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Kitchen Trends 2023

Kitchen trends are always changing as the new year progresses in interior design. A variety of innovative techniques are introduced as people, and homeowners get creative, but many traditional designs are still used and are seen as trendy to this day in design trends. Thus, we will be focusing and expanding on the most incredible kitchen trends as of late.

What are the Latest Kitchen Trends of 2023?

When we look at the trendy kitchen design that is taking over the world, we shortlisted 22 to give you an idea of the new kitchen trends of 2023. Take a look below to get inspiration:

1. Marble

marble kitchen design

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Marble, carrying everlasting elegance and beauty, is a popular choice when creating luxurious designs. Marble with strong veining, in particular, is popular amongst designers and Kitchen enthusiasts. Not only does it bring a sense of high-end luxury, but it also creates a beautiful contrast to many other furniture surrounding it, such as wood, metal-like faucets, and polished surfaces. Therefore, using marble for kitchen designs is undoubtedly sought after due to its eye-catching and stylish qualities and is thus at the top of the kitchen trends list.

kitchen design renders by bernice anastatia

2. Modern Kitchens with Wood Finishes

Modern Kitchens with Wood Finishes

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Wood finishes provide a feeling of serenity as they typically remind a person of something more natural, and in turn, peaceful. Not only that, but wooden finishes are elegant and provide a sophisticated look to the overall design of the modern kitchen. Therefore, though out of fashion for a while now, wood finishes are slowly reviving in modern kitchen designs. A few popular types of wood finishes are lighter than oak or walnut, subtle-grained ash, varnish wood finishes, etcetera. They can be used in kitchen cabinets for a trendy look.

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3. Color Pops

Color Pops

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An inexpensive and straightforward way of creating a modern, personalized-looking kitchen would be by introducing colors to it. From appliances, walls, flooring to everything in the kitchen, color is bound to bring life. It is no surprise that color pops are on the list of top kitchen trends of modern times and are also budget-friendly if you think of a remodel design idea. A wide range of colors can be used to bring out the best of a kitchen –making it look sophisticated, fun, vivid, or even bold and daring.

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4. Kitchen Islands: Double Layout

Kitchen Islands Double Layout

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Double islands have always been trendy with kitchen designs and will continue to be popular in the future, too, due to the sophisticated and luxurious look. Though double layouts may be an expensive addition, it is worth considering if the budget is right. Dual configurations would be highly recommended for vast, open-plan kitchens and could even be deemed as an essential part of it.

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5. Handless Design

Handless Designs

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The latest design trends have been revolving around the idea of convenience and multitasking. Handless designs provide this convenience and enable all forms of multitasking with its free-flowing design. The overall look is simplified with handless designs in kitchens, creating a more modern and sophisticated atmosphere in the room. In addition to this, much of one’s focus shifts to high-quality cabinetry details because of handless designs. Therefore, handless designs are popular and trendy for kitchens because of their elegant nature and are quite budget-friendly.

kitchen design renders by bernardo

6. Picture Perfect Pantries

Pantries design

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Pantries have always been a staple in kitchens because of their major convenience and their contribution to a kitchen’s overall look. So, it is no surprise that pantries would still be trendy in kitchens to this day, like adjoining dining areas or living spaces. Pantries allow for an organization so food and goods would not have to stay scattered around a kitchen, ensuring that the kitchen can always look fresh and neat while also having a place to stow away any necessary items and gadgets for functionality used a kitchen. Because of pantries, wall cupboards become unnecessary, so many of the walls can be made free to personalize the kitchen.

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7. Larders for Small Kitchens - That can Double Up as Home Offices

Larders for Small Kitchens

Image Credit:

Smart and convenient storage has always been and will continue to be trendy. The practicality and convenience it offers are too good for it to ever go out of date. For those with a less spacious kitchen, convenient storage is crucial to efficiently utilize the room’s given space. Cluttering can be avoided, and the new trend can be achieved less. Many even use these kitchen storage solutions as a means of hoarding their office supplies as they work remotely from home.

