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Interior Design 3D Presentation

Interior Design is an exciting field of study. This important art form is a means for introducing creativity in any given room design and turn it into the homeowner’s dream house.

Interior designers can use various inspiration boards and design concepts to bring the client’s requirements to life. For new clients, using swatches and templates is a great way to introduce them to your design ideas. You can also use sample boards so they can check out the templates and color schemes you wish to implement.

However, the best means for interior design presentation are 3D models. While all the mood boards and floor plans are easily accessible and displayed on a 2D surface, 3D models take the effects of the architectural visualization to a whole new level.

3D Presentation Software

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What is an Interactive 3D Presentation?

Interior designers and architects have an obligation to their clients to deliver the property designs to meet their expectations. It is a little difficult to explain the concepts of scales, floor plans, room design, etc. without a visual aid.

Although Photoshop or PowerPoint presentations can help, the real challenge is visualizing the space from all angles. This is where 3D models take the cake.

With 3D modeling software, you can create a virtual rendering of the home design. An interactive 3D presentation enables you to show the client exactly what you have in mind with accurate visualization.

This is especially useful for new clients as they can share their own design plans with you. With careful brainstorming, you and your client can arrive at a mutual understanding before you create final presentation boards for your interior design project.

Decorators can also use interactive 3D presentations so the client can hover over the plans and inspect the view from every angle as if they are present right in the room. It helps them make up their mind before they give their approval so that there is a minimum to no scope for errors upon completion of the interior design services.

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10 Best Interactive 3D Architectural Presentation Software

There are several interactive 3D presentation software that facilitates multiple presentation techniques for schematic visualization of your design plan. The pricing and styling may differ from one software to another, based on the templates you choose. While AutoCAD and SketchUp are some of the top choices, the following architectural software provides additional means to create attractive presentation boards that can elevate the output of your interior design services.

1. MagikTour

Our first and most favorite choice is MagikTour. This simple software created by Foyr enables you, as interior designers and architects, to connect with your clients directly.

This software is effective in creating 360-degree floor plans and implement design ideas as per the client’s requirement. It is a handy tool, especially if you don’t want to waste money on transportation. The software allows you to share your ideas along with the design process through a link. You can send the link to the client who can evaluate and approve or share their concerns to make an informed decision.

The MagikTour interactive 3D design software is perfect for all projects, whether you have a small or large interior design business.

2. Aurora 3D Software

Another effective 3D presentation software is Aurora 3D. This software is easy to use and it offers a variety of styling and presentation boards. You can employ text, images, data, and even video to communicate the story of the design idea to the client.

Although Aurora does not have all the features necessary to create extensive and powerful 3D models, it gets the job done effectively. It is fairly easy to create a small file and transfer it to any mac or windows device for viewing. The ease of use is especially helpful for amateur designers as Aurora 3D does not require complete knowledge and understanding of the functional aspects of design software.

Aurora 3D is a handy software tool for a quick and easy solution for your architectural or interior design process.

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Interactive 3D Presentation Software

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3. Focusky

Focusky is a 3D presentation software much like Aurora 3D. You can use this software with ease to create some quick and easy presentation boards.

Focusky is ideal for both amateurs and professionals as the final presentations can be easily transferred to any data storage unit for viewing. You can use this software to create a video of your design ideas which gives the client an accurate visualization. It also allows you to add 3D transition effects to the space planning process.

Interior designers and architects can use this software to create focused renderings of their design concept for client approval.

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4. Knovio

Knovio is a unique 3D presentation software that allows you to share your interior design presentations through files over the internet. It has a microphone and webcam in-built in the app so you can share your ideas with the client as they move around the property or you share a 3D model.

Although Knovio does not have all the necessary templates and schematics, the interactive feature is immensely helpful. It does leave a lot to the imagination, but you can always share mood boards and sample boards to share your design ideas.

Knovio can be an easy solution especially if you are interacting with distant clients.

3D Interactive Presentation Software

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5. PresentiGo

PresentiGo is an all-inclusive 3D presentation software that enables architects and interior designers to create creative content for visual graphics. This software is particularly helpful because it re-engages previously created presentation boards for new projects.

PresentiGo is a good software for anyone who wants to create some extraordinary content with style. The conversion software allows you to transfer the files and play them as an immersive interactive 3D video model.

It is an ideal software for content creation to impress new clients.

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6. Visme

Visme is a 3D presentation software that is easy to learn and use. It features a multitude of effects and design concepts which enables architects and interior designers to create stunning video presentations.

Visme helps you create interiors not just for home design but also for commercial spaces. You can create an entertaining and engaging video to demonstrate your design ideas to the client. The Visme 3D presentation software is available globally so you can connect to clients from any location. Although this may be a cumbersome task to take on clients who are otherwise located, Visme still offers the facility, should the need arise.

Architectural Software

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7. Prezent 3D

Prezent 3D is an idea-based design model. It allows interior designers and architects to drag and drop files in a simple interface where you can combine effects and create note-worthy video presentations.

Prezent 3D is very simple to use which makes it a good choice for amateur decorators and aspiring architects. You can use simple design patterns and still create excellent presentation boards to impress clients.

Prezent 3D also allows auto grouping which simplifies the design process tremendously. It is an ideal software if you want the client to focus closely on your design plans.

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8. Cl3ver Interactive 3D Presentations

This one-click application enables architects and interior designers to quickly sort their presentations into auto grouped categories. The Cl3ver Interactive D presentations software simplifies the initial design process. You can then add voice-over dialogs and explanations to create a story for your presentations. If you need to make any changes to the presentation boards, your story remains unhindered.

This software is easy to use and provides a simple sharing facility so you can interact with your clients about the interior design project details. You can update the 3D models as required and fit the storyboard.

Interactive Design

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9. iCreate

iCreate is another interactive 3D presentation software that offers the user a wide array of options. With iCreate you can make interactive video presentations with multiple sample boards and present your design ideas to your clients with ease.

iCreate is quite easy to understand and use. Therefore architects and interior designers as well as clients can install it for easy viewing of the variable design plans. You can share your ideas and discuss any modifications or special requirements that the client might have.

iCreate provides a dynamic environment for the creation of 3D models thereby helping you create final presentations with better effects to amaze your clients.

10. Xtensio

Xtensio is an interactive 3D presentation and document-sharing app. It not only facilitates smooth communication between decorators and clients but also provides a forum for interaction between members of your staff. This office operation software helps the members of your team communicate and coordinate with each other so they can work in harmony.

Xtensio allows you to create 3D presentations with a multitude of effects which helps in making a good impression on the clients. You and your staff can readily communicate your design ideas and live documents, as and when required.

This 3D presentation tool is a good choice if you work with a permanent team or with contractors as it eases the mode of communication and collaboration. It makes it easier to complete your interior design project as per the requirement and on time.


The list of design software can be used for all your interior design styling projects. Whether you are creating a house from scratch or just designing a makeover for the living room or kitchen, you can use the software to render realistic 3D models to convey your ideas to the client.

We recommend MagikTour in particular because it is the best design software for interactive 3D presentations. It is highly useful to both architects and interior designers alike. The software is easy to use and enables you to interact directly with the client without much waste of time. Additionally, the 360-degree view enables the client to get an accurate rendering of the space which helps instill confidence in your design skills. You can watch the tutorials to learn the innumerous design concepts and how to implement them in your design process.

These 3D presentations are extremely helpful for marketing purposes as well. You can create various schematics and 3D models and post them on social media to attract new clients. You can also post your design ideas on professional platforms such as LinkedIn to connect with substantial clientele.

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