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Social Media Platforms for Interior Designers

Social media platforms aren’t a fixall, but they do offer those who are willing to put in the work a great way to build new audiences, digitally network, and find customers. Pinterest, Instagram, and offer some excellent benefits, including enormous reach and networks.

Niche sites that are built around more particular industries can also offer a lot of value specifically because they have managed to amass a large group of users that share similar interests and needs. 

In this article we’ll cover key strategies for picking the right social media platform for your interior design business, how to use a social media strategy on these sites to grow your business and emerging online networks that you need to join if you’re looking for interior design-specific communities.

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social media platforms for interior designers

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How to Use Social Media Platforms to Grow Your Interior Design Business

There are different types of marketing strategies and goals; they are not all designed to directly produce new clients from a target audience.

For example, digital marketing tactics can be used to accomplish all of the following:

  • Brand awareness
  • Grow your email list
  • New lead generation
  • Enhance SEO
  • Lead conversion
  • Customer loyalty or brand preference
  • Much more!

All social media sites are similar in one primary way: they require users to conduct content marketing that potential clients can engage with and follow. Social media is highly dependent on all users contributing to the conversations and organic content distribution on their sites. In other words, you can’t be a passive user and expect to get any results. There are many ways to generate content, including new content creation and curation, which is a method of searching for and selectively choosing specific types of content that you think will be relevant and valuable to your audience – including design inspiration.

This brings us to the last point and one of the most important social media tips: always seek to add value. If you only seek to gain from your participation on a platform, users will detect your disingenuous approach and likely choose to not follow you or interact with you anymore. Adding value means:

  • Being helpful
  • Adding original thoughts and perspectives
  • Sharing others work and providing insight
  • Genuinely participating in conversations

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social media platform for marketing goals

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How to Choose the Best Social Media Platform for Your Marketing Goals

Your decision about which social media platform to use for your interior design business will depend on your overall goals. In each of the social media recommendations below, we also explain exactly which marketing goals can be achieved on the platform based on the expectations that users bring to the site, what kinds of media can be shared, the demographics of the users, and more.

Make sure that you have also made key decisions about your brand as well, including voice, tone, colors, logo, etc. As followers get used to your brand, they’ll increasingly identify with specific parts of your writing and presentation style. Having a consistent image is key to long-term success in any marketing effort.

Lastly, while some sole-proprietors and small businesses have perfected the art of creating marketing materials that can be used effectively across platforms, many marketing experts recommend focusing on one channel at a time. Get used to the type of content that you’ll need to create and figure out how to bring new followers to your account. Once you’ve determined effective methods of interacting with your audience and getting the desired results, then it’s likely time to expand to new networks.

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Top 5 social networking platforms for interior designers

1. Pinterest

This network is great for visually showcasing work that others might want to save for later reference. One of the top reasons that interior designers like to use Pinterest is because it allows them to see a highly curated set of trends in one place. In fact, that’s really Pinterest’s entire value – it’s a place for users to collect and store their favorite images. Thus, it tends to be a great place for checking trends that wouldn’t be easily identifiable on more “generic” social media networking sites like Facebook.

Additionally, the Pinterest algorithm does an excellent job of curating images you see based on very specific categories of design, fashion, etc. This keeps you from jumping to independent blogs, instead of collating tons of reference images in one spot. However, Pinterest is not necessarily built to facilitate networking or dialogue; it’s more like a storefront where you can feature your designs and images of interest for others to see.

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pinterest social platform for interior designers

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2. Instagram

Instagram is one of the largest social media sites with over 1.2 billion users globally and presents a great opportunity to connect with a younger audience, as most users on the platform are in the 25-24-year-old age group. While users under 35 skew male, those over 35 are a majority female.

You can also reach a wide global audience, as many users are in Brazil, India, etc. Ideal media types for an Instagram account include images and videos, and users can create stories that include multiple videos or images. While Instagram is officially ousting IGTV, it still allows users to share videos in other formats.

