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Bathroom design is essential for a successful bathroom since it is generally the smallest and most often used room in the house. This focal point has the power to improve or destroy a home’s overall functioning and appearance. It’s always advisable to start with your bathroom layout, figuring out where doors and windows are placed while arranging your bathroom decor. It makes no difference whether you have a tiny or large bathroom; the technique is the same.

5 Things To Consider While Designing a Bathroom

There are many beautiful bath alternatives to select from if your design includes one. With an inset bath, you may add more tiling, which can be a focal point when done in colors, as well as a shelf for extra storage. A free-standing bath or small bathroom layout creates a modern and elegant center point, and you can customize the form and cut to fit your other features — oval or rectangular, sharp-edged or curved.

1. Light

The lighting in your bathroom should not be an issue. Lighting is one of the golden three aspects you should always pay attention to while designing a bathroom. Lights, Tiles, and Mirrors are the three elements. If you get one of them incorrect, you won’t get the most out of your restroom.

2. Plumbing Fittings

Your tapware is a wonderful opportunity to make a difference, even if it isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when picturing your new bathroom. There are several possibilities, each with its own particular features. You’re sure to discover the right style to fit your taste, whether it’s traditional or modern, modest or complex.

3. Vanity

With so many beautiful styles to choose from, it’s easy to fall into the trap of buying a vanity based only on its appearance. While this is undoubtedly an issue, you should concentrate on how you want to use it. You’ll also have to pick whether you want a wall-mounted vanity or one that rests on the floor, as well as the sort of a mirror and sink you’ll use.

4. Wall Tiles

Choosing tiles for a bathroom may be a challenging task, with hundreds of options in terms of design, size, colour, and material. Tiles, as the preferred wall and floor covering, give an easy-to-clean, sanitary surface that will last for years, so it’s critical to do it right the first time.

5. Towel Rails

It may appear that where you hang your towel is insignificant, but if you place your towel rack in an inconvenient location, it will cause you a little annoyance every day. The best location is next to your shower door so you can get to it quickly while you’re dripping wet.

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11 Bathroom Layout Ideas To Design Your Bathrooms

  1. Classic primary bathroom

classic primary bathroom layoutImage credits:

This is an excellent choice for a major bedroom design. This layout, which is square in shape, is suitable for couples who share a bathroom. It has two sinks, which means there’s plenty of counter space in the morning. To the right is a standalone DIY shower curtain. The bathtub and toilet are separated from the sinks and shower on the left side of the layout, allowing for some privacy.

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  1. Luxurious touch

luxurious touch bathroom layoutImage credits:

The doorway in the center of the room creates a vast sensation in this bathroom design for the ensuite. It immediately leads to a massive, high bathtub. A two-person stand-up corner shower is located to the left of the jacuzzi tub.

An enclosed restroom facility is located to the right of the doorway where there are sconces on the walls. Two sinks and lots of counter space are included in the floor layout with plenty of square footage, which is ideal for couples who need a little more space. A chandelier will be the perfect addition to give that luxurious touch.

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  1. Two entrances

two entrances bathroom layoutImage credits:

There are two different entryways in this design. The first leads to a bathtub with a shower, a sink, and a large, stand-alone bathtub. The toilet and another sink are located at the second entrance.

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  1. Long and narrow

long and narrow bathroom layoutImage credits:

The optimal space distribution is one in which the elements are aligned to allow for better circulation. A wall-to-wall shower, for example, will create the appearance that the room is larger and not a small space.

Make sure there’s enough room between the toilet and the sink with faucets and countertop for the door to swing open. The bathroom mirror is another helpful feature. It may be used to create visual space.

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  1. Little comfort

little comfort bathroom layoutImage credits:

This design maintains the most of what makes a bathroom a bathroom, but in the form of a powder room with little bathroom remodel. The door opens to a room with enough space to use the sink or the toilet comfortably.

While the proximity of the three fixtures may not be optimal for some, it is standard in a powder room. The walls appear to have windows on both sides of this area, which raises the question of where this powder room is located in the house.

This area can be used as a powder room or a guest bathroom in any circumstance. You may install a vanity with a sink or utilize the area as a tiny refuge where you can relax and bathe in the tub.

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  1. Two sinks in the master bath

two sinks in the master bathroom layoutImage credits:

If you want two separate vanities in your master bath, this layout is ideal for that. This is designed with a spa-like modern bathroom with enough space and natural light for two separate vanities opposite a shower and soaking tub.

Because this area has enough capacity for both a shower and a separate tub, the tub becomes the room’s focal point. On one side, there is a toilet and a water closet, while on the other, there is a walk-in shower.

One vanity may be created by using one wall for a wall of medicine cabinets, offering lots of storage and counter space. If storage and vanity space are crucial in your bathroom, consider two separate vanities rather than a single double vanity. Also, tile floors make it look more open space.

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  1. All space in powder room

powder room layoutImage credits:

Certainly, this is a packed powder room. This bathroom design still has a lot of advantages. The architect managed to incorporate a full vanity with the basin and even a window despite the tub and other accessories consuming one side of the powder room.

While the area appears tight, there is enough room to move around. Because of the shower wall barrier, more than one person can use specific areas of the room while yet maintaining some privacy.

That’s a fantastic design, and it demonstrates that you can still get a lot done in a powder room, despite the fact that it’s generally a smaller area for just makeover or makeup touches traditionally.

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  1. A shared bathroom

Image credits:

This bathroom design offers a variety of possibilities for individuals searching for a shared bathroom layout, thanks to its two entryways. It’s a terrific alternative for a corridor that also links to a bedroom.

