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Gender Neutral Nurseries

Gone are the days when nurseries were painted pink for girls and blue for boys – it is now the era of gender neutrality. Are your clients excited about welcoming their newborn into the world in the way that they want the child to foster their own creativity and curiosity? Then it is time to give them a little peek into a gender-neutral nursery.

Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting aspects of the arrival of a baby. And if you don’t have the right designs or mood boards in place, it can be easy to get stuck picking the right colours, fabrics, or patterns. As an interior designer, it is up to you to move away from the traditional concept of creating a pink or blue nursery and make room for trendy ideas instead.

Gender neutrality is a concept that many parents are eagerly embracing these days. Instead of bringing their child up with a specific, preconceived identity, parents want their children to develop their own identities when the time is right. And what better place to start than the child’s room!

Many parents now wait for the baby’s birth to find out the gender – so to maintain a neutral theme, they try to do up the nursery in a way that would suit a boy or a girl child. Gender-neutral nurseries are also great for parents that are planning to have more babies in the future. They can then reuse the room or the materials in the room.

Another main reason to have a gender-neutral themed nursery is that it is not just the babies that spend time in them but also the parents! So why not create a cosy, comfortable, and relaxed gender-neutral environment where a parent can spend time nurturing their child?

In this day and age, modern families may consist of parents belonging to different genders or the same gender. In keeping with this trend, families increasingly want to create beautiful gender-neutral nurseries to bring a modern and contemporary vibe to the home.

So, as an interior designer, it is your job to deliver a chic and playful gender-neutral themed nursery to your clients’ liking.

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15 Best Gender Neutral Nursery Ideas and Themes

From maintaining a colour palette to picking a theme, there are many ways to do up a gender-neutral themed nursery. Many interior designers go with colour tones in shades of greys and whites.

They often pick themes like a beach theme or jungle theme or play with abstract shapes and geometric prints and patterns. There are many ways to create a gorgeous environment for a newborn in a gender-neutral way. Designers mix different design styles to keep the room stylish and aesthetic.

Here is a quick roundup of some uber-stylish gender-neutral nurseries to give your home interiors a trendy finish.

1. Use Pop Colors and Designs

Typically, a gender-neutral nursery is painted in shades of whites or greys. If the nursery has that colour scheme, you can easily add pops of colours to give a playful vibe. Consider adding colourful wallpaper along one side of the main wall or adding colourful furniture.

You can even add pops of colour in the form of accessories in the room – such as a laundry basket or toy basket. Alternatively, place pictures with colourful frames in the room. If the room has enough space, you can add a statement armchair in a different colour, which stands out easily.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - use pop colors and designs

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2. Embrace a Single Color

Gender-neutral colour themes could be anything – except shades of typical pink or blue. From blacks, whites and greys to yellows, browns, greens, and oranges, choose a colour combination that doesn’t sway towards a particular gender.

You can also use shades of pink and blue, but make sure they are more towards the pastel or lighter shades to avoid giving the room a specific gender feel. Monochrome colours work best – especially if you want to use elements like wood or metals for the furniture/ frames.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - embrace single color

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3. Embrace Many Colours

Another great way to create a gender-neutral themed nursery is by embracing all the colours instead of sticking to plain shades! Children love colours – and the vibrancy of many colours can look stunning against a plain white wall and white furniture.

Add colour in the form of sheets, throws, or cushions. Alternatively, add it in the form of drawers, shelves, or artwork. Varied shades also help enhance a child’s visual senses. Go for calmer light or pastel shades instead of darker tones. It will also help reflect natural light in the room better.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - embrace multi colors

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4. Work with the Home’s Aesthetic

Does the home have a modern or contemporary aesthetic that your clients want you to work into the theme of the nursery? Some clients want the nursery to look the same as the rest of the home. Designers can achieve this organic flow while giving the nursery a slightly playful look and feel.

The nursery isn’t just a room for the baby but also for young parents to relax. So, designers should try going with an all-white aesthetic, such as in the image below. 

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gender neutral nursery ideas - aesthetic

Image Credit:

5. Accessorise

A great way to do up a room with a gender-neutral theme is by accessorising it. Use materials like wood, wicker, or brass for artwork, wall hangings, shelves, and other items in the room.

Such pieces are gender neutral and give a contemporary feel to the room. Instead of getting the typical dolls or trucks and cars, fill the space with stuffed animals and blocks. 

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gender neutral nursery ideas - accessorise

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6. Use Whimsical Art

Whimsical artwork is trending these days – and they are great for creating gender-neutral spaces. If the nursery already has a monochromatic theme, use colours and animals for the artwork, fabrics, or wallpaper.

Whimsical art could include animals, shapes, abstract prints, or even depict different professions. Use friendly yet thoughtful artwork that will provide an empowering environment for children and foster their creative thinking.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - use whimsical art

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7. Bold Theme

Another way to make a nursery gender neutral while maintaining the aesthetic of the rest of the home is by keeping a monotone color palette and pairing it with bold stripes and patterns.

