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Interior Design Trade Shows

Attending interior design trade shows can be highly inspirational for upcoming architects and designers and even those who have formed deep roots or themselves in the industry. These trade shows offer valuable insight into the industry’s current demands and trends and highlight various opportunities.

Interior design trade shows allow individuals and companies to network, partner, and build professional relationships through exchanging ideas and knowledge. 

As an interior designer, architect, or professional engaged in the real estate industry, it is important to know about the current market trends to keep their clients updated. The best part? You get to travel all over the world to be inspired, motivated, and find creativity!

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What Are Interior Design Exhibitions and Trade Shows About?

Trade fairs, trade shows, and interior design exhibitions give stakeholders in the design industry a chance to understand the latest trends, updates, gain insights, and build partnerships. They provide a platform to various companies to showcase their product and service innovations in the design space.

There are many trade shows and exhibitions held globally, specific to interior design. If you’re wondering which convention center to hit up to attend your next interior design trade show, we’ve got you covered. 

Top 15 Interior Design Trade Shows & Exhibitions:

Let’s take a closer look at the top 15 interior design exhibitions and trade shows.

Held in New York in the 2nd week of March, the AD Design Show is one of the world’s most popular interior design shows. Imagine walking through the beauty that AD magazine is! This show caters to hundreds of exhibitors that showcase interiors, furniture, accessories, kitchen models, lighting, art, and more.

The organizers of this show have ensured that year after year, the show remains a hub for some of the world’s most diverse art and interior design firms and is attended by some of New York’s finest designers like Chiara de Rege and Sasha Bikoff

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Architectural Digest Design Show

Image Credit: architecturaldigest.in

Held virtually in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, Designer Experience is one show interior design professionals shouldn’t miss. Packed with sessions filled with valuable insight and content, showcases of innovative products, and even live design therapy sessions, Designer Experience is hosted around May and is a great way to facilitate interactions with industry experts in the field of interior design. 

Designer Experience - interior design trade show

Image Credit: designer-experience.com

NeoCon is considered one of the world’s largest and most leading events of the year in terms of the showcase of commercial designs. It is held in Chicago, USA, every October. Each year, NeoCon is attended by close to 50,000 people and offers furniture, fabrics, interior building products, flooring, technology, and interior finishes. There are some stellar keynote speeches, workshops, and presentations held for people to look forward to. 

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NeoCon - interior design trade show

Image Credit: facebook.com

The Salone del Mobile is one of Milan’s top shows when it comes to furnishings, lighting, home decor, and more. This event held in September in Milan showcases the best of trends, luxury fittings, and international furniture. As a hugely popular expo, there is a large variety of products showcased by Milan’s top designers and brands.

There are also many stages set up where industry experts provide valuable insights through talks and discussions. The expo is also home to meeting lounges and specific areas designed for students to be inspired by. 

Salone del Mobile - interior design exhibition

Image Credit: emu.it

As one of the world’s largest trade shows, Highpoint MKT provides some of the interior design industry’s latest designs, products, and services. Typically is held in North Carolina, in October, this year,  it was hosted in spring virtually.

Attendees had the opportunity to log into live webinars and be part of presentations and exciting panel discussions. Some of the exhibitors that showcase their products at this show are extremely innovative, making Highpoint a great place to exchange ideas and understand potential opportunities. 

Highpoint Market - interior design trade shows

Image Credit: logovectorseek.com

The Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair is typically held in February in Stockholm, annually. This year, owing to the pandemic, it was canceled physically but continued to be showcased digitally. This allowed people to participate in events of the fair while being indoors. This event showcases some of the best and most innovative Scandinavian designs and is a hub for some of the world’s most creative artists. 

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Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair

Image Credit: blastation.com

Hosted in Las Vegas in Mandalay Bay in August, the HD Expo + conference is one of the largest design marketplaces in the hospitality industry. It is considered one of the largest gatherings in the USA, in respect of this sector. The expo comprises presentations and panel discussions, which are hosted and held by industry experts.

It provides onlookers with opportunities to explore, meet with manufacturers and suppliers, as well as network endlessly! In spite of being a 2-day affair, the HD expo has a lot to offer and can leave you completely stunned. If you’re looking to attend at least one interior design trade show or conference, this Las Vegas market is the one you shouldn’t miss! 

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HD Expo Conference - interior design trade show

Image Credit: floortrendsmag.com

LA is indeed home to some of the world’s most creative artists and designers. The LA Design Festival was canceled during the pandemic; however, due to improved conditions, it will be hosted in 2022 in LA, California.

