10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

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kitchen remodeling ideas

10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Renovate Your Kitchen

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kitchen remodeling ideas
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Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

‘The way to the heart is through the stomach.’

If that is true, then it is pivotal to keep the stomach happy. And in order to do that, we need a nice kitchen where we can whip up delicious meals to amaze and satisfy our stomachs.

The kitchen is undoubtedly the most important room in your home. It is the place that nourishes your body and prepares you for the ordeals of the day. Therefore, it is only fair to regard this room with honor.

As homeowners, you may have noticed that when you check out a real estate property, it is the kitchen that draws you in immediately. The floor plan, the functionality, even the color of the walls and wood cabinets all affect your decision. This space signifies warmth and love and if it is well-planned, it immediately makes you feel at home.

This is because this room reminds you of having meals for the family. It is where your mother cooked you meals when you studied or worked till late, or where you laughed and talked to your friends about the new adventures of your life.

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kitchen renovation ideas

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When Houzz surveyed 1,337 homeowners last year about their kitchen remodeling ideas and projects, they found that the median spent was $11,000, though for a complete remodel – which includes the replacement of all cabinets and appliances – costs can climb up to $33,000. That means that for interior designers and contractors, you can cook up quite a bit of business in the kitchen.

No matter what memory it triggers, the kitchen is what transforms a piece of real estate into a home.

That’s why we compiled some ideas that you can implement when designing your new kitchen or remodeling it. Even if you plan on changing the floor plan for the entire kitchen or simply add some stainless steel appliances to add to its functionality, a kitchen makeover is definitely a great investment.

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10 Best Kitchen Remodeling Ideas To Renovate Your Home Kitchen:

1. Use bold cabinet designs

Although you may not think so, cabinets can actually make quite a statement in your kitchen. Whether they are lower cabinets or upper cabinets they can add an aesthetic appeal to the whole space.

You can use simple wood cabinets, or white cabinets to make your small kitchen appear larger. But why stop there when you can customize your kitchen cabinets to reflect your personal style.

If you’re wondering how to do that, we have a few ideas.

You can choose from a wide array of bold cabinetry designs with Mediterranean patterns for a contemporary kitchen. Or you can choose sleek design ideas with laminate or glass doors for a modern kitchen.

If you have a penchant for art, you can also use textured or decorated glass panels with sophisticated designs that make you feel more comfortable and serene.

You can really influence the look of your new kitchen with your imagination, with just a hint of personal touches.

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use bold cabinet for kitchen design

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2. Add a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island can make a major difference in your kitchen.

Yes, the countertops and slabs are very helpful, but a kitchen island can help you open up space further, while still creating an illusion of closed functionality.

What we mean is, you can open up the walls to your kitchen and change the floor plan. Maybe your kitchen can overlook the living room or dining area so you can cook for your friends and loved ones while still being part of their conversation.

With a kitchen island, you can create more space for seating or laying down cooked items. You can even double it into a workstation with open shelves on the sides to hold your chopping board, butcher block, cheese grater, and other smaller objects that you need for preparation before you start cooking the meal.

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3. Use uncommon shelving and storage spaces

Gone are the days of open shelving and boring storage spaces. With new interior design plans and innovative kitchen remodeling ideas, you can liven up your kitchen and elevate its functionality.

If you have a large kitchen, then you can not only install befitting cabinetry and a kitchen island with storage but also implement hanging storage facilities for easier access. This works even well in a small kitchen as there is limited space for cabinetry and there might not be enough space for a kitchen island at all.

Thus hanging open shelves or innovative kitchen renovation can provide the much-needed storage spaces without compromising your idea of a sleep modern kitchen or overloading your countertops.

Also, don’t forget the pantry area. It may seem easier to store all your food in the kitchen cabinets, but it could be an unreliable option as it cannot accommodate bulk purchases, which are relatively cheaper. Therefore, use a little space to install a pantry room where you can store food for longer periods of time.

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shelving and storage space for kitchen

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4. Add a Tile Backsplash

The backsplash is an inevitable part of cooking exquisite meals for your family. You can’t control the sputtering and splatters but you can prevent them from destroying your beautiful white kitchen, or the subway tile on the back wall, or even the wood panels.

A tile backsplash is ideally located in a strategic position to control the imminent moisture and grime from ruining your new kitchen.

These structures can be pre-installed or even used as temporary measures while cooking. Innovative kitchen solutions and interior designs can facilitate removable tile backsplashes.

Ideally, you can also use wax or laminate to protect the walls and the backsplash as an added measure to keep your kitchen shiny and clean.

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kitchen tile backsplash

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5. Install advanced stainless steel appliances

Most appliances these days implement stainless steel for its durability, hygiene, and tensile strength.

Commonly used wood-burners, steel grates, iron, and other materials that were used in the past, were definitely usable but not reliable.

Stainless steel appliances are hardy and sleek. Not only do they withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures, but they are also easier to clean. You may not always have the time to scrub those burners and spilled food, especially if they dry from the heat.

