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House design games are a great way to express your creativity and experiment with different interior design concepts. There are many different house design games available, but some of the best focus on pure design, without any unnecessary puzzles or irrelevant activities.

If you’re looking for a true home designer game, check out this list of the 6 best home design games in 2023 for enthusiasts looking to dive straight into the world of virtual interior decoration. These games are tailored for those who relish the art of creating beautiful, functional living spaces without any unnecessary hurdles. Before we dive straight into the world of house design games, let’s first clear the misconception that house design games are only meant for kids.

Are House Design Games Only Meant for Kids?

Home design games are commonly associated with kids, but they can actually bring enjoyment to adults of all ages. In fact, there are home design games tailored specifically for adults, and here’s why grown-ups might find them appealing:

  1. A Stress-Relieving Creative Outlet – Designing a virtual home can be a soothing and creative way to de-stress, providing a relaxing escape from the demands of the day.
  2. Exploring Interior Design Trends – These games often showcase various interior design styles and trendy decor items, allowing players to experiment with different aesthetics and discover their personal preferences.
  3. Planning Home Improvement Projects – If you’re considering home renovations, playing a home design game can help you visualize ideas and gather inspiration for your real-life projects.
  4. Social Interaction – Many home design games enable players to share their designs with others and engage in design-related discussions. It’s an enjoyable way to connect with like-minded individuals who share an interest in interior design.

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6 Best Home Design Games For Home Designers

We have listed 6 house design games in this blog that typically offer more realistic graphics and advanced features compared to those meant for kids. Players often have the ability to create custom furniture and floor plans, enhancing the overall experience.

So, if you’re an adult with an interest in interior design, don’t hesitate to give home design games a shot. You might be pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable and beneficial they can be!

  1. House Flipper Home Design 

Imagine running your own renovation business from your mobile device – that’s what House Flipper is all about! This game lets you become an interior and house designer, taking on jobs to fix up, decorate, and sell houses for a profit. With impressive 3D graphics and smooth gameplay, you’ll have a blast tackling various tasks and unlocking over 500 decoration and furniture items. You’ll meet interesting characters along the way, too. If you love games where you can design and renovate homes, this one’s for you. It’s like having your own house flipping business in your pocket! Give it a try and start your journey to becoming the best house flipper and decorator around.

Key Features:

  • Realistic 3D graphics for a cool look.
  • Easy-to-play with smooth performance.
  • Lots of fun tasks to do.
  • Buy, renovate, and sell houses while decorating them.
  • Level up and get better tools.
  • Unlock more than 500 cool decoration items.

Available on Android, IOS, PC, Xbox, PS4 & Switch:

  1. Redecor – Home Design Game

Discover your inner interior designer with Redecor – Home Design Game! This creative game lets you dive into the world of home design, express your style, and participate in daily design challenges. With a wide array of design choices, you can create photo-realistic spaces and learn about different interior design styles. What sets Redecor apart is its vibrant community of home design enthusiasts who vote on designs, making you an integral part of this creative hub.


Key Features:

  • Daily Design Challenges to style realistic spaces.
  • A vast variety of high-end design choices.
  • Explore and learn about different interior design styles.
  • Engage in design voting with a community of fellow enthusiasts.
  • Choose from over a thousand high-quality home design options.
  • Customize decorations and showcase your unique style.

Available on Android, IOS  & PC:

  1. Design Home: Lifestyle Game 

Design Home is among the top home design games available on both app stores. It’s not just a game; it’s a lifestyle where you get to decorate and design houses with all the chic home decor brands you love. You can build, style, and design home interiors, just as you’ve always dreamed. From kitchens to bedrooms, you’re in charge of it all in this immersive 3D builder. You can even escape to different places like Paris or Vegas and spice up your home design with luxurious decor. There are tons of interior design options, countless furniture and decor brands, and new ones added regularly. Express your inner designer with top trends and famous brands like Jonathan Adler and West Elm. Plus, you can explore exterior design challenges for a complete home design games experience. Get ready to let your creativity run wild and live out your interior design fantasies with Design Home!


Key Features:

  • Take control of kitchen design, bedroom design, and more.
  • Use the immersive 3D builder for precision.
  • Collaborate with over 60 top brands and designers.
  • Stay updated with monthly trend spotlights.
  • Enjoy exclusive challenges with famous designers.
  • Earn rewards in weekly Exterior Design challenges.
  • Showcase your skills in series challenges.
  • Unlock diamonds, cash, and more with Design Pass.

Available on Android, IOS  & PC:

  1. Decor Life – Home Design Game

Welcome to Decor Life, the ultimate home designer game that lets you unleash your creativity and live out your interior design dreams in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. If you’re passionate about home renovation and enjoy creating your ideal living spaces, Decor Life is your ideal companion. With a diverse range of rooms to work on, each with its unique ambiance, you can experiment with different furniture and décor concepts to your heart’s content.