Another alternative is to have a bathroom that is shared by two bedrooms. Two sink vanity are included in the design, which is ideal for a shared bathroom and tiled shower. The toilet and bathtub are separated by a sliding pocket door, which provides some privacy.

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  1. Primary bathroom

primary bathroom layoutImage credits:

This floor plan is ideal for a master bathroom that is accessible from the main master bedroom. Two sinks with counter space and a toilet are located in the entrance area, which is divided from the remainder of the bathroom by a sliding door.

With the utilities placed along the walls like bathroom vanity scones on a wall, light fixtures and the open floor layout generates a wonderful flow. It has enough space for a common bathroom as well as enough privacy. A two-person shower and a huge bathtub are located on the other side of the sliding glass door with loads of bathroom storage within cabinetry.

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  1. Kids Bathroom

kids bathroom layoutImage credits:

This huge, square bathroom has a clawfoot tub, pedestal sink, and plenty of floor space for dragging children into the tub. Use this large open area as a blank canvas for imaginative and amusing patterns. The clawfoot tub is a charming feature that the kids will enjoy. There’s enough room for a chair to provide a comfortable sitting place for keeping an eye on the babies.

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  1. L shaped bathroom

l shaped bathroom layoutImage credits:

L-shaped bathrooms are quite simple to distribute. In an L-shaped space, a wall-mounted sink should be placed opposite the entrance which gives plenty of wall space.

Place the shower head on the short side and the toilet on the other side of the bathroom sink if desired. If the downspout is on the short side, the toilet and a small shower or tub can be placed on the opposite side of the sink, wall to wall.

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Features of bathrooms with varying dimensions:




5×8 bathroom layout

Compact layout with separate shower and toilet areas Guest bathrooms, small master bathrooms

6×8 bathroom layout

Narrow layout with space for a shower and single vanity Guest bathrooms, small master bathrooms

8×8 bathroom layout

Square layout with room for a tub and separate shower Master bathrooms, larger guest bathrooms

5×7 bathroom layout

Compact layout with a space-saving design Powder rooms, small apartments, half baths

10×10 bathroom layout

Spacious layout with room for a variety of fixtures Luxury master bathrooms, spa-like designs

5×10 bathroom layout

Long and narrow layout with a single vanity Guest bathrooms, small master bathrooms

6×6 bathroom layout

Small square layout with limited space Powder rooms, small bathrooms

8×10 bathroom layout

Rectangular space with room for a tub and shower layout Master bathrooms, larger guest bathrooms

6×10 bathroom layout

Narrow layout with a longer length Guest bathrooms, narrow spaces

7×7 bathroom layout

Square layout with balanced dimensions Powder rooms, small master bathrooms

4×8 bathroom layout

Small layout with limited space Powder rooms, small apartments, half baths

5×5 bathroom layout

Compact square layout with minimal space Powder rooms, small bathrooms

5×9 bathroom layout

Rectangular layout with a balance of fixtures Guest bathrooms, small master bathrooms

8×12 bathroom layout

Spacious layout with room for additional features Luxury master bathrooms, spa-like designs

6×12 bathroom layout

Extended length with room for additional features Master bathrooms, larger guest bathrooms

4×4 bathroom layout

Very compact layout with minimal space Powder rooms, small bathrooms

5×12 bathroom layout

Long narrow layout with extended length Guest bathrooms, narrow spaces

Why Choose Foyr Neo To Design Your Bathroom Layouts?

Choosing bathroom design software should probably be at the top of your priority list. You need to trust that the software is working in your best interests and that it is providing design options that are appropriate for the area and size of your bathroom space.

Foyr Neo is a great place to go if you want to look at a lot of different decorative things and figure out which one is ideal for your bathroom. Foyr Neo helps you to plan, create, and render your bathroom in only a few minutes. You may also search through a database of 50,000 simulated goods.

You can create your bathroom in 3D and view it from any angle using Foyr Neo. It will assist not only aspiring interior designers but also homeowners who like renovating their houses. This amazing user-friendly tool runs on a cloud-based basis.

You may use this simple software in your browser regardless of whether you’re using an iOS or Android smartphone. Foyr Neo is a well-liked interior design program that appeals to a wide audience. It also offers a reduced subscription fee than other design programs, making it an excellent choice for you.


Bathroom design ideas and bathrooms are where we spend a lot of time, and they can make or break a home’s overall utility, functionality and appeal. It’s difficult to design the perfect bathroom even if you are designing a new one or doing a bathroom renovation.

You’re frequently working in tight conditions. If you buy a property that is perfect in every aspect except the bathroom, you’ll be left with a major snag. So, based on your requirements and preferences, select the ideal bathroom. Confidently embark on your bathroom design project by visualizing the bathroom layout, interiors, and more effortlessly. Sign up for Foyr Neo’s 14-day free trial today!


Commercial smallest ADA bathroom layouts should prioritize space efficiency, with careful placement of fixtures to meet accessibility standards without compromising functionality.

A 4×4 bathroom layout can benefit from innovative storage solutions such as wall-mounted shelves, recessed cabinets, and built-in niches to maximize space efficiency while maintaining a stylish aesthetic.

A Jack and Jill bathroom layout is a shared bathroom between two bedrooms with separate entrances.

Soft blues, greens, and neutral tones can create a calming and serene atmosphere in a bathroom.

Adequate ventilation is crucial to prevent moisture-related issues. Consider installing exhaust fans or windows to promote air circulation.

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