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Online Interior Design Courses

The field of interior design does not receive enough credit. But it is one of those fields that makes people’s dreams come true.

The leap in technology has served humanity well to the point that designers can now attend online interior design classes with the top interior decorating companies. Of course, you can still opt for hands-on courses that require full-time enrollment.

However, in these challenging times, it is ideal to partake in online learning even for interior design courses in order to learn all about interior spaces while implementing these learning experiences. Here is a list of the top 10 online interior design courses and classes that you can look into:

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10 Best Online Interior Design Courses and Classes To Build Your Career

Autodesk is a highly regarded name in the interior design industry and the company sure has a lot to offer in terms of an interior design career. To begin with, they offer Excellent online interior design courses under the banner of the interior design institute with a certification Course.

The Autodesk Design Academy Offers free courses that cover modules on various design styles. It teaches interior designers the importance of combining aesthetic value with accessibility and Hi functionality.

The online interior design course takes roughly five hours to finish. Using the Autodesk Homestyle software program, you can learn how to implement healthful measures in the interior design of challenged individuals.

Along with a masterclass in how to design beautiful spaces by simply modifying the fundamentals of design principles for aesthetic value, you can also learn how to add simple design touches to incorporate special equipment required by those who are physically, mentally, or otherwise challenged.

The design concepts explain so thoroughly in this online learning course content can help you transition into a part-time interior designer for those with special needs. You could really learn how to make a difference in a person’s life.

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autodesk design academy - online interior design course

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Every year thousands of students apply to interior design institutes In order to obtain their interior design certificate to start their dream career. However, not everybody can qualify for the top institutions for enrollment in interior design.

With that in mind, Susan Welch Heaney from the American Society of interior designers ASID initiated the “decorating your home” online interior design classes. This master class in home decor and interior design, as stated by most interior design students, covers almost all the fundamentals of space planning, color scheme, floor plan and design of particular rooms, etc.

Using Decorating Studio, you can learn how to implement various aesthetics in living room design, bathroom designs, studio designs, spa designs, home offices, bedrooms, and other particulars.

You can experiment with a range of floor designs, countertops, cabinets, wall arts, etc. It is a well-rounded online learning experience in which you can indulge part-time and learn how to best compliment the design principles with your personal touches.

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asid academy - online interior design course

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Among other free courses of online interior design classes with good course content, you can also find ‘Design 101’ by HGTV. Although technically ‘Design 101’ courses are not so much online interior design classes as they are online interior design videos that you can watch.

This innovative online learning experience comes with images of high-quality interior design projects, videos and 3D modeling solutions. The channel also provides news on current developments in the field of interior design.

Therefore, when exploring design ideas alongside topics on speciality designing such as spring decorations, bathroom interior decorating, accessorizing your home, how to best use your design skills on a budget design project, and other such anecdotes on interior architecture and design.

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When it comes to education, MIT has always been front and center to facilitate as much learning for aspiring students as possible. This is no exception for the interior design industry either. MIT’s innovative Open Courseware or OCW program allows aspiring “interior design students” to get a basic understanding of what interior design programs entail.

The free courses in interior design available in the form of part-time online learning on the OCW web network help a lot of beginners take their first steps at their own pace towards a hands-on interior design career. There are several videos on color theory, modules of interior decorating, textiles, design styles and themes, design principles applicable in different interior spaces, etc.

You will also learn how to use 3D modeling software programs and the basic elements. It makes it easier to implement design concepts on online design programs when working on design projects.

You can learn how to use popular interior design software programs such as Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, etc. The design skills you learn in this free masterclass but transferable to other similar apps and websites that assist in creating design projects.

MIT also has dedicated certificate programs on the principles of design, daylighting, and various other course materials that can truly help aspiring interior designers and beginners. Given that these are free courses that also offer to teach high-quality design skills, it is an incredible program.

Insights from faculty, relevant textbooks to learn current interior design trends, and video lectures would zero the need for enrollment in full-time degrees are some of the perks of this interior design program.

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mit series of open courseware program

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If you are inclined toward enrolling in a full-time bachelor’s degree or learning program, the New York Institute of art and design may just be the destination for you. Unlike other interior design courses on this list, they offer full-time, hands-on interior design certificate courses to prepare you for an interior design career.

There is more than one course available at the New York Institute of art and design for interior design certificates. Unfortunately, as engaging and educating as these masterclasses on space planning are, they are available for a small fee, some of which you can subscribe to on a monthly basis.

Interior design students can apply for their RIDQC Interior design certificate after completing this course since it is approved by the Designer Society of America. They indulge in immersive Course materials on design concepts, high-quality rendering, design history, evolving trends in interior design, color theory, textiles and fabrics, lighting, and much more.

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new york institute of art and design - interior design course

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The New York school of interior design offers 3 distinct interior design programs namely the basic interior design certificate program, master of professional studies in sustainable interior environments, and associate in applied science and interior design program.

The basic course is available as a full-time or part-time Non-degree credit program that requires an enrollment of one year. Even though it does not give a bachelor’s degree, of course, you can use the credits you earn from this esteemed interior design institute to apply for a BFA or AAS.

