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Art Deco Interior Design Style

The art deco style was trendy in Europe and America, especially during the golden age of the 1920s and 1930s. Compared to the minimalist movement nowadays, the art nouveau or deco movement inspired by nature is considered a stark contrast. The move was not limited to just architecture and interiors.

It took the whole design world by storm and stayed for about 30 years. The highlight of this style was that it personified the industrial age of machines and newly found modernism but at the same time was seen as an elegant and practical approach to design. Art deco lasted for a good 40 years, all the way from the 20’s to the mid-’50s.

The world after that preferred the more direct and systematic looks of the Scandinavian mid-century modern design. It was no surprise that art deco is not witnessing a revival through small bursts in interior design these days. You can see traces of art deco in leading design work in vintage furniture and reproductions. Art deco comprises motifs, luxury and loud materials, and certain elements that scream for attention.

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What is Art Deco Interior Design?

The exact origins of art deco architecture are hard to trace, but the term is known to originate from France. Its literal translation from French means decorative art. Naturally, most people think of interior design when it comes to the design style, but art deco has an extensive scope. It also refers to architecture, paintings, and even fashion design.

Art deco may appear chaotic to the naked eye. But in fact, it has subtle rules that dictate the design. It is a very curious mix of traditional and modern elements. Splendour, glitz, and rich décor are what defines art deco. If you look closely, you can see that art deco houses resemble the homes and apartments of the rich and the famous in Hollywood from the early 20s.

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History and Origin of Art Deco Interior Design

After the First World War, people in Europe and America had grown weary and tired. The nondescript buildings and repeated townhouses just reminded them of drab day-to-day life. The art deco movement entered the design scene as a bi-product of love, beauty, opulence, and human desire to live in luxury.

One can easily trace the movement worldwide right up until the Second World War. People observed the first sight of anything remotely art deco at the French exposition in Paris. There was a massive revolt against the traditional ornate designs that were more dominant and displayed.

Art deco first began to take shape in fashion, which influenced furniture designs and led to a sizeable architectural movement. Social and architectural movements went hand in glove in making art deco a considerable success. Wherever they were, high-end social gatherings, like the Waldorf Astoria in New York City, art deco became a part of the interior design and space planning.

This attracted intellectuals and artists alike. They could not stop raving about the trend; art deco: art deco movement and the rise of skyscrapers like the Chrysler building made for growing business combined to form decorative structures.

Hence, the motto of Art deco came to be known as “Master of The Sky.” The crux point of art deco was to use the past to pave the road to the future in terms of aesthetics, function, and general culture. This translated into the skyscrapers looking sleeker but decorated with art deco elements. Many towers were given a crown that served no purpose other than making the building taller and more beautiful.

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Materials for Art Deco Interior Design

Luxurious materials used in art deco style have always exuded glitz and glamour. Take gold, for example; they were synonymous with the wealthy new industries and technology had created at that time. Traces of gold were seen in all art deco interior and furniture design areas. The material had to be vibrant in fabrics, which led to animal prints like shark, leopard, and zebra prints. There was also a significant influence on velvet fabrics.

Stainless steel, chrome, glass, and mirror finishes were the need of the hour and were used without any restriction. A more expensive material palate included marble, ebony, and zebrawood. The materials used had just one basic rule. It should be glitzy and should not be lacklustre.

Keeping that in mind, wood may be at the bottom of our priority list. But rare and dark textured woods like walnut wood was also used often. They mainly served as backdrops to gold inlays on floors and walls. This era was all about being extravagant, and make no mistake; the materials used live up to every bit of it.

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Common Motifs

Motifs from the art deco were bold, easy flowing, and symmetrical. They showcased solidarity through solid geometrical patterns. The motifs included stylized versions of fans, flowers, abstract patterns like sunburst and chevrons, and jagged lines.

Art deco paid homage to the industrial and technological progress that mainly transformed Europe and America through such mediums or designs. The straight cut, geometric and angular lines symbolize boldness and confidence. The easiest way to identify art deco furniture is to look for motifs like chevron patterns, stepped forms, sweeping curves, zigzag patterns, triangular shapes, and animal prints.

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Elements of Art Deco Interior Design Style

If you are a person who loves to make a statement, then art deco would be your perfect muse. Its loud and glitzy feel can dominate any other style easily. It also makes it easier to compliment art deco with different design styles.

For example, if you incorporate some mirrors and curved glass frames in a room with ethnic and traditional carpentry, Art deco would add some character to the scene. The overall visual perspective can be unique and exciting. You can follow the below-mentioned elements and incorporate them into your design scheme:-

1. Colors

The colors used are visually attractive and very bold. They are often complemented with metallic colors like chrome, silver, gold, and even ordinary stainless steel. During the art deco period, the most widely used colors ranged from bright yellows, red greens, blues, and pinks to pure black at times.

