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Interior Design Tips

Designing a home, whether it is for a remodel or building a new one, is an opportunity for any homeowner to explore new horizons and express their inner desires. That’s what makes the job of an interior designer so much fun and extremely important.

However, it can be difficult to narrow down your preferred design style and decorating ideas to fit the theme. That’s why today we will be discussing a top interior design tips to aid you in your quest of designing your new home with glamour while still upholding its reflection of the homeowner.

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20 Top Interior Design Tips for Beginners and Professionals:

These design tips can be inculcated in any room of your house, be it the bedroom, living room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen, parlor, or any room you deem fit for a bit of styling. So let’s take it by component today. You can decide what goes where as per your liking.

1. Whimsy is always welcome

Whimsical wallpapers are not just for children’s rooms. Although preferred for them to aid in brain development and provide comfort, a whimsical wallpaper can be quite the conversation starter in any room.

You don’t have to go all-in with crazy ducks or talking chimps but choose something that appeals to you all the while providing that X-factor to your decorating ideas.

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Whimsical wallpapers for home

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2. Revitalize what you have

You’ve heard, ‘One man’s junk is another man’s fortune.’ Well, it doesn’t have to be another man’s belongings. Take the items that you have, be it old furniture, piles of wood pellets, discarded curtains, upholstery, just anything really, and repurpose it.

You could build a coffee table or a bedside table using junk wood. Or you could repurpose an old side table, add some linen and cushions to it, and add it to your seating area. A little DIY goes a long way to change an old, useless item into a new piece of home decor.

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3. Murals and wall arts can add character

We all know that art adds allure to any room. All you need is a little creativity and will to brighten up your home with wall art.

You don’t have to splurge on statement pieces for a grand spectacle. If you’ve walked down the in New York, you may have come across beautiful murals painted up and down the tunnels, sometimes even the streets. Why not pick up a brush and paint one yourself?

If you don’t fancy yourself an artist then you can always acquire a piece of art at an auction or invest in budding artists. It is the personality it brings that matters, not the brushwork.

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Murals and wall arts - interior design tips

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4. Create a focal point to show off the best stuff

You can have a minimalist theme in your home and still make it glamorous. Who says that minimalism does not indulge in exclusives?

You can embrace simple living and shop at flea markets for your home decor but create a focal point for the really good stuff. Maybe you made something at Woodshop, or perhaps your spouse gifted you a beautiful painting from their travels, or maybe you acquired an antique breakfront. You can show it off subtly by carving out a section dedicated to a focal point.

5. Bring the room to life with lighting

Lighting can make all the difference. You can turn a dull room into a disco ball if you use the right kind of lights.

LEDs are all the rage these days, and you should definitely look into some gradient lighting for valour. There are also pendant lights that add a romantic atmosphere and ambiance to any room. Not to mention, you can make DIY sconces or use string lights for a little kick. Then there are the chandeliers that can make a room feel elegant, no matter the square footage.

However, nothing beats the power of natural lights. No matter the floor plan, invest in glass windows and skylights to allow natural light and a healthy exchange of wind flow in your home. It brightens up the living space with minimal effort.

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bedroom lighting interior design tips

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6. Introduce natural elements

A follow-up to our earlier point but with a slight twist. Inculcate natural elements such as plants, woodwork, succulents, etc. in your design style. They not only brighten up your home but are also great sources of air purification and life force.

Furniture pieces such as coffee tables, dining tables, headboards, etc. made of natural wood add a rustic design and minimalist look, making the room feel more inviting. With clean-cut designs on these pieces, you can also invoke a contemporary room design.

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natural element in interior design

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7. Get creative with switchboards and fixtures

With new and improved designs hitting the markets every day, splurge on innovative switchboards and fixtures for your kitchen and bathrooms. Embrace new design trends and transform boring rooms into futuristic design inspirations for others.

8. Antiques bring elegance

There is no debate that an antique piece of furniture or a vintage area rug can really spruce up the place. What’s more, they look so elegant no matter where you place them.

