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Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

A comfy place to unwind after a long tiresome day is all your body needs.  Regardless of your interior design aesthetics, bedroom design, home decor and bedroom decorating ideas, you deserve a bedroom that promotes a night’s rest.

Relaxing hues, chandeliers, luxurious beddings, and carefully chosen bedroom accessories like nightstands, with the right amount of storage, are some of the needed elements to craft a relaxing yet stylish bedroom.

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15 Ways To Makeover Your Master Bedroom

1. Incorporate a classic palette

Varying patterns and layers can transform a boring, mundane minimalist bedroom into an exciting and restful one that your torso will always long to rest in. Natural tones and accessories, colorful pillows, and throws with different patterns that complement your beddings will boost your small bedroom‘s visual appeal.

You can also add a wooly area rug that is soft to your skin. It will soothe your tired feet and add warmth. An extra throw blanket can be added for an extra cozier texture. You can delight in warm textures, especially in the winter season. The wooly rag will come in handy and your pet can also share the bliss by wagging its tail.

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incorporate color palette in master bedroom

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2. Embellished ceiling

It’s time to change the white ceilings to a daring color palette. You can use light colors like turquoise, aqua blue, or shades of blue. It draws a royalty effect to the living room and master bedroom and enhances the room’s personality. Then embellish it with scones at the corners of the bed frame that are lined with gold holders.

To draw a romantic feel a set of scented candles can be lit to create an intimate feel. The walls can be adorned with abstract paintings and murals that suit your preference. Large abstracts are advisable to delight in the bliss of the artful nature.

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embellished ceiling in master bedroom

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3. Comfortable bedding

Pamper your body with a comfortable set of sheets and comforters. They can be made from cotton or satin for extra tenderness, warmth, and care for your skin. Add more throw pillows for extra support and comfort for your head. Colorful, patterned, or tribal pillows can be used to complement your bedding and curtains.

Similar color hues can be used especially soft colors like beige, cream, white, pastel, yellow or blue will make the best combination. The design ideas for the light fixtures, bedroom furniture and remodel can also be incorporated into the guest bedroom.

Your luxe modern master bedroom decorating and sconces neatly placed in the small space will make your tufted modern bedroom feel new. Jazz up your neutral room with a throw on a colorful blanket under your duvet. Then add a printed pillow or even paint a bold accent wall with a dark teal stripe to add creativity and a blissful room feel.

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comfort bedding for master bedroom

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4. Incorporate a curtain as your headboard

Having a complementary headboard with your curtain’s color creates unison in your décor hues and color palettes. Include the vibrant hues. However, the choice you are uncertain about the bedroom wall color choice, choose the dominant color in the room.

The curtains can be enhanced by incorporating a net or a sheer to draw in more bliss and creativity. You can have fun with your unique DIY curtain headboard. If you are thrilled with floral you can introduce a floral headboard. You can select a vibrant hue like yellow to act as the perfect balance for your neutral-colored walls.

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use curain as master bedroom headboard

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5. Experiment with a console table

Spruce up your favorite bed accessories with an oversized mirror, and a petite table. Embellish the walls with an abstract painting. Your glasses, scented candles, potted plants, and accessories can be neatly organized on your console table. Your console table can act as a nightstand.

If you are into the idea of both a vanity space and a nightstand, then a console table right next to your bedroom set will be perfect. Style your beautiful bedroom with your favorite accessories including an oversized mirror, table lamp, and framed art.

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console table for master bedroom

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6. Black and white palette

Warm-up your classic black and white color schemes with stylish décor accents like a woven planter or a woven bench at the foot of the bed. You can as well spruce up with an extra patterned textile. However, when in doubt, you can pick up one paint color at home.

Varying shades of blue can complement your attic master bedroom perfectly to make it feel lighter and brighter. The different blues create an ambiance of peace and tranquility. Elevate your master bedroom by settling on an oversized plant. Greeneries bring life and a bubble to any space.

They bring out the natural aspect that represents life.  Try an oversized plant to make an impact on your white bedroom. You can try to fill the empty spaces in your master bedroom by hanging multiple, uniform-sized picture frames with your embellished artistic pieces.

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7. Disguise space quirks

Wallpapers can be used to mask a space’s issues like a steep roofline or a room with different materials or visual details. You can decide to harmonize the colors or complement them with a different color palette and hues. You can also use wallpaper to disguise and distract busy walls. 

disguise space quirks - master bedroom makeover ideas

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8. Incorporate deep hues

You can decide to alter the mood in your bedroom by opting for a deep hue like grey which is an easy way to draw that cocoon feeling. Then you can introduce a contrast with white bedding and wood nightstands. You can try incorporating striking lighting in your master bedroom with a layered effect.

Pull your room together with an elegant overhead fixture and small bedside table lamps. You can introduce live flowers in your spaces that will freshen your spaces. It will complement your murals and artistic pieces adding the natural aura of the spaces and making them more vibrant.

