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Whether you’re an interior designer or not, there’s one thing almost every individual resonates with—scrolling through Instagram the minute you’re bored! 

The main reason for Instagram’s popularity is undoubtedly its eye-catching visuals. From beautifully made homes to perfect interior decor aesthetics, Instagram is abuzz with creative and talented people who constantly showcase their innovative capabilities. Taking inspiration from this, we’ve put together a list of the 20 best interior design accounts to follow on Instagram.

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Why Instagram is Important for Interior Designers?

Interior design has boomed in recent years because of Instagram as it is a convenient platform for the designers to showcase their creative output, give customers tips on interior decor, and even sell spaces by portraying their high aesthetic value—all in a day’s work.

The image-sharing social networking site has become indispensable for designers as it allows them to display their creativity and curate their work for a large global audience.

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15 Best Interior Designers to Follow on Instagram

1. Sarah Sherman Samuel

Sarah lives in California, LA, and uses her stories and reels to highlight beautiful interior spaces while giving her audience quick glimpses into her busy life. With over 250k followers, Sarah’s interior design sense is aligned to neutral light tones like creams and whites, contrasted with warm and woody primary colors.

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Sarah Sherman Samuel

Image Credit:

If you’re looking to channel some modern and sleek inspiration into your living space, Sarah’s feed, filled with striking shapes, breathtaking textures, and visual elements inspired by geometry and sculpture, might be just what you need.

Sarah Sherman Samuel’s Instagram Account – @sarahshermansamuel

Sarah Sherman Samuel - interior designer instagram

Image Source: Instagram

2. Justina Blakeney

As a resident of New York, Justina juggles between being an artist, an entrepreneur, and a mom! To add a feather to her hat, she is also a best-selling author and owner of Jungalow, a one-stop shop for home decor and apparel.

Justina Blakeney

Image Credit:

Follow her for inspiration, motivation, and lots of bright colors! Whether you’re looking for patterns, abstract designs, or outdoorsy photos, you’ll find all this and more on Justina’s Instagram account.

Justina Blakeney’s Instagram Account – @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

3. Kelly Wearstler

A standout interior designer, Kelly has a knack for converting dull spaces into beautiful areas. Kelly is known for being unique with commercial and residential spaces, with designs that have several layers of depth and functionality.

Image Credit:

Whether you’re looking for abstract design inspiration or influencers that feature aesthetically designed and staged spaces, you must follow Kelly now!

Kelly Wearstler’s Instagram Account – @kellywearstler

kellywearstler - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

4. Amber Lewis

Based out of Los Angeles with her design firm, Amber Lewis has a Californian aesthetic and is known across households for her sharp eye for design. Her creativity can help you easily convert dull interiors into sleek, functional, and charged spaces.

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Image Credit:

Follow Amber Lewis for amazing visuals, and design inspiration – especially if you’re into browns, tans, and shades of neutral colors.

Amber Lewis’s Instagram Account @amberinteriors

amber lewis - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

5. Mark D. Sikes

If a timeless style is what moves the stylist in you, then you can’t miss out on Mark Sikes’ Instagram account. As an interior designer and author, Mark loves playing with tiles, romantic prints, fine furniture, and ornate home decor items.

Mark D Sikes

Image Credit:

His feed is great for inspiration to create a classic look or even to find statement pieces to make your home a cozy space.

Mark D. Sikes’s Instagram Account @markdsikes

Mark DSikess - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

6. Studio McGee

Run by a powerhouse husband-wife duo (both online and offline), Studio McGee belongs to Syd and Shea McGee, who have gathered over a million Instagram followers since the page began. If breathtaking photographs of homes, specifically kitchens, are what you’re looking for, this is the place to be!

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studio mcgee

Image Credit:

Find the right inspiration for building an airy, modern interior space, predominantly driven by shades of blacks, blues, and browns.

Studio McGee’s Instagram Account @studiomcgee

studiomcgee - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

7. Elisabeth Heier

If Scandinavian inspiration’s what you’re seeking, Elisabeth is the right interior designer to follow on Instagram. She posts pictures of clutter-free spaces adorned with clean lines, sleek shelves, and white linens.

