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While art collectors have always coveted and hunted artworks by masters and novices alike, art has become a coveted household entity in the recent past. The pandemic gave everyone the impetus to beautify the four walls they had been stuck inside for months together. So naturally, people turned to art to address their feelings and boost their moods.

Finding decor pieces that resonate with you and buying them online is in vogue, now more than ever. For example, in 2023, Christie’s saw the potential in virtual markets, as it hosted a record-breaking $70 million digital artwork. Thus, auction houses, galleries, retailers, and artists are now fast-tracking their skills at digital art virtual expos, online sales platforms, and social media adverts.

40 Best Places To Buy Home Decor Arts Online In 2024:

To shorten your search and widen your choices, we have curated the 40 best home decor stores online to buy home art from as you set about adorning the backdrop for your next home office meeting!

Marta Balazs, Founder / Interior Designer at Embee Interiors says, “Utilising various textures on walls, in artwork helps create an engaging visual scheme. Incorporating organic shapes fosters a welcoming atmosphere, transforming the home into an inviting space rather than feeling confined.”

1. Minted

This portal is known for its eye-popping prints and boasts a wide variety to choose from. There is also a bonus of selecting a frame that you would like your print to be in.


✅Moderately priced

MInredart - home decor online store

Image Credit:

A very famous name in art circles. The art displayed has everything from original artworks of masters, oil painting prints, and watercolor pieces to vintage posters.

✅Must-visit store for everyone in the design field

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sotheby - home decor online store

Image Credit:

A vast art warehouse, you can get canvas prints from Picasso to Warhol to vintage posters.


artcom - home decor online store

Image Credit:

Better Shared was set up in 2016 to showcase fine arts originating from the African community. The most unique factor is a curated collection for budget shops where everything under the tag is under 100 GBP.

✅One can find everything from prints, photographs, paintings to mixed-media works.

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bettershared - home decor online store

Image Credit:

The online emporium is a warehouse of wall art, prints, paintings, delicate tapestries, mixed-media arts, wood, acrylic, wicker art, etc. From exquisite high-end artists’ collaborations only available at Anthropologie to easy-going art prints.

✅Brings a sense of unique dynamism to any space of your home.

Anthropologie - home decor online store

Image Credit:

The best part of artsy is that it helps you get in touch with artists showcasing their art in galleries, but you cannot visit. Especially during the pandemic, this was one of the most preferred art stores to get value for money.

✅Your go-to option to get some good value and original art

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artsy - home decor online store

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Etsy is one of the most famous portals to find. The listings here are made by online retailers as well as artists and are available to everyone. For this reason, it’s always better to have a clear idea of what you want in terms of color and shape.

✅Sells one-of-a-kind art and handmade decor

etsy - home decor online store

Image Credit:

Society6 helps showcase new talent and budding artists by assisting them to upload their work right from their homes. 

✅Get artwork in different forms like prints and event cushions

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society6 - home decor online store

Image Credit:

Saatchi Art gives artists the chance to exhibit their work to a broad online audience. Saatchi curates a wide array of wall hangings, paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture, collages, and prints. It was set up with the idea to give undiscovered artists their claim to fame by helping them showcase their work to a broad online audience.

✅Sells museum-worthy work

saatchi - home decor online store

Image Credit:

Created to merge interior design and photography with the spirit of travel, people can get away from their homes through scenes in Gray’s photographs. In this store, all you need to do is pick your favorite art online!

✅Premium-quality framing offered

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gray malin

Image Credit:

From high-end curated vintage paintings to recent contemporary art and photographs by well-known artists, this is your one-stop shop in New York for designer, vintage, and exclusive home furnishings and art for every price point.

✅One-stop shop for vintage, original artwork for all budgets

One Kings Lane
Image Credit:

From reasonably priced budding stars to exclusive famous artists’ limited editions and special art editions, there are more than 3000 stellar prints with museum-quality mounting and framing.

✅Reasonably-priced artwork

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Image Credit:

At Leif, one can flip through a wide range of both original and limited-edition print artwork. These prints can complement all kinds of bohemian and minimal spaces.

