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Headboard Ideas

The bedroom as space is consistently devoid of a statement design element. Being a tranquil space would make a good bedroom instrumental in a good night’s sleep. But how does one add some visual element to a bedroom without it taking over the whole room but complementing the décor?

The answer lies in the variations you can have while designing your headboard. With the help of a good headboard design, you can create that much needed focal point of the room.

Types of Headboard

A headboard design is far from just a simple item you put behind the bed. There are four main variations of headboards that can fit into your particular space:-

a) Hanging Headboard

The onset of the DIY culture is instrumental in the revival of the hanging headboard. One can create anything and hang it over the wall behind the bed. It can be anything from a rug, a piece of live edge wood or even just some lights on a towel rod. The best part is that you can even change the headboard easily when you are bored of it a few years down the line and are looking for new bedroom ideas

b) Floating Headboard

Just as the name suggests, a floating headboard doesn’t touch anything from the floor to the bed. It is fixed onto the wall to give the bed a more straightforward, lighter and minimal look. The major drawback of a floating headboard is that you would have to unscrew and fix it if you plan to relocate or even move the bed’s position. 

c) Bed Frame Mounted

One of the easiest to use and convenient variations is the headboard that can be attached to the bed itself. When you buy a bed, make sure that it already has pre-existing spaces and drill holes in the correct location so that you can attach your customised headboards. 

d) Free Standing Headboard

For those who don’t have the time, you can purchase a free-standing headboard that you can place behind your bed. Make sure you have the appropriate bed size in mind while looking for a free-standing headboard. 

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blue velvet long headboard created on foyr neo

Headboard Materials

When it comes to the materials that you can use in the production of a headboard, the sky is the limit. Anything with visual appeal, character and style can go behind your bed. But if we narrow it down to the most used materials, you can find headboards made from the items listed below. 

a) Wood Headboard

One can safely assume that wood is the most used material for manufacturing a headboard. You can use virtually any kind of wood to make your bed, and subsequently, your bedroom looks great. 

b) Painted Wood Headboard

It isn’t easy to find a ready-made headboard that has been painted over. You can quickly add a nice coat of paint using oil paint with a glossy or satin finish to give your bed and headboard a brand new look. But the main idea of painted wood is to paint it yourself when you grow weary of the Headboard’s current look.

c) Stained Wood Headboard

If you are a connoisseur and love the essence of wood grains and their characteristics, this is the way for you. You can bring out the grains of the wood by coating the wooden Headboard with some lacquer or varnish and protecting it from any abrasions. 

d) Rattan & Wicker Headboard

Rattan or wicker is a type of fibre garnered from a palm tree. This material is mainly used in the bedroom that wants to achieve a tropical look. Its malleability and tensile strength can make it easy to be woven into any shape. They are generally incorporated into wooden frames to complement the backdrop of the bed and the room as a whole.

e) Wrought Iron Headboard

The most traditional material happens to be wrought iron. It has been used for centuries and looks attractive if done right. A petite minimal pattern against a white wall can create a lasting visual effect in the bedroom. 

f) Brass Headboard

Brass is another metal you can use if you don’t like the Victorian era wrought iron look. It can help you get a more sophisticated and chic touch to your headboard. The best part of brass is that the older it gets, the more it compliments your decor ideas. 

g) Fabric Headboard

The first choice of any Scandinavian or boho design would be a linen tufted headboard. The weave and colour of linen can assist in the headboard looking minimalist, muted and very classy at the same time.

h) Leather Headboard

Leather is one of the most long-lasting materials used on an upholstered headboard. It is also easy to clean and maintain but would attract a lot of heat if you live in a warm area. Moreover, with the rise in cases against sourcing leather, most companies go for faux leather.

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25 Amazing Headboard Design Ideas for Your Bedroom

Headboards are not just limited to their variation and material. They can be a lot of design styles that you can explore to create that perfect picture in your bedroom. Listed below are the 25 most stylish headboard ideas for your bedroom. 

1. Corner Headboard

If you happen to use a studio apartment and space is not a luxury, you can choose to push the bed to a corner and wrap your headboard at a 90-degree angle to create a cosy nook.

corner headboard

2. Open-Frame Headboard

You can achieve a more minimal look if you show the back wall through your headboard. Instead of blocking the wall behind, you can build the open or semi-open frame with bars, rods or slats to make it see-through. 

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open frame headboard

Image Credit:

3. Tiled Headboard

There can be many options for you when you choose to tile the wall halfway behind the bed. It would be easy to clean and requires zero maintenance for years to come. 

tiled headboard

Image Credit:

4. Entire wall Covered Headboard

If you are a risk-taker and are bold enough, you can cover the whole wall with a panel. The panel can be upholstered, painted, or even left bare to create a bold statement. But keep in mind this is a viable option only if you have a large bedroom.

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entire wall covered headboard

Image Credit:

5. Nightstands Wrapped in Headboard

In the age of functionality, it is widespread to wrap the headboard around your bedside tables. This gives it the illusion that a significant part of the bedroom is one singular unit. This system is generally used when the room’s width is more diminutive.

nightstands wrapped in headboard

Image Credit:

6. Wall Mounted Headboard

Although it can appear to be a wall décor piece, it can also function as a bed headboard, thereby making it multi-functional. 

