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What is HGTV?

In the United States of America, HGTV has become a household name. Whether you are a budding interior designer, an ambitious professional, a top-notch architect, or a homeowner wishing to take on a personal home improvement project, HGTV is the go-to channel to find inspiration for any design crafts.

The Home and Garden Television dubbed as HGTV is a subsidiary of Discovery Incorporation and Warner Brothers. The channel was founded in 1994 by Frank Gardner and Kenneth Lowe to help homeowners in their quest to improve their home decor with personal touches at minimum cost. Home renovation was on the surprise in the 1990s and Gardner and Lowe were able to capitalize on the situation massively.

The evolving real estate market also took to the popular home improvement channel and pretty soon, it became a platform for renowned architects and interior designers to become HGTV stars.

They had the perfect opportunity to not only help fixer-uppers with their home improvement but also to showcase their talents. Before we knew it, new HGTV series and reality shows were being launched, with new hosts rising to become HGTV design stars.

We are all familiar with most of the celebrated design stars hosting HGTV shows and some co-hosts who quickly earned their own spin-offs. The most popular of all was Dear Genevieve featuring celebrity designer Genevieve Gorder.

Other popular names such as Hilary Farr, Egypt Sherrod, Scott Mcgillivray, Chip and Joanna Gaines, and more were also actively featured on the channel to share their design theories and innovative ideas to aid in home improvement and real estate renovation over the years.

With home renovation and real estate flipping on the rise with fixer-upper homes, let us take a look at the contributions of these beloved HGTV stars. Who knows, you may find the next big inspiration for your upcoming architecture or interior design project.

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Top 20 HGTV Personalities:

Most HGTV stars were property virgins, i.e., new to the world of real estate and design trends when HGTV was launched. The opportunity to feature their designs on television on a channel dedicated to the craft that they fell in love with was a welcome challenge for most of these HGTV design stars.

Reality TV was growing in popularity at the time and ambitious designers were offered their own show to introduce themselves in the home improvement market.

There were plenty of real estate developers in search of trading spaces wherein they could hire flipping virgins at reasonable costs by providing them with first-time opportunities with real-life projects to make a name for themselves.

Thus the first season of reality shows on HGTV brought together many visionaries to create long-lasting partnerships in the world of home renovation who inspire us to this day.

1. Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines

We admire celebrity couples like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt for their skills in entertainment. However, if you need real inspiration from a power couple who changed the face of the interior design industry, Chip and Joanna Gaines are it.

The HGTV stars made their debut in the reality show ‘Fixer Upper.’ The name of the show perfectly described their passion and skills in the pursuit of renovating dying homes and breathing new life into them. Their most popular projects included fixing up farmhouses, which is a passion that brought them together in the first place.

When the couple first met, they were trying to navigate their way through the real estate market to find the perfect properties to flip. At the time, they were both flipping virgins. When they started dating, they realized they found the missing parts for a true lifetime partnership both personal and professional.

When offered their own show on HGTV, the couple took to the small screen with their innovative ideas, and before they knew it, Joanna and Chip Gaines became household sensations. Following their success with HGTv, the couple wrote books to inspire interior designers and decorators.

These days, not only do they offer expert advice to first-time realtors and property virgins but also continue on their mission to renovate old homes with classic and farmhouse design ideas that they flip and sell on a business forum they initiated called the Magnolia Market.

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top hgtv personalities - chip gaines and joanna gaines

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2.David Bromstad

There is more to being an HGTV design star than hosting reality shows on the Warner Brothers channel. One of the first original HGTV series was HGTV Design Stars, where contestants demonstrated their superiority of concepts on the reality show to compete against each other.

The brightest star (pun intended) that emerged from the first season was David Bromstad, an expert in color psychology and the efficient use of color schemes.

David Bromstad has always been a colorful person with a vibrant personality. it is no surprise that the former Disney illustrator turned designer has a penchant for applying his love for vibrancy in the lives of people to brighten up their day. he is very fond of art, as evidenced by his myriad of tattoos.

After proving himself the king of colors, David went on to land many gigs as host and co-host of several shows on HGTV. His most prominent appearances were on HGTV series such as My Lottery Dream Home, Beach Flip, and most importantly, Color Splash.

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top hgtv personalities - david bromstad

Image Credit:

3. The Scott Brothers

Dylan and Cole Sprouse aren’t the only twins on TV with a legacy. The Property Brothers is a speciality of HGTV Canada wherein twin brothers Jonathan and Drew Scott feature their unique take on the Canadian real estate market.

The Scott brothers revolutionized the Canadian real estate industry with their innovative style and dedication to home improvement. Drew Scott is often presented as the Canadian real estate agent who identifies a property.

