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Blogging for Interior Design Business

If you have a business today, the next and most obvious step is to have a website and upload blogs relevant to your product and service. 

Social marketing platforms might be very popular and in trend. However, what might not have crossed your mind is that blogs are already an established form of communication for showcasing your knowledge and establishing authority as a business. And it will not go out of fashion for at least another 50 years.

Impact Of Blogging

Having said that, we cannot disagree that Instagram is a great marketing tool for designers. If you post content regularly and include all types of content in your content bucket, it might be a huge boost to your business. It does exactly what it says on the label – it is instant. Posts are quick to create and can be very compelling, but their effectiveness fades away pretty quickly. It doesn’t last long. 

Content churn is a common practice on a platform that has 1 billion users worldwide, especially in a highly regarded niche like interior design businesses. However, apart from the viral posts that stay at the top of hashtags and explore feed, the average life span that particular post has in the feed of people is 1-2 days. After that, it will almost inevitably be replaced with new content. 

This makes blogging a much better solution for your long-term efforts. We are not saying that you should not invest your time in social platforms; however, just sticking to the social platforms could put your business in danger of getting replaced soon enough. 

In fact, you can use your social accounts to drive traffic to your website while offering useful and educational information to your audience. Repurpose your blogs into Instagram posts and witness your brand build a following. 

Blogging is perhaps one of the most time-consuming yet the best ways to build relationships with customers, ensure brand loyalty, and establish your business as an authoritative figure in the industry. The more you help your customers with your content, the more they will keep coming back. In fact, the importance of blogging for interior design businesses stretches far beyond that.

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Importance of Blogs for Interior Design Business

Now let’s discuss why every interior designer needs a blog and why blogs will not go out of trend.

1. Sharing your design style

A blog allows you to discuss and demonstrate your design style. People communicate with you when they can relate to your design aesthetic. Once they feel connected, they may become customers, or their referrals may bring you more customers. Personal recommendations are still extremely important in word of mouth about businesses, especially if it’s a design-oriented business.

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share your interior design style through blog

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2. Make your audience your cheerleaders

When your audience turns into your brand advocates, they will spread the word about you and your interior design blog and services. People who come to see it can instantly tell a lot about your design aesthetic and sensibility. If those who you have been referred to like it, basically your potential clients, they will become new cheerleaders and help spread the word even further.

importance of blogs - make audience as your cheerleaders

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3. Collaboration with businesses

Many vendors want people to use their products. Your blog content can discuss good project-related products. What if you can somehow approach those vendors and ask if you could suggest their products to your loyal customers (who are also their ideal clients, by the way) and be compensated for it?

Affiliate programs allow you to link to products and brands in your blog posts and be naturally rewarded for any revenue you send their way. It’s not a perfect system, but as your blog and followers grow, your online presence gets a boost, your recommendations carry more weight, and you gain more readers; even an imperfect solution can generate significant income.

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4. Present your work

Share quality content and add your blog to your portfolio. An ideal resume should be no more than two pages. However, the portfolio can be a long one to hold ideas, designs, photos, or even showcase your particular style that helps your stand out. 

Consider preparing dozens of pages and photos to show off your skills, and blogs might just be the ideal space. People can follow your work in an avenue that interests them the most. It could be home decor, textures, patterns, design trends, or a study of colors. Showcase what you excel in. 

Is your portfolio inclusive of all of the projects you’ve worked on? How specific should you be? Your blog can detail your favorite projects, and you could group similar tasks to demonstrate the range of your expertise and how innovatively you approach each new project.

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5. Bring the community together

The importance of blogging for interior design businesses goes beyond helping you establish yourself as the authority. Blogging can prove to be a fantastic tool to also build a community. 

Communicate directly with other writers or digital marketing professionals in your field of expertise. Think of your space as a community, not a competition. Visit their website, read their blogs, leave comments, and make new friends. Allow them to do the same for you. 

It benefits both of you as one blogger introduces the other to the audience. Don’t expect you to lose your traffic to them. Instead, you will benefit from some of their readers, and they will benefit from some of your followers. As long as they can read valuable content, people will want to read both of your pieces.

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6. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for increasing the volume and priority with which your website appears on Google. The more readers who visit your site, the higher is your chance to appear at the top of more search queries. SEO is another reason why your marketing strategy should include both social media platforms and on-site blogs. 

The higher the quality of your blog posts, the more likely readers will visit your page. Rising to the top of the search engines means more traffic and, potentially, more clients. Whether you are an individual interior designer or own interior design business, the first step for an organization to hire is to find you.

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seo for interior design blogs

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7. Show your client testimonials

Request your satisfied customers to write their opinion and share their thoughts about your interior design services and post them on your website. Testimonials are among the most effective tools for increasing your credibility. With a website, you can share not only your customer’s testimonial but also the work your interior design firm has done for the client. 

It greatly aids in creating a favorable image of the brand in the minds of your readers. Testimonials can also help generate leads, and allow new clients to put faith in you and your design process, helping you scale your business to the next level.

