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Kitchen Color Schemes

Planning a color scheme for the kitchen is one of the important decisions when you are creating your space. The kitchen is a space where you eat, cook food and spend much of the time. However, budget constraints should not come in the way of your kitchen plans.

Careful planning and a proper color scheme can help you create that dream space for the rest of your life. Especially, where to apply the color scheme and what spots make your kitchen come alive are crucial. 

One of the most common questions many people ask is, “how to choose the best color scheme for your kitchen?

So, here are 35 kitchen color schemes that you can use for your house and create one of the most beautiful houses. But, first, let’s understand the importance of choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen.

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Importance of Choosing the Right Color Scheme

Choosing the right color scheme for your kitchen can be one of the most important decisions. Not only will your choice determine the overall look and feel of your space, but it can also affect whether or not you enjoy spending time there.

Choosing the best kitchen color scheme that’s compatible with your style and lifestyle is essential to creating a comfortable living environment.

When choosing colors for your kitchen, be sure to think about both practicality and aesthetics. To create the best kitchen color schemes, ensure that all colors are used in moderation and that the scheme is cohesive.

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How to Choose the Best Color Scheme for Your Kitchen?

Choosing a color scheme for your kitchen can define the personality of your house. It is the place where you hang out with your friends and family for meals. That late hour supper or party munching can be more fun if you have the right environment. So, it becomes crucial to find the right color scheme.

Here are a few tips for choosing a color scheme:

1. List down the colors

Start by thinking about what colors you’d like to use in your home. List all of the colors you could think of, then stick to using three or four main colors throughout your kitchen. 

2. Test the shades

 Once you have your color palette, start testing out different shades of each color until you find one that works best for your kitchen’s layout and style. You may want to choose one specific hue as the focal point of your room or mix different shades to create a more varied palette. 

3. Consider natural lighting

Once you’ve selected your colors, consider any natural light that comes in through your windows and doors. You may also want to choose accent colors for furniture and accessories to bring out the best in each color. 

4. Get familiar with color palettes

When choosing colors for your kitchen, it’s important to be familiar with both traditional and contemporary color palettes. By incorporating a few of each into your scheme, you’ll create a unique look that fits your lifestyle and home decor.

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35 Best Kitchen Color Schemes for Your All Type of Kitchen

Choosing colors needs consideration of aesthetics, natural light, impact on thermals of space and other factors. So, you need to pick the right kitchen color scheme.

1. Blue with white

You can choose whites for the cabinets, walls, ceiling, and more. Further, you can add blue cabinets with white granite table tops.

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kitchen color schemes - blue with white

Image Credit:

2. Dark green with white

Use green granite tops and paint the cabinets in dark green. In contrast use white for a chimney, upper wall and ceilings.

dark green with white - kitchen color schemes

Image Credit:

3. Light gray with white

Paint gray on cabinets, drawers and top shelves. Further you can also use light gray table top and compliment it with white tiled walls.

light gray with white - kitchen color schemes

Image Credit:

4. Dark grey with orange

Adding orange on your walls with some dark grey can help you maximize the natural light. Further, you can use printed wallpaper of orange color to enhance the aesthetic part of the kitchen.

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dark grey with orange - kitchen color schemes

Image Credit:

5. All green

Paint a slight lighter shade of greenish color all over the wall tiles, cabinets, and rug. Further, you can use green tiles on the walls with a white table top for the kitchen.

kitchen color schemes - all green

Image Credit:

6. All Purple

Use all purple on your kitchen color scheme across top shelves, hoods, drawers, and cabinets, and add golden knobs or handles for better styling. 

kitchen color schemes - all purple

Image Credit:

7. Sky blue

Use sky blue to paint your drawers, cabinets, top shelves, and leverage gray color tiles under the hood for the kitchen color scheme.

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kitchen color schemes - skyblue

Image Credit:

8. Royal navy blue!

Paint royal navy blue on the cabinets, drawers and furnishings. Further use a white blick style design on the walls for better aesthetics

kitchen color schemes - royal navy blue

Image Credit:

9. Rustic hutch!

If you love that old rustic look for the kitchen with a sense of the nordic design paint the cabinets and top furnishing with the old hutch color.

kitchen color schemes - rustic type

Image Credit:

10. Black and orange

Paint all the upper shelves, cabinets, and drawers in black and pair it with the black tabletop. You can add orange to the mix by painting shelves just above the sink with it.

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Image Credit:

11. All dark grey

Paint your cabinets, top shelves, and hoods with all grey. Add black handles to provide a more stylish look to your kitchen.

kitchen color schemes - all dark gray

Image Credit:

12. Contrast of dark grey and white

You can use dark grey for your side cupboards and storage cabinets. Use white as a contrast color to dark grey for the best kitchen color scheme. Across cabinets, shelves and more.

kitchen color schemes - contrast of dark grey and white

Image Credit:

13. Leverage the grey hutch storage

Paint dark grey hutch color to your storage in the kitchen. It provides much-needed elegance combined with a rustic look.

