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Game Room Decor Ideas

We all love to gather around a room with our friends and family to enjoy a beautiful day of fun and games. So why not create a game room to cherish these memories as they come. These days, gamers are not just children or geeks. Anyone and everyone needs an outlet for their daily stress.

A gaming room is like a small space carved out to shed all the needless, pent-up hostility in a safe environment. Whether you are killing Zombies, or racing cars on a virtual Asphalt, or running tanks to protect your country. Video gaming can be quite therapeutic.

You can also designate a special corner of the house dedicated to family gatherings on a relaxing Sunday night or a small space where your friends and guests can come together for game night. It can be for video gaming, or simple board games, or maybe even your favorite games such as Billiards, Darts, etc. that you can enjoy indoors.

Remember the F4’s gaming room in Boys over Flowers? Who says you can’t enjoy similar luxuries?

Hence, today we will be sharing a few gaming room ideas that will transform any small space into a gamer’s personal paradise. These design ideas can be implemented in video gaming room ideas as well as for a retro gaming experience.

A gaming area is not just a man-cave but designed to relieve the stress and anxiety of everyone within the household. Take a look and transform that beautiful space into a gaming space, or carve out a corner in your living room to keep the experience wholesome at all times.

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10 Best Decorating Ideas for Your Gaming Room:

1. Consider the space available in the entire room

Not all of us have designated sections to install a game room, and we understand. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t crave one, right?

Take into account the square footage of the small room or the space available in your living room to instigate a game room. It may be a large or small room or just a nook in the living space with a small gaming desk or even a small section of your home office. Either way, your home decor, and floor plans can be modified to fit the gaming space required.

Consider the gaming setup, game room furniture, and entertainment center you choose. Although this space is meant to cater to the whims of your family and friends alike, you need to ponder over the layout available in the entire room to accommodate your gaming space.

If you cannot fit a large entertainment center with game consoles, speakers, etc. consider a minimalist design plan. You can fit a computer desk with a gaming chair, some targeted LED lights, maybe some bean bags, and shelving to hold all your video games, board games, best gaming systems, etc.

On the other hand, if you have a designated room for your gaming sessions, then feel free to install a large entertainment center and create a Playroom with all your Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation, PC gaming, Board Games, Billiards, and whatnot.

You can even incorporate some shelving or even closed cabinets to hold all your favorite games. The Stormtrooper figurines from the epic Star Wars trilogy are a great addition to game room decor ideas.

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game room decor ideas

Image courtesy: Donpedro brooklyn

2. Ambient lighting makes a huge difference

Gaming is an ethereal experience. You need to create an ambient atmosphere in order to enjoy the whole gaming experience. Whether it is a small corner of your living room or a full-fledged game room, consider your lighting options for effectiveness. Natural light is not a very natural choice when it comes to a gaming area. The brightness may interfere with the visuals and ruin the overall gaming experience.

The room lighting should always be targeted to complement the kind of games you play. If your gaming space is for video games, then LED strips, overhead lighting, and even disco lights may be better fitted for the room decoration.

However, keep in mind that the RGB spectral deflections can strain the eyes. Although the lights should not ruin the gaming experience, they should be sufficient to brighten the interiors of the game room to prevent serious optical damage. Gaming sessions usually run long, therefore, targeted ambient lighting is your best friend.

You can also use lava lamps and string lights as they do not interfere with the game room decor but provide enough brightness to keep it well-lit and inviting. You can also use some reflective lighting on your collectibles to create shadow effects in your gamer room.

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Image courtesy: decoist.com

3. Selecting the entertainment center and units

When selecting the entertainment center or home theatre system for video gaming, you have several choices. These units can be readymade pieces from Ikea or if you are so inclined, like Joey Tribbiani, you can start your own DIY project and build one from scratch.

An Entertainment center is designed to carry all manners of items besides the computer or TV screen as well. When selecting your personal unit, make sure to account for the TV stand as well as how much shelving you need to store in the accessories.

There are the game consoles, your Nintendo, PS3, Xbox, and any PlayStation that tickles your fancy. There are also game CDs if you prefer retro games such as Mario, Mario kart, Prince of Persia, etc. Or if you are passionate about the new age phenomenal online gaming channels such as A3, Combat games, Space games, etc. then there are various accessories that assist the gaming experience.

In order to store these numerous items, consider choosing an entertainment center with multiple cabinets and shelving. It is ideal to have screens or cabinet doors as they will protect your invaluable gaming accessories from dust and spatters.

If, on the other hand, your computer desk doubles as your gaming desk, then you may want to choose one that comes with multiple pull-out drawers and cabinets. In the middle of your gaming session, it is not ideal to have to run around the house looking for your spare game consoles and add-ons.

While choosing the Entertainment center, you may also want to install a router in the unit itself. This is not only an excellent way to prevent lagging during your gaming session but serves well for your home theater too. It is easier and much more functional to have a powered network when you wish to switch from gaming to some online entertainment.

