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Affiliate Programs for Interior Designers

Most of us have been there (or are now!): You offer e-design services and charge a set fee. Then you spend hours sourcing the perfect products for your clients. You send this information out and never see any return on those hours spent since the set fee mostly covers the cost of the design itself.

You feel like you’ve overextended yourself and aren’t seeing the return on investment to make this a full-time career.

One of the most valuable resources for an interior designer is access to affiliate programs where a percentage of every product sold through links shared with clients goes back into your pocket. We narrowed your search to the best high earning affiliate programs available to designers now to get you making more money, faster!

Formerly RewardStyle, this brand has grown exponentially in the last few years and is the influencers best friend. LTK serves all types of creatives, from home decor enthusiasts, to interior designers, to fashion and beauty moguls.

If approved (LTK requires an application and tax ID after approval), an LTK Creator can promote products from a list of vendors that have partnered with LTK and make a commission off of the purchased items.

The good news? If a customer clicks on one link and then makes several purchases once they’ve been redirected to the vendor site, you earn a profit on all of the commissionable items purchased (not just the one they clicked on!).

The downside? LTK is rather secretive about its process, commission rates and approval process to the public and only releases this information to approved influencers so keep in mind that you’ll have some information gathering to conduct after being accepted to the program. BUT the wide-spread popularity of LTK on social media sites is an encouraging indicator of its profitability potential.  

Side Door is an interior-design-specific affiliate program with over 4k designer clients, a vendor list of over 150 and an average commission rate of 30%. Pretty sweet. Better yet, Side Door has a solution for every type of designer.

From purely e-design, to full service, to stagers and decorators; Side Door creates opportunities for exponential profit across the board. Designers interested in starting an online shop as a part of their website can link products from their top vendors and profit from every purchase made through their site.

No more purchasing home decor pieces in bulk (like an actual storefront with the need to store all of these products) and then hoping there is a return on your investment. Side Door does require an application for their program and if approved requests a tax ID number, so be sure to legitimize your business before applying.

If you are not selected, Side Door will inform you of the steps needed to become eligible to work with them (helpful!).  

Have your furnishing and decor recommendations covered but want to profit off of the building materials and fixtures as well? Check out Build with Ferguson’s affiliate program.

This program offers 2-5% commissions on products, which may not sound like a lot but factor in the cost of materials for something like a kitchen renovation and NOW we’re talking profit.

This affiliate program acts as one more way to add passive revenue to your business model and takes the sting out of all those hours spent finding the perfect tile-cabinet-hardware combo!

With the Right Interior Design Software, You Can Build a Successful Business

Each stage of the interior design process will be made easier and more efficient if you have the correct business tools. Foyr Neo is a powerful interior design platform designed specifically for you, the designer. With a set of powerful tools, you can go from idea to photo-realistic rendering in minutes, including:

  • The option to select from thousands of pre-loaded objects such as furniture, plants, accessories, and more—or upload your own 3D models to produce the precise design your clients desire.
  • On-demand production of 4K photo-realistic renderings.
  • Advanced lighting and visualisation options are available.
  • Capabilities to do real-time 3D editing.

We enable designers to spend less time with software and more time with their clients by merging the capabilities of various tools into one platform. Foyr Neo is now available for a 14-day free trial, allowing you to explore the potential of infinite creation.

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