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Steampunk Interior Design

The field of interior design has experienced a massive shift in its design component over the years. People went from classic to modern, rustic to modern rustic, traditional to science fiction, and it goes on.

However, there is one design theme that originated in the 19th century when writers like Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, K.W. Jeter, and A.C. Doyle were creating their marks in history. In fact, it was K. W. Jeter, one of the renounced science fiction writers of the time who coined the term ‘steampunk design.’

If you are not certain what this entails, the steampunk theme combines the elegance of the Victorian era, sprinkled with gothic and industrial themes, and tied together in the subcultures of science fiction.

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The steampunk design ideas celebrate the highlights of the 19th century. You may have seen people recreationally practicing cosplay as a way to live the life of characters in books, novels, etc. These events are usually hosted in a bar, pub, or theatre which heavily relies on steampunk-themed designs. They participate in the gothic subcultures and entertain people with age-old games and activities.

Please note: Do not confuse steampunk interior design with the renaissance. Both undoubtedly celebrate the past but steampunk is rooted in the industrial revolution and Victorian styles of the 19th century.

Anyway, this is one of the most interesting themes when it comes to interior design. You can play with the steampunk aesthetics in various directions, not to mention bring forth the great era of creativity and industrialization back to life.

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7 Ways To Integrate Steampunk Interior Design In Home Decor:

This is tricky. Are you ready? We have 7 distinct ways to incorporate steampunk style in your home. Here goes:

1. Think sepia tones

Just because steampunk interiors are heavily influenced by Victorian and gothic themes doesn’t mean it is all red and purple; at least not entirely. In fact, steampunk has a color tone of its own.

It is Sepia.

You have often used this filter when taking selfies or editing an image with Photoshop and other such software tools. Well, the good news is, that means you already know what sepia tone is. Not so good news is incorporating this subtle tone and color scheme into steampunk homes.

Here are a few colors you can use to generate a more or less sepia tone in your steampunk style design:

  • Orange – Go a shade darker or lighter
  • Brass tones of reddish-yellow
  • Warm shades such as infused shades of yellow, brown, pink, and red
  • Shades of green – mostly darker shades of lime
  • Cyan – Preferably as a backdrop
  • Violet – Pale shades of pink that meld into the color of your skin when you click pictures in Sepia tone

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2. Keep the exposed bricks

Since steampunk celebrates the novelty of the 19th century, not to mention, strongly appeals to science fiction subcultures that revolve around building time machines and exploring the unknown, exposed bricks are great additions.

You see, in most science fiction movies and novels of that period, you will often find that the innovators worked in their basements or hidden rooms in alleyways that were dominated by bricks. Therefore, the exposed bricks subliminally redirect your mind to that era with the specifics of their poorly encased buildings.

Even if it is on one wall or a small portion around the fireplace, keep the exposed bricks as is.

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steampunk design bricks

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3. Utilize the texture of metals

Retro is a big part of steampunk design.

Using metallic design elements such as exposed rods on lampshades, retro corsets made with ornate metal for light bulbs, bare pipelines running through the room, etc. are excellent additions to your design ideas.

Although unorthodox, keeping the industrial style of uncovered metallic elements resembles an old-fashioned laboratory where Nikola Tesla, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, and other inventors created the revolutionary technologies we use today.

You can use metallic cogs to hold picture frames, cabinet doors, and whatnot. You can also use long metallic planes like those you find on airships for a retro steampunk look.

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4. Use leather, antique, and refurbished furniture

When working on a steampunk look for interior design, antique furniture pieces are your best friends.

Consider leather couches, chairs, and encasings. These leather elements instigate an illusion of the workmen gloves used by inventors and repair workers. It is also a great way to add a retro classical theme to your steampunk design.

Next, don’t consider any furniture unless it is an antique or made from refurbished wood and metals. These elements are widely popular in steampunk style, not to mention, antiques hold a torch to that era.

