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Cottagecore Interior Design Style

During the pandemic, as own homes turned into holding cells, the whole world turned to an escapist living where soothing, simpler times existed. From painting landscapes to knitting a soft scarf, we captured everything minimalist, artisanal and sentimental.

An interior design trend that brought back memories of visiting your grandparents and being snuggled in a safe, happy house surrounded by fields and babbling brooks skyrocketed. It innately drew from the country life— picket fences, homegrown veggies, botanical motifs, linens, and the smell of freshly baked bread wafting in the air!

History of Modern Cottage

Though we cannot pinpoint the exact period when modern-cottagecore, a more stylized variety, began, the look pulls designs from traditional England of the 19th century.

18th century Cotswold cottage

Image Credit:

18th century Cotswold cottage, newly renovated in Gloucestershire

“Cottages” describe quaint dwellings with lots of charm. A typical English cottage has a thatched roof complete with a chimney, a tiny front garden, a large living room, and small bedrooms.

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Cottagecore Aesthetic

Recent Cottagecore aesthetic radiates a relaxed and organic interior style that elevates your home’s looks and inspires a healthy and peaceful lifestyle living close to nature. While it boasts of traditional furniture, the detailing is often kept understated with neutral shades. Neither stuffy nor boring, cottagecore proffers a graceful and idyllic version of country living.

Cottagecore aesthetic

Image Credit:

While welcoming, the modern cottage style incorporates securities of modernization such as efficient lighting, sleek countertops, moody wall colors, contemporary bathrooms, and rustic minimalism.

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Elements of Cottagecore Decor

Cottagecore interior style has certain classic features that instantly set it apart.

Luscious houseplants in and around the home, natural materials like stone walls and hardwood floors, a fireplace, vintage or heirloom furniture pieces, plush seating, delicate laces, and tons of baskets placed around the house are some of the elements personifying cottagecore.

Small luxury additions such as elegant lighting and slightly updated furniture pieces can help fit the style into any home!

Cottagecore decor elements

Image Credit:

Colors, Materials, and Textures in Cottagecore Decor

This design trend plainly recommends sustainability in every walk!

The chief design elements are natural and organic materials, pastel shades, neutral palettes, print on print, organic textures, and finishes.

However, one can update the style to blend into vintage chic. For instance, botanical prints can be upgraded to luxury Egyptian linens or see-through draperies with traditional country stripes. The perfect examples are the delicately woven Cotton Canvas Bomu Curtains or the textured floral embroidery by Canora Grey.

Cottagecore texture

Elegant & Timeless textiles and textures offered by Emdee

Similarly, for a revitalized color palette, choosing tones such as Pink Ground and Elephants Breath are moodier contemporary twists on the usual pastel favorites.

Cottagecore interior design - materials

Image Credit:

The cabinets are painted in ‘Indigo’ by Edward Bulmer, a moody shade.

As far as textures are concerned, finishes such a fragile vine coiling over a raw-wood vintage door, glossy brass cutlery on rough-hewn cedar root and cotton placemats, fleecy wool blankets laid out next to the exposed bricks fireplace are exciting ways of layering quirky textures together in home decor.


Image Credit:

Exquisite metallic laced placemats, made out of Cedar root and cotton

Organic, tender, and eternal! Cottagecore interior design style transforms your home into a tranquil oasis! Not convinced? Read on. Already onboard? You best read on too…

A. Bedroom

Cladding in the bedroom is increasingly popular for adding character to an otherwise small space.

In whites or greys, a muted wall-paneling to adorn your bedroom will give it an instant chipper-country feel.

Shades like Cheviot or Just off white will create the softest, most subtle backdrop for a good night’s sleep instead of wooden bed boards. It makes the bedroom look larger without loss of intimacy.

So, to stop the room from looking too austere, add layers of complementary shades like beige, cream, and greige.

Start with a corner floor lamp, a pretty boho bohemian wall mirror, and a few old classic British literature to strew around.

The Modern Rattan dresser from West Elm is spacious, stylish, yet rustic enough to transport you into misty moods.

Finally, drop a large canopy bed or a vintage iron-frame bed in the middle of the room to give whimsical cottagecore decor a shout! Thinking of adding some wispy canopy over your bed? We applaud!

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cottagecore interior design for bedroom

Image Credit:

B. Kitchen

The rule is balance; anything too rustic can quickly look dated. In a kitchen, the real estate is mainly occupied by floors, cabinets, and countertops.

It’s a good plan to keep the countertop traditional and the flooring state-of-art, or vice versa. For example, a country-chic limestone flooring will pair gorgeously with a matte black marble top.