You can attend full-time or part-time classes at the interior design institute or opt for the online interior design classes that you can take at your own time at your own pace.

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new york school of interior design - online course

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Among paid design programs with the excellent course content of the certificate programs also by Berkeley under the University of California. The certificate program and interior design and interior architecture have always been coveted design courses for aspiring interior designers.

The course requires a bachelor’s degree for eligibility and teaches interior design students how to use design principles to create beautiful spaces for their own homes or for design clients. The course delves into the aesthetic value of interior design and the dire need for incorporating sustainable interior architecture into our design schemes.

As a part of the UC Berkeley learning experience, these inclusive interior design courses are well suited for aspiring professional interior designers. Although expensive, it offers great potential for professional interior designers to connect with experts in the interior design industry. Thus, it opens up new opportunities for them upon the completion of their course.

Since the interior design courses are prepared to train interior design students in design skills required for professional projects, those preparing to start their own business or apply to the top firms find them particularly useful. You can attain real-world experience under the tutelage of expert interior designers to create your portfolios as for the mentorship.

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uc berkeley extension of the online interior design course

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As an accomplished, highly sought after, and prestigious interior designer Wende Reid not only features royal collections of interior designs but also indulges in inspiring the next generation of interior designers to create masterpieces.

The interior design institute or IDI founded by Wende is a driving force in mentoring young professional interior designers to think outside the box. The courses offered by this interior design institute cover everything from fundamentals of design principles to master classes in specific fields of study under the all-inclusive interior design certificate program.

The course content consists of 12 assignments that are interactive to prepare the interior design students for real-world pitches. They also include 12 modules of said assignments with a money-back guarantee to ensure that the interior design students will secure a good job or initiate their own business soundly.

You can complete the course at your own pace and reach out to student support at any time 24/7 for any queries. It is a gateway to learning everything from budget to luxurious interior spaces and is an excellent recommendation for those seeking accreditation from renowned interior design institutes.

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wende reid interior design institute


Udemy is the new age solution, inspiring people towards education. This powerful online learning platform offers numerous courses in interior design that you can join. There are a handful of free courses where you can learn the fundamentals to design your own home.

However, if you aim to become a professional interior designer, you may want to consider a professional design course that thoroughly indulges in design principles.

As established interior designers, enrollment in several Udemy online interior design courses could help you keep up with current trends. You can also apply for accreditation with certificate programs on Udemy which are essentially masterclasses to cover the bases of design concepts.

Of course, the eligibility for certain accreditation courses may seem annoying but on the plus side, you can subscribe to these courses at very reasonable prices. You can also use Udemy courses to upgrade your design concepts at your own pace.

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udemy online interior design course

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Technically, Foyr Community isn’t an online interior design institute or a means to acquire accreditation for your interior design career. However, if you want to design your own home or qualify as a beginner in the field of interior decorating, you can always start an online learning program with Foyr Community and learn the fundamentals of space planning, interior design, and 3D modeling.

The course materials that are available for the design projects on Foyr Neo Offer high-quality 3D modeling solutions for all your design Concepts. You can consider these tutorials as free courses that simultaneously train you how to use one of the best interior design software programs available in the current generation.

You may not get a bachelor’s degree out of it but without the need for a hands-on certificate program, Foyr Community allows you to partake in online learning at your own pace.

You can experiment with various design principles, floor plans, space planning solutions, color theory, and basically design the interior spaces with 3D modeling for an accurate idea of the end result. It is best suited for beginners as well as professional interior designers who need it to brush up on their masterclasses, or even for those who want to design their own home.

The beauty of Foyr Community Is it allows you to learn design skills that are usually available in free courses by simply going through tutorials and implementing them in practical design projects. The high-quality 3D modeling also inspires innovative design ideas for beginners and professionals alike.

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foyr community

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A career in interior design or interior architecture calls for a lot of preparation for the design skills required to create beautiful spaces. In these tech-savvy days, the interior design industry is booming and interior design students have immense opportunities to join their dream firms but they can contribute to design projects that appeal to their skills.

The interior design programs offered even under online learning certificate programs include a lot of course content and cover multiple design principles. As an enthusiast or a homeowner wishing to design your own home, you can join some free courses on a part-time basis and learn design concepts.

We could easily combine them with design software programs that support the fundamentals of interior decorating in several design styles. Foyr, Revit, AutoCAD, SketchUp, and others offer a range of design styles color schemes, floor plans, etc. are excellent choices, especially for beginners.

Using the power of online learning, the ideal interior design software, a basic understanding of textiles, color theory, floor plans, design themes, etc., and learning how to choose 3D modeling, could give you a considerable edge in your interior design career.

Most of these design programs offer accreditation as well proving that you have finished an interior design certificate program under their brand. Hands-on enrollment courses and interior design institutes that offer masterclasses on how to best design interior spaces for maximum utility are still a favored choice.

The course materials provided during online classes also include a thorough understanding of how to run design projects as a professional interior designer. You can use these tools for your own business or your own home, or even implement the ideas that you acquire from these online interior design courses.

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