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Learn » Design Ideas & Inspirations » How To Decorate Kitchen Counter? 21 Best Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas

How To Decorate Kitchen Counter?

Kitchen countertops serve two purposes in your kitchen that is for food prep and supporting your other kitchen-related tasks. So, typically they tend to be filled with coffee makers and small appliances. Making your kitchen countertop both aesthetic and functional is essential. You probably have to decorate and sprucing your kitchen countertop among your to-do list and you are wondering how to transform your kitchen to the visual interest. You love your expresso machine and your exquisite kitchen wares but how to make it tick yet maintain its function is giving you headaches. How about we brighten your kitchen with pops of colors, natural textures and provide extra functions?

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21 Best Kitchen Counter Decor Ideas:

1. Declutter

Take everything off your countertop and start arranging from the start. You need to consider what is a clutter and what is not. Anything that you do not use on a regular basis is clutter. Store them in the pantry closet to give your countertops a crispy, clean and fresh look. Shake off the crumbs on your toaster and clean it then stores it in the pantry closet. You can arrange your closet with the frequently used items at the closest shelf and the rarely used ones tucked at the furthest end.

Neatly arrange your spices, dry cereals, flours, and dried ingredients at one corner according to their functions to attain coordination and maintain order. Then clean your sinks to make them fresh and tidy. Sinks and countertops go hand in hand and it is essential to maintain hygiene for both.


Image Credit: Shea Frasier

2. Splash it with statement objects

Now that you have a clean and uncluttered kitchen, let it stand out with a single statement-making object. A boldly artistic sculpture from the gallery works best especially if it is dark-toned. It will complement your countertop’s color. Sculptural accents for your display will complement your open type of kitchen and any other type adding a sophisticated touch.

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statement object for kitchen counter

Image credit: Sally Sneed

3. Incorporate color touches

You have always coveted Victoria homes décor and color hues complement. Now, this is your turn to make it right in your kitchen. Bright objects will draw attention in all aspects. However, maintain color coordination to avoid a rainbow look in your kitchen. The minimal the hues, the better and chic your kitchen will be.

color for kitchen counter

Image credit: Maguire

4. Make it warm with natural textures

Incorporating polished woody structures like your kitchen counter stools not only makes it warmer but also coordinates with the colors. Brown color hue in all its shades is associated with earth meaning stability, security, and reliability. They are soothing and possess an anti-depressant effect. It is also ideal for classical interiors. However, for a minimal kitchen, combining brown color with other bright colors makes it attractive.

You can combine mint and brown making it natural and subtle, copper and brown deepening the rich red-orange hue, turquoise and brown as depicted in classical interiors, fuchsia and brown to evoke emotions and liveliness, yellow and brown to make it lively, gold and brown to create elegance and luxury, orange and brown to create an original interior or pink and brown to add feminity and a relaxing atmosphere.

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natural texture for kitchen counter

Image credit: Larry Marek

5. Add patterned accents

You can take advantage of patterning your backsplash to complement your countertop. To add chicness, you can have your countertop material as marble tiles. It will make the cleaning process easier and elegant. A posh, clear countertop will speak volumes on your interior design tastes drawing a visual interest in your minimal kitchen. Large patterns will amplify your minimal kitchen making it larger and spacious.

patterned accents for kitchen counter

Image credit: Andrea Caskey

6. Spruce up your potty Family

Make your kitchen space lively by decorating your countertops with colorful vases and plants. They can range from the ferns, a touch of a few succulents or palms. Greenery in your space especially placed near the windows makes it natural and earthy.

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kitchen counter with plants

Image credit: Schere leim Papier

7. Decorative Dispensers

Less is best for countertops remember? However, a few touches of beautiful vases for your green family is advisable. You can place your freshly picked flowers in beautiful vases at strategic locations on the countertops.

Decorative Dispensers

Image credit: overstock

8. Incorporate quality kitchen items

Invest in beautiful pots, cutting boards and kitchen accessories. They will not only be functional but also decorative. They will draw a personality to the room making it unique and adorable.

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quality kitchen counter items

Image credit: Terry Tramantano

9. Cookware Equipment

Most kitchens will tend to have cooking sticks, cooking oils, garnishes and spices near their cookers for easy access. However, you can make it clutter-free by placing them in one tray. You can implement your tray to have a crock for your wooden cooking sticks and spatulas, salt and peppermill, cooking oil and thyme plant as a decor item.

cookware equipment

Image credit: Kitchen trove NYC

10. Fruit bowl

Yes, please, add your fresh, colorful fruits. Accessorize with classic fruit bowls or fruit holders. The fruit holders come in stainless steel material bringing a more metallic feel and luster to your countertop. Spoil your appetite with the anytime snack and still maintain your colorful kitchen top.

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fruit bowl

Image credit: Tokki Blue

11. Gourmet food

Show off your freshly baked cake and cookies. Let the brownies rule your countertop for a few hours. Displaying them will not only create visual interest and appetite but will color your kitchen as a homelier. Spoil your family and visitors with the wheat cousins, they are best for your rumbling tummy!

Gourmet food

12. Pretty jars and containers

Store your pastas, flours and cereals in clear jars and label them to avoid confusion in your kitchen. Then, arrange them according to sizes and play along with the colors. It will make your kitchen more orderly and draw attention to the wondering eyes of your family as they adore your creativity and neatness. Finally, you will achieve an efficient and aesthetic kitchen.