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8. Highlight your commitment

Choosing to ignore your blog is one way to jeopardize any benefit it may provide. Blogs that have occasional and infrequent updates are starting to lose readers. Make a plan and stick to it. Your readers will begin to believe you and understand they can show up and see your latest post without fear of it being pushed back or missing.

That confidence, that insight that you will follow through your blogs, will carry over to your organization, allowing consumers to associate that you are very particular about your work and your time of delivering it. Isn’t that what every client wants when they have work done.

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highlight your commitment through interior design blog

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9. Differentiate yourself from the competition

Just like any other designing field, there are many interior designers and brands. A website is the best platform for differentiating yourself from other players and communicating your unique selling proposition. You can explain why your brand is valuable to your customers and why they should consider your services.

Furthermore, when it comes to selecting an interior designer to work with, more than 60% of customers prefer those who have a website and some previous proof of their work. So having a website can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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differentiate yourself from the competition

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10. Obtain high-quality leads

The best argument is that a website can help you acquire new customers. You can generate leads by driving traffic to your website via social media, search engines, and other marketing channels.

And the leads who come through your website have gone through your design aesthetics, and your past projects and have an idea of the work you have done. As a result, the quality of the leads is usually better than that of other sources.

generate leads from interior design blogs

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11. Originality

Originality is appreciated more than any other quality of a designer. And we can all agree that being original in a world where over a million blog posts are posted every day can be daunting.

This is where your creative background will come in handy. To start a value interior design blog, you don’t need extravagant writing skills or technically advanced knowledge. All you need is the finely tuned design style that you’ve been developing over the years.

Approach each blog as if it were a conversation with your audience. Be yourself, and use your voice. You don’t have to sound expert and reclusive to earn the respect of your readers. Rather it’s quite the contrary. You want clients to fall in love with the designer in you, the person with whom they will be working while decorating their space, not just some snazzy writer with exquisite style.

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keep originality of interior designs and blogs

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12. Opportunity to be personal

Your prospective customers will want to know who they will be working with. You can use a website to communicate information about yourself and your members of the team. You can discuss your education, professional experience, interests, and strong points, as well as those of your team members. It makes visitors feel more connected to your brand and increases reliability.

13. Assists in content marketing

With a website, you can share insightful content that will pique the interest of your viewers and customers. You can also publish content from your social media pages to your website or link your social media posts to a relevant blog on your website. This will encourage visitors to like and share it. 

It aids in the spread of your brand’s recognition and the development of a strong community of engaged audiences. By nature, blogs require you to go into the depth of a topic and create value for your audience. As a result, you are defining your expertise in every post.

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14. Makes backlinking easy

Neither of the social platforms can build a strong affiliate link program or optimize your SEO like blogs. Google lets you grow as a blogger or as a brand with each good value post content on your blog. Google appreciates new content and will recognize your efforts by optimizing your website higher in search results, increasing your chances of getting a prospective client.

Blogging can also help you rank higher for your keywords (like best interior designers in New York or best interior designers within a reasonable budget). However, some knowledge of blogging will be an advantage to fully benefit from website search engine optimization.

backlinking to the blogs for interior design business

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15. You can market your e-design services

In this day and age of digitalization, an increasing number of designers are beginning to offer their design services online. But how can you advertise your company’s e-design services in such a competitive market?

Many websites are bringing together individual interior designers in artistic, collaborative relationships to assist them in marketing their e-design services. A fantastic opportunity to earn clients while someone else does all of the legwork.

However, that’s not the only way to stand out in the e-design world. Having a high-performing blog can lead to a lot of interior decoration jobs because your loyal readers are more likely to sign up for your services than look for e-design services elsewhere. They know that there aren’t any risks associated with you because they already know what services they will get for their money.

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importance of blogs - market your edesign services

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What Does Your Audience Want You to Write About?

Share your work. Write about your most recent project if the client agrees. What prompted the client to contact you in the very first place, and how did you arrive at your solution? Share your ideas, work-in-progress, and mood boards. Teach the readers (potential clients) what they should expect if they hire you. And take good photographs. There are a plethora of them. A remodel or redecorating story with before and after photos is always a crowd pleaser!

Aside from that, blog about what you like and illustrate your choices, but make it as graphic as possible. A blog about interior design without stunning is a waste of time. You can either use images from the internet or publish unique and good photos of your work.

Of course, the latter is the clear favorite, but most are not able to pull it off.  You’ll always need one-of-a-kind visuals and a compelling photo story to narrate.

New readers on the website are most likely looking for inspiring photographs or sound advice to make critical decisions about future projects. They will return for more if you define yourself as a source of valuable design advice.


We have listed every benefit we gained from blogging about our interior designing experiences. As you must have read, it is hardly possible to ignore the importance of blogging for interior design businesses.

If you are in it for long, establishing your expertise with blogging will take you to your desired self. Sign up for a 14-day free trial and try our Foyr Neo software for interior design and floor plan creation. Check our interior design blogs and stay updated on interior design trends.

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