Hang colorful posters or use popping prints for the throws, curtains, or seating arrangements in the room. It will also help the room feel less juvenile and classy, especially for a baby transitioning into a young child.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - bold theme

Image Credit.

8. Mint Theme

A great idea for a gender-neutral nursery is using mint-based colours – typically in a lighter shade of green. One can use Mint colours in the wallpaper. Mint goes great with woody browns and even pops of colours, like in the image below. You can pair the mint walls with strong primary-coloured accessories and furniture. 

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gender neutral nursery ideas - mint theme

Image Credit:

9. Go Natural

If you are puzzling over how to create a gender-neutral themed nursery, and your clients happen to love plants, greenery, nature, and the outdoors, why not use this aesthetic?

Add plants and elements of nature to a nursery – and they don’t necessarily need to be real. After all, new parents don’t need the hassle of maintaining plants, and the baby could be allergic to them. However, it doesn’t stop you from creating a beautiful outdoorsy aesthetic that is calming and looks great when natural light floods during the day. 

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gender neutral nursery ideas - neutral theme

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10. Nautical or Beach Theme

A nautical or a beach theme would work wonders for a nursery. While it would incorporate shades of blue, you can use greens and pastel browns to add more gender neutrality. Add elements of sea animals, shapes like stars, and textures that depict waves.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - nautical or beach theme

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11. Starry Skies

If you want your child to grow up being curious about the world, why not go with a starry skies theme? This out-of-the-world design gives the room a modern, classic, and gender-neutral approach. Layer the main wall with a cosmic wallpaper and keep the elements in the room white, brown, or light blue.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - starry skies

Image Credit:

12. Colourful Ceiling

Babies typically lie on their backs in the crib until they can start walking. Even then, they are constantly rolling over – so where do their eyes dart?

The ceiling! Instead of creating a dramatic side wall, why not layer the ceiling with a colorful and vibrant wallpaper?

It will keep babies occupied and help them improve their visual and thinking skills. At the same time, it will give the gender-neutral nursery a quirky and unique look and feel.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - colorful ceiling

Image Credit:

13. Magical Murals

A great way to keep your child entertained is through an interactive wallpaper – one that emanates magical elements! Keep a magical or storybook theme for your child’s room. You can have wallpaper with woodland creatures or wall accents and furniture made using rustic wood.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - magical murals

Image Credit:

14. Browned Details

Want another great idea for creating a gender-neutral nursery?

Then keep the aesthetic in a shade of brown and grey – as in the image below. Here, the designer has used different shades of brown in the form of not just wall paint but also furniture and accessories. In this room, the designer has also added many personal touches. They include the picture frames on the wall and the child’s name.

Use items like ladders or small stools, side tables, and lamps to add depth to the room. Add a textured rug to give it more layering.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - browned details

Image Credit:

15. Storage Space

One of the most important aspects of a nursery, besides the crib, is storage space. Young parents need a lot of space to store items like breast pumps, strollers, clothes, shoes, etc. Whether you pick a single colour or multiple colours, you can choose from various available options.

You can select patterns, shapes, and animal print designs for the wallpaper, fabrics, curtains, or artwork. Choose from these tips, or find your own style when designing your next gender-neutral nursery.

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gender neutral nursery ideas - storage space

Image Credit:


Most parents have a gender-neutral take on their childs’ lives these days. From being ‘woke’ themselves to giving birth to children in a world where it is important to foster creativity and curiosity, parents are moving away from traditional norms of painting their child’s first room pink or blue and going for more sophisticated themes instead. Parents are generally

keen to introduce their children to general knowledge early as well. So make sure the room you design has enough space for toys and books and a place where the young parents can relax. 

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1. How do you decorate a gender-neutral nursery?

A great way to enhance the appeal of a gender-neutral nursery is through geometric prints. One can use geometric prints in different sizes, shapes, and patterns to accent a wall by way of wallpaper or even the floor by way of a rug. Keep the design minimal with clean, thin lines, and opt for modern furniture pieces. 

2. How do you make a gender-neutral room? 

One of the key ways to design a gender-neutral room is by creating a harmonious balance of the feminine and masculine colours, patterns and textures in a room. Instead of choosing androgynous furniture or colour tones, go for a balance that makes men, women, and children feel at ease. 

3. What is a gender-neutral nursery?

Gender-neutral nurseries are all the rage these days – especially with parents who want the baby’s gender to be a surprise until the baby is born. So, interior designers create nurseries that don’t conform to traditional blue or pink shades and instead opt for more inclusive themes and tones to create a gender-neutral nursery. 

4. How do you bring a natural vibe to a nursery?

Here are some great ways to bring a natural vibe to a nursery:

  • Adding plants
  • Letting natural light flow through large windows
  • Painting the walls shades of green, using wallpaper inspired by nature or natural elements
  • Incorporating furniture made from natural materials like wood

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