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kitchen color schemes - leverage grey hutch storage

Image Credit:

14. All black with light gray

Paint the cabinets, drawers, and other furnishings black. Another color that you can add to the mix is a light grey color by using tiles on the kitchen sink wall.

kitchen color schemes - all black with light gray

Image Credit:

15. Darker shades in contrast to whites

Use the all-calming white with a deeper darker carbon color for your kitchen design. It provides a sense of luxury and coziness at the same time. 

kitchen color schemes - darker shades in contrast to whites

Image Credit:

16. Use rustic wood with whites

Rustic wood feel can make your background shine with all the white tiles and hanging lights. Own the rustic look by adding wooden flooring to your kitchen. 

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kitchen color schemes - use rustic wood with whites

Image Credit:

17. Brown with white

Use brown color cabinets and shelve doors with a white background for that plush feeling. Due to the white color in the background, natural light will be reflective improving the ergonomics of space.

kitchen color schemes - brown with white

Image Credit:

18. Dark and light pink with grey

Use dark pink flooring, and paint it on the walls with light pink color under the hood creating a contrast color scheme. Add grey into the mix of light and dark pink by painting it on the center table. 

kitchen color schemes - dark and light pink with grey

Image Credit:

19. Pop color scheme

If you love colors, choose a pop color scheme for your kitchen. You can add colors like yellow, grey, and white to the mix. Paint doors yellow, cabinets in grey and walls in white.

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kitchen color schemes - pop color scheme

Image Credit:

20. Lime green

Paint lime green on the cabinets, drawers, top shelves, hoods and more. It provides a unique style to your kitchen.

kitchen color schemes - lime green

Image Credit:

21. Yellow and blue

Paint kitchen walls with light yellow color. Further paint all the drawers and cabinets in light blue color. Using light color can help your kitchen reflect more natural right.

kitchen color schemes - yellow and blue

Image Credit:

22. Lime green with black and white

Paint your walls above the sink in lime green and the top shelves in black. Further paint the cabinets, drawers and other furnishings in white.

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kitchen color schemes - lime green with black and white

Image Credit:

23. Orange with dark and light grey

You can paint orange and gray to drawers, top shelves and hoods in tandem to create a contrast. Further, paint some of the top shelves and drawers with dark grey color.

Image Credit:

24. Champagne color

Paint champagne color to your modular kitchen cabinets, top shelves, hoods, drawers and other such furnishings. You can further use off white color on the walls.  

Image Credit:

25. Go Yellow with dark grey and white

Paint yellow to the top shelves and dark grey cabinets. Further, paint the walls above the sink in white for better contrast.

kitchen color schemes - yellow with dark grey and white

Image Credit:

26. Go darker with all dark grey

Paint dark grey on the walls above the sink and use dark grey for the top shelves. Further, use wooden cabinets to add elegance and improve aesthetics. 

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kitchen color schemes - darker with all dark grey

Image Credit:

27. Black and gold

Paint balck to top shelves, cabinets, and center rable. Add a hint of gold at the intersections, edges and handles for higher aesthetics.

kitchen color schemes - black and gold

Image Credit:

28. Red and blue

Use red drawers and cabinets with white tabletop platforms to add vibrance to your kitchen.  Further, paint blue on the background walls and create the best kitchen color scheme.

kitchen color schemes - red and blue

Image Credit:

29. All white and dark green

White cabinets and walls breaming all glory of a greek style kitchen with dark green walls adding a flare of style. Paint the cabinets, drawers and top shelves in white with a dark green wall above the sink.

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kitchen color schemes - all white and dark green

Image Credit:

30. Red, blue, green and white

If you love more colors you can use red for the table in the center, blue drawers, green walls and white ceiling. Multi-color schemes are a great way to create an aesthetic appeal. 

kitchen color schemes - red blue green and white

Image Credit:

31. Olive green and white

Paint olive green cabinets and top shelves and use white in the background. Further, you can also use white tabletop on center table with olive green color. 

kitchen color schemes - olive green and white

Image Credit:

32. Charcoal black and pink

Paint the walls in charcoal black color. Further use the same color for top shelves, drawers and kitchen platform. Also, use pink color for chairs, and light covers for a little contrast.

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kitchen color schemes - charcoal black and pink

Image Credit:

33. Midnight blue and black

Paint your drawers, cabinets background walls, center table and top shelves in midnight blue. Further, paint the edge of the chimney with golden color for contrast. 

kitchen color schemes - midnight blue and black

Image Credit:

34. Gray and orange

Using orange for the walls and gray for your cabinets, hoods and shelves makes for an interesting kitchen color scheme

kitchen color schemes - gray and orange

Image Credit:

35. Modular kitchen with yellow and charcoal black

You can use charcoal black sheets of design on the exteriors of your hoods, and cabinets and paint shelves with yellow shelves in the mix. 

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modular kitchen with yellow and charcoal black

Image Credit:


Choosing colors may seem simple but it can get difficult if you don’t have an idea of what personality or environment the design should be based on. Whether you want to go classic, noir, nordic, or pop, we have covered different types of kitchen color schemes.

So, if you are still wondering, “How to choose the best color scheme for your kitchen?” The answers are well-defined in our 35 top ideas. 

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