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Online Furniture Store

Furniture shopping used to be a permanent affair – but gone are those days! Now, with easy access to online furniture, people are excited about re-doing their interiors every once in a while. As styles change, so do people’s requirements – and what better place than the internet to source out the latest trends!

A haven for various furniture styles, the internet is the best place to find furniture pieces, whether you’re a homeowner, interior designer, or someone looking to spruce up their rented space!

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The Online Furniture Shopping Trend

The one place everyone’s been during this pandemic is home. They say home is where the heart is, and this past year people have realized the need for a beautiful home and smart interiors. Since everyone is living, working, and relaxing at home, there is a great need to ensure that the right furniture is present indoors. 

Online furniture websites have begun boosting their sales exponentially from creating a home office to comfortable living surroundings. More people need the right furniture type to make their homes the best place to live and work.

Let’s take a look at the top 40 online furniture stores.

40 Best Online Furniture Stores:

Pros: Modern, edgy, and loved by interior designers, Anthropologie is the go-to store for anyone looking to spruce up their homes with the latest trends. They have consultants available to answer questions. 

Cons: Expensive. 

Budget: Upscale.

Anthropologie - online furniture store

Image Credit: architecturaldigest.com

Pros: Large selection of items from furniture to home decor to even clothes and food.

Cons: Delivery areas are limited.

Budget: Mid-range.

World Market

Image Credit: worldmarket.com

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3. All Modern

Pros: Well-curated, modern furniture. Pieces resemble clean Scandinavian designs. Quick delivery.

Cons: Customers may face late shipments; pieces are mass-produced.

Budget: Moderate.


Image Credit: architecturaldigest.com

Pros: Retailer of mid-century modern online furniture, which can uplift any interior style to make it classy.

Cons: No global shipping, issues with customer service.

Budget: High-end.

Design Within Reach

Image Credit: dwr.com

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5. Apt2B

Pros: Free shipping, furniture pieces available for online shopping by the room.

Cons: 100-day return window.

Budget: Affordable to mid-range.


Image Credit: shopify.com

Pros: Low pricing, many styles. Great for gifting furniture and home decor.

Cons: Mass-produced pieces, quality may be compromised.

Budget: Highly affordable.


Image Credit: hearstapps.com

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7. Home Depot

Pros: Huge selection of furniture from popular retailers with free delivery options.

Cons: Limited selection in-store and only 30-day return policy.

Budget: Very budget-friendly.

Home Depot

Image Credit: thdstatic.com

Pros: Classic designs for beds, sofas, and outdoor furniture.

Cons: Limited home decor collection.

Budget: Mid-range.


Image Credit: hearstapps.com

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9. Burrow

Pros: Distinguished, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces, which are easy to move around, assemble, and add style to a space.

Cons: Prices on the higher side.

Budget: Upscale.


Image Credit: architecturaldigest.com

Pros: Large selection, handmade items, vintage furniture.

Cons: Unique pieces available; it may take some time to search for the right options if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Budget: Budget-friendly; lots of options from small business owners.

Etsy - online furniture store

Image Credit: etsy.com

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11. West Elm

Pros: Modern pieces, branched out of Williams-Sonoma. Many furniture pieces are handmade and sourced from organic materials.

Cons: Surcharges added to shipping costs for bulky items.

Budget: Affordable and many discounts to look out for online.

West Elm
Image Credit: thespruce.com

Pros: Modern and antique furniture, lighting, decor, and more.

Cons: Very stylish, caters to an artsy target audience.

Budget: High-end.

1st Dibs

Image Credit: 1stdibscdn.com

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13. Bespoke Post

Pros: Furniture pieces to remodel every part of the house, available in boxes, which can be swapped.

Cons: Sign up for a subscription box.

Budget: Boxes cost $ 40 upwards.

Bespoke Post

Image Credit: hearstapps.com

Pros: Furniture pieces available for every room, with free shipping on orders.

Cons: Lack of premium items and a limited selection of furniture.

Budget: Very budget-friendly.


Image Credit: thespruce.com

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15. Amazon

Pros: Speedy deliveries, free shipping, and a large variety of furniture items from around the world.

Cons: Premium and luxury items are not likely to be available.

Budget: Highly budget-friendly options available.


Image Credit: amazon.com

Pros: Endless selection of statement pieces in a variety of furniture styles.

Cons: Free shipping over $ 35.

Budget: Affordable to mid-range.

Birch Lane - online furniture store

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

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17. IKEA

Pros: Highly customized, innovative, and easy to assemble furniture. A lot of options for people with smaller spaces looking to make the best use of storage and space.

Cons: Some areas cannot be delivered to.

Budget: Very budget-friendly.


Image Credit: ikea.com

Pros: Quirky styles like rustic, minimalist, and pop are available to fit any vibe or theme.

Cons: Free shipping for some items.

Budget: Budget-friendly.

Dot & Bo - online furniture store

Image Credit: oakfurnituresuperstore.co.uk

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19. Hayneedle

Pros: Cozy and whimsical items for both adults and kids.

Cons: Slightly expensive.

Budget: Mid-range to expensive.


Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

Pros: Bright and vibrant patterns, colors, and fabrics create unmatched statement furniture pieces.

Cons: Expensive.

Budget: High-end.


Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

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21. Pottery Barn

Pros: Free consultation available. Beautiful, aesthetic furniture pieces with eco-friendly and sustainable options. There are a lot of combinations of complementary leather and fabric swatches and designs available for use.

Cons: No free shipping. Return of items not accepted without a valid receipt.

Budget: Moderate to upscale.

Image Credit: thespruce.com

Pros: Luxe looks available at affordable pricing.

Cons: Free shipping over $ 75/in-store pickup.

