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Craft your dream room layout in a snap from scratch, or pick from our treasure trove of professional templates. It's a breeze with Foyr’s room planner tool.

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Three-step plan to master Foyr’s room planner tool


n the 2D mode of your project, select a measurement unit and draw walls or rooms accurately. Choose between full or partial walls and add doors and windows from our product catalog.

Add functional and decorative elements to your room plan from our extensive library of 3D product models. Resize and place everything according to your requirements.

Toggle the 3D mode to further fine-tune your design. Once ready, select the camera angle and lighting, opt for the 4K rendering option and click on ‘take a render’. Within minutes, your room plan will be ready for sharing!

It has room for everything!

Foyr’s room planner tool is not only easy, but it's versatile too! Whether it's room renovations, DIY activities or professional design needs, Foyr has room for all!

Why choose Foyr Neo?

Step 1

Pre-made room design templates

Foyr has hundreds of professional pre-made room design templates you can use to kickstart your design. Make minor edits and the design you so admire will be your own!


Step 2

Extensive room design catalogs

You will be spoilt for choice with our dedicated room design catalogs for all utility and design elements, ranging from doorknobs to large furniture pieces.


Step 3

4K photo-realistic renders

Edit in 2D and 3D mode and once everything looks perfect, select a shot, adjust the preset, and take 4K photorealistic renders of your room design that will blow away your clients!


Step 4

360-degree walkthrough

Turn your design interactive and engaging with 360-degree spin views that will leave no room for doubt in your client’s mind.


See the design quality you can achieve on Foyr

Foyr helps build successful careers and businesses

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.
Kathy Noumi

Kathy Noumi

As a Pittsburgh Interior Designer, I've long searched for a user-friendly rendering program. With Foyr Neo, I crafted my first design in just 30 minutes. It's intuitive and perfect for quick turnarounds, especially with a packed schedule.
Eric Dillman

Eric Dillman

Foyr has transformed my interior design business, allowing me to swiftly produce realistic 3D images and virtual walkthroughs. This clarity accelerates decision-making for clients, streamlining design changes and boosting both business growth and client satisfaction.
Kristy Begin Patterson

Kristy Begin Patterson

Foyr has helped my E-design business become a success. My clients appreciate the highly realistic renderings that I create from this software, and I love how easy it is to learn and get started. I especially like the 360° walkthrough feature as well as the custom modeling feature.
Tierney Larkin

Tierney Larkin

Foyr's renderings are top-notch and user-friendly! It effortlessly turns floorplans into lifelike 3D and 4K visuals that often get mistaken for real photos. Our clients are consistently impressed, making it an invaluable tool for our business.
Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.
Lesley Myrick

Lesley Myrick

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Foyr helps build successful careers and businesses



Professional interior designers and creators with multiple projects


  • 180 Render Credits/Month (2160/Yr)
  • 2 User
All Basic plan features, plus
  • 6x Render Credits Than Basic
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Full Set Of Design, 3D Editing, Modeling And Rendering Features
  • Export Floor Plans
  • FoyrAR - See Design In Your Room
  • 1 Hour Onboarding And Training

Frequently asked questions

An online room planner tool can help you create a floor plan for your interior design project and add elements like furniture, lighting, and accessories to your design and place everything to perfection. You can resize all the elements for ideal space utilization. Once your interior design is ready and to your liking, your online room planner tool can help you visualize it in 3D.

Any good online room planner tool should be user-friendly and allow you to draw an accurate floor plan with relative ease. It should have an intuitive interface with an option to add your elements of choice and position them flexibly. Your designs will only make the desired impact if they are presented in an attractive manner. So, a good online room planner tool should also enable you to create realistic, immersive visuals and experiences for your design.

Foyr’s room planning tool is as easy to use as your favorite mobile app. It has zero learning curve and you can start designing professional-grade interior designs in no time on Foyr! Don't take our word for it. Try yourself by claiming your 14-day free trial and see what difference Foyr can make to your design endeavors.

While there are many free floor planner apps like Floorplanner and Planner 5D, they lack some important features that you may require as a professional designer. For best results, opt for a floor planner like Foyr Neo that offers advanced features and is simultaneously easy to use and affordable. Foyr offers a free 14-day trial that you can avail to try before you buy.

Definitely! A good room planner tool like Foyr will let you optimize your space for maximum utilization. Foyr lets you resize all design elements, including furniture pieces, to fit precisely within the available space. It also lets you visualize your design and make edits in 3D so you can better manage the space and arrange large elements like furniture ideally even in small spaces.

Foyr is a user-friendly room planner tool that is perfect for beginners as well as seasoned designers. It lets you create a well-thought-out floor plan with accurate measurements with unmatched ease. Just draw walls and rooms, input measurements and drag and drop elements to create stunning spaces that belie your limited design experience.

A room planner with plenty of room for your creative ideas

Realize your creative room design concepts with Foyr. Unleash your imagination without worrying about technical constraints. Let your creativity shine freely.

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