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Space Saving Furniture

Being environmentally conscious compared to its predecessors, the millennial generation has embraced a live-as-you-need philosophy. Tiny houses and small apartments have become popular with folks having a fixed budget in mind.

Adding to this is their desire to get quick results. Hence, it comes as a no-brainer that fast, easy-to-assemble furniture that is effective and functional has become a shot-selling topic. The rise of small space living like studio apartments has directly led to furniture pieces that take up less space and offer maximum potential and functionality.

New ways are being discovered to make a small space even more spacious. Case in point, there are houses in Japan for bachelors that are just about 90 sq ft. and filled with space-saving ideas to make the space compatible.

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Where can you use Space-saving Furniture in your Home?

The pandemic has ignited the home office philosophy for many people, giving further impetus to space-saving furniture. Apart from the usual day-to-day furniture required, one had to make space for a workstation. This is where function and space-saving furniture tries to come n and bridge the gap. Let’s take a closer look at where exactly you can incorporate space-saving ideas in your home:-

1. Begin with the furniture identification process:

The first rule of decluttering your space is identifying furniture pieces that are being used very sporadically. It could be anything like a dining table, acting as a platform for accumulating junk.

Beds are also one type of furniture that takes up a lot of space. The bed always takes up eighty percent of all bedrooms. Hence, it makes sense to get in a foldable bed that goes up against the wall when not in use, clearing up a huge space in the bedroom for informal activities.

You can adjust the dining table that can be folded up and pushed against the wall to make it look like a high console table as well. You only need to bring it out when you have a large gathering in your house.

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2. Choose customized furniture:

There will always be some items that won’t be readily available per your unique sizes. For example, it could be a wardrobe that needs to be built into a pre-existing wall cavity. With customized furniture, you also have the luxury of designing it your way and adding more advantages like including a storage unit for a fold-in bed, where the bed is resting against a storage cabinet for bed linen and other such items.

3. Entryway furniture ideas:

An entryway in any house is one of the most underutilized spaces in space-saving. They are mostly narrow and are predominantly used to placing footwear. Such a place should not be overlooked while designing space-saving solutions.

There are solutions like a wall unit that can store shoes and be tucked away behind the entry door. If you are looking for something to move, an ottoman with storage is the way to go. You can remove your shoes from the ottoman storage and use the seat for sitting and tying your shoes. 

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4. Living room furniture Ideas:

There can be many interior design ideas that you can incorporate into a living room. Multi-functional furniture solutions are the best way to save space. For example, you can go for smart multi-purpose solutions like a coffee table that doubles up as a laptop table. For sofa side tables, you can try a host of nesting tables.

As the name suggests, Nesting tables are smaller tables housed under the bigger table and are a great way to save space. You can do a lot of mixes and match with this piece of furniture. You can put all of it together to form a large coffee table or place it in different areas of the living area swell. You can stack them up and tuck them away whenever you need floor space.

Don’t go for the bulky yet inviting look of a large sofa. Although they look spectacular, they occupy a large space in your living area. You can alternatively go for a couch that has some storage options to house the Knick knacks you have lying around or perhaps have a personal library kept away as well. 

Another amazing way to save space is to use sofa cum beds or futons that double up as a bed. The plus side is that you can have an extra bedroom at your beck and call if you have some guests staying over.

Your living room also needs a lot of space for normal house everyday items and memorabilia like photographs and albums. It is beneficial to have shelving on the wall rather than a console or a sideboard to store these. You can also use the space around the TV unit or the TV unit itself to store these items.

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5. Kitchen furniture ideas:

With the onset of modular kitchens, most spaces have already been optimized to an extent. But you can still find some areas where you feel like it is being wasted. For instance, the distance between your fridge and the counter edge has a gap of about 8 inches to 10 inches. You can utilize this by introducing a trolley cart that can store spices and sauces bottles.

You can also wheel it out to accompany you while cooking and keep it back in when not in use. Your kitchen should have a healthy combination of open shelves and closed shelves. Open shelves should be within your hand reach to access items you would use daily immediately.

Closed shelves can be higher since they will have things you rarely use, like baking vessels, dining sets, etc. You can easily utilize kitchen corners by attaching ledges or roundabouts that are easily accessible. Avoid attaching handles and go for a handle-less look to give your kitchen a sleek finish and make some more moving space for you to work.

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Advantages of Space-saving Furniture

There are nothing but benefits when it comes to space-saving ideas. Rarely are there any complaints by customers who have opted to use modular and multi-functional furniture. However, three main reasons make a case for space-saving furniture, and rightly so.

1. Cost efficiency

The target audience for space-saving furniture is folks who are regularly on the move and don’t want to be tied down with bulky furniture. For this reason, most space-saving items are made with MDF, a cheaper alternative to solid wood, which drives down costs drastically. Hence, it becomes the most cost-efficient and attractive option for this generation.

2. Same space, Different feel

How amazing is it when you are granted the power to change the very function of the room to suit your various needs? Every room can look different depending on how you want to use it at a particular time. You can convert a living into a bedroom with just a single pull of the sofa cum bed, or you can convert a bedroom into an informal open space playroom for kids with the help of a murphy bed.

3. Reduce clutter

The organization is key to making your apartment look clean and tidy. The use of smart space-saving design with their concealed storage helps you consciously organize your items, thereby reducing the clutter we generally see in traditional homes.