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8. Walnut Cabinetry

Walnut Cabinetry

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The rich, dark, and elegant color of walnut cabinetry truly brings out a kitchen’s essence. The fine grain and natural warmth make it a popular choice amongst many kitchen designers and furniture designers alike. Walnut cabinetry adds to a level of sophistication and a sense of luxury, which is why it is quite a trendy option for kitchens these days. Not only does it provide a modern look, but it also offers an adequate level of sophistication and class.

kitchen design render by blue decor limited

9. Contrasting Backsplashes

Contrasting Backsplashes

Image Credit:

Contrasting backsplashes are trendy when it comes to kitchen designs. Contrasts provide the kitchen with an eye-catching look and add a level of sophistication and fanciness to the room. While normal backsplashes create an overall, nice look while matching with kitchen countertops, contrasting backsplashes ensure the room’s beauty stands out much more. Interior designers mostly go for contrasting backsplashes for kitchens, mainly paint colors in modern ones, considering the level of elegance and sophistication they provide.

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10. The Curated Kitchen

Curated Kitchen

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Over the years, people have been leaning towards more curated designs for their kitchens. The room is carefully designed with visual pieces such as drawings, paintings, decorations while also being thoughtful to create a masterpiece of a design in a kitchen that makes it a beautiful focal point. A curated kitchen creates a lived-in appearance, adds personality, and makes it look more personal kitchen feel. Curated looks are also useful in creating nostalgia and peace, so one would be sure that it would be in the top kitchen trends of modern times.

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11. Appliances in built-in Drawers

Appliances in Drawers

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Though this is nothing too new and modern, appliances in drawers have only become popular in recent years in our modern times as people have started becoming more curious about the ergonomics of their kitchen rooms. Appliances like shaker or blenders in drawers allow a convenient way of working in the kitchen, especially for people who may not move about that much as things become more accessible and within reach and begin the open shelving trend. Therefore, appliances in drawers and open shelving will continue to be trendy for kitchens even in the near future.

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12. 'Broken-Plan' Living

broken plan living

Image Credit:

The ‘broken plan’ or basic open plan living is trending during Pandemic that has been surfacing during modern times mostly consists of using screens, house plants, cabinets, free stand furniture, etcetera, to separate specific areas from each other. It is seen as convenient and uses space as cleverly as possible, so it is a viable and efficient option for those with less room to work with. It still gives the room a spacious feel. It also creates a sense of separation and organization, enabling multiple tasks to be performed within the same area.

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13. Wall to Wall Cabinets

Wall to Wall Cabinets

Image Credit:

Wall-to-wall cabinets are efficient for our day-to-day lives in the kitchen. Rather than moving from one place to another to grab something, wall-to-wall cabinets enable us to get our necessary items within a hand reach. Not only that, but wall-to-wall cabinets, especially open shelving, create another layer of neatness, and less space is wasted, so more is left to work with so more can be done in that one room. It is very efficient for smaller kitchen spaces.

kitchen design render by larkin living space

14. White Kitchen: Never Out of Style

white kitchen

Image Credit:

White rooms and furniture are always so enduring because of the elegance and simplicity of the design elements it carries with it. So, it is no surprise that white kitchens would be famous throughout generations, especially in modern times. The color white is calm and straightforward, clean, minimalistic, and the light was enhancing so the room will never feel dull. These are all qualities that are necessary for a busy room. Not only this, but white is also easy to change, unlike other colors, which can be difficult to paint over or replace white color is serene, and you can enhance with white natural stone counters or installing light fixtures.

15. New Rustic: Ideal for the Biggest Kitchens

rustic kitchen

Image Credit:

New rustic designs bring a sense of the countryside or mountains into your own kitchen. It consists of neutral colors and natural elements, with a slightly weathered or torn feeling. These beautiful kitchens prove that anything can be pulled off – even a natural look – in a modern room. These are ideal for the larger spaced kitchens as a more spacious room will provide you with a better sense of nature and peace, as if walking through a forest.

