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You are ready to buy your new home and want to give it the best look possible. But you can’t afford to hit and miss by putting in certain design elements and then later having to redo it all because it costs too much money and time. Also, looking at two-dimensional pictures doesn’t give you a true idea of what the finished product would look like. The best solution for you, in that case, would be to take the help of 3D interior design.

3D interior design

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Aspects of A Good 3D Interior Design

A good 3D interior design would need the firm and the client to work in very close coordination. A series of consultations would take place initially to understand the broad requirements of the client and align it with the capabilities of the design firm. This is the time when some of the ideas could be curtailed due to a lack of resources or overshooting of the budget. Also, the firm might provide some additional suggestions over and above the client’s vision for his house.

After this begins the process of actually putting the designs in place, this is where the advantages of having a three-dimensional view kick in. You can see your proposed house come alive in front of your eyes, making the visualisation very easy. Finally, once the 3D interior design has been agreed to by the client and the design firm, then the implementation of the agreed design needs to be completed.

3D interior design aspects

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The Disruptive Capabilities of 3D Interior Design

The 3D interior design has turned the real estate industry on its head. The steering wheel has been pushed firmly into the hands of the clients. The discussion about the final look of the house can now be initiated and led by the client. We have been used to the opposite way of working so far. The design firm would provide a few alternatives, and the client would choose from them. But now 3D design has made it possible for the entire discussion to start from what the client wants.  

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With the help of 3D interior design capabilities, a good interior design firm would be able to provide the perfect canvas to the home buyer. This would help the home buyer to visualize how the home should look like. The process would be so much more creative and participative. This is a far cry of earlier ways of home interior design.

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Benefits of 3D Interior Design

A good 3D interior design package can be a great boon for architecture firms or design firms. But for now, let us look at the advantages of 3D interior design for home buyers.

1. Easy Visualization

The buyer would be able to visualise the proposed final image of his or her home much faster when 3D interior design is used. Two-dimensional floor plans might not convey the complete picture. Similarly, simple elevations might give an incomplete view. A 3D interior design would help the buyer understand the depth and the reach of the design.

2. Common Ground

common ground

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Because a 3D interior design gives greater clarity, both client and designer would always be on the same page. There is the very little scope of misunderstanding. Such a misunderstanding could have a financial impact as well if some parts have to be redone. 3D interior design allows all differences to be sorted out before the implementation stage.

3. Cost Optimization

Hundreds of combinations can be tried out on the computer before the final version is agreed upon. This allows multiple variations to be tried out notionally without actually spending any money. The previous way of doing things often led to a lot of wastage of money. Designs would be started, and then have to be taken down if someone got a better idea. A good 3D interior design package would provide the flexibility of trying out all permutations at no cost

4. Time-Saving

Let us assume you want to try out different colours for a certain room in your house. The 3D interior design software would allow you to try all colours in a flash. Whether it is colours, or finish, or texture, or alternative design elements, everything can be tried out within minutes. The overall project duration gets curtailed due to this.

5. Legal Compliance

3D Visualization Design

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All cities have their own set of regulatory guidelines. A good 3D interior design package would have those guidelines incorporated into the package. This ensures that your designs are automatically compliant. No separate due diligence would be needed from the legal standpoint.

6. Technical Clarity

Most people usually look at the aesthetic benefits of a 3D interior design package. But for a home buyer, it also gives useful insights into the technical aspects of the construction. This is not a mandatory knowledge for a buyer to have. But if he gets this insight, it helps him visualize his home better.

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7. Holistic View

3D interior design holistic viewImage credits:

A 3D interior design would give the home buyer a complete picture of his or her home. This would include structural as well as design elements. Queries and clarifications can be cleared in the context of the overall design instead of being addressed individually. For example, a single view would show the contrasting effects of two different shades of paint on two different rooms. 

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