But with stainless steel appliances, a quick wipe is enough to remove the residue and stains, leaving your kitchen spotless. Not to mention, they add a modern feel to your kitchen design, besides the high-end functionality.

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stainless steel appliances for kitchen remodel

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6. Add a touch of metallic hardware

Metallic structures add flair to your kitchen design. Whether it is a contemporary kitchen or a modern kitchen, or even one with a rustic theme, metallic hardware fits into everything.

Sure that farmhouse sink looks appealing with its marble or granite finish. But a stainless steel metallic sink merges in with your appliances with ease. You can also add a stainless steel faucet to further increase the aesthetic value of your new kitchen.

Since the kitchen sink suffers the worst of the worst, stainless steel helps keep it protected. It won’t rust easily and the stains come off with ease, thus leaving your kitchen clean and hygienic for an extended period of time.

If you are a homeowner who is renovating the kitchen to sell your real estate, then metallic hardware is a great idea. It helps potential buyers envision their kitchen knowing that their tasks will be minimized in the space.

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7. Use substantial materials for countertops

Most people tend to overlook the quality of materials used in cabinets, countertops, tiles, etc. because they prefer to save money on these dull objects in order to finance their interior design plans to make the kitchen look pretty.

However, this is a faulty concept.

The kitchen countertops experience the most rigorous activities when you’re cooking your meals. Therefore, they must be of good quality so as to avoid cracking, chipping, or breaking under pressure.

While marble and granite countertops may be good choices for the price, they also have their flaws of chipping, cracking, or even yielding germs. These materials are no doubt sturdy, but they are a hot zone for infestation due to the porosity and visible cracks.

Quartz countertops are a much better solution for your needs. They are extremely tough, almost unbreakable, which makes them durable solutions. Additionally, the hardy exterior makes it impossible to breed germs in the cracks thereby keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic at all times.

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kitchen remodel countertop

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8. Implement statement décor

The kitchen is such an important part of your household. It deserves a décor worthy of its valor.

It may seem irrelevant to implement artwork and ostentatious decorative pieces in this particular space, but you can still liven it up with fixtures and lightings for added effect.

You can create a statement with some tall bar tools around the kitchen island and convert the space into a mini-bar with a shaker and some jars of assorted ingredients.

You can also use pendant lights for mood lighting for date night or some neon lights for party-time.

These décor pieces are small and almost negligent unless they are in use. They are pretty much subdued so they don’t get in the way while you move around your kitchen in a hurry. But they do add an aesthetic appeal so your kitchen looks beautiful and keeps on par with the rest of your home décor.

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9. Make a place for everything

Find a place for everything.

A kitchen makeover is a perfect opportunity to redefine the functionality of your kitchen. Everything in your kitchen should have a purpose. If it doesn’t, then it has no reason to be there.

Choose your upper cabinets wisely to accommodate the necessities such as plates, bowls, and everything else you need instantly.

You can choose pull-out or open shelves for the lower cabinets and store the unbreakable things there. Remember to ensure that you don’t store any hazardous materials as they are easily accessible to children.

Place your cooktop in a strategic location, ideally close to the dishwasher and at an appropriate distance from the sink. This way, you can make a place for the rest of your appliances in the free spaces where you can access them easily.

When there is a place for everything and everything stays in its place, your kitchen remains uncluttered and aesthetically pleasing. It also helps you maintain a smooth functionality without bumping into things while you are cooking in a hurry.

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kitchen remodel cabinet storage

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10. Don’t be shy away from adding personal touches

Do-it-yourself, or as we popularly refer to it as DIY, is all the rage right now.

An interior designer can help you reorganize the floor plan of your kitchen and renovate it for optimum functionality. However, you can still add some personal touches to make the space more homely and tailored to you.

You can ask them to install pieces of furniture or woodwork that you may have created or designed, such as a china cabinet or bar stools. You can also piece together furnishings from IKEA and paint them yourself with customized designs. Or you can even hang photo frames with pictures of your loved ones in the kitchen because, why not?

These personalized features actually add character to your kitchen, making it feel more cozy and desirable. Unless, of course, you plan on flipping the piece of real estate, in which case implementing personal touches is needless.

Still, you can personalize a little to add style and design to the property with subtle pieces of furniture like the bar stools and a range hood that appeals to your potential buyers.

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Kitchen renovation is an opportunity to instill new memories and create a personalized space for your family. It is the only room in the house where your friends and loved ones can come together to laugh and share stories while enjoying a meal you make for them with love and care.

You can add a small table and create a breakfast nook for your family to convene and start your day with them. You can use an open-planned kitchen as a link to catch up with your children while they finish their homework or play in the living room.

The kitchen is a space for bonding and celebrations and you can design it to yield a lot more than just cooking meals.

We hope this article helps you create fantabulous design ideas for your kitchen remodel and you love your new kitchen more than the old, dull one. Try Foyr Neo software to remodel your kitchen and turn your kitchen into a new trend.

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