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Bedroom Mood Board

Have design ideas but need clarifications about how to go about them? A mood board can ease the job and help you build your dream bedroom. A great start to curating interior design is through a mood board. You can organize the materials, colors, and textures on a single canvas and better understand the entire look and feel of the space.

A bedroom is the ultimate personal sanctuary and the design needs to be customized to suit the user’s needs. The mood board will serve as the starting point of your arrangement and the process can be made much easier with the help of a platform that helps you build the design.

Foyr Neo is the perfect and most efficient beginning to plan your bedroom design. Let’s understand mood boards in depth and check out intelligent hacks to make a great bedroom mood board.

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Mood Board - Collection of Your Creativity

An interior design mood board is a collection of images, ideas, materials, colors, and textures that will come together to build the bedroom of your dreams. You might browse through multiple ideas. A color here and a color there could serve as an inspiration but will those tones blend well?

This is where a mood board comes into the picture and lets you visualize the look. The fun part is that you can pair up different design elements, accent tones, and materials to get a gist of the final look. Boost your creative ideas and have fun building a mood board that is a reflection of your design sensibilities.

Why is a Mood Board Important for Bedroom Design?

Are you wondering about the importance of mood boards in interior design? Let’s check.

a) A Free Expression of Ideas

While your design thoughts will always be clear for you the real question is how to paint the same picture to the client. For a designer, communication gets the leads. A Mood board can give a visual look to your design thoughts and make communication easier.

b) Leading the Way

While designing a bedroom, knowing where to start and which direction to lead is extremely important. A mood board lay the foundation for interior design and takes you in a creative direction. It can begin as a conceptual idea and the thoughts will take the shape as you keep finalizing the design elements.

c) Explore and Understand

Your design process can be made a breeze with the help of a bedroom mood board. You can gather different design ideas into one place and understand which design will exude the desired essence. 

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importance of mood board for bedroom design

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Where to Make a Bedroom Mood Board?

One starting point for every design is researching different materials, design languages, and trending decor ideas. How to compile them in one place? Whether you’re opting for a designer mismatch or keeping it simple with one single design idea. you can consider the option of building a digital mood board and keep the creative juices flowing. 

Several interior design software can make concept building and design selection easier. Mood boards are also a great way to enhance productivity and digital tools are sure to meet the demands. In order to curate a mood board, the software has to be convenient and get the job done in no time.

Foyr Neo is one such easy-to-use and effective tool to build a bedroom mood board. The user-friendly interface lets you build a mood board with your selected colors, materials, furnishing items, etc.

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where to make bedroom mood board

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15 Clever Hacks to Make a Great Bedroom Mood Boards

Whether it’s a fresh start or remodeling of an old bedroom design, a mood board is a staple for designers. With a clear picture painted on the mood board, your design process can never go wrong. And in order to generate these, here are 15 clever hacks that are sure to seal the deal.

1. Set One Focal Point!

There’s always one design element that we’re sure about keeping in our design. And that’s where you start. Pick that element and highlight it as the focal point of the entire design.

It could be a colorful rug, muted walls, or eye-catchy flooring. With one thing finalized, the rest of the process follows based on what looks the best for a comfortable, functional, and aesthetic design. 

bedroom mood board - set one focal point

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2. Colors in Place!

One of the elements defining a design is colors. Understand the needs and pick colors as per. While a modern design is more toward subtle tones, the traditional design approach could be a play of modern tones. Begin with one color and make the entire color palette based on the design essence you’re aiming to inject into the room.

bedroom moodboard - color in place

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3. Add a Little Texture

Once you’re done with the colors, the next step is all about textures. Do you want smoothness all around or will a rustic appeal work? Materials and fabrics will define the texture of the space.

One of the rules governing the selection is the scale of the room. While compact rooms go well with reflective surfaces and subtle tones, a spacious room leaves you with the possibility of playing with bold tones and matte texture. 

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create bedroom mood board - add texture

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4. Keep Gathering Thoughts!

It could be an enticing picture on Pinterest or an inspiration derived from nature– keep gathering ideas. Play around with colors, materials, and possibilities that promise a unique design.

5. Dive Deep into the Details

Details are extremely important for the smooth execution of the design. While you’re finalizing the tones and textures, make sure to give clarity to your clients on the furnishing items or lighting fixtures that will complement the look. The more, the merrier fits well in the case of a mood board.