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incorporate deep hues in master bedroom

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9. Incorporate tassel hardware

Add a touch of sophistication and elegance with additional tassel hardware. You can utilize the tassel by placing your adorable nightstand and potted plants. Also, swap a rolling cart. A bar cart can make a perfect nightstand. Keep your lamp and alarm clock up, a carafe, and glasses on the middle shelf.

Add extra linen and a catchall basket. It will enable your needs to be easily met. Your furniture does not have to be organized in a particular way or specific purpose. You can arrange them as it suits your preference and taste. A dressing mirror for example can be used to hold your flower vase or lamp.

You can play up your bedroom’s cozy factor with a built-in bookcase. It can be complemented with a comfy accent chair and a white canopy bed. To avoid the wood panel. You can add your outsides from being outdated, you can go for grey paint. It’s the perfect solution to attain a serene and calming atmosphere.

You can add your outside repurposed barn door. It adds texture and visual interest to your rustic bedroom. Incorporating an aspect of a chic farmhouse into your master bedroom will transform your perception into a relaxing ambiance.

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incorporate tassel hardware in master bedroom

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10. Statement gallery wall

An eye-catch gallery wall can never disappoint as your visual interest. Create a cohesive look with black and white frames that are perfect for displaying your favorite photographs, mementos, and more. Also, hang your abstracts on the walls. It will surprise you how your art décor transforms the ornaments on the console table next to it.

Instead of a plain surface, you will have a vignette. A statement gallery with a dull bed drives away the bliss. Maintain the bliss by decorating your bed by starting with a colorful frame pile on the windows and hanging a crafty pom-pom garland.

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statement gallery wall in master bedroom

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11. Go bold with your wallpapers

Create a visual impact without too much commitment by utilizing disposable wallpaper that you can easily change when the look is boring and you need a revamp. You can replace it with a suitable pattern or paint. For a greater impact, add patterned textiles. Stripes, dots, and plaids matter.

Blending the patterns is a certain way to balance a tight print like gingham with a larger print. If you love patterned wallpaper you can introduce a herringbone design. It is a brighter way to mask a design dilemma like navigating a steep roofline. You can harmonize the room with a single color.

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use bold wallpaper in master bedroom

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12. Blend warm and cool colors

The color wheel comes to function at this point. Opposite colors like blue and yellow or orange complement each other. Blue creates a calm and serene feel while yellow offers a pop of cheeriness and orange adds a touch of bubbliness.

You can as well introduce jewel tones with strategic lighting. The trick lies in placing the lamps away from the sources of natural light. If it’s a table or a floor lamp consider where the switch is and ensure that it is easily accessible. Then you can put the task lighting in areas that need extra lighting. 

You can change the scenario by swapping your curtains. However, you need to ascertain the panels are long enough to just hit the floor or sill and pick ones at least double as wide as the width of the window.

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blend warm colors in master bedroom

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13. Offer more seating

With no doubt, your bed is the focal point of the room.  However, you can decide to change the look with a bench at the end of your bed. The bench can have a harmonizing color with your reading chair at the corner to make your space feel more complete and finished. You can replace your nightstand with a swing.

A simple accent chair can transition from a side table to a footrest to extra seating if you need a spot to urgently put on your shoes. Most individuals consider swings for outside use. However, you can break the norm and incorporate it in your master bedroom. Bring in a playful vibe with a rattan hanging chair as you unwind by reading your favorite book and jot down plans for that vacation you are eyeing.

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add more seating in master bedroom

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14. Incorporate several mirrors

Mirrors add brightness and reflect light to the room. It also helps in creating an illusion of a bigger space. A large mirror can be used as the headboard or it can lean against the wall to create a spacious feel to your space.

You can get creative and introduce rattan elements to transform your all-white master bedroom from being drab. It will introduce pops of texture. A rattan or a cane headboard and a complementary decorative screen can add warmth to your space.

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add more mirror in master bedroom

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15. Stick to a color scheme

Select bold colors to work with which can be balanced with neutrals like peach and whites. You can as well try a two-tone color wall. The two tones can be blended by having the darker shade on the lower part as you save the hue for lighter shades at the top to draw the eye upwards.

You can also decide to create a mood in your master bedroom by installing black wall paneling. It will add texture to your design scheme. You can nix the clutter by paring the essentials like the lamp, ring dish, basket for bedtime reading, and a sentimental piece.

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stick to color scheme for master bedroom

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As you shop for your master bedroom it’s wise to shop globally not just in your local area. You will draw inspiration and creativity to transform your bedroom into glam and chic. Little to significant changes can transform your moods and motivation.

The changes can be as minute as changing your throw pillows to colorful ones or changing the patterns and designs. Incorporating abstract paintings can also transform the appearance. A large mirror hanging on a wall will illuminate light in your space making it more vibrant.

Consider your dark corners and spaces a bygone issue by using mirrors that will reflect more light in your master bedroom. Placed a console table next to it that acts as a lamp holder and a nightstand. Incorporating wallpapers will draw inspiration to your spaces.

You can use simple DIY tutorials to fix it well without your artist’s presence. You can use a mural, or floral wallpaper depending on your preference and style. The advantage of using wallpapers is that they can be changed when you desire, unlike oil paint. It’s also relatively cheap and easy to maintain.

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