Jonathan Scott then takes over as the contractor to define a vision for home renovation. Together, the Property Brothers have flipped several residential and commercial projects all over Canada, including top cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, Ontario, and more.

With their extensive knowledge and passion, the twin brothers started their own firm known as Scott Real Estate. They have worked side by side for years, accumulating a net worth of over CAD 20 million.

Along with acting as co-host with his twin, Drew Scott also went on to appear on other HGTV series on HGTV Canada and USA, while Jonathan Scott made appearances in entertainment Tv shows such as The X-Files.

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top hgtv personalities - the scott brothers

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4. Christina Anstead

Flip or Flop is one of the most famous HGTV reality shows featuring another power couple. Christina Anstead, formerly known as Christina El Moussa co-hosted the show with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa. Even after their divorce, the couple continued to co-host the show while Christina went on to be featured on other reality TV projects in the USA.

In order to make a name for herself without her husband, Christina launched the spin-off called Christina Stronger by Design and Christina on the Coast where she took to home renovation to improve the real estate market of the United States, especially along Southern California.

Her home makeover ideas are not only acknowledged as unique but celebrated for being rooted in the client’s vision for their dream home. She has since become a celebrity in her own right apart from being an HGTV star.

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top hgtv personalities - christina anstead

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5. Bryan Baeumler

Another prominent HGTV star who has made a name for himself through a variety of namesake shows assisting real people with home renovations is Bryan Baeumler. The design star is known for offering his expertise through shows such as House of Bryan, Island of Bryan, Leave it to Bryan, and Bryan Incorporated.

Bryan Baeumler is among a handful of interior designers on HGTV who is known for his humility and willingness to get his hands dirty. As a part of HGTV Canada and USA, Bryan departs his knowledge to the younger generation of interior designers and budding entrepreneurs.

On his shows, Bryan Baeumler gets into the trenches and acts as a handyman to assist in ensuring a strong outline of the properties he renovates.

As a businessman, he is a mentor and an advisor to help young firms earn their place in the industry with innovative execution of their design ideas. In fact, his entrepreneurial brilliance has made Bryan one of the top names in the industry with a substantial net worth of approximately $25 million.

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top hgtv personalities - bryan baeumler

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6. Mike Holmes

Sherlock isn’t the only famous Holmes. A real-life legendary celebrity in the field of interior design is Mike Holmes who started making his mark in the field at the tender age of 19. He is the Gordon Ramsey of Interior Design, with a no-nonsense attitude and a drive for perfection.

Mike Holmes is as straightforward about his opinions as they come. When he began his gig on HGTV Canada with his namesake show Holmes on Homes, he had the ideal outlet to voice his opinions on the real estate market of Toronto. He pointed out foundation issues and contractual errors in home building techniques, then helped homeowners renovate their properties.

The Canadian HGTV star is credited for home improvement in many parts of the country with his expert advice. He is fondly referenced as one of the prodigies of Canadian real estate.

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top hgtv personalities - mike holmes

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7. Hillary Farr

HGTV Canada is a prestigious subsidiary of the home company and it largely owes its success to famous designers such as Hilary Farr. One of the best home renovation shows that uplifts the Canadian real estate market is the HGTV Canada series called Love It or List It, wherein Hilary Farr along with her co-host David Visentin picks homes for makeovers.

Once the renovation is complete, if the homeowners can not only have the dream home they wanted, but they can subsequently put it on the market for a healthy resell value. Having the Canadian legendary renovator Hilary Farr’s name attached to the property ensures good deals in the real estate market.

Much like her cohort Mike Holmes from her hometown, or at least her home country, Hilary Farr has a reputation for being straightforward and not tolerating any insubordination. She knows she is one of the best and holds up to her reputation.

Hilary has been part of the HGTV family with more than one show, including her namesake reality renovation series called Tough Love with Hilary Farr. She also appears on shows for New York Textiles. She is a big fan of using sustainable materials for home renovations and uses her instinctive expertise to breathe life into projects that seem hopeless till Hilary gets her hands on it.

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top hgtv personalities - hillary farr

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8. Nicole Curtis

Who says that rehabilitation is only for addicts who want to alter the state of their minds?

Nicole Curtis has redefined the term ‘rehab’ with her show Rehab Addict. The realtor turned interior designer found her passion in renovating old, historic homes, calling it a rehab makeover to eradicate the negative vibes and unsuitable aspects of the structure. Her vision to provide homeowners with their dream home while maintaining the historic integrity of the property sure entertains the viewers of HGTV.

Nicole Curtis has also authored a book to inspire aspiring designers called Better than New. Her early life plays an important part in motivating up-and-coming home decorators to fight for their passion in order to achieve the pinnacle of success.

