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Sustainable and Holistic Interior Design

Alarming effects of ecological ruin, global warming, and the recent COVID-19 pandemic are sweeping the Earth, and drastic measures must be taken to combat it. Sustainability is the watchword. Creating a balance between environmental conservation and human existence is sustainability.

What is Sustainability in Interior Design?

It’s an honest commitment towards protecting the Earth and its dwindling resources. Sustainability in interior design means upholding eco-friendly design methods and principles, such as energy efficiency, biodegradable materials, etc., to better the human race and environment.

sustainability in interior design

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What is Holistic Interior Design?

Like fast fashion, interior design trends are becoming so seasonal that we can’t keep up. We often find ourselves surrounded by things we don’t feel connected to, wondering how we got there.

This is because, as a society, we spend way too long devouring resources on account of such trends and aesthetics instead of finding things that speak to us. This change in consumption from extrinsic influences to intrinsic sensitivity is where holistic interior design blooms.

The holistic design literally means a positive and balanced approach to interior design. It is curating spaces that enhance the wellness of your mind, body, and soul.

The ultimate goal of holistic design is to tap into a sense of harmony that’s crafted specifically for you. A place with good energy flow, positive color palettes, wellbeing- design, etc., makes you feel safe, healthy, and happy.

The holistic approach draws a parallel between homes, our lifestyle, and energy.

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Importance of Sustainability in Interior Design

Sustainable design seeks to actively reduce environmental deterioration and protect its resources, emphasizing human and ecological health. Ever since the pandemic, homes have been our perpetual haunts. So it only makes sense to empower these custom-habitats to sustain us with the best quality of life, air, food, and water. Above all, the wellbeing of Earth is paramount.

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Importance of Holistic Interior Design

However, the grapple for betterment should start at home! A wellbeing-design ensures we can relax and create a nurturing environment for ourselves first. It boosts our comfort and productivity. We are driven to live a more balanced, meaningful, and gratified life through a holistic design process.

holistic interior design

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5 Benefits of Sustainable Interior Design:

1. Improved Human Health Safety

Sustainability in materials and practices of interior design excludes proven carcinogens like formaldehyde that is released from carpets, and composite wood, and promotes alternates like Viroc. A green, versatile particle board of cement and wood, Viroc can be used as cladding, molding, ceilings, fascia, countertops, and soffit panels.

Similarly, picking soy-based PureBond, a non-toxic, cost-effective hardwood ply substitute, and VOC-free paints options, can build cleaner and healthier air.

Thus, sustainable interior design can safeguard the health of homeowners and everyone from manufacturers and interior designers to contractors who handle and install the products.

improve human health safety

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2. Improved Environmental Health

Highly toxic run-offs from pipes at homes containing chemicals from lawn or farm fertilizers and pesticides, car exhaust, gasoline spills from cars, etc., are carried by rainwater and emptied into local water sources. When marine life, algae, planktons absorb them, biomagnification leads to the collapse of entire ecosystems.

Similarly, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, ground ozone, etc., from fuel combustion, unvented gas heaters, leaking chimneys, and fireplaces rupture air quality.

Sustainable materials and practices can shield ecosystems from such harm.

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improve environmental health

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3. Energy Conservation

Sustainable practices like energy and water-efficient appliances, recycling used water for gardening and toilets, better ventilation systems, and certification systems like LEED will reduce the impact human civilization has on the environment.

4. Cost-Cutting

A well-executed sustainable interior design will make the house pleasant, convenient, and safe, all while reducing your expenses.

cost cutting

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Energy-efficient gadgets, solar paneling, biogas, and recycled water usage are few ways to cut costs while positively supporting Earth without affecting the house’s charisma.

5. Sustainable Lifestyle Benefits

Sustainability deals closely with nature, its conservation, and its application into human life. Interior design insists on the planned placement of windows and doors for proper ventilation and passive heating for energy efficiency.

This contributes to a happy disposition, improved moods, and decreased stress levels.

The mental and psychological benefits of making such ethical and mindful life choices is a contented and inspired outlook, leading to a better living on deeper levels.

The holistic design revolves closely around suitability because they are structured around whole, conscientious lives in harmony with nature. They both are humane principles with a strong empathy for the world around them.

