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Mediterranean Interior Design

Mediterranean Interior design is one of the most popular styles all around the world. It gives the space a unique and stylish look while keeping everything clean and minimal. This article will tell you everything about Mediterranean interior design, from its history to design tips and decorating ideas. If you are a homeowner looking to re-design your home, make sure you read till the end.

What is Mediterranean-Style Interior Design?

As the name suggests, Mediterranean-Style Interior Design refers to Southern European Countries like Italy, Morocco, Greece, Spain, etc. It is known for its fresh appearance, use of natural material, and cosy vibe. It is a timeless interior design style and is perfect for someone who loves minimalist and clean designs while still giving it a royal feel.

Since most Mediterranean countries are warm, the interior design is best suited for homes with ample sunlight. The Mediterranean Style makes use of light warm colours like white, brown, lime. These colours help in brightening up space and creating an illusion of a bigger space.

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Mediterranean design style

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History of Mediterranean-Style Interior Design

The Mediterranean region includes all the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. This region which covers around 22 countries, has a temperate climate. The climatic conditions of this region have played a considerable role in building the interior design style. They are designed to cater to the needs of a warm and dry climate.

Even though every country in the Mediterranean region has a very different culture, the Mediterranean style of interior is familiar to many of them. Similar elements can be found in every country. However, each country has built their unique styles over the years. For example, Greece’s interiors widely use cobalt blue, and dark floors and village motifs are typical in Italy.

By the 1920s, this interior design style became popular in the United States due to its Spanish influence. Since US cities like Florida and California have warm and sunny weather like the Mediterranean Countries, the style was suitable and was popularized by various interior designers. The Mediterranean interior design style also represented leisure and luxury. This is also one of the reasons it gained popularity in the USA.

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Key Elements of Mediterranean decor

The critical defining elements of the Mediterranean home design are:

1. Sunlight:

Since the design was built for temperate climate conditions, they make full use of the sun. Thus, big windows are a big part of the interior design style. Windows are also decorated with white window sills to give a more clean look.

2. Indoor-outdoor Design:

Mediterranean designs highly focus on both indoor and outdoor designs. Outdoor spaces like balconies, front yards are designed and furnished as well.

3. Use of Natural Material:

Stone, Terracotta, Wood are some of the critical components of their style. They are used everywhere in Mediterranean architecture. Wrought iron, is another component widely used in home design. Using these components alone can be sufficient in creating the desired look.

4. Royal yet minimalist:

Despite the use of stone walls and bright colors, the Mediterranean design is minimalist and straightforward. It does add too many elements. Less is always more.

Types of Mediterranean Interior Design

Today there are four major Mediterranean interior styles:

1. Greece:

The Greek-style heavily uses blue and turquoise shades within their designs. It also makes use of mosaic tiles and flooring. These are balanced with iron furniture and light-colored rugs with intricate designs.

2. Spanish Revival:

The Spanish Revival and Moroccon styles are very similar in their design. Like the Greek style, the Spanish style also uses blue, but it is primarily in furniture. Spanish designs also make use of terracotta tiles and pots. The look is simple, functional, and minimal.

3. Italian:

Unique in their way, Italian designs are filled with round arches, overhead beams, wooden flooring, and stone structures.

4. Modern Mediterranean:

It is a combination of the traditional Mediterranean revival design and modern architecture. It makes use of new and modern techniques while giving it a traditional finish.

While these are the most popular types of interior designs, each country in Southern Europe has a different and unique style of its own. Thus, if you can look at the culture of a specific country as well to create your style, these designs also do not have any strict rules, and you can modify them to your liking and needs. The types mentioned above are only to guide you to the different kinds of designs.

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Mediterranean Interior Design type

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10 Mediterranean-Style Interior Design Decor Ideas:

A Mediterranean style is simple and easy to recreate if a few things are kept in mind. These tips will help you in creating the perfect design:

1. Allow sunlight in:

Ensure the space gets maximum exposure to sunlight. You can also build additional windows for the same.

2. Use a lot of whites:

The white color helps in brightening up space. It also reflects sunlight very well and creates a bright room. Incorporating white walls, furniture, ceilings can be a great way to give the area a Mediterranean look.

3. Create accent walls:

An accent wall is one wall within the area that has a different and unique color/texture. This helps in defining the space and gives it more character. Depending on the choice, one can go for blue textured walls or stone walls to create accent walls.

4. Create Arches:

Round Arches near doors and other corners can be a great way to incorporate an Italian style. They also make a distinction in spaces, giving it a clear divide.

5. Please keep it simple:

As elegant and royal Mediterranean interiors look, they are often simple but functional. Because of the use of whites, it is often difficult to maintain the house. Hence, it is crucial to focus on functionality over design.

6. Experiment:

Even though the style is unique, there is a wide variety of options for everyone. So don’t worry, and experiment with everything.

7. Use Natural Elements:

Natural elements like stone, terracotta, wood, marble must be widely used.

8. Furnish well:

Furniture is equally essential. Use unique and statement elements in your furniture. Large Sofa, armchairs, chandeliers, etc., can help in putting together the whole look.

