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It's effortless

Foyr has an intuitive drag-and-drop interface for ultimate ease of use. Just select one of the thousands of professional pre-made templates or create a floor plan from scratch and start designing. Doors and windows snap into place with our auto-docking feature, saving you unnecessary hassle.


Step 2

It's fast

Customize your design with full or partial walls with a click of a button. Use common scales to quickly create a basic design or define custom scales. The auto-scale functionality ensures that you only have to enter one wall’s dimensions - the other walls scale automatically! With Foyr, time-consuming design tasks are turbocharged.


Step 3

It's advanced

Discover a diverse collection of 60,000+ product 3D models within Foyr to decorate your design. Leverage the advanced auto-lighting feature for strategically lit, presentable designs. Ultimately, experience the pinnacle of quality with Foyr's cloud-generated 4K renders and immersive 3D walkthroughs.


Get brilliant designs in few clicks - experience Foyr’s home design software benefits

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Easy home design

Design a complete home in minutes with Foyr’s intuitive drag-and-drop functionality. Say goodbye to lengthy design processes and hello to faster designs and smoother iterations for business growth.

Accurate floor plans

Use common scales or define a custom one and relieve yourself of the stress of inaccurate measurements. Deliver impeccable designs to your clients and encourage them to keep coming back for more.

3D product library

With Foyr, design limitations aren't even a thing. Flexibly materialize your vision by defining custom scales, uploading your own floor plans and decorating your space with the elements of your choice. It adapts to your workflow, not the other way around.

Home design templates

Teleport directly to your most creative part in the design process with thousands of professional templates to inspire you. With Foyr, the creative block becomes a distant past

3D home design

Impress clients by putting them in their dream home even before it exists. Fire one-click 4K renders and 3D walkthroughs that match and surpass the highest standards going around.

Design collaboration

Collaborate with your team members in real-time and export your design in PDF for seamless sharing. Add logos, text, textures, and custom details to your exported plans for added professionalism.

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Why Designers Love Foyr

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.
Kathy Noumi

Kathy Noumi

As a Pittsburgh Interior Designer, I've long searched for a user-friendly rendering program. With Foyr Neo, I crafted my first design in just 30 minutes. It's intuitive and perfect for quick turnarounds, especially with a packed schedule.
Eric Dillman

Eric Dillman

Foyr has transformed my interior design business, allowing me to swiftly produce realistic 3D images and virtual walkthroughs. This clarity accelerates decision-making for clients, streamlining design changes and boosting both business growth and client satisfaction.
Kristy Begin Patterson

Kristy Begin Patterson

Foyr has helped my E-design business become a success. My clients appreciate the highly realistic renderings that I create from this software, and I love how easy it is to learn and get started. I especially like the 360° walkthrough feature as well as the custom modeling feature.
Tierney Larkin

Tierney Larkin

Foyr's renderings are top-notch and user-friendly! It effortlessly turns floorplans into lifelike 3D and 4K visuals that often get mistaken for real photos. Our clients are consistently impressed, making it an invaluable tool for our business.
Rachel Collins

Rachel Collins

Foyr Neo has made my design workflow super simple! My rendering times are cut down by more than half.They are always working on so many new updates.The chat support system is super helpful and I love the community Foyr has created.
Lesley Myrick

Lesley Myrick

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  • 180 Render Credits/Month (2160/Yr)
  • 2 User
All Basic plan features, plus
  • 6x Render Credits Than Basic
  • 3D Walkthrough
  • Full Set Of Design, 3D Editing, Modeling And Rendering Features
  • Export Floor Plans
  • FoyrAR - See Design In Your Room
  • 1 Hour Onboarding And Training

Frequently asked questions

The best home design software is one that is easy to use and yet helps you deliver detailed designs that your clients love. Foyr is a home design software that is as easy to use as a mobile app but has advanced features like, a smart floor planner, auto-lighting and auto-docking and a cloud-based 3D rendering engine among others for breathtaking design outputs.

Yes, there are a host of free home design software available on the web. However, most of these software solutions lack the essential features a professional designer like you needs. While Foyr isn't completely free, it does offer a 14-day free trial. If you want to give Foyr a try and experience its features hands-on, avail a free trial today.

Foyr is a home design software solution that allows you to preview your design progress in 3D with a switch of a button. Design in 2D and see how everything looks in 3D to make timely edits and further enhance your design. With Foyr, designing a house in 3D is a genuinely enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Foyr’s streamlined features like auto-lighting and auto-docking along with options to easily draw walls and rooms ensure you can design a whole house’s floor plan in minutes. Once done, you can drag and drop furniture and decor products into your design and get it rendered on our cloud servers.

Absolutely! Foyr is tailor-made for professional designers with advanced features like a vast library of 3D product models, one-click 4K rendering and 3D walkthroughs and the option to add your brand logo and other details to your design exports. With Foyr, you can deliver professional designs that impress clients.

Yes! You can import your existing floor plans and even scan a room directly (beta) to start designing. When it comes to design freedom and flexibility, Foyr stands a cut above the rest.

Yes, Foyr has a host of tutorial videos on our YouTube channel. Additionally, our website has a dedicated blog page that is regularly updated with informative, guide-based blogs. We also have a training module where beginners can learn the basics of interior design.

Foyr’s home design software is ideal for amateurs who are learning home design as well as professional designers looking for an advanced home design software solution. It's also loved by DIYers who are not pursuing interior design professionally but just want to try their hand at home design.

Design creatively, forget the technicality with
Foyr’s home design software

Don't let your creativity get lost in the complexities of home design tools. Embrace Foyr’s intuitive home design software, embrace design freedom.

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