You can add them to your living room or parlor where you entertain guests, thus initiating conversation. You can add an antique bookshelf to your home office or the study just because you like it. You can even add antiques to your bedroom design to remind yourself that you are a treasure just like the exquisite piece in front of you.

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antiques for home decor

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9. Color up what you don’t like

What do you do with a dull room?

You spruce it up with color.

When choosing the color palette for your interior design, don’t limit yourself to standard paint colors. Take it to the next level by mixing swatches and adding gradients. We hear the 50-150 rule is quickly becoming a favorite color trick for interior designers around the world.

Be it the walls or a piece of furniture, just add some color to it and make it brand new.

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10. Don’t ignore the ceiling

Ceiling patterns have become the new design inspiration of this era.

You don’t have to add mirrors up there if you don’t want to. Frankly, we think they’re hazardous. However, you can always spruce it up with some customized paint job, murals, effects, even wallpapers if you like.

You can choose patterns keeping with the theme of the room, be it floral, topographical, meteorological, astronomical, or anything you like.

11. Symmetry isn’t your only friend

Introduce a little asymmetry to your decorating ideas. You can use alternative design trends or simply add some gradients and texture to the overall room.

Play with the items of home decor and find a perfect balance. Just some textiles on the walls or geometric patterns with no clear lines can be very enticing, not to mention, attractive.

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symmetry in home decor

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12. Add illusions and effects

Effects are not limited to the ceiling. You can add them with a bit of creative lighting or DIY patterns on the walls. There are several ideas shared by ‘Blossom’ that you can use.

You’ve certainly come across DIY lampshades that create an illusion of different cities or creatures like we used to do with shadow puppets. You can easily make them at home or purchase them at flea markets.

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13. Why not have a bar in the house?

Make your home the hub for social gatherings instead of wasting thousands of dollars at bars across the city. All you have to do is carve out a corner in an open-planned kitchen or the living room for a home bar.

Get a wooden bar island, preferably with a built-in sink. Stock up the shelves behind it, add some ambient yellow lights, and you’ve got yourself a hangout spot in the comfort of your home.

home bar - interior design tips

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14. Tall furniture in small spaces

Adding tall furniture pieces in small or low-bearing rooms creates an illusion of expansive living space. You can use bookshelves, cabinets, or even floor-length textiles hanging from the ceiling like a tapestry.

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tall cabinet storage

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15. Instill quirky textures and upholstery

You should really consider textured upholstery in your seating area. Not only do they feel comfortable but they also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your furniture.

16. Metals are trendy

Copper fixtures, stainless steel appliances, metallic frames, brass lampstands are all very trendy. They make the room look rustic and elegant all at once. You can also think about introducing steampunk design trends to your living room or dining room for added effect.

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17. Don’t underestimate curtains

Window treatments are not just for windows anymore. We are not suggesting blinds and shutters in the living space but long curtains made of high-quality textiles and incredible designs can go a long way into exploring new horizons.

You can hang them from the ceiling like room dividers or bunch them up around the window, or even install them around a tub or shower stall for a hint of elegance.

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18. Create an illusion of larger spaces

We cannot stress enough how reflective surfaces such as mirrors and glass decorating items can make a small room look larger. The reflective property of light enhances the corners in small spaces. This is a great way to create an illusion of extra square footage where none exists.

19. Invest in alternative seating arrangements

Minimalist and Asian home design often uses pillows and cushions around the coffee table. This concept can be further explored to add day beds, foldable furniture, soft rugs in front of the fireplace, and low-bearing seaters.

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20. Don’t be afraid to go deep and dark

A monochromatic dark theme is quite trendy and functional. They make a room feel modern and optimized for futuristic living. With some gradient lighting and wall art, you can make use of dark color schemes for improved efficiency and style.

When you finish adding these interior design ideas to your home, you will notice how quickly a dull space starts to feel more homely. The right wallpaper or artwork can initiate conversations while optical illusions entrance you and your guests alike.

monochromatic dark theme

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In these times of turmoil, don’t we all need that special touch to make us feel more stable? Your home can make a statement for your personal taste without you having to express it openly. So, get started and remember, you can never go wrong with creativity.

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