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top hgtv personalities - nicole curtis

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9. Jillian Harris

Interior designers are seldom celebrated for their walk into another path, but such is the story of celebrity decorator Jillian Harris.

From the beginning, Jillian’s journey has been unique. As an HGTV design star, she hosts a spin-off of the original HGTV series by Hilary Farr. Jillian Harris brings life to the real estate market in her hometown in the show Love It or List It: Vancouver.

Unlike her cohorts, Jillian Harris is known for renovating the commercial hospitality industry. Her forte is working with restaurants and hotels that are in dire need of a makeover in order to shine once again. She is associated with big names in the Vancouver hospitality industry such as Etsy, JH for Sage, and more.

Despite her design expertise, Jillian is most famously remembered for her participation in the show called the Bachelorette. Her celebrity status was magnified overnight making her one of the most popular HGTV stars.

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top hgtv personalities - jillian harris

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10. Grace Mitchell

Texas is a blank canvas when it comes to interior design and many decorators have taken a run at it to renovate the town with the latest styling trends. One such accomplished household name is Grace Mitchell.

Although the state is growing and developing rapidly, the Waco Massacre left a bad taste in the mouths of the inhabitants. There were significant upheavals and wars that almost destroyed the state but they stood tall against adversity.

Inspired by the fortitude of the inhabitants of Texas, Grace Mitchell took up the challenge of changing the infrastructure of the great state with her keen sense of styling. She is among the few HGTV design stars who started her career much later in life since she wanted to be there for her kids as long as they lived with her. Once they left, Grace embarked on a journey of her own.

On HGTV, Grace hosts the series One of a Kind where she offers unique perspectives and design ideas to clients for home improvement. She encourages homeowners to identify the elements that best resonate with them and inculcate these design schemes in their home renovation.

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top hgtv personalities - grace mitchell

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11. Ben and Erin Napier

The HGTV stars of Fixer Upper sure left an impact on interior designers in both personal and professional lives; so much so that it inspired another power couple to co-host an equally popular HGTV series with the latest design trends.

Ben and Erin Napier started in the industry of design with a woodworking business. Soon they realized their fondness for not only building pieces of furniture but finding those pieces a home where they will be surrounded by other equally beautiful decor.

The couple hosts the HGTV series called Home Town and offers their advice as well as a helping hand in rejuvenating and decorating their client’s homes with beautiful woodwork. Their business endeavours are also a source of inspiration for new designers.

The Scotsman Corporation and the Laurel Mercantile general store offer exquisite pieces of furniture and decor alongside general merchandise. Homeowners can purchase customized items at a reasonable budget, which serves the Napier family well in expanding their brand.

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top hgtv personalities - ben and erin napier

12. Clint Robertson

A former member of the HGTV series family is Clint Robertson, host, businessman, and attorney at law. Yet another inspired designer hailing from the great state of Texas, Clint started his journey as a business attorney which helped him familiarize himself with the codes of building management.

Soon, he found himself drawn to stardom as a designer and was subsequently offered the role of host on Boise Boys, a feature series on HGTV. Even though Clint has since left the show and it is now hosted by Luke Caldwell, Robertson sure left his mark on the interior design industry.

For budding decorators, his show serves as a tell-all knowledge factory. If you wish to learn how to merge old and new design trends, then the examples set by Clint Robertson is an excellent starting point.

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top hgtv personalities - clint robertson

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13. Mario Lopez

HGTV is not just about designing the interiors of a home. In fact, one of its main programs is Supersize My Pool hosted by Mario Lopez. The actor and television star is not at all new to stardom and his hosting style to propagate pool parties in the backyard of homeowners has only helped in amplifying his image.

Lopez may not be a fully-fledged expert in the interior design community but he does have a lot of knowledge on the subject, as demonstrated by his frequent interactions on the show.

He is more about uplifting the design trends in the outdoors and his advice is worth heeding, especially for new designers working on the grand effects of gardening and backyard renovation.

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top hgtv personalities - mario lopez

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14. Orlando Soria

If you are serious about getting intricate advice on how to renovate a home from scratch, then check out the works of Orlando Soria on HGTV. Not only is Orlando a celebrated interior designer but he also wrote a book called ‘Get it Together’ documenting his innovative ideas for freshman interior designers.

On HGTV, Orlando hosts the show Build Me Up where he helps homeowners redefine their home renovation with the latest trends. His most famous concepts are applied in kitchen design.

Orlando has an eye for finesse that benefits any decorator who carefully follows his train of thought on the HGTV series. He also shares his pearls of wisdom on his social media channels as an influencer.

