10 Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers

Digital Marketing Tips
Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing has been branded as this taboo phrase that Interior Designers, among other professionals, feel like they can’t touch. The truth is, if you have the patience to learn the digital marketing ropes it’s not such a mystifying beast. However, you’re in interior design for two reasons: 1. You’re good at it and 2. You enjoy it. We understand that tackling another field can be tricky and time-consuming. So, we’ve put together this quick guide exploring 10 tips you can start working on today to improve your digital marketing efforts.

Here are the top 10 digital marketing tips that interior designers should follow

1. Optimize your content for SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is often one of the biggest digital marketing beasts that people tend to steer clear of. However, if you want your website to appear on Google searches then this is essential for you.

You should be optimizing your website and especially your blogging efforts so people can find you easier when they’re searching for interior designers. There are SEO courses you can take to learn the basics, there’s also SEO best practices and a few Google Add-ons you can get to support you along the way.

2. Create a Pinterest Account

Pinterest for interior design

Alongside Instagram, it’s one of the most visual social media platforms out there, with an estimated 320 million monthly users. It’s also a huge inspiration for interior design. 85% of women on Pinterest use it to plan life moments and 43% plan on getting their ideal home within the next five years, that’s a huge number of potential customers you could be reaching.

3. Focus on Partnerships

Digital partnerships can be found in the oddest of places. Just because you’re an interior designer doesn’t mean you need to be partnering with Interior design agencies or even other Interior design products.

Identify your target demographic and think about brands they may follow. Once you’ve done this all you need to do is come up with a creative way to partner with that brand and get your designs in front of new eyes.

When you’re looking at partnerships don’t let your exposure stop at social media. It’s often the first go-to but isn’t always the strongest platform. Ask the partner if they have a mailing list, an app or other forms of communication that you can work with them on.

4. Showcase your work with video

interior design trends

82% of Internet traffic will be video by 2021. If you’re not producing video then you’re already limiting the reach of your content. Video doesn’t have to be perfect to be presentable, which means when you hear “video” don’t immediately associate it with having a budget. Video performs well if it’s good storytelling, regardless of the quality. So, identify the story you’re trying to tell and tell it well.

5. Implement conversation sales tactics

Conversational selling is a huge trend this year and it’s certainly one to stay. Think of ways that you can introduce conversational sales tactics into your own digital marketing efforts. Chatbots, live chats, webinars, they’re all showing fantastic conversion rates over traditional online forms which typically only convert between 10-13% of people.

6. Use Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Screenshot from @ArielleSays

Influencer marketing is only growing, it’s predicted to be valued at $15 billion by 2022. Some people love them, some people don’t, but one thing’s for sure and it’s that the concept is here to stay.

There’s an influencer for every occasion and no doubt there are influencers that are perfect for your interior design goals. Take your time in identifying the influencer/s for you and make sure their followers are the eyes you want to get in front with.

Lastly, make sure you check they’ve got honest engagement and figure out a way to partner with them, authentically.

7. Find a digital marketing mentor

Yes, you can do all of this on your own, however, you don’t need to. Sometimes it’s best to consult with a mentor. Consider if digital marketing mentors could be for you. It’s like having a tutor but for grown-ups and they come with years of experience in your problem area. Find a mentor that you have a good rapport with and learn from them.

8. Make the most of your Email marketing

Mailing lists, email segmentation, open-rates, click-through rates, we can go on. Email marketing is an absolute must if you’re looking to not only build a community but also convert leads.

The good news? Like video, it doesn’t have to be perfect to be successful. What it does need to do is provide value. Make sure that with your email marketing management platform you’re not only sending out timely, personalized emails but you’re providing value with what you’re saying.

Take the time to focus on your subject lines as they dictate 47% of opening decisions. Also, focus on your preview text and make sure your sender’s name is from a human, not your actual company. All of this will give your emails a higher chance of an open rate.

Once you’ve got that open rate, provide valuable snippets of content that give the reader the opportunity to learn more.

Lastly, make sure every email has a goal. Give enticing CTAs and the opportunity for even the most passive of buyers to convert.

9. Get personal on LinkedIn

A lot of people look at LinkedIn as a nuisance social media platform they need to maintain but doesn’t provide any real ROI. Right? Wrong. LinkedIn can be an exceptionally valuable tool for your interior design business and one that needs to be strongly considered in your digital marketing efforts.

LinkedIn is filled with humans too. Use brand storytelling tactics and let your company culture, mission and vision shine on this channel. It can be a great way to source talent, but it can also be a fantastic platform to find new customers. Introduce your team or yourself on LinkedIn, talk about your passions and company goals.

Let people fully understand your interior design ethos because it can build a brand that people love. Even if someone is not looking for your services right now, they’ll think of you first when they eventually are.

10. Build a backlinking strategy

This last tip definitely takes a bit of work and it’s often hard to track the results unless you’re putting a lot of effort and resources into it. However, a backlinking strategy can really help your work get discovered via articles that already have the exposure you need.

Listicles are all over the web, humans, and bots, enjoy reading them and there are plenty out there to do with Interior Design. Find listicles that are most relevant to you and offer to update their article by putting in your content and a link to your website.

This digital marketing strategy can generate a huge amount of traffic for you and if you’re struggling to rank on the first page of Google this is an easier way to get there.

Wrapping up 10 Digital Marketing Tips for Interior Designers :

We hope you enjoyed the article and discovered tips that you can potentially start implementing into your interior design digital marketing strategy, today. A lot of these tips can be implemented at a relatively low cost and shouldn’t affect your master budget too much. The important thing to do is to give them time and if you’re going to implement them, make sure you do so properly.

About the Author

Ray Slater Berry is a content strategist at Outreach Humans, and has been working in social media and content marketing for eight years. He specializes in the tech, innovation and travel sectors. He has also recently published his first work of fiction, Golden Boy.

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