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Kitchen Wall Decor Ideas

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important part of the home. It’s that corner in the house where we whip up breakfast, binge late in the night, and get together with our friends. Being a space that holds such importance, it’s imperative that its aesthetic be one that nurtures warmth and happiness. The right kitchen wall décor ideas can add spunk to this area and make it even more welcoming and fun.  

Note that just because it is the kitchen we are talking about, the artwork doesn’t have to be only food or drink-related. The art pieces chosen for other rooms in the house will look just as good in the cooking space as well. Bright color pallets, portraits, mirrors – the list of DIY kitchen wall decor ideas can be endless.  

Though natural light and storage take precedence in a designer’s mind when decorating the walls of the living room, kitchen, dining room, etc., there are numerous ways to get creative with its usage and create bespoke wall decor.

Since the whole idea of decorating the kitchen and picking out wall art that makes an impression is quite tricky even for the most creative beings, here is a curated list of 20 stylish and innovative kitchen wall décor ideas to help you give more personality and appeal to the kitchen space. 

From tapestries to color schemes and wall signs to herb planters and decals, scout through this collection of kitchen wall decorating ideas to get the most out of your space.

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20 Best Kitchen Wall Art and Decor Ideas

1. Make it Extra Homey

Just because kitchens usually do not receive a ton of natural light doesn’t mean they cannot have a sunny look. One of the best kitchen wall décor ideas includes wallpapering to do the trick.

Featuring soapstone counters which patina quickly, unlacquered copper pots, and a simple dining table at the center instead of having a kitchen island, creating a lived-in atmosphere in the kitchen can make anyone who enters this space feel right at home. 

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make extra homey - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: newsexplorer.net

2. Wall Basket Décor

Rustic and darling! Wall baskets are a beautiful representation of art made from simple materials of nature. Almost any object or item with an ounce of graphic value displayed or hung up on the wall in multiples can be an astounding kitchen wall décor idea. Create a whole gallery of wicker wall baskets, and lo and behold, you have designed the ultimate boho wall. 

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wall basket decor for kitchen wall

Image Credit: homebnc.com

3. Hanging Pots

Many people tend to keep the extra pots and pans out in the open due to a lack of storage space. However, you can turn that into a great kitchen wall décor idea by putting these on display. Hang them up over the dining table or the kitchen center and beautify the space by adding contrasting artwork or shimmering wallpapers. 

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hanging pots - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: bhg.com

4. Mount Mirrors

Whether mounted horizontally or vertically, a mirror can invite more rays of sunlight into the kitchen and make the space appear bigger in dimensions. This makes for an amazing kitchen wall decoration idea in smaller, compact kitchens. Go modern or retro; make sure the style you pick complements the overall design of the kitchen.

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mount mirrors - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: decoholic.org

5. Hang Portraits & Photographs

The kitchen is most likely where all families spend the maximum time together—so why not honor your clients and their loved ones by designing a small gallery wall that features some of their precious moments stacked together? This way, you can create a homely atmosphere for your client and make them feel like their whole family has gathered around for dinner!

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Image Credit: pinterest.com

6. Set Up Kitchen Chalkboards

Another amazing kitchen wall décor idea is to use chalkboard paint on the kitchen wall. Taking inspiration from the blackboard menus at some of our favorite downtown bistros, the wall-leaning chalkboard can be a beautiful kitchen wall décor idea that will work equally well as a menu planner and a spot where one can jot down the weekly grocery list.

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set up kitchen chalkboards

Image Credit: brightstarkids.com.au

7. Wall Spice Racks

A rustic spice rack can add some fun to the kitchen walls. This is also an ideal way for your clients to organize their spice jars and keep their seasonings accessible and handy to use, saving up drawer and closet space. A well-stocked collection of spices may even help inspire cooking!

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wall spice racks - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: snmstore.com

8. Pick a Theme

If you’re unsure which type of artwork may look good in a kitchen space, check for a common theme that may stand out among all the art pieces. A good kitchen wall decor idea can be art with natural elements, more earthy tones, or vintage portraits. For instance, landscape art can add a lot of calm and color to a kitchen. Choosing a theme can create a real impact on the whole space. 

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pick theme for kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

9. Beautiful Wall Decals

Wall decals, or wall stickers, are a well-established kitchen wall decor idea among many interior designers by now. They are pretty, decorative items that can be hung on walls and swapped out at any time, allowing more flexibility and ease of convenience when redecorating the kitchen walls. 

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beautiful wall decals for kitchen

Image Credit: snmstore.com

10. Peel and Stick Backsplash

Adding a backsplash can bring a whole new life and pizazz to the kitchen. For a hassle-free kitchen wall decor idea upgrade, try a peel-and-stick backsplash that is super easy to install, and the outcome looks amazing.

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peel and stick backsplash - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: ia-99.top

11. Remodel Cabinets

You can modify or change the kitchen shelves, walls, and cabinets in accordance with the light coming into the room. Ensure that you are allowing the natural light to lighten up the room. For this, install low-height kitchen cabinets and use them more for most of the storage needs like keeping kitchen utensils, etc. This way, you can utilize the entire kitchen, no matter if it has a small space. 

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remodel cabinets - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: redstonecontracting.com

12. Hang Art in Place of Uppers

Try to limit the number of cabinet uppers. Many people want to blanket the wall with cabinets, but that can make a kitchen feel heavy and claustrophobic. A great way to utilize the space and not make your kitchen feel too cluttered is using a mix of things.