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entertainment unit for gaming room

Image courtesy: home-designing.com

4. Soundproofing for personal space

The game room can be a pretty noisy zone with the frictional running of car wheels on Asphalt or the loud gunfire in Modern Combat and PUBG. It’s not like you can play while keeping the volume down. The essence of the gaming system relies on realistic audio tracks.

But we cannot ignore the other residents of the house or even the peace-loving neighbors. Therefore, soundproofing is an inspired solution to this problem.

Simple paneling or rubber lining on the doors and windows can easily help in keeping your gaming experience confined to the room. If you are inclined, you can have sliding wooden or glass doors to your gaming room. If correctly optimized, not only do they soundproof the space but also create an extraordinary game station experience.

For instance, if you are invested in one of your space-age games, it creates a virtual reality image that you are inside the space station or the Enterprise while watching the hustle and bustle of daily life on your screen (in this case it is a glass door).

Sound-proofing can provide relief to the people outside your game room and at the same time creates a magnificent effect on your gaming experience. No one will interrupt you in your Playroom nor will they object to your spending hours on the game consoles. Sit in your gaming chair and feel like a king for as long as you want, whenever you want, whether it is the middle of the night or a blissful Sunday afternoon.

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wall decor gaming room ideas

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5. Choosing the appropriate home theater system

Half the gaming experience comes from the gadgets and screens you choose. The surround sound, the high-definition TV set, the advanced game consoles all contribute to the best gaming experience.

Therefore, choosing the appropriate home theatre system is important. However, not everyone can install a 60-inch television set or computer screen in their playroom. Most of us have to settle for systems that are compatible with the small room or the limited space on the computer desk.

Hence, when selecting your home theatre system, pay attention to the entire room, the entertainment unit, the speakers, and the connections you have available at your disposal too.

Choose a home theatre system that sits comfortably in your entertainment center or gaming desk. Consider the amount of space you can allocate further for your speakers, accessories, etc. You need not compromise on the gaming experience by choosing a pixelated home theater system or one with a low-end RGB ratio, but you definitely need to find one that can be easily accommodated in the space available.

You can enhance your gaming experience even with a smaller TV screen. Just compensate with a sound system in your home theater and choose a high-definition TV regardless of its size.

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home theatre setup for gaming room

Image courtesy: cyberhomes.co.uk

6. An inviting gaming room setup

A game room setup can be of any which variety to reflect your personal style and preferences much like the rest of your house. But the important thing is to choose an appropriate and inviting theme.

For instance, you can have a game room that focuses on physical activities such as Darts, Billiards, Virtual Bowling, etc. These games create a pub-like effect that inadvertently converts your game room into a party zone for when guests come over.

Similarly, you can go for a geek-like retro theme with a Pac-Man Machine, Super Mario, Zork, etc. These large pieces of machinery and setup create an arcade-like feeling which reminds you of your childhood and all the fun you had. Reminisce with your friends and cherish the moments gone by.

Another excellent design plan for your game room setup is a futuristic theme. Get the new PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, what have you, and combine it with some Virtual Reality programs. Acquire the accessories for medieval or space-tech role-play games and spend the day with your loved ones recreating a scene from one of your favorite games.

The game room can also follow a minimalist theme if you wish to create it in your home office or a nook in the living room. You can install projectors and some simple equipment and let the lighting and the home theatre set the mood for your gaming session.

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gaming room ideas - theme

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7. Selecting the wall decor

The wall decor in your game room can reflect several of your favorite games and the attachments you may have. Aside from hanging up some of your favorite collectibles, consider lining the walls with some gaming wall art.

These days, we see a lot of wall stickers substituted for wall art. You can combine various gaming worlds and create an all-encompassing effect. You can also segregate the wall decor to reflect various worlds.

For instance, let’s say you cover one of the four walls (assuming that your game room is a regular rectangular room rather than an extended pentagon or other) with wall art from the Marvel Universe. You can use the DC world for the other wall, maybe use retro game work for the third, and a massive universe pattern for the fourth.

You can consequently add the collectibles to the respectively-themed wall decor and create a realm of imagination and ingénue creativity throughout the room. Video game room ideas are vastly dependent on creating a safe space to explore your horizons. Let the gaming room design connect all your worlds where you are the reigning King or Queen.

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Image courtesy: home-designing.com

8. It is not just for video games

Who says that gaming rooms are only for video games? Have you any idea the amount of noise and excitement that follows game night?

Take a look at the Russo’s game night on Wizards of Waverly Place or the game nights conducted by Marshall Eriksen in How I Met Your Mother. Gaming is fun and adventurous. Be it your normal Nintendo, your childhood favorite, Mario, or the more extensive role-playing board games like Dungeons and Dragons, it is all for zest.