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top hgtv personalities - orlando soria

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15. Jasmine Roth

California is a haven for interior design, what with the large property expansions and high-value real estate. Jasmine Roth is a builder turned decorator who motivates interior designers to find their hidden talents.

Her show on HGTV named Hidden Potential is a clever pun that highlights her attitude towards home renovation by unmasking the true potential of turning a simple real estate acquisition into a dream home. Her vibrant approach towards her work helps bring homeowners out of their shells to share what they truly desire from their property.

She is an influential professional for both new and experienced builders and home designers.

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top hgtv personalities - jasmine roth

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16. Scott McGillivray

A list of inspiring interior designers on HGTV would be incomplete without entrepreneur and HGTV host Scott McGillivray. The influential designer is not only known for his avant-garde styling and attention to detail but also for his business ventures that inspire people to pursue a career in interior design.

Scott is an HGTV star as well as an executive producer for the show Income Property that he hosts. Apart from that, Scott McGillivray also acts as a judge alongside other big names such as Bryan Baeumler and Mike Holmes on US and Canadian reality shows, namely, Canada’s Handyman Challenge, the All American on HGTV and makes guest appearances on the DIY network to share his wisdom.

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top hgtv personalities - scott mcgillivray

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17. Tamara Day

Famous for Bargain Mansions on HGTV, Tamara Day’s job in real estate began with an interesting personal story. In 2008, along with her husband, Tamara bought a 5,000 sq ft home that required complete renovation to live in. However, the recession hit, and the couple ended up working on the property themselves out of necessity.

This was when she realized that she had a knack for interior design, and even the local press was impressed by her talent and eye for detail. It helped her kick start her career and get recognized enough to land a show on HGTV. Tamara’s aesthetic design sense is available in brands like Growing Days, where fans can purchase rugs, candles, decor, etc.

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top hgtv personalities - tamara day

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18. Tarek El Moussa

Known for the HGTV show Flip or Flop, Tarek began his real estate journey at the young age of 21, when he received his real estate license. Soon after, he found success selling homes in the Orange County area in California, where, in 2005, he flipped his first home.

HGTV’s Tarek is presently hosting season 8 of Flip or Flop alongside Christina Haack (Christina Anstead), and this duo is said to earn one of the highest payouts on the network. Tarek has also announced that he will soon be getting his own show on HGTV. Let’s see what he brings to the table! Tarek recently married Heather Young of Selling Sunset fame.

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top hgtv personalities - tarek el moussa

Image Credit:

19. Leanne Ford

If you’re looking for an example of someone in the real estate business who hasn’t always had a creative eye, but has developed it over time, then Leanne Ford is the woman to look for inspiration.

Having worked for almost 15 years in New York and LA as a stylist and a creative director, Leanne rose to fame as an interior designer when she helped restore a 1907 schoolhouse in Pittsburgh with her brother, Steve Ford.

Leanne has also co-written a book titled Work in Progress with Steve. On HGTV, she is known for her show Restored by the Fords. She also appears on the competitive show Rock the Block, where contestants famous in the real-estate world compete against each other.

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top hgtv personalities - leanne ford

Image Credit:

20. Karen Laine

Famous for her show Good Bones, Karen started her career as a lawyer transitioning into home renovation. She has been co-hosting home improvement shows with Mina Starsiak-Hawk, her daughter, and soon after, HGTV gave the mother-daughter duo their own show on the network. She runs Two Chicks & A Hammer with her daughter.

top hgtv personalities - karen laine

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No matter if you are taking the first steps towards becoming an interior designer, running your own firm, or freelancing with design projects, HGTV is an upstanding guide.

The channel has curated so many accomplished decorators and turned them into inspiration for homeowners undertaking home renovation on their own as well as for licensed designers who wish to make a name for themselves.

Sifting through the years of the HGTV series provides valuable insights into the art of architecture and interior design. Learn the nuances of your field with these celebrity decorators.

Who knows, you may suddenly be struck with an idea that will change your destiny and put your name up with legends in the American Society of Interior Designers.


1. Who is the wealthiest HGTV star?
Presently, Mike Holmes is considered the wealthiest HGTV star with a net worth of $30 million.

2. Who is the most famous HGTV star?
Hillary Farr is considered the most famous HGTV star. She has been in the limelight all her life, from being an actress on the Rocky Horror Picture Show to flipping houses.

3. Which HGTV shows are fake?
There’s a lot of speculation about which HGTV shows are fake or staged. Some include Love It or List It, Property Brothers, Beachfront Bargain Hunt.

4. How much does an HGTV show pay?
According to sources, many hosts on HGTV shows charge as high as $40,000 per episode. Many even get paid to make appearances.

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