9. Accessorize well:

Accessories may seem like a small element but can make or break the look. Make use of big carpets, rugs and stylish curtains to add finishing touches to your home. Intricately designed rugs are of great cultural importance in southern Europe. Invest in a good quality piece. Tall, bushy and live indoor plants can be a great accessory as well. Plants such as Areca, lemon, ZZ, and Sansevieria can be great options.

10. Stick to a colour scheme:

Even though Mediterranean styles predominantly rely on light warm-toned colours, there are plenty of options in calm tones as well. However, it is essential to stick to one kind of colour palette for the room. Mixing palettes will not create a cohesive look and make the house look incomplete.

1. Mediterranean Style for Kitchen

The kitchen is an essential element of a Mediterranean home. Wide and long kitchens with a dedicated island and dining table are common in these styles. Hence, if space is not an issue, invest in a spacious kitchen. However, the Mediterranean style can be incorporated in smaller kitchens as well.

Warm and wooden cabinets are a great way to give the kitchen a Mediterranean touch quickly. However, if wooden cabinets are not possible, you can invest in stone textured tiles and marble countertops. These help in creating a rustic look. Hand-painted tiles in blue and other bright color schemes are also traditional to the Greek interiors. Adding them will help in breaking the monotony and adding colors to the kitchen.

Statement lamps and lights can also add to the character and give it a cozier and warmer look. Invest in yellow lights and candles so that they can appropriately highlight the unique elements of your kitchen.

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Mediterranean Style for Kitchen

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Ceilings can also be decorated for a classy look. Wooden ceiling designs, wood beams, and patterns are commonly found in Mediterranean kitchens. They help add warmth to space and separate the kitchen from the rest of the house.

While designing the kitchen, keep in mind your specific needs and add modern elements to it. Make space for the modern technological devices you may use in your kitchen to remain functional. For example, if you are a family of 3, investing in a large dining room just for the aesthetic may not be a wise decision. Build the furniture to suit your needs and modify design styles according to your requirements.

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kitchen design renders by bernice anastatia

2. Mediterranean Style for Living room

The living room is the star element of a Mediterranean house. Since natural light is at the core of the Mediterranean aesthetic, making use of all windows and sources of light is the perfect starting point. Choose rooms with big windows and east/west-facing windows to ensure that your living space receives maximum sunlight.

If you have ample space, invest in large furniture pieces. A large sofa with oversized cushions can be a significant statement element in the living space. And will minimize the effort you will have to put into the decor. However, even if you have a small room, you can create a perfect look by adding other statement pieces like an armchair, lamps, chandeliers, etc. can also achieve a similar look.

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Mediterranean Style for Living room

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For small spaces, adding full-sized mirrors can also be a statement piece. Mirrors also reflect light and create an illusion of a bigger space, so it is a win-win. Adding tall plants can also increase the height of the area and make it look bigger. Keep the plants in terracotta pots to stick to the Mediterranean vibe.

However, you must ensure not to clutter the space with objects and furniture, and stick to a single color palette. Less is always more in this style. So, if you have to choose between an open space and a statement piece of furniture, choose the available space.

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3. Mediterranean Style for Bathroom

Bathrooms are often an ignored element in interior design. But since the Mediterranean style was developed for people who love leisure, the design has given special attention to bathrooms. Mediterranean bathroom designs are royal, unique yet simple. There are a wide variety of options to choose from as well. All white, all wood, or all brown styles are the most popular designs.

In creating a bathroom, keep the following things in mind:

  1. Separate each space: Try to create a division between the vanity, toilet, and shower through wall dividers or glass. Even shower curtains will do the job.
  2. Lights: Lighting is crucial. Since bathrooms generally receive less light, it is essential to fill the gap with artificial lights. Depending on the theme of the toilet, choose the correct kind of light.
  3. Open bathrooms: Open showers and bathtubs are famous in all Mediterranean interior designs. Suppose you can incorporate it in your bedroom.
  4. Comfort: Bathrooms are a space to relax and unwind. Make sure your bathroom resonates with that. Use furniture to create a relaxing vibe.

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Mediterranean Style for Bathroom

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4. Mediterranean Style Outdoor Area

Outdoor spaces are just as important as indoor spaces in the Mediterranean design. Thus, do not ignore decorating the outdoor room that you have. Whether it is a patio, balcony, or terrace, there is a lot to experiment with. Since space is outdoors and contacts with the natural environment, including natural elements become even more necessary in these spaces. Stone tiles, wooden chairs with a traditional design, terracotta pots can be simple yet effective ways to decorate an outdoor area.

If you do not have an outdoor area, decorate the area near your main door and entrance. Unique wooden doors with plants and stone walls can give a nice touch to the entrance of the house.

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Mediterranean Style Outdoor Area

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A Mediterranean-style home is a great option for someone who enjoys a comfortable, royal and minimalist design. Creating this look in your house can seem challenging, but with the right knowledge and inspiration, you can create a perfect interior design.

This style also suits all budget options and is highly customizable. If you need more interior design ideas and solutions, visit Foyr guide for information on any kind of room design and home decor. You are sure to find styling solutions for every type of design, budget, and space.

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