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More than just a Floor Plan Software

More than just a Floor Plan Software

Floor plans are just the beginning of your design. And we have made it incredibly simple to upload your 2D floor plan or create a new one from scratch in a few clicks. Exploring and furnishing your floor plan in an interactive 3D format is just a click away on Foyr Neo – The lightning-fast Interior Design Software.

3D Visualization and Visual Feedback

3D Visualization and Visual Feedback

Experience an interiors’ software that lets you switch from your 2D floor plan view to a real-time 3D visualization of the project like it’s NOTHING. Edit your designs, change textures, colors and get instant visual feedback to admire or re-iterate your work. An interactive 3D view of your interior design project allows you to experiment with unlimited design options. Trial and error breeds success!

Powerful 3D Rendering For Interior Designers

Powerful 3D Rendering For Interior Designers

Say goodbye to multiple licenses for interior design tools, modeling software and 3D rendering software. Foyr Neo is an all-in-one solution that not only lets you create with freedom, but also offers a powerful online rendering engine. Our powerful 3D rendering allows you to get a 4K photorealistic render within 30 minutes! Set a scene in 3D mode, use conceal, view clipper and other tools to get the perfect view and click on Render. Delight your clients time and again with renders and high quality 3D images.

AI Assisted Home Design Tool

AI Assisted Home Design Tool

Our home designing software features powerful abilities like auto lighting configured for all lighting products, smart docking, sunlight control and much more, you save HOURS of fidgeting through complicated controls. Let NEO do all the heavy lifting while you bring your best ideas to life – for clients or for you own home.

Empowering Interior Designers

“Foyr has changed the way I work on my designs. It’s cut my rendering time by half and then some. I love the community they’ve created and how helpful they are in all aspects. They constantly have amazing updates, most recently the ‘add baseboard’ option, which has been a heaven sent gift. Thank you all so much for everything you do behind the scenes to create a better work flow for all of us busy designers.”

Kathy Noumi | Owner & Principal Designer

“Foyr Neo is essential to my design process. The software is intuitive and allows me to quickly build and iterate on my designs. Their visualization solutions make it easy to bring my vision to life and help my clients feel confident in moving forward with their project.”

Vanessa | Owner + Principal, Vanessa Ford Interiors | Bay Area

I cannot express how much I am LOVING NEO! The learning curve literally feels like ZERO as I created a hotel concept room in only a few short hours of signing up. This would have taken me weeks in other software programs that require a lot of skill, money and time to create.

Laytricia Towery | Design Principal/Owner, 918 Design Co | Murrieta, CA

“I know something good when I see it – Foyr is definitely the next big thing!”

Jessica Archeval | Owner and Interior Designer, JLA Interiors | New Jersey

“I am an Interior Designer in Pittsburgh and always struggled finding a good rendering program that also is extremely user friendly. I made my first design with in a half hour with very little training. Once you get going it’s very easy to figure out. It’s nice to have a program like this when you have a very busy schedule and need to turn over a rendering of your vision for your clients space.”

Eric Dillman | Interior Designer, Eric Dillman Designs | Pittsburgh, PA

Foyr Neo

Simple and efficient interior design

In-built Tutorials

You will never be lost while using Foyr Neo. Our in-built smart tutorials follow you around while you build your 3D floor plan, showing smart suggestions and step-by-step instructions as you use our amazing features for the first time. Enjoy learning with your omnipresent personal tutor who appears only when you need them to.

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Vast In-Built Library of 3D Models

Get access to an extensive catalog of over 50,000 ready to render 3D models with inbuilt building material settings. Save tons of time on 3D Modeling with our trendy and updated 3D Models.

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Introducing 3D Modeling

Upload and Create Your Own Models

Foyr Shapes

Over 50,000 blended and render-ready models not enough for you? Create your own Models with Foyr Shapes or Upload your existing OBJ files and add them to your room layout.


Vast In-Built Library of 3D Models

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