivory

Mocha and ivory colored bedroom

Pair mocha walls with pops of colors like ivory, gold, teal, and pink to create a neutral space for your bedroom. Ivory furniture can prove to be a well-thought-out addition and add much-needed flair. 

30. Sea Blue, Coral, and Antique White

Blue coral and white bedroom

Pair white bedding with coral and sea blue accented sofas and wooden furniture to give your bedroom a classic look. Aside from the furniture and accessories, you can also fiddle with the wall colors to breathe more life into the whole ambiance.

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31. Soft Pink and Navy Blue

Pink and Navy Blue Bedroom

The white elements complement the pink blush tone, contrasting beautifully with the soft wall hue and the bright blue walls and headboard, bed linens, and drapes. Add a classic muted painting, and you get a well-thought-out color combination for the bedroom.

32. Red and Taupe

Red and Taupe Bedroom Color

In this bedroom decor, cream-colored walls, rich wood furniture, and layered bedding create a cozy atmosphere. Adding black and white furniture combination would give the room a much-needed contrast.

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33. Champagne and Lavender

Lavender Bedroom

Accented crisp white walls combined with hues of lavender and champagne throughout the bedroom help create a relaxing and positive environment for kids and adults alike. You can add graffiti or a matching wallpaper to act as a perfect backdrop.

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34. Navy Blue

Nave Blue, White Bedroom

In this all-American nautical vibe, the rich navy blue paint color idea helps your room dazzle. Add hints of red with accessories, and you can recreate the classic look that holds its own.

Artem Kropovinsky, principal designer and founder at Arsight, says, “Navy Blue has a rich, deep hue which adds elegance and depth to any space, even bedrooms. It is suitable for all styles of decor styles.”

35. Mossy Green and Pure White

Mossy green and white bedroom

The walls in the room are painted white, allowing the subtle yet elegant furniture and moss-green bedding to stand out. A mix of dark wood tones combined with elegant classic accessories lets the room exude the 1940s feel seamlessly.

Image credits: All images featured in this blog are AI-generated or created using Foyr Neo, an advanced interior designing software.

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Absolutely, natural lighting can significantly influence how colors appear in a space, so it’s essential to consider the orientation of windows and the intensity of light

Yes, mixing warm and cool tones can create visual interest, but it’s essential to maintain balance and cohesion within the color scheme.

Warm, rich tones like deep burgundies, chocolate browns, and velvety purples can create a cozy and intimate atmosphere in a bedroom.

Use color blocking or contrasting hues to delineate different functional zones within a bedroom, such as a sleeping area, a reading nook, or a workspace.

The ceiling can contribute to the overall ambiance of the bedroom. Consider painting it a lighter shade of the wall color to visually lift the space or add a pop of contrast for visual interest.

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