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wall mounted headboard

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7. Mirror Headboard

Adding a mirror can get in more light and make the room brighter than it is. So if you feel like your space is a bit compact, don’t be afraid to go for a mirrored headboard that will make your room airier and lighter. 

mirror headboard

Image Credit:

8. Rattan Headboard

Woven wicker or rattan can complement any tropical outlook. Its neutral language can fit into any design style easily.

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rattan headboard

Image Credit:

9. Traditional Headboard

Traditional headboards consist of rich, intricate carvings on wood and are usually frame mounted. They can be made of various colonial fabrics but usually feature elements made from wood. You can find their roots in the Victorian era when artisans worked on every corner with rich carvings.

traditional headboard

Image Credit:

10. Panel Headboard

This type of headboard consists of several parts or sections that make up the length or the width of the headboard. Usually, they are made of equal sizes, but you can also choose to make them organic for dramatic effect. They are often tufted with leather or fabric.

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panel headboard

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11. Slat Headboard

Slat headboards are made from wood or metal ribs or slats. They feature a variety of colours and can be arranged in a host of different ways. It can also add an illusion of depth to a small bedroom.

slat headboard

Image Credit:

12. Contemporary Headboard

A contemporary headboard is an ode to sleek, minimal lines and décor that would be prevalent throughout your house and modern bedroom. They can have smooth surfaces and be made of modern materials like glass, stainless steel or chrome.

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contemporary headboard

Image Credit:

13. Four Poster Headboard

If you have a large room like the primary bedroom and an ethnic affinity to design, the four-poster headboard is the design feature that you should go for. It can perfectly complement your sizeable open space, especially with a high ceiling.

four poster headboard

Image Credit:

14. Elegant Headboards

Elegance as a term can change from person to person. Traditional elegance uses luxurious fabrics to match dark rosewood tones, while modern elegance can have silky fabric and be functional.

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Image Credit:

15. Shabby Chic Headboards

Shabby chic is a style that is here to stay. It incorporates worn and torn furniture into the design landscape by making it look classy and chic. The best part of this theme is making your existing design shabby chic by giving it a distressed treatment. You don’t need to invest in a separate headboard piece to achieve the look.

shabby chic headboard

Image Credit:

16. Storage Headboards

Storage headboards bluntly put are in boxes placed behind the bed with openable flaps from the top to store items like bed linen. You can choose to go for something like this if there is a lack of storage in your room but don’t want to compromise your bedroom aesthetics. 

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storage headboard

Image Credit:

17. Bookcase Headboard

Headboards that have open shelving are called bookcase headboards. However, besides showcasing your book collection, you can also use it to showcase personal memorabilia like photos or items collected from your travels to add a personal touch.

storage headboard

Image Credit:

18. Wingback Headboard

Most headboards are the same thickness all the way across. As the name suggests, Wingback headboards have protrusions on either side of the frame. Although it was derived from the concept of wingback chairs, it is more of a visual appeal that attracts users to a wingback headboard. Moreover, it also gives a cosy feel to the bed.

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wingback headboard

Image Credit:

19. Chalk Headboard

A fun project, especially for a kid’s bedroom, is to have a chalk finish to the headboard. This has proven to be a fun distraction to have in a kid’s bedroom.

chalk headboard

Image Credit:

20. Rustic Headboard

A rustic headboard is usually a project with pieces or a large plank of reclaimed wood headboard hanging up on the bed wall. The dark colour of the rustic wood can further enhance a room when placed against minimal light backgrounds.

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rustic headboard

Image Credit:

21. DIY Headboard

A DIY headboard idea can be anything from a personally crafted tie and dye rug or perhaps a painted wooden door that you can hang at the back of the bed. The whole idea of DIY is to be economical and look good simultaneously.

diy headboard

Image Credit:

22. Moroccan Headboard

A Moroccan headboard involves intricate patterns and motifs to give it a wow factor but at the same time be neutral in its approach. You can choose to get the carvings made on wood or even white marble if you have deep pockets or decide to laser cut to make a see-through and unique headboard.

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moroccan headboard

Image Credit:

23. Extended Headboard

An extended headboard is usually seen in a hotel room or kid’s bedroom where there are two beds side by side and have one continuous Headboard connecting them and uniting the whole bedroom décor. These can not be purchased online and has to be tailor-made to your bedroom and bed dimensions. 

extended headboard

Image Credit:

24. Camouflage Headboard

This décor style aims to cover the accent wall, the headboard and sometimes even the bed in the same material to make a statement boldly. More often, the material used would be something funky like wallpaper or fabric with bold colours and characteristics. This style is all about showcasing the material rather than the design of the headboards. 

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camouflage headboard

Image Credit:

25. Decal Headboard

A super hit among renters, the decal using headboards is the most economical and pocket-friendly option. You can choose any available sticker and paste it on the wall behind your bed to give it an immediate makeover. 

decal headboard

Image Credit:


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