Key Features:

  • Endless Variety: Explore a vast selection of rooms, each with its unique atmosphere.
  • Unbox and Decorate: Follow the complete renovation process, from sorting items to placing furniture and decorating.
  • No Rules, Just Creativity: Decor Life is all about your choices; there are no right or wrong answers. Design freely and judge your success by your own standards.
  • Surprises Await: Unbox and discover unique items to place in your newly redecorated rooms.
  • Open Exploration: Skip the levels and explore various rooms on the home design map at your own pace.

Available on Android, IOS  & PC:

  1. House Design: Fix and Flip

Embark on a journey of home design and renovation in House Designer: Fix and Flip, a captivating simulator game where you can turn your wildest interior design dreams into reality. Aspiring interior designers and garden enthusiasts alike will find endless opportunities in this engaging gaming experience.


Key features:

  • Explore interior design and home renovation.
  • Extensive selection of furniture and decor items.
  • Improve your skills as an interior decorator.
  • Take on the role of a garden designer.
  • Create a harmonious backyard with various decor elements.
  • Buy, repair, and flip houses for profit.
  • Engage in renovation tasks and challenges.

Available on Android, IOS  & PC:

  1. Home Design Star

Step into the world of interior design with Home Design Star! Unleash your creativity and transform virtual spaces into aesthetic masterpieces. Engage in daily home design challenges, where you’ll craft dreamy rooms with specific purposes using Pinterest-inspired decor and furniture. Delve into ultra-quality graphics, relax with impeccable designs, and win rewards through these challenges. Take inspiration from trending Pinterest home designs and play with furniture reminiscent of IKEA. Renovate old spaces into modern homes and express yourself through high-end designer decor. Home Design Star is your creative outlet for interior design, where experimentation is encouraged. Join our lively home design community, and let your design skills shine.


Key features:

  • Participate in daily home design challenges
  • Craft rooms with specific purposes like bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms
  • Explore ultra-quality graphics for impeccable designs
  • Win rewards through daily challenges
  • Use Pinterest-inspired decor and furniture
  • Find inspiration from trending Pinterest home designs
  • Play with furniture akin to IKEA’s style
  • Renovate and modernize old buildings and rooms
  • Express yourself with a variety of high-end designer furniture and decor
  • Join a vibrant home design community on social media

Available on Android, IOS  & PC:

Best Home Design Games – Table Comparision:

Game Title Key Features App Store Rating Play Store Rating
House Flipper – Realistic 3D graphics

– Easy-to-play with smooth performance

– Over 500 decoration items

4.7 4.5
Redecor – Home Design – Daily Design Challenges

– Vast variety of design choices

– Engage with a design community

4.7 4.1
Design Home – Interior design control

– Collaborate with 60+ brands and designers

– Exterior challenges

4.5 4.0
Decor Life – Endless variety of rooms

– Unbox and decorate

– No rules, just creativity

4.7 4.1
House Design: Fix & Flip – Explore interior design and renovation

– Extensive furniture selection

– Garden design

4.5 4.5
Home Design Star – Participate in daily home design challenges

– High-quality graphics

– Trendy furniture

Not available on App Store 4.3

home design 3D render by Lesley Myrick


Home design games have proven to be valuable tools for unleashing imagination, developing design skills, and honing visualization abilities. However, when it comes to pursuing interior design professionally, it is crucial to invest in a comprehensive home design software like Foyr Neo to take your craft to the next level.

While home design games provide an engaging way to try your hand at interior design, they have inherent limitations. They may lack the depth and complexity required for intricate projects, such as commercial spaces or large-scale residential developments. This is where a professional-grade home design software like Foyr Neo steps in, offering a multitude of advantages that cater specifically to the needs of interior designers.


Yes, there are several games in the list above that allow you to design houses. “House Flipper Home Design,” “Design Home : Lifestyle Game,” “Decor Life – Home Design Game,” “House Design : Fix and Flip,” and “Home Design Star” are all games where you can unleash your interior design creativity and decorate various living spaces according to your preferences.

“Decor Life – Home Design Game” is a game that shares similarities with “Redecor – Home Design Game.” Both games provide opportunities to express your interior design skills, take part in design challenges, and create personalized living spaces. They aim to offer a relaxing and immersive home design experience.

Yes, “Redecor – Home Design Game” is indeed a real game, as mentioned in the blog. It’s a creative and engaging home design game where you can explore different design styles, participate in daily challenges, and connect with a community of fellow home design enthusiasts.

The number of levels in “home design games” can vary from game to game. Unfortunately, the blog doesn’t provide specific information about the exact number of levels in each game. To find out the level structures and progression in these games, it’s recommended to check each game individually within the app stores or game descriptions, where you can often find details about their gameplay and level systems.

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