Practices like Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi, color therapy, crystal healing, numerology, and sacred geometry are few ways of inviting holistic benefits into your life explains Alycia Wicker. She is an interior design business coach, who helps designers reach their full potential.

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6 Benefits of Holistic Interior Design:

1. Tailor-Made Spaces

Imagine a home that reminds you of a warm hug from the person dearest to you?

Holistic interior design imbibes into a space your most delightful memories, passions, and desires.

A house curated, just for you, taking into consideration your past, present, and future.

It crafts spaces that communicate with you and fill you with a deep sense of belonging, and bliss.

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2. Life-Enriching Function

Functional spaces that sustain our bodies and daily routines efficiently are holistic interiors.

It enhances the ease of living and improves how you use space, so you don’t waste time and energy on minor snags.

A home office desk in close proximity to a blaring television can never produce optimum work. A holistic design makes considerations for such issues.

3. Fulfilled Life

Holistic homes nurture our minds and vision and build a space where you feel inspired to be the best version of yourself. A version that’s the best expression of your soul and mind.

Holistic interior design shapes a home where you feel supported and at peace to explore your heart and dreams.

fulfilled life

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4. Mental Wellbeing

It’s proven that in a holistic environment, your day unfolds advantageously by helping you outshine obstacles.

To balance and discipline the mind, body, and spirit to unravel the roots of anxiety, depression, and stress.

mental wellbeing

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Such a comprehensive approach that centers on self-care help heal from and thrive during sickness, hardship, loss, and grief.

It’s a road to mental and physical healing and reform.

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5. Sustainable Materials

A holistic design practice demands organic and sustainable living for robust health. This means the absence of harmful chemicals like VOCs, lead, plastic, etc.

Your home is now a safe cradle for children and pets, you can watch them play and grow carefree.

sustainable materials

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6. Slow Living

We are all part of reckless into rat races, making lives chaotic. This is our last chance to step back, reevaluate and cultivate communities.

slow living

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A holistic space encourages a slow lifestyle. The perfect home for simplifying our lives and savoring the finer moments of life.

Now that we have keen insight into the workings of holistic design, let’s look at 10 thoughtful and efficient tips to create the holistic interior design.

10 Efficient Tips To Create Holistic Interior Design:

1. Declutter

Grab a few tips from organization guru Marie Kondo and give your house a deep clean. Along with the cobwebs, sweep unnecessary clutter right out.


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Recycle what you can and donate the rest.

Introducing clever storage systems helps you enjoy your space more and ensures a free energy flow through your home.

2. Pots and Plants

Nature can be beneficial for mental health,” says psychologist Irina Wen.

Looking at Indoor plants scattered around the house can be a great source of freshness and refuge from chaos outside. Greens plants as well as colors make us feel relaxed and lend the space a tranquil air.

Let few Snake plants and Spider plants inhabit your living space in exchange for plenty of oxygen while cleaning the air of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde benzene, etc.

Embrace the jungle vibe and group together a variety to foster the healthiest environment.

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pots and plants

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3. Biophilic Design

Biophilic design is innately holistic and embodies life energy and vitality. However, it is not just about adding indoor plants. The aim is tangible contact with nature through interactions taking place in the house.

“I find that clients are often pleasantly surprised at how quickly they begin to feel better,” says Laurence Carr, the Brand Ambassador of Sustainable Furnishings Council, about biophilia showing the fastest influence. She is also the founder of Laurence Carr Design, a holistic interior design firm based in New York.

For example, large windows overlooking gently swaying palm trees can be stimulating proximity to nature. Having large windows offer a refreshing breeze, abundant natural light, and joyful sounds of birds chirping. You can also install a water feature like a small lotus pond to invoke similar sensory interaction.

Such direct or reflected contact through, organic through patterns, geometries, textures, and lights, is through holistic interior design.

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biophilic design

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4. Natural Materials

From the design elements mentioned, textures hold a special place in holistic interior design, as they can be applied almost everywhere in the house.

Natural grains of wood, the rough weaving of jute and grass, the softness of wool and linen threads, and the toughness of natural stones like marble can be applied to daily objects like curtains, countertops, tabletops, and blankets.

