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Interior Design Influencers

The design industry has seen many popular names and faces, but one thing’s for sure – success in this field can’t be achieved overnight. Today, with the advent of social media, apps like Instagram have given interior design professionals the platform they need to make their voices heard, and work seen.

Whether it’s on media (HGTV) or social media, there are many young influencers making their mark in the field. From bloggers to DIY interior design professionals; interior stylists to home design aficionados, if you’re on the lookout for inspiration in the interior design industry, make sure you’re following some of the world’s most well-known (for good reason!) interior design professionals. 

We’ve put together a list of the top 20 interior design influencers – from San Francisco to Sydney; and New York City to Los Angeles, who have dedicated their lives to working with the toughest clients, creating product lines, and marketing and building their own brand.

Here are some of the top Instagrammers in the interior design industry, focused on home decor, building their own design studio, or featuring in magazines like Architectural Digest.

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Top 20 Interior Design Influencers To Follow On Instagram

1. Justina Blakeney

An American designer, Justina Blakeney is the creative director (and founder!) of Jungalow. She has authored several books, including New York Times bestsellers on new age, bohemian interiors. 

Well-known for her ‘jungle and bungalow’ styled craft interiors, Justina Blakeney is one of the world’s top interior designers whose every piece of work can’t be helped but photographed! Her crafty designs and use of colors are extremely aesthetic and lively, making every shot look like something out of a magazine.

If you’re seeking dynamic inspiration, make sure you follow her. Find natural, boho-themed, and chic inspiration on Justina’s feed.

Justina Blakeney’s Website

Justina Blakeney’s Instagram

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justina blakeney interior design instagram influencer

Image Credit:

Within a short span of 6 years, Joanna Gaines has gained a large amount of recognition in the interior design industry. Famed along with her husband Chip Gaines, Joanna has appeared on several shows on HGTV, written books and appeared in magazines.

Joanna is well-known for her farmhouse and shiplap interior design styles and has undertaken massive collaborations with brands like Anthropologie and Target. She is extremely famous for having established the Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, which has now become a hotspot for tourists.

Joanna Gaines’s Website

Joanna Gaines Instagram

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joanna gaines interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

The founder and designer of Black Artists + Designers Guild, Malene Barnett is a highly followed design influencer who has made her mark as a dynamic interior designer. She uses art to empower herself and her followers and is a huge fan of going beyond the design world to seek creative pursuits.

If perfection isn’t your cup of tea as a designer, follow Malene. On her feed, you will find beautiful, abstract, and interesting design ideas that are sure to light a spark within you.

Malene Barnett’s Website

Malene Barnett’s Instagram

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malene barnett interior design instagram influencer

A famous interior designer from New York City, Alyssa Kapito is very well-known for giving spaces the illusion of airiness and space. She has designed some of the best looking apartments in New York during the span of her interior design career. From living rooms on the Upper East Side to luxe dining rooms in West End, you will find Alyssa using amber interiors as part of her design inspiration. 

Follow Alyssa’s Instagram account for inspo on doing up your own home, or working on someone else’s home.

Alyssa Kapito’s Website

Alyssa Kapito’s Instagram

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alyssa kapito interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

An LA-based celebrity design blogger, Emily Henderson has made her mark across various facets of interior design – from TV to creating design blogs, she’s done it all. With a decade of experience, Emily has undertaken a multitude of design projects, including the famously known ‘Mountain House’. 

Emily’s design style is bohemian with bright colors. Follow her Instagram page for inspiration on all things bright, beautiful, and highly photogenic.

Emily Henderson’s Website

Emily Henderson’s Instagram

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emily henderson interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Kelly Wearstler has carved a name for herself as a global brand today. She started her career in interior design in the 90s, by picking up projects in the hospitality space. Today, her interior design firm Kelly Wearstler Interior Design provides high-end luxe designs for projects across commercial, residential, and retail spaces as well. 

She has been nicknamed the ‘grande dame of West Coast interior design’ – a title that anyone would say befits her, just by looking at her social media feed. Kelly’s Instagram account is a reflection of her design style and work – find design inspo for warm, homely, airy and luxe spaces here.

Kelly Wearstler’s Website

Kelly Wearstler’s Instagram

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kelly wearstler interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Named one of the world’s top 20 Next Wave Designers, Sara Gilbane is an interior designer from New York City whose Instagram account will prove how beautiful her design aesthetic and interior styling abilities are. Most people pin her images on their Pinterest boards and scroll through her feed for design inspiration on furniture lines, fabrics, wallpapers, and interior projects. 

If you’re looking for specific inspiration pertaining to colors of the sea or the countryside, follow Gilbane on social media.

Sara Gilbane’s Website

Sara Gilbane’s Instagram 

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sara gilbane interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

A designer based out of Southern California, Becki Owens is also famous as a lifestyle influencer. Her modern, inviting designs make people follow her on social media. She inspires people to live ‘beautifully’. One can see modern, coastal influences across most of her design projects. 

Owens uses a mix of transitional, warm styles and color palettes and combines these with amazing lighting to create wonderful livable spaces.

Becki Owens’s Website

Becki Owens’s Instagram

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becki owens interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

An interior designer who is also an author, founder, and podcaster, Paloma’s design style arises from her love for antique French design. She has won several awards for her interior decor skills. 

With daily fresh content, you are sure to find inspiration on Paloma’s page.

Paloma Contreras’s Website

Paloma Contreras’s Instagram

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paloma contreras interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Formerly an associate at Miles Redd, Nick Olsen has developed his interior design style over time to become one of the world’s most well-known interior design professionals. He is someone who uses a mix of textures and colors to create art, not just design.