Next comes the cabinets. Applying the same principles, opting for traditional timber cabinetry means the fixtures can be a suave, matte black.

However, brushed brass or gold fixtures and faucets will fold flawlessly into the cult-favorites like a Belfast sink in black marble. Metallic faucets and knobs in a seamless stone top acting like celestial lights in an inky black sky.

Done well, a cottagecore kitchen can be quite breath-taking and dreamy.

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cottagecore interior design for kitchen

Image Credit:

C. Living Room

The space where you spend maximum time relaxing and entertaining also see the most traffic and thus, should be inviting, and full of style.

It is the best space to showcase your panache and have some unrestricted fun with home decor.

Surprise, a maximalist cottagecore with an edge exists, and you can try it out here! A dark palette with deeper, warmer colors adds a dramatic richness that can wow guests.

Moody cottage-core is passionate and bold. Think masculine energy of aged leather overlaid on a delicate retro-curved sofa design. Dapper indeed!

Similarly, trunks or suede ottomans make for fantastic cottagecore coffee tables alternatives.

A classic hack is also to affix reclaimed wooden beams exposed as the star of the ceiling.

Finally, lightings have the potential to drive your design to an elite tier. The poised Refine Contemporary Textured Ceiling Light or a more intricate Lustre En Transition – Convertible Lantern from Shades of Lights are impeccable options.

Such a deliberately eclectic mix of textures, trends, and tips can be simple but powerful in enhancing the living room cottagecore.

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cottagecore interior design for living room

Image Credit:

D. Dining Room

As a place that holds together food, wine, and laughter, dining rooms should definitely be the beloved hero of the home.

A statement wallpaper, a unique feature of cottagecore decor, is an excellent place to start to frame the dining.

For instance, the Peonies peel and stick wallpaper that brims with vivacious hummingbirds and flora sets the perfect tone for a cheerful dining affair!

Nothing is as fluent in cottagecore style as a clean rectangular or oval dining table of natural hardwood tabletop with elegantly carved strong legs, awaiting a robust meal of homegrown and home-cooked meal!

The distressed rosewood finish of the Harriette Dining Table grants an instant grown-up glamor.

Drape a linen table runner with botanical prints, swath the kettles with tea-cozy, and keep a pot of golden honey handy for the delight of a simpler time. Don’t forget baskets full of fresh fruits and vases spilling over with fresh flowers for some country splendor!

Finally, adorn the dining table with some exquisite transferware lightings like the Jackie Pendant, or English rose with brass accents to ace the swanky vibrations of cottagecore dining.

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cottagecore interior design for dining room

Image Credit:

E. Bathroom

Is there a person on earth who doesn’t yearn for a claw-foot tub in their bathroom? Ultimate cottagecore style, these tubs look right out of a period drama.

Using anti-slip stone lavishly on the floors and walls are also ploys to up your cottagecore game. While warm-toned or white stones are corny, grey or, black stones will add a pensive slant to this country classic.

Like the kitchen, brushed or antique brass fixtures for the pipes, faucets, and showers are a bonus luxury farmhouse.

In bathrooms, introduce organic materials through wicker baskets for storage, bath linens, and a final touch of an ornately carved mirror.

The goal of the cottagecore trend is pieces that make you feel at home. So fetch that pumpkin-flavored hand wash that so reminds you of thanksgiving!

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cottagecore interior design for bathroom

Image Credit:

10 Best Cottagecore Home Design Ideas:

We will now share some snazzy design ideas for a cottagecore home makeover without undertaking a total revamp. Versatile as it is, you can bring home this trend through just a few trinkets and treasures even!

1. Gardens

Don’t restrict yourself to boring manicured lawns when it comes to fairy-tale garden styling.

Zone your gardens into smaller sections for flowers beds, herbs, and even some little veggies. Remember, abundance is the watchword of cottagecore home.

For a cottage meadow, have oodles of blossoming wildflowers and watch how bees, birds, robins, jays, sparrows, woodpeckers become regular visitors to your garden.

Hang a hammock or fix a vintage slatted bench. Then, maybe, you can catch a butterfly at close quarters, having its fill of your dandelions!

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2. Greens and Flowers

Needless to say, your house should have a green heart inside! So invite a climbing rose tendril to crawl up your entrance door for a dainty woodland welcome.

Potted plants mounted in rows on ledges in kitchens and bedrooms are typical cottagecore. When filled with plenty of greenery and flora, a country freshness spreads throughout the house.

Don’t have a green thumb? Dried flowers and leaves done right have romantic nostalgia notes to them!

Hang from some twine a few sprigs of lavender on your curtain rods or fireplace entryway. Dried Craspedia is full of color and will fill your vases with joy.