It gives visitors a wonderful opportunity to network with some of the best manufacturers, suppliers, vendors, and brands in the interior design business. The festival is famous for featuring industrial, fashion, and graphic design and will carry a “Design for Change” theme, now that the world is adapting to change.

LA Design Festival - interior design trade show

Image Credit: dezeen.com

Held in November in New York, the International Contemporary Furniture Fair is one of the finest interior design fairs held in the city. It is typically held during the NYCxDesign week. It is a place where designers exhibit innovative commercial interior products across categories such as fabrics, textiles, ceramics, wall coverings, furniture and lighting, kitchen & bath products, carpets, and flooring materials.

With a host of architects, interior designers, retailers, and developers, the ICFF is home to 800+ exhibitors from around the world, in partnership with their co-location, WantedDesign Manhattan. 

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ICFF - interior design trade show

Image Credit: scandinaviandesign.com

NY Now is hosted in New York City in August. This trade show cum market is a place for all things interior – from tabletops to luxury bath fittings, lifestyle products to global creativity and design. If you’re looking for one excuse to visit the Big Apple, this is it!

NY Now is a beautifully curated event that gives interior designers and visitors the chance to experience one of the world’s best commercial interior design fairs. The event is home to amazing retailers and speciality buyers. So, what are you waiting for? 

NY Now - interior design trade show

Image Credit: nynow.com

The NYCxDesign fest is held in New York City in November during the NYCxDesign week. Attended by over 3,00,000 people from across the globe, this festival is a promising event, especially for interior design students and professionals.

The fest offers the city’s artists and creators an opportunity to showcase their creativity on a global platform. The fest hosts exhibitions like the ICFF, Brooklyn Designs, WantedDesign, and more. Promising to be extremely vibrant, this is one festival that an interior design aficionado shouldn’t miss out on! 

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Image Credit: blastation.com

The Chicago Mart is a wholesale design center. The Mart has held from September to October in the form of the Casual Market Chicago and the NeoCon. Both events are extremely vibrant and celebrate the joys of life through the most novel interior design products and innovations.

The Mart is a great place to be, especially if you’re looking for ideas, trends, and the latest developments in the interior design space. Find game-changing interior design products, learn how to deal with challenges in interior design, and get the latest on fabrics, flooring, furniture, and more. Don’t forget, it’s held in the windiest city in the world! 

Chicago Mart

Image Credit: martofficespace.com

Design ADAC hosts some of the world’s top interior designers and their product and service showcases. From BTS looks at trending collections, presentations, and sessions, and a deep dive into vintage luxury, art, and all things creative, this is the place to gather inspiration and motivation to do up your next project with a bang! This year, Design ADAC was held virtually in April. The Design ADAC is also available on YouTube for anyone still interested in streaming it. Go check it out now! 

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Design ADAC

Image Credit: facebook.com

Paris Design Week is one event that every interior designer dreams of attending, from the day they set foot into the profession! Hosted in September, Paris Design Week mesmerizes visitors through the hundreds of boutiques, showcases, and exhibits spread across the city of Paris, encompassing almost 200 venues!

From the latest in design and architecture, attend some of the most interesting talks and panels, network with industry experts, and prepare to marvel at the latest interior design collections! Above all, who doesn’t want a reason to visit Paris?!

Paris Design Week

Image Credit: ifworlddesignguide.com

As a global forum for interior design, Design Miami is held in Basel in September and is considered a leader in collectable interior design. For the 15th edition of the expo, the theme is exploring human nature, i.e., the rapidly evolving relationship between humans and the world they construct around them.

This expo featured rare historical items, contemporary works of art, gallery presentations, curio exhibitions hosted by designers, architects, and curators. This year, the expo was held in both physical and digital formats, giving even more people from around the world the chance to attend it. People had an opportunity to purchase items from the expo online during the live exhibition. 

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Design Miami - Basel

Image Credit: galeriekreo.com


Whether it’s Atlanta, Dubai, Paris, Shanghai, Toronto, or Milan, as an interior designer, attending these events, trade shows, fairs, and festivals is a large part of growth, inspiration, and creativity. These events are a great place to network with others in the industry, find out the latest updates and trends, and discover exciting new products and services.

Despite the pandemic, these interior design trade shows and design events were held and are being held, with great fervor, in both physical and virtual formats to reach a wider audience around the world. Excited? Read more about interior design trade shows, and find out the latest updates in the industry, only on Foyr Blogs

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