A game room is meant to accumulate all members of your family or maybe to accommodate your friends and loved ones when you wish to spend some time laughing, playing, and making memories.

You can organize the game room set up to facilitate any manner of gaming, be it video games or board games. It can be a fun-filled space to sit and play Monopoly, Rummy, Poker, and Chess even. You can expand your horizons with Risk or Star Wars. Maybe the gaming area is perfect for your children to socialize with their comrades over Candyland and Operation.

The important thing to remember is that gaming rooms provide a safe environment where children and adults alike can explore their creativity. It inspires young minds to develop stronger personalities with depth and intelligence.

Your gaming room design can be a haven for creative thinking like Abed and Troy. Games like Scrabble, Scattergories, etc. inspire good vocabulary and knowledge. It can motivate you or your children to invent new gaming systems with proper encouragement. After all, the existing popular games were also invented by someone who loved to play.

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kids gaming room

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9. Appropriate seating arrangements

Unlike the rest of the house, the gaming room calls for nothing short of comfort. Whether you like to sit on a swiveling gaming chair, a domed one, or simply on a massive couch with your friends and family, the seating should always dictate comfort.

You see, the gamer room is occupied for hours on end while the long gaming sessions are underway. You don’t want to cramp up your neck and back sitting in an uncomfortable position for that long a duration.

Game room furniture is exclusively available across many online channels such as Amazon or can be specially ordered from Ikea. The swiveling chairs and egg chairs, even those that are shaped like a hand can be excellent additions to the game room design. You can even consider purchasing a gaming chair and then use your imagination to incorporate it into a DIY project.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could design Captain Kirk’s chair on the Bridge of The Enterprise?

You must also take into account that a game room invites multiple guests and participants at a time. Therefore, the seating arrangement should be adequate for several people. A chaise lounge or rocking chair may not be ideal for the gaming space but consider placing bean bag chairs along with ottomans, gaming desk chairs, comfy sofas with backrest, etc.

Recliners can work wonders in a gaming room design. Not only are the single ones good for the gaming space but you can also get recliner sofa sets for a comfortable and friendly gaming experience.

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gaming room ideas - seating

Image courtesy: pinterest.com

10. A place for your geeky collectibles

These days, who doesn’t like collecting those Batman or Ironman figurines? Why wouldn’t you want that special edition Game of Thrones sword? Who can resist the Yoda or Darth Vader collectibles from Star Wars? Remember Sheldon and Leonard’s Nerdvana?

You don’t have to be a geek to appreciate exquisite collectibles and figurines. True, these items may not always profile with the interior design of your house. Although the Excalibur sword may fit in as a decor item in your living room, the rest may seem a little out of place.

The game room is the perfect corner of your home to house your collectibles. Not only does it provide a safe and secure section to display your items in glory but adds to the aesthetics of the game room décor.

Think about it… An original Stormtrooper helmet hanging on the wall, the Yoda bobblehead nodding encouragingly when you cross a level of your favorite game, or Darth Vader sitting in the corner, monitoring you.

Doesn’t it make you feel like you are in the movie?
Or let’s say your signed Iron Man helmet or Hulk hands are sitting on the shelf to remind you that you can transcend this ordinary world and save humankind when you are busy playing on your Xbox.

You may have collected the sword of Azeroth, or the jeweled collection of armory, maybe even a selection of your favorite model sports cars. These collectibles are inspirational, motivational, and most importantly, your pride and joy. Why not display them proudly in your exclusive game room.

If you have a small game space, you still can incorporate these limited edition valuables in your house. A small space designated for gaming and entertainment means that your gaming area is part of the overall home decor.

You may have acquired some exclusive items on online channels such as Amazon, eBay, etc., or at your favorite comic book store or game store. You can easily use the opportunity to scatter your collectibles on the shelving of your living room, maybe place a few of them in your home office to impress and amaze your colleagues and clients.

These exquisite pieces can be excellent conversation starters or ice-breakers. Everyone likes to look at them and admire them. You can create a focal point within your room decorating ideas to display them with valor.

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games collectibles

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There, you see… As we said, a game room is not just a man-cave. It is an integral part of the house that is for everyone, be it men, women, and children. It is a venue where you connect with your loved ones and enjoy invaluable time with them.

These days, the video gaming and entertainment industry are on a high rise. Who knows, maybe with this internal exposure, your child can grow up to be the next technological multi-millionaire, all because you invested in a gaming area to encourage them.

In order to help you further integrate design ideas in a multifunctional game room or a gaming area in your living room, you can use our Foyr Neo for a 3D rendering of what it can look like. You can choose the layout and game room furniture before you start implementing the design ideas. That way, you will know exactly what you need and how to go about the whole process.

So what are you waiting for?

Design that beautiful game room and transform your small space into a haven for gamers and enthusiasts. Carve out that much-needed corner and make the memories that you can cherish through the years.

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