Budget: Budget-friendly.

Kohl’s - online furniture store

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

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23. Rove Concepts

Pros: Excellent quality material with contemporary styles.

Cons: Discounts available only to members.

Budget: High price points.

Rove Concepts - online furniture store

Image Credit: thespruce.com

Pros: Customer-friendly, quality pieces, excellent for first-time homeowners or people smartening home interiors for the first time.

Cons: Customers are charged a repacking fee of $ 99 if items are returned without the original packaging.

Budget: Budget-friendly.

Poly Bark - online furniture store

Image Credit: shopify.com

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25. Wayfair

Pros: One-stop shop for all kinds of furniture – from the living room and dining room to the garden patio.

Cons: Small selection of furniture for children.

Budget: Budget-friendly prices and free shipping over $35.

Wayfair - online furniture store

Image Credit: thespruce.com

Pros: High-end, luxury pieces varying from super chic to modern and unique pieces.

Cons: Expensive, lack of live support for customer queries.

Budget: Expensive, high-end.

Lulu Georgia - online furniture store

Image Credit: shopify.com

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27. Crate & Barrel

Pros: Long-lasting and high-quality furniture pieces with many stunning styles.

Cons: Delays in deliveries.

Budget: Mid-range and upscale.

Crate & Barrel

Image Credit: hearstapps.com

Pros: Create mood boards, choose from statement pieces.

Cons: If you’re not typically into interior design or are without a design sense, it may not be easy to find suitable pieces.

Budget: Mid-range to high-end.

Joss & Main

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

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29. Urban Outfitters

Pros: Lots of unique furniture pieces available in rich textiles, natural, and organic materials.

Cons: Limited pieces available for couches, armchairs, and beds. A shipping fee of $ 99.

Budget: Affordable to high-end.

Urban Outfitters - online furniture store

Image Credit: thespruce.com

Pros: All kinds of furniture pieces available, frequent sales, and free shipping.

Cons: Too many deals could be confusing to choose from.

Budget: Mid-range.

Ashley Furniture Homestore

Image Credit: aliexpress.com

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31. Bed Bath & Beyond

Pros: Furniture available for all interior spaces — small spaces like a dorm room to a large home space.

Cons: Many items only have an in-store pickup.

Budget: Budget-friendly.

Bed Bath & Beyond - online furniture store

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

Pros: Wholesale store, extra discounts for members.

Cons: Membership options for better prices; some items are only available for in-store pickup.

Budget: Mid-range to upscale.

BJ’s Wholesale Club

Image Credit: bjs.com

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33. Sofamania

Pros: The most extensive variety of sofas online, along with complementary furniture.

Cons: Limited to rugs, ottomans, sofas, and armchairs.

Budget: Mid-range to upscale.


Image Credit: sofamania.com

Pros: Stylish statement luxe furniture pieces.

Cons: Free shipping over $ 25.

Budget: Budget-friendly.

Holistic Habitat - online furniture shop

Image Credit: buzzfeed.com

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35. RH

Pros: Luxe furniture pieces, perfect for high-end architecture. The store also has a vast collection of hardware items.

Cons: Need to sign up as a member at an annual fee of $ 100, which then gives exclusive member discounts up to 25%.

Budget: Mid-range to high-end.

RH - online furniture store

Image Credit: hearstapps.com

Pros: Premium designs approved by high-end designers. Quality furniture that can also be custom-made.

Cons: Some issues with deliveries and post-sales services.

Budget: Mid-range.

Ballard Designs - online furniture store

Image Credit: curalate.com

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37. Medley

Pros: High on aesthetics, a lot of pieces available for a modern and minimal look.

Cons: 100-day return policy.

Budget: Affordable.

Medley - online furniture store

Image Credit: medleyhome.com

Pros: This online furniture store has recently expanded its collection as one of the more famous direct-to-consumer furniture brands. The pieces available are sourced from sustainable materials.

Cons: Limited collection.

Budget: Affordable.

Floyd - online furniture store

Image Credit: hearstapps.com

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39. The Inside

Pros: Highly customized furniture pieces created from an extensive variety of fabrics. Take a style quiz to figure out your furniture style, or shop for pieces by room.

Cons: Honestly, there isn’t much to complain about!

Budget: Mid-range.

The Inside - online furniture store
Image Credit: imgix.net

40. Article

Pros: High-quality materials, well-constructed furniture pieces with modern and minimalist aesthetics and vibe.

Cons: Free shipping delivery only for items above $ 999. Customers are also charged a $ 49 pickup fee if items are returned.

Budget: Upscale.

Article - online furniture store

Image Credit: article.com

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Choosing The Right Online Furniture Store

  • Shipping Charges
    Many people choose furniture stores based on shipping charges and offers. Shipping charges on furniture pieces are often calculated after items are placed into the cart. Shipping charges depend on one online store from another. If you’re looking to purchase a few pieces that aren’t very expensive, then head to a furniture store, which is likely to offer you free shipping. If your purchase is significant, shipping will mostly be free.
  • Brand Preference
    With so many options available online, choosing the right online furniture store can be confusing! However, there’s one trick to make this process seamless – go for a preferred brand. While researching, try to zero in on a brand with good reviews on the furniture pieces you are looking for. Some brands are generally better preferred than others because of their service, delivery, and customer support.
  • Budget
    Find the right online furniture store for yourself based on budget. Whether you’re looking for premium luxury furniture online or affordable pieces that will give your interiors a different look now and then, online furniture stores have multiple options. Many online furniture websites also offer discounts, including for first-time usage, incentives like signing up for newsletters, as well as exclusive deals for members. Whatever your budget, you are sure to find the right online furniture store for your furniture needs.

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