Nick launched his interior design firm in 2010 and has the ability to use old, traditional, and conventional designs in a modern way. He combines elements in a fresh way, with a feed filled with his prowess. 

Nick Olsen’s Website

Nick Olsen’s Instagram

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nick olsen interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

An acclaimed interior designer, Corey Damen Jenkins is celebrated around the world for his unique ability to mix color palettes and color schemes in an interesting and innovative manner. His outputs are often unexpected and inspired by vivid colors and surroundings. 

Take a look at Corey’s Instagram account for inspiration on creating bold and functional spaces. His feed is filled with informative content on creating mood boards and utilizing spaces in an optimized manner.

Corey Damen Jenkins’s Website

Corey Damen Jenkins’s Instagram

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corey damen jenkins interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

An interior designer, author, and social media influencer, Orlando Soria dons many hats when it comes to interior design. He is well-known for working with homeowners and giving their homes a makeover. On HGTV, he is popular for overhauling the interiors of a home, creating beautiful, functional spaces, and giving homeowners a fresh start. 

Follow Orlando’s Instagram account for design inspiration for everyday projects.

Orlando Soria’s Website

Orlando Soria’s Instagram

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orlando soria interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Founder of Young Huh Interiors, Young Huh is a well-known interior designer, hailing from Detroit. On her Instagram page, you will find visuals of her signature interior design style – bright hues of summer in modern and sleek ways. 

Get inspiration from tile work to fabrics, on Young Huh’s Instagram feed.

Young Huh’s Website

Young Huh’s Instagram

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young huh interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

A combination of Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro, Ashe Leandro is an interior design firm started by the two luxury-based interior design professionals. Ashe Leandro was established in New York. The design firm focuses on minimalism and bold styles that are modern and functional. 

Follow their Instagram page if you’re looking for inspiration on doing up an ‘everyday’ home. From furniture to lighting, they have some excellent suggestions and recommendations.

Ashe – Leandro’s Website

Ashe – Leandro’s Instagram

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ashe leandro interior design instagam influencers

Image Credit:

Josh Greene has managed to become an Instagram design influencer irrespective of his low-key digital presence. He began Josh Greene Design in New York as an interior design firm that focuses on creating collaborative and functional designs which have stylish exteriors. 

Scroll through his Instagram account to learn how to balance colors and harmonize patterns and styles.

Josh Greene’s Website

Josh Greene’s Instagram

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josh greene interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Mark D. Sikes loves creating spaces that have a natural, warm, and nautical feel. He is well-known for creating graceful and gorgeous looking interior spaces that, reek of a chic and classy vibe. Today, Mark has created an iconic status for himself in the interior design industry. 

If you’re looking for timeless styles, hues of whites and blues, or a traditional yet functional design sense, then follow Mark D. Sikes.

Mark D. Sikes’s Website

Mark D. Sikes’s Instagram

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mark d sikes interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

From fabrics to wallpapers, Tilton Fenwick is the interior design firm to go to if you’re looking for bold and vivid designs! Tilton Fenwick was started as a boutique interior design firm by designers Suysel dePedro Cunningham and Anne Maxwell Foster. Together, the two designers love using bold patterns and styles in their quest to bring freshness to traditional and conventional designs. 

From quirky and abstract to interesting designs, Tilton Fenwick’s Instagram account is excellent for creating mood boards – especially if you love playing with color schemes.

Tilton Fenwick’s Website

Tilton Fenwick’s Instagram

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tilton fenwick interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

If eccentric design ideas are what you’re looking for, Ken Fulk is the interior designer you need to follow. With a focus on native and industry styles, Ken has one of the biggest names and reputations when it comes to eclectic interior designs and a lifestyle driven by flamboyance. 

Ken Fulk’s design style and ability to turn mundane spaces into fancy and eye-catching spaces is what makes his Instagram feed noteworthy.

Ken Fulk’s Website

Ken Fulk’s Instagram

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ken fulk interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Known for her neo-traditional designs, Ashley Whittaker is an amazing interior designer who creates beautiful and comfortable spaces. She is a wife, mother, and stepmother, and uses classic design styles to do up tired interiors. If you’re looking for inspiration in terms of design makeovers, then head over to Ashley’s Instagram account.

Ashley Whittaker’s Website

Ashley Whittaker’s Instagram

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ashley whittaker interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:

Multicolors, patterns, textures, and themes – that’s what you get with Sasha Bikoff. A dreamland of colors and styles, Sasha’s interior design is very popular among those who love to make an impression. Sasha has previously exhibited her work at several design shows and exhibitions including the DIFFA and Kips Bay Decorator Show House. 

Follow her Instagram profile for a keen eye for design and a fearless aesthetic.

Sasha Bikoff’s Website

Sasha Bikoff’s Instagram

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sasha bikoff interior design instagram influencers

Image Credit:


The interior design industry is ever-changing; with design styles evolving daily, it’s important to keep up with the latest styles. We’re lucky to be living in the times of social media where information and content are constantly thriving. As designers, it’s important to not only follow the world’s top designers for inspiration, but also to keep up with the latest trends, industry insights, and other important updates. 

If you’re an interior design professional or student looking for inspiration, creativity, or just about need a break from the mundane projects and routine you’re part of, definitely follow these top interior design influencers – after all, there’s a reason they are design influencers! Scroll through their Instagram accounts, and you never know what kind of creativity or inspiration might hit you!  

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