Some of the softer shades also have colors like creams and beiges. One should note that if you mix neutral colors with polished wood and furniture with a coat of lacquer, you can get yourself an art deco bedroom, perhaps.

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2. Furniture

Size is everything when it comes to statement art deco furniture. They are usually large in scale, lacking any details. The shapes are further accentuated with gold and chrome borders for dramatic effect.

Large consoles and sideboards coupled with huge armchairs effectively paint the art deco scenario. If you thought animal prints were a lot, the style also embraced luxury items like tortoise shells with an elegant inlay as a décor piece.

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3. Fabrics

Apart from the usual shark and zebra skins, there was a lot of affinity to textures like velvet and leather. Feminine shades like lilac or floral prints are strict for art deco. You can alternatively choose solid colors or textiles with an essence of geometry in them. If you can upholster furniture with solid bold colors, you can successfully recreate art deco in your home.

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4. Flooring

Herringbone and parquet patterns on the floor are considered Avant-garde in art deco. If you happen to have already such flooring, which is pretty standard these days, simple inlays of gold or brass can do the job. Motifs also were replicated in flooring designs with black and white chessboard designs or with various optical illusions. These patterns further enhanced these floors with rugs showcasing loud geometric designs.

5. Lighting

On top of the art deco decor cheat list is lighting fixtures. Putting up light fixtures in period pieces is one of the simplest and most attractive ways to bring art deco into your space. The lighting fixtures of this era were mainly adorned with geometric and symmetric patterns. The institutions were probably the only elements designers decorated in the art deco design scene more than anything else.

10 Ways To Add Art Deco Interior Design Style To Your Home:

You must be dying to know by now how to get the roaring 20s into your living room exactly. But rest assured, we have compiled a list of 10 ways to successfully convert your modern 21st century home to an arts décoratifs haven.

1. Focus on Streamlined Shapes

Firstly you need to accentuate and streamline every shape in your space to compliment the home decor. It would be easier to visually break down your visual perspective into simple shapes and then facilitate everybody. You can use the help of some plaster and POP to mold the shapes to match the art deco theme. The streamlined shapes can be further adorned with gold or chrome inlays.

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focus on streamlined shapes for art deco interior design style

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2. Go Wild with Animal Prints

The simplest way for your upholstery to look at art deco is to inculcate animal patterns in the fabric you choose. It could be hard to find such prints now, but dealers will still have a collection that is a throwback to the bygone era. Animal prints can be anything from black and white zebra shark sin to leopard prints. Paste it on your armchair sofas, and you have successfully achieved the look!

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3. Add Art Deco Accents

Art deco is littered with an overflow of glitzy art, ranging from loud paintings to larger-than-life human sculptures. If you plan to spruce up your space, you should consider getting an art deco statement art piece like an intricate glam coffee table to be showcased.

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4. Incorporate Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are a must if you need your space to look anything like an art deco masterpiece. The shapes can be in motifs or even patterns like a chevron or herringbone floor. You can also highlight certain borders with geometric patterns.

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incorporate geometric shapes for art deco interior design

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5. Go Glam with Lighting

Do not fret about going all out on buying art deco statement lighting or a chandelier for the space. This would be the easiest way to the roaring 20s back into your house. The more decorative your lighting, the more festive and funky your living or dining room will turn out to be.

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6. Opt for Sleek Materials

Always go for sleek materials like stainless steel, chrome, and other lustrous materials. Their properties of being shiny and glossy add to the whole picturesque beauty of art deco.

opt for sleek materials - art deco interior design style

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7. Bring in Sunbursts

One of the elements on the verge of being overused to quite an extent was the sunburst. Simply put, it signifies the new dawn or start of something new. It adorned the roofs, ceiling, and top floor of many skyscrapers. Sunbursts were also seen on top of portals of all shapes and sizes.

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bring in sunbursts

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8. Make a Statement with a Mirror

A mirror, especially a mirror frame design, can give any space a subtle art deco look. Go for a large mirror with a gold geometric carving border, and you are good to go. The mirror can be functional in making a room look bigger but at the same time complement your décor.

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make a statement with a mirror for art deco interior design

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9. Add Over-the-Top Glamour

If you feel that what you have done now feels a bit muted, you must be right! Don’t forget to add layers of glitz and glamour to make your scene sparkle and scream for attention. You can do this by adding inlay work or perhaps buying a lamp with a chrome base. The use of vibrant velvets will also help you glamorize the space.

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10. Mix Art Deco Pieces with Other Antiques

Don’t fret about mixing and matching the art deco pieces with your current furniture. It could result in something spectacular and a very eclectic mix. After all, folks started the art deco movement to break away from usual standards to create something new.

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