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25 Space Saving Furniture Ideas or Hacks for Small Homes

1. Wall-mounted shoe unit

 The unit conceals your shoes at an angle to let the dust fall below when it’s enclosed. You can have a mini closet for shoes when you open it since all your shoes are on display when it’s open. 

wall mounted shoe unit for space saving furniture

Image Credit: svrinfotech.net

2. Countertop on wheels with seating

 The countertop has everything from drawers, cabinet space, counter space, and stools! It can become an easy extension to nay kitchen or act as a breakfast bar.

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countertop on wheels with seating - space saving furniture

Image Credit: iaemall.com

3. Toilet organizer

 This fun DIY project can get your bathroom shelf if you don’t have one.

toilet organizer for space saving furniture

Image Credit: familyhandyman.com

4. Hidden Storage Bench

You can buy such benches from a host of online stores, and it is easily available locally as well. You can use the storage for anything you like, from linen to magazine collections.

hidden storage bench - space saving furniture ideas

Image Credit: ninahendrick.com

5. Folding Wall Table

Let’s say you rarely use a dining table and think it would be a waste of space in the dining room. But what do you do when you have a couple of friends over? You can take a look at the folding wall table idea.

When in use, it folds out from the wall and folds right back in as well. You can also install a picture on the backside or the downside of the table so that when it’s tucked into the wall, it can look like art on the wall.

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folding wall table - space saving furniture

Image Credit: artofit.org

6. Mirror with shelf

 The mirror placed strategically in an entryway will assist you on your way out for a glance. The shelf can house on-the-go items like house keys etc.

mirror with shelf for space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com.au

7. Open rack/Storage

 Your bedroom ends up looking like a showroom with your clothes hanging in the open rack and also doubles up as storage when not in use.

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open rack and storage for space saving furniture

Image Credit: ikea.com

8. Wall Bed/Sofa bed

 The Murphy bed or the sofa doubles up as a bed. It can be a major space saver with the bed or the couch concealed in the wall.

wall bed and sofa bed - space saving furniture ideas

Image Credit: pinterest.com

9. The lamp with shelves

This lamp acts as a neat addition to perhaps a reading corner where you can store your books and have a reading light.

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lamp with shelves for space saving furniture

Image Credit: amazon.com

10. Foldaway desk

 This study desk can be folded and placed. It can occupy only half the normal space a desk covers which is beneficial, especially for the work from the home crowd.

Image Credit: walmart.com

11. Bunk Beds

 You can consider using bunk beds in a kid’s bedroom so that you get more floor space for other items like a study desk.

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bunk beds for space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com

12. Rolling Storage Cart

One can use the storage anywhere from holding spice bottles in the kitchen to having your toiletries arranged in your bathroom.

rolling storage cart - space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com

13. Stairs with storage and drawers

The staircase can double up as drawers and storage units underneath the stairs to save space in tiny apartments. You can also customize the teams to have open shelves to house planters for aesthetic effect.

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stairs with storage and drawers for space saving furniture

Image Credit: mtmetalframe.com

14. Ironing board cum mirror

The ironing board is enclosed inside a cabinet with a mirror finish in the front. It is an ideal solution for small bedrooms where you require larger mirrors.

ironing board cum mirror - space saving furniture ideas

Image Credit: designbuzz.com

15. Mobile lamp that can be placed anywhere

This lamp can be opened and placed anywhere in the house to make it an immediate reading corner.

mobile lamp - space saving furniture ideas

Image Credit: aliexpress.com

16. Moveable towel and clothes rack

You can place this rack anywhere, depending on how you want to use it. It can be a drying rack for your drying clothes or act as a towel rack in the bathroom.

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moveable towel and clothes rack

Image Credit: lazada.com.ph

17. Modular Shelf

You can mix and match how you want to place the shelves, all based on what you want to store. It could be a showcase for our memorabilia or perhaps a bookshelf or both!

modular shelf - space saving furniture

Image Credit: studio-henk.nl

18. On-the-counter shelf

Smaller kitchens lack counter space, and it makes sense to have an extra on-the-counter shelf.

on the-counter shelf - space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com

19. Hanging shelves

You can free more floor space by going in for hanging shelves to house small planters.

hanging shelves for space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com

20. Closet Storage System

A storage system will help you declutter your closet space and get it in order.

closet storage system - space saving furniture

Image Credit: wayfair.com

21. An Organizer for a Decluttered Feel

These baskets can be placed or hung anywhere from the kitchen to stock up on fresh vegetables or in the bedroom for your linen items. They are easily available on sites like IKEA and Amazon.

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organizer for a decluttered feel

Image Credit: ikea.com

22. Kitchen block

If you lack kitchen space in a tiny home, having a kitchen block is necessary. You need to have one with plenty of shelves and drawers to cater to your needs.

kitchen block - space saving furniture

Image Credit: sunset.com

23. Concealed dog bowl

It would be great to have a fixed place for a food bowl if you have a pet. You can have a bowl inside a drawer that you can open only during feeding time.

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concealed dog bowl - space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com

24. Coffee table storage

The coffee table can house a small storage space inside items like magazines and paper and declutter your living area.

coffee table storage - space saving furniture ideas

Image Credit: thespruce.com

25. Mirror that is also a hanger

The mirror is a ladder that multi-functions as a mirror and a hanger. So you can try out your clothes and immediately see how it looks on you.

mirror that is also a hanger - space saving furniture

Image Credit: pinterest.com


It may not be easy to see how these solutions or your design ideas would fit into your space as an individual. You may want to ensure that the product looks good in your house and compliment your home decor.

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