For instance, you can combine glass-fronted storage (single-column) cabinets for the dishware and hang art pieces in the empty space. This way, you will get the storage space you want and also make the kitchen look great. For an even better outcome, play with tile backsplash, which is also a good way to add wall decor. 

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hang art in place of uppers - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: hankmillerteam.com

13. Go for Cubby Displays

When kitchen walls are lined with windows, you get less room to decorate, but a cubby display can do the part, especially if your placement is right. These displays won’t block the light, give you some storage space, and add a unique decor to the kitchen. You can also personalize the displays and hang artworks, keep books or crockery in the same and make a bold statement.

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cubby displays - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

14. Add Colour with Simple Artwork

For a brighter aesthetic on the kitchen walls, paint the cabinets in icy hues of colors and keep the brick walls in contrasting bright colors. Add a small piece of artwork to bring in some moody depth.

For a better outcome, you can embellish the painting with some fancy frames. To keep the style simple yet realistic, you can use a poster, prefer a nostalgic one, and put it in the corner. You can experiment with accent colors, like the one in the image below, and match them with kitchen accessories. 

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add colour with simple artwork - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

15. Hanging Macrame Decorations

Kitchen decors come in all shapes and sizes; you only need to find the best ones for your home. Hanging macrame represents a mix of form and function while giving your kitchen a nice and simple makeover. Isn’t it great that fruit or vegetable hanging storage baskets can be used as a piece of decor? Using this means you will save space on the countertop and brighten the kitchen with unique decor. 

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Image Credit: hearstapps.com

16. Mix Everything Up

This is one strategy that works every time. Mixing things up in the kitchen means you can play with the cabinets, flooring, decor pieces, paint, hanging, etc. The idea is to mix things in a manner to keep things neutral and not mix things too much to make the kitchen feel clustered. Always understand what your clients prefer and want to showcase in their homes, and then work to find the right things for the decor.

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mix everything up - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: myhomeproducts.com

17. Set the Scene with Wall Murals

Murals and stickers are fantastic for decorating kitchen walls, and they are becoming increasingly popular today. Some people use them for depicting a scene, while others for getting creative and masking.

Not only are these budget-friendly options for decor purposes, but they also come in various shapes and sizes, with customizations available. Make sure to visit Amazon, Wayfair, and Etsy to check out some amazing wall mural designs or get inspiration for your kitchen decor. 

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set the scene with wall murals for kitchen wall decor

Image Credit: idealhome.co.uk

18. Think Petite for Kitchen Wall Ideas

Sometimes, even small things can make a small kitchen or area look great. When you are out there shopping for small items to add to the kitchen, don’t look around with a perspective. Go with the flow and get some unexpected things. However, make sure that you are not getting something original, which can be ruined with smoke and oil splatter. 

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think petite for kitchen wall ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

19. Create a Display of Boards

Has your client got an impressive collection of wooden chopping boards? You can utilize the cutting boards to create stand-out kitchen decor pieces of different sizes and shapes. Using them instead of dedicated cabinetry can save space and fulfill your purpose of decorating the wall.

Using wood to create kitchen and home decor displays means there is some amount of work involved, but once you get the idea, it will become easier. You can also adjust the orientation of the built decor pieces according to the requirements of the empty wall and create a whimsical display. 

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create display of boards - kitchen wall decor ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

20. Cover Walls with Open Shelving

The last hack for a great modern kitchen is using open shelving to add a unique touch to the entire wall. You can store anything from glassware to crockery, books, artworks, etc., on the shelf.

An open shelf can easily become a focal point of the kitchen, provided you can create an impressive display with the same on the wall. Take note of the surroundings while covering the wall space with such innovative pieces. You can use a mix of colors to create an accent wall in the background or customize the setting to make it look like floating shelves. 

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cover walls with open shelving for kitchen

Image Credit: jewettfarms.com


Designers and decorators like yourself must always keep one thing in mind: there is no direct formula to designing a kitchen. There are plenty of ideas and strategies you can follow, but it can only be achieved if you let your imagination run free. While it’s important to find the right art, signs, accessories, and decor pieces for the kitchen that really speak your mind and emotion, it is also important to identify their compatibility. 

A design should not only always look good, but it should also be functional. With this in mind, we have shared 20 unique kitchen wall decor ideas for homeowners and designers for your inspiration. These are some trendy hacks that you must go through once to make the kitchen look unique and beautiful. For more inspiration, visit Foyr Neo and get down to building your dream kitchen!


1. What should I hang or install on my kitchen walls?

Many people prefer wall art and wall hangings in their kitchen design. Oversized or antique utensils, tapestries with food or cooking designs, or even cookware painted in bold colors can be great choices. Another great option for decorating kitchen walls is shelving.

2. What do you put on blank kitchen walls?

There are so many ways to embellish the kitchen, including its blank walls and empty spaces. You can utilize different types and shades of paint, tiles, wallpapers, murals, wall clocks, etc. You can install paneling, hang artwork or do some shelving or strip it all back to the bare bones with the exposed brick.

3. How do you decorate a large empty kitchen wall?

There can be so many eclectic kitchen wall decoration ideas that one can go for. Add wooden paneling, fill walls with open shelving, add wall-mounted mirrors, paint a mural, put up a chalkboard, and so on.

4. What should I put above my kitchen?

You could try any of the following kitchen wall décor ideas:

  1. Display serving pieces
  2. Use canisters to conceal clutter
  3. Or bust out the baskets
  4. Show off a collection
  5. Display cookbooks
  6. Store your wine
  7. Grow something
  8. Add another shelf

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