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instagram social platform for interior designers

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3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a little more unique than other social media sites that are primarily centered around posting and sharing content. LinkedIn is intentionally designed for professional networking. Here are some of the ways to use LinkedIn for growing your business:

  • Connect with potential referral partners like realtors and other interior design firms that might be interested in outsourcing work.
  • Create a company page and invite your connections to follow it for media specifically from your company.
  • Craft polls to gauge audience sentiment around certain trends.
  • Share designs and ask for feedback.
  • Find leads and connect directly with referral sources. One of the highest values is that you can search for specific people, see who’s looked at your profile, and filter your people searches by specific titles and industries, especially with their more advanced sales tools.

The expectation that people bring to LinkedIn is that they will network, be pitched, and get the opportunity to pitch. This is a normal part of interacting on the platform, which makes it great for business development opportunities.

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4. Facebook

Like other types of social platforms, Facebook is an excellent marketing tool for reaching active users and you can also create a business account and page that provides additional capabilities to help take your business to the next level. This is one of the first areas that potential clients might look for basic information about your business, including your hours, websites, reviews, and more.

Your business can easily reach more potential customers by using influencers or by advertising on Facebook as part of your interior design marketing strategy. Incorporating high-quality pictures, hashtags, and other relevant social media content can increase engagement and reach. While Facebook’s average user age is starting to skew older, it still has highly segmented audiences that span a huge range of interests and stretches around the world.

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facebook social platform for interior designers

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5. Tik Tok

Tik Tok has quickly become one of the fastest-growing social media channels. On this platform, you can increase your social media presence and attract a wider audience to your visual content very quickly. The video-based social feeds are perfect for showing off stunning designs that capture the attention of users.

However, beware that the demographics of Tik Tok lag behind Instagram and Facebook, which have older users (on average), but also ones that might be more likely to look for your services. The expectation that people bring to the platform is one of consumption and discovery, they rely on the automated feed to recommend content or they will seek it out with keyword searches.

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tiktok for interior designers

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Software Tools for Getting the Most out of Your Social Media Marketing

These tools can be used for automating tasks, generating content, and creating custom branded assets.

1. Canva

While you’re likely using a tool like Foyr to create actual interior design mockups, Canva allows you to combine images with custom graphics, or create animated advertisements and posts.

2. Hootsuite

Once you’re working on multiple social media accounts, it’s handy to have all of your content streams (posts and activity) in one place. Hootsuite is one of the top applications for scheduling posts and monitoring all of your activity. It’s a huge time saver and a big efficiency gain.

3. Social Blade

Social blade is a great tool for keeping track of competitors, but also for finding out what content is working by seeing detailed metrics on key performance indicators like views, shares, reach, etc.

social networking community
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Foyr Online Community

While the social media sites we mentioned above should be an essential part of your interior design business’ marketing efforts, they aren’t the only platforms that you should be using.

Foyr has built a robust online community specifically for interior designers. Platforms like LinkedIn are great for professionals, but they are not industry-specific and don’t have specific capabilities for sharing and finding interior design work.

Our community gives interior designers the ability to network, find new jobs, post jobs, and access Right now you can log on Foyr Community and start using the community to meaningfully grow your business!

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Learning and Professional Development

The Foyr community offers users incredibly valuable training and other resources to help them grow their businesses. These resources include classes taught by professional interior designers who have scaled businesses, and they cover topics like:

  • Launch and Build Your Foundation
  • Identifying Your Ideal Client Profile
  • Systems and Strategies for Predictable Growth
  • Doing Branding Right for Interior Designers

You can start building your skills and knowledge today, simply click here to get started.

Find New Work

  • Search for jobs offered by the Foyr community that allow you to sharpen your skills while growing your client base. Users can search for work, save jobs, and post jobs for others. Jobs vary widely in price range, letting you control how much extra money you earn by choosing how much extra work you want to take on!

Social Networking

  • Bring your best work to the table and participate in online discussions with other professional designers. Learn from their insight.

These social networking capabilities make community.foyr.com an unmissable opportunity for interior designers looking to connect with other professionals and grow their businesses.

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