This natural minimalism creates a sense of belonging in a healthy ecosystem. It blossoms a feeling of oneness with nature.

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natural materials

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5. Feng Shui

The ancient Chinese spatial laws of Feng Shui explores our connection to our homes —and in turn, provide ways to improve our wellbeing.

Commanding positions of a house is of prime importance in Feng Shui. This means identifying optimal energy points for each activity or object at home.

A balance between the five elements of nature-fire, Earth, water, wood, and metal is essential.

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feng shui

For instance, if you are a water element, you will benefit from blue colors, whereas it’s advisable to use fire elements like warm colors or fire sparingly.

Proper positioning of mirrors, plants, and certain metals that are high-energy directing objects, can improve the vibes of the house.

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6. Light-up

Popular Danish concept “hygge” names light one of the main factors in creating nurturing, and comfortable built environments. The philosophies of hygge are akin to holistic interiors, particularly of lighting.

Start with mellow, warm white lights instead of fluorescent bulbs to create an inviting, cozy home. If possible, select a floor or table lamp over ceiling lights for intimate pools of lights. Dimmers, too, are an option to soften overhead lighting.

Unless you are lucky enough to own a roaring fireplace, electric ones can set the coveted cozy mood.

Lastly, do not forget to get your hands on some delicious-smelling candles only after ensuring they are made of clean-green waxes, such as soy. The room sounds ready for a cup of hot cocoa right about now!

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light up

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7. Reclaimed Resources

Embracing recycling, reusing, and up-cycling is highly valued in holistic interior design. It stresses being mindful of the resources we consume and the waste we create.

Wood is as sturdy as they come. So give old home decors a new life using Rust-Oleum’s Chalky Finish Furniture Paint for a shabby-chic air or source reclaimed wood to make new furniture. Either way, be sure to upcycle wood!

You can even go one smart step further. Reusing has advanced beyond simply repurposing old kettles as planters and tinfoil to shine silver.

If you haven’t heard of a store called Green Demolitions, you are in for a treat. They, along with a nonprofit donation program, Renovation Angel, gather and sell used luxury kitchens at a fraction of the price. Time to get your dream kitchen and feel good about it!

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reclaimed resources

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8. Mindful Local

Consumers are edging away from faceless retailers and patronizing locals doing business from the front yard of their homes.

This has the added benefits of the reduced carbon footprint from packaging and transporting goods over large distances, uplifting the local economy, and building an affinity to the local community.

Holistic design encourages local purchases so that your home grows with you gradually.

For instance, scouring local garage sale sales, antique stores, and second-hand boutiques will meet the above aims and offer unique pieces with their own story to tell. Isn’t such soulful living what holistic design’s all about?

mindful local

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9. Feel-Good Decor and Spaces

Another Danish brainchild, “lagom,” directly resonates with the holistic interior design too.

Pamper yourself with cozy, feel-good décor and activity spaces!

Holistic interior designers can craft such areas where you can rake up some self-care and self-indulgence.

Turning your bathroom or a spare room into a spa-like retreat is a snug idea. Start by furnishing the space with ambient lighting and painting the walls in light shades that are soothing to you. You can even opt for Moroccan tiles and sinks for an exotic run. Maybe plop down.

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feel good decor and spaces

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Set down a cushy chair and a DIY loom rug under. Gather a few soft sheets, essential oils, aromatherapy candles, and relieving music. How about a Peace Lily and a few healing crystals for the company? Holistic decadence is calling out to you!

You can carve a meditation corner or yoga room, art room, or a niche, for whatever unwinds you at the end of a hard day.

The rule is to keep the space indulgent and relaxing.

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10. Social Boost

Holistic interior design rounds off your entire lifestyle. These means be sure to equip your house with a generous kitchen to dole out healthy, home-cooked food while hosting dinners.

Implement SLOW- Sustainable cooking practices, Local home-grown veggies, Organic meat, and Whole food.

social boost

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Make your living room engaging enough to build relationships that spur pure soul-talk.

Stay active, improve stamina and keep your body and spirit fit!

With the increasing demand for holistic interior designs, we hope you take a few minutes from your hectic schedules to invite a little well-being in your homes and lives too.

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