Consider furniture pieces that use retro or antique design styles such as clawfoot or ornate carvings. You can also install a ladder bookshelf, an old-timey hat stand for top hats, a coffee table or dining table made of repurposed wood, a Victorian-style swing set, etc.

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steampunk design furniture

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5. Inculcate whimsical decorating items

Since steampunk aesthetics celebrate the industrial revolution with nuances to the past, you can use whimsical items of home decor. Of course, you can still have the conventional decorating items you liked on Etsy or Amazon but think bigger.

For instance, you can create a focal point with a pair of leather gloves and protective eye gear used by people from that era. Or you can use metal pieces such as compasses and a ship captain’s telescope with parts of a steering wheel. Place old maps and topographical designs behind these items to implicate a seaman’s voyage.

You can also incorporate old steamer trunks in your living room design or acquire a miniature time machine from the movie of the namesake. Also, keepsake items from the industrial revolution make for prized possessions.

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steampunk interior decor items

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6. Add accent lighting and magical gradations

When we talk about steampunk light fixtures you need to keep in mind that in this era, lighting was still well under development. Therefore, they had to use open light fixtures in order to utilize the brightness to its maximum capacity.

That is why when you choose lights for your steampunk interior design, firstly select accent lighting. This means you can illuminate parts of the property in segments. The accent lighting must either emphasize a focal point or radiate only to illuminate a certain section with a homeostatic theme.

Next, once you have illuminated your prized possessions and your skillful design ideas, you need to focus on illuminating the rest of the living space.

Try, as much as possible, to keep the light fixtures and lampshades to subtle yellow tones. Create gradient lighting all around for a Victorian concept. If the lighting seems too dull for everyday activity, consider a dimmer switch. You can use the dim lights throughout the day and when you work on your laptop or watch television, you can brighten up the room to avoid straining your eyes.

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steampunk design lighting

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7. Focus on the wall art

Last but definitely not least is your wall art in a steampunk home.

Steampunk art is a smooth blending of industrial design elements such as elaborate clocks, cogs, metal pieces, corsets, etc. combined with the fine artistry of the Victorian era.

You can easily install an antique wall clock, ornate picture frames from the turn of the century, framed parts of an airship or boat wreckage, items of science fiction, etc.

Another alternative to improve steampunk aesthetics is to create DIY designs. You could use warm colors and paint a scene from the 19th century, or create a collage with pictures depicting scenes from novels, or assimilate parts to recreate the Burning Man imagery. These design ideas are really rather simple. All you need to do is put them together, stick them in leather or antique frame and hang them up under accent lighting.

Presto! You got steampunk walls in your home decor with little to no effort.

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steampunk design wall art

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Interior design is undoubtedly a fun, creative, and innovative field in itself. However, steampunk design takes it to the next level. This theme fits in particularly well in this era when inventors and entrepreneurs are actively trying to bring science fiction to life.

People are addicted to gadgets and machinery in order to simplify their lives and ease day-to-day living. In such scenarios, inculcating the origins of such machinery in home interiors keeps them motivated.

Steampunk is a great if not a slightly complicated form of interior design. But fear not because we know what will help…

You can use the Foyr Neo software to create 3D renderings of your steampunk-themed living room, bedroom, home office, what have you. Selecting the color palette, furniture pieces from the Victorian era, steampunk decor made of cogs and metals, not to mention the subdued lighting will give you an idea of what you want. The Foyr Neo app allows you to choose your floorplans too and saves your designs on a cloud-based platform.

Therefore, if you are a homeowner, you can easily share your design ideas with your family or interior designer based on how you wish to progress. If you are an interior designer then we have no doubt that you will find this app to be so helpful that you can easily whip up excellently planned designs for your clients.

Now that you know the basics of steampunk design and the app to get you there, get started. Create an accurate rendering of your favorite novel, recreate Sherlock Holmes’s apartment at 22B Baker Street, or design homes to reflect the great works of other celebrated authors of the time.

We hope you have as much fun designing as we had shared this information with you. Good luck!!

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