✅Suits all interior design styles

leif - home decor online store

Image Credit:

Set up during the turn of the millennium, 1stDibs has kept an eye on extraordinary design. As a result, they have successfully connected millions of art lovers and décor seekers with vintage, antique, and contemporary furniture, home décor, art, fine jewelry, watches, and fashion.

✅Get the feel and ambiance of the Paris flea market into people’s homes worldwide

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1stDib - home decor online store

Image Credit:

Contemporary African design is making its mark on global strategy, and 54Kibo wants everyone to participate. Their unique campaign has benefitted a lot of African communities financially and socially as well.

✅Socially responsible and charitable brand

54Kibo - home decor online store
Image Credit:

Unlike other portals, Central & Grand specializes only in large-scale commercial photographs. However, their unique collections of modernist portrayals of the world lend a very complimentary tone to your home.

✅Suits any space

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central and grand
Image Credit:

This unique collection is focused on uplifting emerging independent artists in general. This doesn’t stop at just portraying their work online but also investing in their careers, supporting development through exhibitions, and organizing a residency program as well.

✅Roots for budding artists and help establish their careers

tappan collective
Image Credit:

The main objective of Tiny Showcase was to make the art collection as economical as possible so that more like-minded individuals could take it up. Moreover, they release a limited edition artwork every week, and the funds collected are donated to the charity of the artist’s choice.

✅Economical artwork sold for charitable purposes

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tiny showcase
Image Credit:

Overview has a unique and niche approach to art. They document one and only thing. The earth. Everything you see is taken from a vantage point that shows the complexity of the world we live in. They aim to create an awareness that would be beneficial for the future.

✅The only place you need to look for Earth-related image

over view
Image Credit:

PCP was set up to bridge the gap between artists and art enthusiasts. It was imperative that the buyer be a part of the creative narrative of the artwork that he owns. 

✅You can find contemporary art from up-and-coming artists connected to the piece and creation process

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Image Credit:

The Museum of Modern Art recently went online to further curate selection in your homes, rather than framed prints and canvas art simply hanging in the art galleries. The items include anything from high-quality prints of famous works to economical prints, among other decor pieces.

✅Complete collection of economical and high-end artwork

moma design store
Image Credit:

Absolut art is a modern-day collaboration with acclaimed artists and upcoming talent as well. There is also a guarantee of a no-questions-asked return policy if you feel something is out of place. In addition, their range caters to a more modern and abstract profile of art.

✅Get renowned modern art made readily available for you

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Image Credit:

As their tagline suggests, “Art for everyone”, they have made a wide range of vintage, retro, modern, and surreal fine art prints available for everyone to use. They firmly believe in rewarding artists for their work by offering them a successful living through these sales.

✅Large variety for you to choose from

Image Credit: 20×

Spacey Studios houses a wide array of expensive and renowned artists in the online marketplace. They also have a unique feature where you can commission your art by answering a personalized questionnaire, so you can exactly explicitly design the gallery wall in your living room!

✅Premium artwork by renowned artists

✅Expensive artwork for exemplary spaces

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Image Credit:

Uprise is famous for garnering the support of talented new artists and giving them a platform to sell their art worldwide. You can find refreshing modern and affordable art here, to beautify your bare walls. 

✅Your go-to to witness novel art that stays timeless

uprise art
Image Credit:

Eye Storm is one of the oldest art houses that has been the torchbearer for modern art. They house contemporary works from emerging and established artists at both affordable and upscale prices.

✅Timeless store with timeless artwork for all budgets

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eye storm
Image Credit:

U gallery was formed to give upcoming artists a fair platform to show their art and earn income. You can find a host of contemporary art and realistic portraits from lesser-known local artists at affordable prices.

✅Fresh talent’s artwork for a fair price

U gallery
Image Credit:

Artspace is a powerhouse of post-modern and ultra-contemporary art made by and available all over the world. Apart from just paintings, they also sell décor items and household items designed by various artists. They have over 500 collaborations worldwide with physical galleries and conduct weekly auctions as well.

✅Global powerhouse for modern art

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Image Credit:

Citizen Atelier is known for housing luxury art that has been covered by reputed magazines like Elle Décor and Architectural Digest. They work with esteemed artists worldwide to give art lovers and collectors a plethora of primarily modern art with exclusive pricing.