Garden succulents spilling out in baskets or preserved boxwood topiaries are some low-maintenance tricks of desert-cottage flair.

Who says you have to wait for Christmas to deck your home in boughs of holly! A delicate bundle of eucalyptus and lambs ear leaves entwined a grapevine base with fluffy cotton balls peeking out are a staple farmhouse wreath for your rustic doors.

Floral prints, and paintings, and botanical illustrations can be bursts of life on your walls without getting overbearing. What are your thoughts on a darling hyacinth painting in the bedroom for a calming sleep?

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cottage design with green and flowers

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3. Flooring & Rugs

Who doesn’t love the old flagstone floor that carries country tunes? However, stone flooring can be high maintenance and may not hold heat in.

Instead, tiles that mimic the exact worn patina and variations of natural stone can be equally enchanting.

Similarly, hardwood floors are innately cottage-style. However, there are luxury vinyl and laminates that render the same looks while being durable and versatile. But again, choosing finishes that have coarse grains and knots across the surface are keys.

Throwing down faux sheepskin rugs, thread bear carpets, or hand-knotted throws like a contemporary farmhouse neutral complement this inviting look well.

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cottagecore rugs

Image Credit:

4. Sun-Seats

Cushioned sun-seats or window seats wrapped in patchwork blankets, lacy slipcovers, and scores of stuffed throw pillows in soft fabrics offer a cushy cottage feel. Curl up watching the leaves outside dance lazily in the afternoon sun.

cottagecore interior design - sun seats

5. Fireplace

The magnificence of a fireplace in a cottage. Flanked by chintz chairs, even a non-working fireplace can turn into centerpieces.

The mantle can become a place of pride, showcasing all your antique baubles. Spread the Loloi Bryce rug to conjure up timeworn tales of game hunting of farm life.

Sitting by a hearty fireplace sipping hot cocoa, listening to the crackle of a roaring fire on a chilly winter evening. Maybe you can get started on that knitting right about now. Can it get more cottagecore?

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cottagecore interior design - fireplace

Image Credit:

6. Basic and Organic Design Ideas

If it’s organic, it fits! That’s the motto of a cottage home design.

Simple printed duvets, DIY quilts, slub-linen table cloths, cotton dish towels, and chunky knits strewn about in the living room to keep you warm.

Layering handloom rugs and throws made of natural materials are a quick tip to achieve the farmcore style.

Basically, anything that is not overly showy will blend seamlessly into this simplistic rural aesthetic.

Invest in the Kucharski White Reversible Comforter Set for an en vogue cottage comfort.

cottagecore basics

Image Credit:

7. Chock-Full of Storage

Vintage bureaus, ornate sideboards, dressers, old-school trunks, and burly wardrobes are clever decor ideas to achieve this trend.

However, cottagecore is an airy style. Constructing these cabinets door-less with little ornate legs and shelves propped on oversized brackets will prevent that outdated bearing.

Also, opting for pale or whitewashed wooden furniture will help with a weathered cottage look.

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cottagecore storage

Image Credit:

8. Pots and Pans

The Cottagecore look is a little bit messy, a wee noisy, and a whole lotta love!

Show your utensils some love and scrub them out. Now get some hooks and hangers to display the now gleaming copper pots and pans Julia child style on the walls.

You may also build a charming white wood open shelf in the corner of your kitchen and prop them proudly.

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pots and pans

Image Credit:

9. Chinaware

Devoted to vintage china cabinets that are bursting with vintage ceramics, like us?

We are talking dainty floral china, teacups with gold trims, saucers with doilies, kettles with quilted tea-cozy, and jugs filled with warm milk. Quintessential cotton core! Transported to evening teas in English gardens yet?

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10. Candles

Ask any “Hygge” courtesan, and they will vouch for the significance of candles in creating a snug, idyllic environment. Hygge, the Danish concept of making a living space that is intimate, cozy, and placid, right in line with cottage-core

Candles are the perfect alley to creating this look.

Setting clusters on your bedroom nightstands, dining table centers, mantel, and reading nooks will sprinkle countryside glow in your home and heart!

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cottage design with candles

Image Credit:


By now, we are well-versed in the ethereal beauty of cottagecore head over to Foyr Neo. Start fashioning your own country-heaven right away using our software effortlessly and within minutes. From our vast 3D model library, you are sure to find something new to include in your home!

Finally, compliment all of the above tips with large open windows, mild sunshine, fresh air, good food, and heartfelt conversations and experience the joys of a guileless and picturesque living! And for the love of God, leave those pesky laptops, cell phones, tik-tok, and social media behind.

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