16. Vinyl Flooring makes a comeback

vinyle flooring

Image Credit:

Vinyl flooring is beautiful and functional and very high in demand in recent years. They provide a contemporary design and sophisticated look to the kitchen as the natural wood appearance highlights everything else that is on it and surrounding it. In modern times,

people are more drawn to designs that remind them of nature as they are always surrounded by everyday things. Therefore, reintroducing vinyl floors, not the laminate ones, brings a natural feeling and a sense of serenity.

kitchen design render by xavier ferreira

17. Contrasting Countertops

Contrasting Countertops

Image Credit:

Like contrasting backsplashes, contrasting countertops also provide a level of sophistication and elegance, making the room seem more eye-catching. Having black and white countertops will make the room look more elegant and fancier while having a mixture of red and blue would create a vivid sense of enjoyment in the kitchen. Any color goes in this new and open concept, but it has to be contrasting. It will ensure a sense of personality in your kitchen, which was past year design but now implementing this new kitchen trend.

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18. Pendant Lighting

Pendant Lighting

Image Credit:

Pendant lighting provides a decorative feature to the kitchen area, making it look fancier and much more elegant depending on the design chosen. Multiple pendant lights on the side of the range hood can be used in a kitchen to bring out a more modern feel while also adding a sense of drama to the room. So, standard lights can be omitted for pendant lights so that not only would the kitchen receive the light it needs, it will also carry a sense of elegance.

19. All Black Kitchen

Black Kitchen

Image Credit:

While white kitchens are as popular as ever, black kitchens also climb up the trend ladder as they provide sleek and moody looks. An all-black kitchen creates a sense of drama, sophistication, and moodiness, which one with a solemn or severe mind might want to consider. The addition of a couple of natural elements like subway tile backsplash on the all-black room can provide a more warm and homely feeling while also being serious, sleek, and mature. The addition of other colors in contrast to black – such as white – can enhance the room’s beauty even further.

20. Mixed Materials Trend

mixed materials trends

Image Credit:

Mixed materials create contrast and diversity in a kitchen, and providing this variety truly enhances the beauty of every unique design around the room. For instance, in the same kitchen, one may choose to have a marble countertop, dark timbers, wooden cabinets, vinyl floors, etcetera. This variety of materials within the kitchen enables a confident and bold blend of designs. Many of these materials go well together, also creating an aesthetically pleasing environment. Therefore, mixed materials in a kitchen will enhance the room’s already existing beauty.

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21. Stainless Steel Glory

Stainless Steel Glory

Image Credit:

Stainless steel will never go out of trend with kitchens, given that they provide a very modern and classy look. They blend in with the surrounding environment and make a beautiful artistic statement. Though slightly expensive, stainless steel will never be out of the trend list for kitchen designs, like built-in small appliances, so it is highly sought after and is recommended highly for spacious rooms. It is also very long-lasting, so it is a very trendy option for kitchens. Therefore, stainless steel is an efficient and immensely recommended option for modern kitchen looks.

22. Bold Brass Finishes

Bold Brass Finishes

Image Credit:

Bold brass finishes provide a great contrast to many colors such as blue, green, black, and even red. Most cabinets of different colors pop out with brass handles. Brass taps, tabletop linings, and even locks enhance the room’s beautiful colors. This ideal shade of brass on mostly blue and green cabinetry provides a sophisticated look and elevates an exciting kitchen style. This subtle touch of having brass finishes can, without a doubt, provide a means of either enhancing a room or making it fall apart and seem a little dull.

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In 2023 the kitchen, comfort, and communication were never more important. There is no doubt that the value of the home has grown more than ever, especially after the pandemic. But this change is more evident in the kitchen Like Urban residents who eat out usually, now use the equipment to cook. The new year ahead might probably look brighter at the moment, but the need for warmth will not go away as it will only rise in reality because we as humans need comfort in our homes.

So read about the best kitchen trends to watch for in 2023, with different hues, premium gadgets, and more, whether you’ve got a stylish, chic kitchen or a minimal functional area there is a trend for everyone.

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