✅A credible place to buy high-end, expensive, and exquisite artwork by famous designers

citizen atelier
Image Credit:

Ghostly mainly deals with visual art and music and is known for its experimental-pop and techno-combined art. The work is in-depth with visual artists, designers, and technologists.

✅Great pick for novelty designs

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the ghostly store
Image Credit:

An online portal that sells sustainable art and decor but is exclusively made for women. They sell everything from art to everyday objects at reasonable prices as well.

✅By women, for women, and from women

AHA life
Image Credit:


Their most recent collaborations include Mira Dancy, Ellen Berkenblit, Chris Martin, Rob Pruitt, Emily Mae Smith, Chloe Wise, Andrew Kuo, Shara Hughes, Sean Landers, Greg Bogin, and many more. They generally launch weekly digital print editions, exclusive silkscreens, furniture, sculpture editions, and original works on paper.

✅Contemporary art at exclusive prices

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Exhibition A
Image Credit:

With affordable stunning artworks by countless talented artists, the “Wall Designer” tool has to be their winning label. They are allowing you to drag and drop their art onto your wall.

✅Virtually place their art into your wall and visualize your finished wall

Processed with VSCO with al6 preset
Image Credit:

An exclusive collection of modern art from young urban artists, they believe art should be fun. Fitting the bill on any budget, famous artwork from all around the globe is available to adorn the walls of new culture homeowners.

✅Get famous artwork for all budgets

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eyes on walls
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Your one-stop shop to buy signed original pieces directly from artists around the world. Artfinder has something for all tastes and budgets while supporting authentic, handmade artworks supporting artists’ passion.

✅Sold to you straight from creators around the world

Image Credit:

From traditional to modern to boho artwork, Target, with its collections and pocket-friendly prices, may just surprise you and brighten up your wall and day! A curated collaboration with artists and interior designers on everything from furniture to art gives you access to an elite lot.

✅Vast variety of collections sold at affordable prices

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Image Credit:

Is there anything we can’t turn to Amazon for? Art prints are no exceptions. The collection is perfect for new homeowners looking to spruce up their empty walls, from sets of affordable prints to photographs that are ready to be hung.

✅Large variety in budget-friendly prices

Image Credit:

With museum-quality, contemporary abstract prints from all over the world, add a vibrant character to your walls without breaking your bank.

✅If significant, bold, and fun is your type, Jungalow is just for you.

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Image Credit:

With Scandinavian and Nordic roots, the platform takes inspiration from Nordic lifestyle, fashion, interior design, and nature, giving you artworks that mimic the beauty and tranquility of the minimalist lifestyle.

✅ Tailored high-quality prints and posters to suit your style

the poster club
Image Credit:

A black-owned firm, the pool features modern abstracts and landscapes, pastel botanicals, and fun fauna as their core muses, bringing together artists and collectors.

✅ Tailored to all tastes and needs

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walker noble studios
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home design render by Sa Design Studio

As online buyers, it’s impossible to palpate the artwork. Hence you must keep specific parameters such as brand, artist preference, and, most importantly, budget in mind as you shop.

Buying art is an experience, whether it’s at a ritzy gallery with a glass of wine in hand or through the gleaming display of your laptop in the comfort of your couch. If you ever want to buy an artwork but are puzzled about which style to opt for, you can visualize your finished home with the art piece you have in mind and decide. How do you do that?

Sign up for Foyr Neo’s 14-day free trial, choose a floor plan, or import yours, simply choose the 3D art piece you want from our vast material library, drag and drop it, and render it minutes! You will be able to see which picture suits you best and place your order, without wasting time or money.

Hop onto Neo to make home decorating easier. Start Foyr Neo’s 14-day free trial today.


Sustainable options can be found at stores like The Citizenry and Made Trade, which focus on environmentally conscious and ethically sourced home decor.

Carefully read product descriptions, inspect images thoroughly, and check customer reviews to ensure the quality and authenticity of items from online thrift stores.

Check customer reviews, verify return policies, and research the reputation of the store to ensure the quality and reliability of home decor items.

Vintage and retro items can be found at stores like Etsy Vintage and Chairish, specializing in curated collections of nostalgic home decor.

Online thrift stores like Chairish and AptDeco often have a selection of affordable and unique home decor art pieces.

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