Image Credit:

If you know Elisabeth, you know she loves using minimalism and light to bounce off the objects in her photos, which end up giving each nook a distinct and ‘moody’ angle.

Elisabeth Heier’s Instagram Account @elisabeth_heier

elisabeth heier - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

8. Ryan Korban

Known across New York circles as an ‘arbiter of taste’, Ryan has a unique design sense comprising elements of chic, romantic, and elevated design. If you’re someone that loves looking at pictures of elegant architecture, grandeur, and modern royalty that boast of marble structures, follow Ryan.

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ryan korban - interior designer instagram

Image Credit:

You’ll notice his USP lies in highlighting his perfect photographs, with a dash of pink to elevate the perfection!

Ryan Korban’s Instagram Account @ryankorban

ryan korban - Interior Designer Instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

9. Dabito

The creative director and founder of Old Brand New, Dabito is famous for his design, art, and branding. Specifically known to create vibrant, crafty designs, Dabito uses unexpected colors and palettes, an ode to his many travels.


Image Credit:

He uses his Instagram account to give his followers a glimpse into innovative lighting and fixtures, outdoorsy aesthetics, and quirky yet warm and cozy spaces, as well as spaces with pops of alternative colours, like the image below. If you want to energize your Instagram feed and need a dash of creative inspiration we definitely recommend following Dabito!

Dabito’s Instagram Account @dabito

dabito - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

10. Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson’s Instagram account is not that of a novice—with over 800k followers, she is one of the social media’s top interior designers and followed by people who love a great combination of modern and retro interior decor.

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Emily Henderson

Image Credit:

Find accents that boast mid-century design paired with cozy woods and vibrant walls on Emily’s account.

Emily Henderson’s Instagram Account @em_henderson

Emily Henderson - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

11. Bespoke Binny Home & Lifestyle

With over 55k followers, Bespoke Binny is a brand created by Natalie Manima. Natalie uses a mix of vibrant hues, color patterns, and designs to brighten up boring interior spaces. She is also known for textiles and fixtures.

Bespoke Binny

Image Credit:

If you’re wondering how you can use pieces like throw pillows, lamps, and table runners to improve how your space looks, you’re likely to find great tips on her account.

Bespoke Binny Home & Lifestyle’s Instagram Account @bespokebinny

bespoke binny - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

12. Jessica Helgerson

Situated in Portland, JH Interior Design belongs to Jessica Helgerson, a designer with 25+ years of experience creating practical and functional spaces with sustainable features. She is known for her green thumb when it comes to interior design and architecture.

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Jessica Helgerson

Image Credit:

Her Instagram account is a feed filled with functional spaces and beautifully grown gardens. If a breath of fresh air is what you’re looking for on social media, you know whom to follow!

Jessica Helgerson’s Instagram Account @jhinteriordesign

Jessica Helgerson - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

13. Jonathan Adler

Even other interior designers love Jonathan Adler! He is famously known for creating a unique space by using statement pieces with abstract designs and geometric patterns. Scroll through his feed for eye-catching sculpted centerpieces and decor items, tasteful visual elements, and more.

Image Credit:

From gorgeous furniture to eclectic light fixtures, find everything you need on Adler’s page.

Jonathan Adler’s Instagram Account @jonathanadler

Jonathan Adler - interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

14. Decus Interiors

If you’re looking to follow influencers that portray a mix of nature and fashion, you need to follow Decus Interiors. Based out of Sydney, they love designing homes away from the status quo.

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Decus Interiors

Image Credit:

With inspiration from Scandinavian culture, they use stone, wood, marble, and even fur to create inviting clean-cut interior spaces.

Decus Interiors’s Instagram Account @decus_interiors

Decus interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

15. Malene Barnett

Imperfection is what Malene plays around with—and this is prominent in her interior design style.

Malene Barnett

Image Credit:

If you’re on the hunt for gorgeous interiors that are inspired by art, travels, and empowerment, Malene’s feed will not disappoint!

Malene Barnett’s Instagram Account @maline.barnett

Malene Barnett interior designer instagram

Image Credit: Instagram

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