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jars and containers

Image credit: Anna Baker

13. Matching backsplash

Create a complementing décor in your modern kitchen by matching your countertop with your backsplash. Complementary colors alone will not lead to your perfect match. Consider patterns, movements and sheen to create that fabulous look you love. Most interior design experts will advise you to choose your countertop before the backsplash because it is the most essential and profound feature in your kitchen.

Once you have installed your countertop, take a home sample backsplash tile and cross-check how it looks with your cabinetry and fixtures. You can also cross-check how they look in different lightings during the day. As you remodel your kitchen, you may choose a backsplash tile matching with the vein or spots of color with your countertop so that they do not compete. With granite countertops a subdued backsplash is advisable.

backsplash for kitchen counter

Image credit: Anna Ellis

14. Butcher knife block

Knives on the countertop can be a nuisance and consume valuable space. Built-in knife blocks keep your knives within reach and out of the way. They come in different varieties and styles from small slits in the countertops, defined wood blocks and hidden shelves popping out of the counter. They can be built in the cabinetry to keep out of reach by children. Slits in a butcher block countertop keep the knives in a convenient spot making food preparation efficient.

A single slit on a wood countertop provides a perfect spot for storing knives and it does not restrict the sizes of the knives, sharpeners and scissors that can fit. You can also custom make your knife block into a small drawer creating more cooking room. However, you can get creative and use your DIY materials for knife holders. For example, pushpins can be a guide for larger blades while small rectangles of cork can be used as blade holders for steaks and paring knives.

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Butcher knife block

Image credit: Alisa Glad Bach

15. Farmhouse inspired Vignette

Store your wooden cooking sticks in repurposed items like your lantern to create a rustic aesthetic. Then line it up together with your blender for your occasional smoothies. Remember to leave a space for your chopping, dough rolling and dripping wet utensils. You can as well hang your wooden chopping boards to add to an earthy feel. Your vegetables and fruits can be stored in a tiered basket to create a neat look.


Image credit: Miranda Andrews

16. Decorate with kitchen staples

Use an aesthetically pleasing mix of kitchen items like an impressive smelling hand wash to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, a brush scrub, serviettes and lotion packed on a decorated tray. Line up your countertop with your dish filled with colorful peppers and your greeneries of coriander and thyme. You can also add a natural flair of leafy vegetables and freshly cut flowers in beautiful vases. Incorporating a display of your daily cooking oils and olive oils for your sautéed foods brings out your cookery prowess and warmth.

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Image credit: Brandi Rinker Weidner

17. Store things on the walls and fridges

The sides of the fridges are mostly unutilized in most kitchen homes. You can use it as your kitchen aid to hang your kitchen towels and oven gloves. You can also line it with a magnetic storage rack to hold your metallic cooking spoons, whisks, tongs, measuring spoons and meat forks. Organizing your wooden boards according to their sizes on a rack hanging on the wall will beautify your modern kitchen and make your access to boards easier.

Every kitchen deserves a treat of beautiful decor and murals. Don’t be shy to display that painting you acquired from the gallery, it will be perfect for your minimalist kitchen. You can decorate your fridge door with beautiful peel and stick stickers with different patterns and colors to make your kitchen vibrant. You can as well improvise DIYs by acquiring countertop decor ideas from IKEA bloggers to bring a total makeover for your kitchen countertop and overall kitchen designs.

fridge for kitchen counter

Image credit: Christina Lipscomb

18. Stick to a theme

Pare down all your neon cooking utensils and find a matching color to complement it. Your utensils, stools and accessories can stick with the complementing color scheme. You can try wood, black, white, metallic or you can try a deliberate mix and match. You can also draw your inspiration from DIY homes and design ideas from bloggers who will equip you with skills in paint colors for a beautiful kitchen.

As homeowners, you may seek expert interior designers for your minimalist living room and kitchen counter decor ideas from IKEA. In your new kitchen utilizing your shelving effectively by storing your utensil holders, wooden spoons and soap dispenser can create more working space for your modern farmhouse.

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theme for kitchen counter

Image credit: Samm Violette

19. Repackage bought items

All items from the stores that are labeled like your soap dish, pepper grinder and coffee can be repacked into canisters that complement the rest of the equipment in the room. These canisters can be purchased from Amazon together with other home decors for your counter space. You can incorporate other decorating ideas like placing fresh flowers as your countertop decor for your farmhouse kitchen.

Your kitchen cabinets can be decorated by styling your small kitchen with beautiful sculptors or artistic objects. Your kitchen remodels can be inspired by farmhouse styles and DIY projects for kitchen designs and kitchen counter decor. You can as well implement your dining room decor inspired by your white kitchen. Black and white theme are a safe bet in kitchen makeovers for kitchen accessories like faucets, kitchen islands and kitchen sink.

repackage bought items

Image credit: Chez James

20. Lean small pieces of art against the walls

You can lay them on the shelves or hang them on the walls. Artistic carvings and murals will make your kitchen interior design-oriented drawing out your creativity. However, to avoid splashes on the murals while cooking, you can use frames that are easy to clean or you can place them near the entryway.

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kitchen counter decoration ideas

Image credit: Jenna Fischer

21. Implement trays

They come in different sizes, shapes, designs, materials and colors. Choose from large, medium and small to hold different types of items. Your plants, olive oils and salt shakers can be lined in one tray while your hand washes, scrubbing brushes and serviettes can be in another tray. Smaller trays can be used to hold your sunglasses, keys and other small items.

kitchen trays
Image credit: Diana Brown

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