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bedroom mood board - deep dive into details

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6. Tick-off the Checklist

A bedroom design has a set of must-haves. Ensure that these are placed on the mood board to help you style the bedroom better and make it extremely utilitarian for the users.

7. Products that Define the Design

One single product can serve as the main attention-seeker of the room and define the decor. Adding the key product to the mood board will aid in composing the final look better. With that product placed into the palette, the rest of the design elements can be selected easily based on their visual appeal with it.

8. Hint on the Lifestyle

It’s extremely important to highlight the lifestyle your mood board supports. Will it work best in a modern setting or does it exude a traditional essence? Whether it’s bohemian or vernacular, the mood board has to speak for the style. 

9. References for Mood!

Don’t forget to add the references that turned into ideas. In order to communicate your design thoughts better, keep inspirational pictures. Your client can understand the design better and get insights on what to expect from the whole composition. 

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bedroom mood board - references for mood

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10. Keep it Personalized

The mood board of a bedroom needs to be personalized as per the client’s preferences. It has to be a balanced blend of your creative mind and the user’s requirements. For a highly personalized space like a bedroom, ensure that the client receives the required warmth and comfort through your design ideas. 

11. Keep Refining

Your first mood board doesn’t have to be the final one. It’s a process that keeps taking shape and getting better as you work. Don’t shy away from refining the mood board or creating several options. In the end, it’s all about getting closer to perfection!

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12. More than One!

Here’s a secret– mood board is great for branding as well. While you’re presenting a bedroom mood board to the client, ensure to give them options. It’ll also exhibit your potential of dealing with distinct design sensibilities. 

create more than one for bedroom mood board

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13. Exploring is the Key

When it’s to mood boards for interior design, there’s no limit to the ideas. Keep exploring to find the best design possibilities. It could either be a modern theme or traditional designs that suit your client’s taste, make sure to browse through a series of endless ideas and offer the best and most functional ones.

14. Set Your Ideas Free

Don’t be afraid to go bold! Keep the creative juices flowing and make the best mood board with an eclectic look and utmost comfort. 

15. Pick and Commit

Once you’ve compiled the bedroom mood board, review it to finalize the chosen styles and palette. Make sure to always make a mood board, choose the best option, and commit to the selected one till the end of the execution. This will help you build the design as visually illustrated.

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Inspire Your Thoughts – 8 Examples of Bedroom Mood Boards

1. Let the Tones Talk

One of the most efficient ways of conveying your design thoughts is through colors. These can define the entire look of the space. Add all the swatches of different shades that’ll be welcomed to the bedroom to illustrate the idea.

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bedroom moodboard - let the tone talk

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2. Picture the Walls

Another approach is building a mood board with through-the-wall art. What comes up on the wall? Will it be plain or adorned with wallpaper? Make sure to keep the accent wall in the mood board to showcase your designer touch to the room. 

bedroom mood board - picture the walls

Image Credit:

3. Earthiness

Is it going to be a nature-inspired design? Don’t forget to put elements like indoor plants or natural materials along with the color scheme in the mood board to convey your design thoughts.

bedroom mood board - earthiness

Image Credit:

4. Furniture for the Board

Home decor is dependent on the type of furniture you add. Ensure that suitable pieces of furniture are added to the mood board along with the possible color choices.

bedroom mood board - furniture for the board

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5. All in One!

Offer a holistic design picture to your clients by keeping all the design elements, materials, and colors in one place. From floor to ceiling, ensure each of the components is covered in the overall mood board.

bedroom mood board - all in one

Image Credit:

6. Layering Them All!

Layer wall paint colors, furniture finish, and flooring along with the essentials of the bedroom. Layering makes the comparison of different designs better and gives you clarity on which mood board works the best.

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bedroom mood board - layering them all

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7. Setting the Scene

Set the scene with your mood board. Welcome the intricate details, colors, and materials from the design inspiration that will be the deciding factors for the final look of the space.

bedroom mood board - setting the scene

Image Credit:

8. A Realistic Picture

Give your clients a realistic image and options in design styles of the bedroom with a mood board that looks like a photograph. The approach is by putting elements into the blank room model. It’s an effective way of conveying your ideas without having to generate a render. 

bedroom mood board - realistic picture

Image Credit:


Mood boards can help you take the final call on which design looks and functions the best. There are a plethora of ways of curating a mood board but one of the easiest approaches is to go ahead with Foyr Neo. Not only the platform is user-friendly but gets the job done quicker and better.

Flaunt your creativity with a mood board and witness how it helps in curating the best bedroom design with ease.

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